Conferences on April 12, 2013

The 14th China International Exhibition on Surfactant & Detergent

Date: 10-Apr-13 to 12-Apr-13
Location: Shanghai / China
IESD China-the leading business-to-business surfactant and detergent trade show event in Asia! Exhibitors are presenting raw materials, latest products, solutions, technologies and applications. Strong international participation is confirmed by the presence of national and groups give you the global perspective on emerging trends. See existing business contacts and friends or network to make new connections during the numerous special events planned over the course of the three days. Undertaker: Shanghai Yihan Exhibition Service Co., ,Ltd. Address: Rm. 1705, Seat 2 Minfu Mansion,No 228 Xinjian Road,Shanghai,China. Zip code: 200110 Te.: +86-21-64137426 64133729 Fax: +86-21-60919309 Contact person: Norman Zhou MP:15000141157

Group Exhibit Hydrogen + Fuel Cells at HANNOVER MESSE 2013

Date: 08-Apr-13 to 12-Apr-13
Location: Hannover / Germany
Europe's largest trade fair platform for hydrogen and fuel cells. 150 companies from 25 countries will present their products at the 5.000 m² large exhibition area in Hall 27 of HANNOVER MESSE 2013. The 10.000 m² Ride & Drive open air site offers everyone a chance to test-drive fuel cell cars themselves. Already for the 19th time international exhibitors will showcase the entire spectrum of this technology of the future - starting from hydrogen generation and up to stationary and mobile fuel cell applications. Focal point of the Group Exhibit will be hydrogen generation as a solution to store renewable energy from e.g. photovoltaic and wind systems. All trade fair visitors are invited to join panel discussions and presentations in two forums in Hall 27. For further ...

Molecular Pattern Recognition Receptors

Date: 11-Apr-13 to 12-Apr-13
Pattern recognition receptors, such as toll-like receptors and NOD-like receptors, play an important role in recognizing PAMPs and DAMPs, making them key effectors of immunity and excellent anti-inflammatory targets for pharmaceutical drug development. This meeting will deliver the novel developments and emerging opportunities in targeting pattern recognition receptors for health and disease, including the therapeutic potential for inflammatory diseases and developing opportunities for infectious diseases and cancer.

High Performance Polymers for Oil and Gas 2013

Date: 10-Apr-13 to 12-Apr-13
Where elastomers may have served in the past, thermoplastics will be required in the future; where thermoplastics may not meet all demanding conditions, application specific composites may be called for. The future of materials science and technology providers is a bright yet demanding one as the rate of demand for new materials grows and perhaps exceeds to pace at which new solutions can be developed.

Integrating Digital PCR

Date: 11-Apr-13 to 12-Apr-13
Advances in microfluidics and nanofabrication have led to the manufacture of technologies capable of utilizing hundreds to millions of small-scale partitions. Digital enumeration, whether it is done through digital PCR, microfluidics, or next-generation sequencing, is finding growing utility in both basic research and clinical applications. By allowing for detection of nucleic acids at higher resolution and lower target levels, digital detection technologies have the ability to identify diseases earlier in progression, providing an advantage for diagnostics and preventative medicine. Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Inaugural Integrating Digital PCR conference will cover digital PCR, microfluidics, and single-cell analysis and how these technologies are best used in a clinical setting. The ...

Conventional Food Claims and Labeling

Date: 12-Apr-13 to 12-Apr-13
This webinar will discuss how conventional food companies must label their products for the US market according to FDA requirements.

Medical Devices: Designing and Implementing a Reimbursement Strategy Geared Toward CMS Reimbursement Approval

Date: 12-Apr-13 to 12-Apr-13
This training will review the components of a successful CMS reimbursement strategy and outline the advantages of implementing the strategy early in the medical device development process.

Providing Assurance on GRC Activities

Date: 12-Apr-13 to 12-Apr-13
This GRC activity assurance training will help attendees understand the internal audit requirements and tools and also provide tips on how to choose a GRC reporting mechanism to ensure GRC capability of an organization.

How to Make GMP Training Fun and Engaging

Date: 12-Apr-13 to 12-Apr-13
This session on conducting effective GMP trainings will cover proven learning techniques for technical and compliance related trainings. It will answer key questions about how to make GMP training sessions more engaging and even fun for the learners in your organization.

Container Closure Systems for Liquid and Lyophilized Products

Date: 12-Apr-13 to 12-Apr-13
This webinar will discuss various container closure systems that are available for use with liquids and lyophilized products, the components that constitute a container closure system and also cover specialized delivery systems.