Conferences on November 29, 2012

Valve World Expo

Date: 27-Nov-12 to 29-Nov-12
Location: Dusseldorf / Germany
Valve World Conference & Exhibition will be aimed at introducing the very best in the state of the art of Education. This is a unique platform for Education Professionals looking to maximise access to the latest trends and innovations in education and reach the largest potential mass market.

Bioenergy Commodity Trading 2012

Date: 28-Nov-12 to 29-Nov-12
Location: Amsterdam / Netherlands
Roadmap to a Sustainable Bioenergy Supply Chain ACI’s 2nd Annual Bioenergy Commodity Trading event will take place in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, on 28-29 November 2012. This is the ideal setting to convene with your peers to discuss the roadmap to a sustainable bioenergy supply chain, focusing on national biomass subsidy schemes, sustainability & certification issues as well as assessing the business risk for the future

Diabetes, Cardiovascular & Renal Complications

Date: 28-Nov-12 to 29-Nov-12
Location: London / United Kingdom
Join your peers at the only conference dedicated to the leading causes of mortality and morbidity in diabetes, this autumn, in London. Our distinguished faculty unite the fields of pharmacology, nanotechnology and clinical medicine to target atherosclerosis, endothelial inflammation and end-stage renal disease. SMi's unique program brings together the latest research from those at the forefront of attenuating the complications arising from hyperglycaemia, dyslipidaemia, and angiopathy.

Global MilSatCom 2012

Date: 27-Nov-12 to 29-Nov-12
Location: London / United Kingdom
SMi are delighted to invite you to attend the 14th annual Global MilSatCom conference and exhibition - Europe's leading Military Communications event for Satellite Professionals. Following on from the outstanding success of last year's event, Global MilSatCom 2012 is back to bring you a yet more international speaker line-up featuring an array of military experts from across the globe, thought-provoking presentations discussing the latest topics within the SatCom arena and the chance to network with key decision makers from within the SatCom community. This event is set to sell out early so make sure you secure your place today! Hear keynote addresses from: • Mr. Bruce Bennett, Program Executive Officer for SatCom, Teleport & Services, DISA • Brigadier General Pitre R. R, ...

PPP in Turkey

Date: 28-Nov-12 to 29-Nov-12
Location: Ankara / Turkey
Our PPP in Turkey 2012 Conference will provide a platform for national and regional government to showcase upcoming PPP projects, enabling expert analysis of the challenges and opportunities from a range of local and international PPP experts. The conference will focus on four key sectors that have been identified by the Government for PPP including:  Social/Municipal Infrastructure,  Healthcare,  Transport Networks (Rail, Road and Sea Ports)  Waste Management.

Australian Gas Turbines Conference

Date: 28-Nov-12 to 29-Nov-12
Location: Melbourne / Australia
The 2012 programme will follow closely in the footsteps of the 2011 agenda with the very latest updates for the Gas Turbines Industry. Some of the issues to be addressed include OEMS- Case studies of projects, failures or improvements; Smarter Strategy; Commissioning & construction of new units; and Major inspection overhauls & outage planning.

Mississippian Formation Summit

Date: 28-Nov-12 to 29-Nov-12
Location: Tulsa / Oklahoma / United States
Infocast developed the exciting Mississippian Formation Summit so that you can assess the geologic potential, investment prospects, land leasing requirements and all other associated opportunities of entering the emerging Mississippi lime shale play. The Mississippi lime play has been known to be rich in oil and NGLs, but it’s only recently that advances in hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling have made the Mississippi Formation a lucrative place to drill. In southern Kansas, where part of the Mississippian Formation is located, there is a land rush as E&P companies scramble to begin drilling and get a piece of this play. Rent in the area has tripled, small farm towns are turning into boom towns and none of the holes currently being drilled has been dry. The ...

Integrated Powertrain Engineering Fuel Economy Congress 2012

Date: 28-Nov-12 to 29-Nov-12
Location: London / United Kingdom
With Euro 6 standards on the horizon and fuel economy becoming a key factor in customers purchase decisions, automakers must continue to find commercially viable routes to reduce emissions and improve fuel efficiency. It is widely recognised, the internal combustion engine will remain the core focus of these efforts, yet in order to meet the level of efficiency required, OEMs will need to capitalise on the full panorama of powertrain technology from engines, transmission and driveline, to alternative hybrids. The inaugural Integrated Powertrain Engineering Fuel Economy Congress 2012 through a 360° approach will scrutinise the potential payback of current and upcoming fuel economy technologies for combustion, transmission, hybrid and driveline. Taking a commercially pragmatic approach, ...

Re-examining Sarbanes Oxley for SMEs (Accounts Receivable)

Date: 29-Nov-12 to 29-Nov-12
This 90-minute webinar will re-examine the Sarbanes Oxley Act and how SME’s may respond to the legal requirements. In particular, the webinar looks at Accounts Receivable and how executives may fulfill their obligations under the Act.

3rd Shale Gas Water Management: Cost Reduction Initiative

Date: 28-Nov-12 to 29-Nov-12
Location: Dallas / Texas / United States
Shale Gas Water Management: Driving Down Costs And Optimizing Water Management Strategies In The Regulatory Confinements Of Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma And Arkansas