Media, Advertising & PR Conferences in Australia

Getting Your Website Found On the Web

Date: 22-Jul-15 to 22-Jul-15
Location: Sydney / Australia
Google prides itself on “Relevancy”. They only present websites that it considers relevant to what the user searched for. This way, the user experience is improved and both searcher and website owner get what they want. This discussion will include these products: Google Analytics, Google AdWords and Search Engine Optimisation or SEO. Google Analytics: Find out the ABC’s of Google Analytics. Where did your visitors come from? What did they do when they were on your website? And did they take a desired action? Google AdWords: How to buy your way to the top! Learn about the importance of Keywords. How to find them, how to find related ones and how to modify your website pages to take advantage of them. Should you use Google Search or Display campaigns? Will remarketing help get ...