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Keynote & Reception with Neil Patel, Co-founder of KISSmetrics

Date: 04-Feb-15 to 04-Feb-15
Location: San Mateo / United States
DISCOVER some real life examples of Growth Hacking FIND easy ways to become a Content Hacker LEARN how to hit 100,000 visits a month in no time According to KISSmetrics, Growth Hacking is the name of the game right now for startups, that is all about bringing in more traffic and putting more users at the top of the conversion funnel. Many hope with each blog post or infographic to secure more visitors and more traction for whatever it is they are selling. Both growth hacking and content marketing help to reach the desired outcome, and Content Hacking is what happens when we bring these two worlds together. As an excellent example of content hacking, Neil Patel shared on his Quick Sprout blog that, within two years, his company KISSmetrics was able to generate 2,512,596 visitors and ...

The Future of Social Media for Business. 5th Feb 2015

Date: 05-Feb-15 to 05-Feb-15
Location: London / United Kingdom
Exclusive Live Online Event: The Future of Social Media for Business. Discover expert insight, advice tips from a panel made up of some of the top industry influencers from the world of Social Media. Topics Covered will include: - Looking back at Social Media in 2014: The ups, the downs and the trends. - How is Social Media currently used within a business environment, and what should be the main aim? - How should businesses: Approach Social Media Selling? Use Social Media for customer service and customer retention? Manage and monitor their brand on Social Media? - How Social Media Management Solutions can help? - Social Media Predictions, 2015 and beyond.

SBDM City Summit Orlando

Date: 06-Feb-15 to 06-Feb-15
Location: Orlando / Florida / United States
Join small business owners, solution providers, and marketing executives from across Florida for a morning of networking, workshops, exhibits, presentations, and discussions on how to grow your business faster through smarter & more profitable digital marketing strategies.

SES London

Date: 09-Feb-15 to 11-Feb-15
Location: London / United Kingdom
Focusing on all aspects of search and digital marketing, including content marketing, local and mobile optimisation, analytics, data-driven marketing, display, attribution, social advertising and more, SES is designed to help search specialists, digital marketers, brand advertisers, agencies and business leaders drive their businesses forward. Benefits of attending: • Gain in-depth knowledge at the pre-conference workshops designed to offer you comprehensive training on specific aspects of search and digital media strategies. • Hear from over 50 speakers from some of the biggest brands and media agencies, as well as service providers. • Learn from more real life case studies than ever before offering you practical tools, tips and tactics you can use in your ...

Smart Social Media Analytics

Date: 11-Feb-15 to 12-Feb-15
Social analytics harvests social data to provide actionable business insights, moving beyond 'tweet' and 'shares' counting. The analysis of social data also raises new challenges for companies , like the auditability, transparency and integrity of social media analysis. This two-day workshop targeted a CEOs, CMOs, CIOs, corporate affairs executives, marketers, and communication, reputation and stakeholder professionals, is the first of its kind in Africa. The conference provides strategic and practical insights about the explosion of social data and the implications - opportunities and risks - for organisations.

Eventex Congress 2015

Date: 25-Feb-15 to 26-Feb-15
Location: Sofia / Bulgaria
Eventex is a 2-day annual event for event industry professionals from all over the world, held each year in Sofia, Bulgaria. Its program is a forward-looking combination of education, networking, entertainment and awards ceremony that attracts hundreds of attendees from a variety of countries across Europe and beyond. This year's agenda consists of 2 main panels: Event Technology Conference (Feb 25, all day) and Event Marketing Conference (Feb 26, all day). In addition to the main panels, there are half-day Meeting Design and Venue Sales masterclasses. Eventex Congress 2015 provides numerous networking opportunities such as Gold Networking Lunch, long coffee breaks, Eventex Party and the Eventex Awards Gala Ceremony.

Digital Marketing Strategies For Automotive OEMs & Retailers 2015

Date: 25-Feb-15 to 26-Feb-15
Location: London / United Kingdom
Customers today are increasingly connected, informed and empowered - and as a result, their expectations are at an all-time high. Consumers are driving the changes in the car buying experience and automakers are adjusting their marketing strategies to influence the decision making process. The customers' prior research and decision making is now done online via social media, website researching, online videos, and so on, with trends quickly changing and updating. It is therefore crystal clear that the importance of establishing your brand in the Digital World cannot be overstated - as Automotive OEMs and Retailers, you need to have a strong positive presence in social media, be aware of emerging trends in digital marketing, have specific and correct content on cross device websites and -...

CrowdFunding Silicon Valley Conference

Date: 05-Mar-15 to 06-Mar-15
Silicon Valley Meets Crowdfunders We invite you to the 3rd annual Silicon Crowdfunding - Expo Conference which will bring together traditional private investors and crowdfunders. Crowdfunding Conference provides the participants with the unique opportunity to discuss current state of the industry, to learn from experts in venture capital, business angel and crowdfunding fields, to network and find new partnerships. You will hear from people who implement crowdfunding as a part of their current fundraising and marketing strategies and from those who work with SEC to make the equity crowdfunding legal in the United States. If you want to get involved as a speaker, sponsor, vendor, advertiser or a volunteer, don’t hesitate to contact us! Who will benefit from participating in ...

Marketing Leaders in Telecoms

Date: 25-Mar-15 to 26-Mar-15
Location: London / United Kingdom
The role of Marketing Leaders in Telecoms is one which is driven by trying to meet the constantly changing expectations of their customers, whilst managing their ever-tightening budgets. In an extremely competitive market, how can you consistently come up with engaging and fresh content and marketing strategies to engage with your customers? The summit is the number one case-study led networking platform providing you with practical insights into the complex issues marketing professionals in telecoms are currently dealing with. Through the delivery of results based case studies, along with highly interactive networking sessions, the Marketing Leaders in Telecoms Summit will bring together operators from across EMEA to network within a highly interactive, practical and tailored learning ...


Date: 25-Mar-15 to 26-Mar-15
A very big idea needs a new kind of conference. Welcome to Advocamp, the world's first business gathering focused on the transformational idea: The future belongs to those companies that develop and mobilize advocates as their primary goal. Advocamp is brought to you by Influitive, the advocate marketing experts. It's a full-day event for marketing executives, customer success and customer experience professionals who are passionate about harnessing advocacy to amplify business growth. It’s a conference that celebrates the culture of customer success, in an environment that is laid back, fun and oriented toward innovation, learning and networking.