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6th Palm Oil Asia Summit

Date: 13-Aug-14 to 14-Aug-14
Location: Jakarta / Indonesia
Network on the following issues: •Finding a compromise and common ground for the multiple sustainable standards •Indonesia's Biofuel Mandate - As dry weather in Asia is threatening to curb supply of palm oil , just as demand in biodiesel increases, it remains to be seen how much of Indonesia's biodiesel mandate can be fulfilled •India's recent policy changes and impact on their palm oil imports •Four Pillars of Sustainable Palm Oil from Univanich - Thailand's largest sustainable and most successful palm oil producer •Africa - Sharing of lessons learnt by Olam •Improvement in Planting Materials and Soil & water resources management •Strategies for sustainable upstream yield improvement •Finding added value in palm oil waste

2nd Oleochemicals Outlook

Date: 26-Aug-14 to 27-Aug-14
Location: Jakarta / Indonesia
"Asia to drive growth to 2020" Key Highlights •Global Oleochemicals Market Outlook •Shale gas and its impact on Oleo industry •Alternative Feedstock supply & market trends •MCT and new application possibilities •Analysis of biodiesel and glycerin markets •End user's perspective on emerging trends in Home & Personal Care and Industrial Sector •Growing the Specialty chemicals market Contact:

AgricBusiness Tradeshow & Conference

Date: 26-Aug-14 to 28-Aug-14
Location: Abuja / Nigeria
AgricBusiness Tradeshow & Conference holding at the International Conference Centre, Abuja, Nigeria from 6-8 May, 2014 is organized to bring together Agro-Professionals to discuss ways to unlock great potentials of Agriculture in order to ensure Food security, Create Job, Generate wealth, enlighten on latest Farm Practices and Acquaint People with new technologies in Agriculture. The conference segment expected to be declared open by His Excellency, Goodluck Jonathan, President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria will serve as an avenue to showcase products, new technologies and services thereby increasing your visibility as a Key Player in the Agric sector. Participants will also have the opportunity of one-on-one interactions with high profile attendees and grow networks in the 3-...

China (Guangzhou) International Biomass Energy Exhibition 2014 (CNIBEE 2014)

Date: 26-Aug-14 to 28-Aug-14
Location: Guangzhou / China
Date: August 26th - 28 th, 2014 Venue: Guangzhou Pazhou · China Import and Export Fair Complex Organizer: Guangzhou Grandeur Exhibition Services Co., Ltd

Guangzhou International Feed Industry Exhibition 2014

Date: 26-Aug-14 to 28-Aug-14
Location: China
Since 2010, China has leaped to the first place, becoming the world’s largest feed producer, covering feed ingredients, feed additives, feed processing, feed machines, education, scientific research, testing and other fields. Feed industry now plays a fundamental role in national economy. In China, Guangdong Province, big province for the feed producer and aquaculture, has made the greatest contribution in feed output for nine consecutive years. So whether you want to purchase products or tap into China, Guangdong is the good place for you to get it. In order to build to business platform for the global suppliers and buyers, Guangzhou International Feed Industry Exhibition comes into being.

14th International Nutrition & Diagnostics Conference 2014

Date: 01-Sep-14 to 04-Sep-14
Location: Prague / Czech Republic
INDC 2014 – The International Nutrition and Diagnostics Conference 2014 is an international forum for scientific discussion focused on understanding the relationship and connections between nutrition and clinical diagnostics. The aim of this multidisciplinary conference is to bridge the gaps between the specialists and fields of science as diverse as nutrition, clinical biochemistry, food technology, analytical chemistry and medicine. INDC is a traditional meeting point for people who are interested in understanding how food influences our health, working performance, feelings and aging. It is a meeting where people with expertise in the fields of medicine, chemical analysis and food technology gather to discuss what to eat or what to drink to keep fit.

2014 Global Conference on Applied Engineering and Environment Research

Date: 04-Sep-14 to 06-Sep-14
Location: Japan
GCAEER is an interdisciplinary international conference that invites academics and independent scholars and researchers from around the world to meet and exchange the latest ideas and views in a forum encouraging fruirful dialogue. GCAEER serves as an outstanding platform that gathers professors in all the relevant communities and domains together, an international forum for researchers and industry practitioners to exchange the latest fundamental advances in the state of the agriculture economics and environment research.

5th Biomass Pellets Trade & Power

Date: 23-Sep-14 to 25-Sep-14
Key Highlights: •Drivers for North Asian Utilities' Growing Appetite for Biomass Imports •Developments in FIT & RPS & Expectations on Demand •How Trading Companies are Coping with the Utilities' Requirement •Ensure Supply Security through Biomass/Pellets Production Investment •Global Wood Pellets Supply Market Updates & Trends (Australia, USA, Canada, Russia) •SE Asia's Wood Pellets & Non-Woody Biomass Supply Outlook (Palm Kernel Shell (PKS), Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB), Rice Husk Pellets) •Specificiations & Handling of Wood Pellets & Non-Woody Biomass •Executing Large-Scale Biomass Co-firing & CHP •Utilisation of Biomass in Industrial Power/Cogeneration Plants (Cement, Pulp & Paper, Steel, etc) •Technological Advances & Economics of Bio-Coal & ...

Ildex Myanmar 2014

Date: 06-Oct-14 to 07-Oct-14
Location: Yangon / Myanmar
Welcome to International Livestock, Dairy, Meat Processing and Aquaculture Exposition - ILDEX Myanmar 2014! With the aim of supporting the development of the livestock, dairy, meat processing, and aquaculture exposition in Myanmar and bringing the relevant state-of-the-art technologies, technical knowledge, and business opportunities to both of Myanmar enterprises and overseas companies through our trade show and forum in Date: 6-7 October 2014 Venue: Tatmadaw Exhibition Hall, Yangon, Myanmar Date: 10 October 2014 Venue: Sedona Hotel, Mandalay, Myanmar ILDEX Myanmar has been considered as connecting bridge for international businessmen of livestock & aqua industry to enter Myanmar and neighboring markets. From the success of last edition of the ...

Ildex Myanmar 2014

Date: 07-Oct-14 to 08-Oct-14
Location: Yangon / Myanmar
Exhibit Space: 1,400 Sqm Exhibit Profile: ILDEX Myanmar Profile: Animal Health & Pharmaceutical Products - Aquaculture - Beef & Dairy Cattle Breeding - Feed Additives & Premixes - Feed & Feed Ingredients - Feeding Systems - Knowledge Transfer - Milking Systems - Packaging - Pig Farming Equipment - Pig / Poultry Breeders - Pig / Poultry Farm Equipment - Pig / Poultry Processing Systems Aqua Fisheries Myanmar Profile: Aquaculture Sector: • Animal Breeding• Animal Health• Animal Housing & Farm Equipment• Feed• Feed Ingridients/Additives• Hatching/Incubation• Industrial Feed, Grain & Raw Materials Processing Equipment• Knowledge Transfer/Consultancy• Laboratory, Test Equipment & Services• Logistics & Handling• Meat Processing, Seasoning, Packaging, ...