Conferences in 2014

Breakthrough Technology: The Software-Defined Datacenter and How it Works - Webinar By EITAGlobal

Date: 08-Jan-14 to 08-Jan-14
Overview: In this 90 minute webinar we will examine the concept and design of Software-defined datacenters. How are they built, maintained, and scaled up or down. We will focus on the impact that virtualization has had on the design and function of SDDs. Why Should you Attend: The Software-defined data center is designed to provide better overall service, not just for the data center technicians and engineers, but for the users of data base services. It doesn’t matter if your role is with back-office automation, middleware, ERP, business intelligence, point of sale, etc., how your applications are provisioned and managed should be of some concern. The Software-defined datacenter is technology that will reduce the staffing footprint needed to support an environment. It will allow ...

Big Data for Good or Evil - Lessons from the NSA PRISM Scandal - Webinar By EITAGlobal

Date: 09-Jan-14 to 09-Jan-14
Overview: Heroic whistleblower or villainous traitor? Regardless of how you feel about Edward Snowden's release of confidential NSA documents, there are several important lessons from the entire NSA PRISM scandal that any organization dealing with Big Data can take to heart. Nobody is upset the NSA has stopped terrorist attacks (except the terrorists, of course). What we're all upset about is the fact that they are collecting information on everybody else - especially non-US citizens. Lesson #1: It's not just the data you want that are important, you also have to worry about the data you don't want. Other lessons include the increased role of metadata, the role Big Data analytics play in data governance, and dealing with Big Data issues over time. Why should you attend: Big Data ...

Security and Privacy in the Cloud - Security and Privacy in the Cloud

Date: 10-Jan-14 to 10-Jan-14
Overview: Many organizations today are feeling pressure to reduce IT costs and optimize IT operations. Cloud computing is rapidly emerging as a viable means to create dynamic, rapidly provisioned resources for operating platforms, applications, development environments, storage and backup capabilities, and many more IT functions. A staggering number of security considerations exist that information security professionals need to consider when evaluating the risks of cloud computing. Serious discussion of cloud security starts with a detailed introduction to the various delivery models of cloud computing ranging from Software as a Service (SaaS) to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and everything in between. Each of these delivery models represents an entirely separate set of ...

Washington DC Progressive International Motorcycle Show

Date: 10-Jan-14 to 12-Jan-14
This motorcycle extravaganza is revved up even more, with entertainment for the entire family to enjoy and experience the world of all things powersports! Experience a nationwide motorcycle extravaganza with something for every powersports lifestyle. See the latest gear and accessories, new 2013-2014 models, the largest custom bike competition, great features, vintage, pro rider appearances, and so much more! Time: 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm Price 1-Day Adult: $15 1-Day Adult T-Shirt Combo: $20 1-Day Child (ages 6-11): $6 2-Day Adult: $22 3-Day Adult: $30 Saturday VIP: $26

Turkey GRI 2014 - Real Estate Summit

Date: 13-Jan-14 to 14-Jan-14
Location: Istanbul / Turkey
On 13-14 January 2014 Turkey’s leading local and international decision makers driving the real estate industry will get together in Turkey GRI. The Global Real Estate Institute will bring together 200 leading real estate decision makers in Turkey for two days of discussions in Istanbul at the 6th annual Turkey GRI conference. The event will unite the senior management of leading industry players for intimate and collegial conversations designed to get them to connect, meet potential business partners and discuss the latest opportunities, challenges and trends on: Office, Retail, Private Equity, Residential, Hotel and more.

Key Steps in Starting Your First Predictive Analytics Project - Webinar By EITAGlobal

Date: 14-Jan-14 to 14-Jan-14
Overview: Predictive Analytics (PA) is an approach to analysis that has moved from being a niche approach to a mainstream approach and is often included in lists of growing technology industries. Many analysts are familiar with building basic analyses and reports in Excel, KPIs with a Business Intelligence (BI) tool, or statistical tests. PA, however, is not an approach than can be summarized by a series of rules or recipes: there is certainly science behind PA approaches, but there is also considerable "art" as well. The "art" of PA is driven by principles derived from the science, but still allows for multiple approaches to achieve the same end. This webinar summarizes the best practices for building predictive models including both the art and the science of PA ...

Practical Real-Time Systems Using the Real-Time Specification for Java - Webinar By EITAGlobal

Date: 14-Jan-14 to 14-Jan-14
Overview: The Real-Time Specification for Java (RTSJ) has been in use since 2001, and has been made available for application developers by several vendors since that time. The RTSJ was created to extend Java technology for use by embedded systems that are sensitive to event and response timing. Before the RTSJ was developed, the Java language already provided excellent support for many of the critical attributes of these applications, including: Machine independence - a Java program can run on any processor for which a Java Virtual Machine is available. Language Safety - Java syntax has been carefully designed to ensure that the large majority of programming errors will be caught at compile time rather than being left until execution time as is so often true for C and C++. Object ...

Threats and Solutions for Mobile Security - Webinar By EITAGlobal

Date: 14-Jan-14 to 14-Jan-14
Overview: With the expanding range of mobile devices both company-provided and employee owned accessing corporate email and other systems, organizations are seeing an enormous security exposure created. Security capabilities vary widely among the various mobile operating systems and releases, and incidents of mobile malware are growing by leaps and bounds. This session will provide an organized presentation of the recognized mobile vulnerabilities, the difference in severity among the various mobile operating systems, and describes the protections that are available and assesses their efficacy. Why should you attend: IT organizations are being called upon to support a wider range of mobile devices, many of which lack the basic mechanisms required to adequately secure corporate ...

The Myths and Facts About Faster Software Delivery Using Agile - Webinar By EITAGlobal

Date: 15-Jan-14 to 15-Jan-14
Overview: Join noted author and agile project management expert Kevin Aguanno as he explains the misconceptions and the underlying truths about faster software delivery using agile methods and uncovers the preconditions to achieving speed. Along the way he will discuss the more easily achievable benefits of agile and how speed comes with higher levels of agile maturity. Why Should You Attend : When asking people why they want to use agile delivery methods, one of the most common reasons I hear is that they want to "deliver faster." It seems that there is a widespread frustration with the way administrative bureaucracy, inefficient development processes, and overburdening governance processes impede project performance. In many cases, an apparently simple, short development ...

EEST, PART A will accept 80 best papers—EI(JA)

Date: 10-Jan-14 to 15-Jan-14
Location: Shenyang / China
overview Currently EEST PART A will accept 80 best papers in all field of energy education. All paper will be included in 2014 Volume 32. Abstracted and / or Indexed In: EI Compendex(JA), Scopus, Chemical Abstracts Topic(with particular focus on the following, but not limited to them):  Energy Science and Research  Interdisciplinary Aspects of Renewable  Fossil, Biomass, Agricultural Residues, Municipal Solid Wastes  Hydropower, solar energy, nuclear energy, geothermal energy, wind energy, energy conversion  Wind Energy Sources, All Energy Conversion Processes  Harmful emissions, the experiment and analysis, industry related research  Environmental Protection Topics Included Experimental, Analytical, Industrial Studies  The resource class theme Submission method ...