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Live Demo: SGS Autocars System

Date: 29-Apr-14 to 29-Apr-14
Location: Ontario / Switzerland
Agenda autoCARS is built to handle: Warranty Audits Dealer Standard Audits Sales Incentive Audits Background autoCARS is supported by the automotive specialist with extensive experience in automotive auditing and process control systems. autoCARS makes dealer audits faster, more efficient, more focused and more transparent for all involved parties. It offers: Tailored system for retailer performance assessment Based on multi-year experience of Warranty and Audit IT specialist Extremely flexible to clients needs Real time data availability for client access Extensive evidence storage (paperless) Customized Reporting Flexible and Easy to change to client individual needs Register for the Session 05:30 p.m. Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Amsterdam (Europe Summer ...

Dealers’ View of Warranty: SGS 2014 Global Automotive Survey

Date: 29-Apr-14 to 29-Apr-14
Location: Geneva / Switzerland
Agenda The webinar will discuss further information about: For which brands dealers find warranty easy to work with Dealer Satisfaction with the key warranty tools field force, hotlines and audit Dealer Satisfaction with the level and administration of goodwill Dealer Satisfaction with the level and administration of extended warranties Comparison of results between 2012 and 2014 survey wave Background This event is a part of the 2014 SGS webinar series aimed at helping automotive manufacturers and brand owners continually enhance customer experience. SGS is running a range of webinars aimed at supporting organization in this mission. This survey is part of SGS Global Warranty Satisfaction survey conducted in Europe, US, China, Brasil and Argentina during the course of 2014. ...

Automotive Cockpit HMI USA

Date: 28-Apr-14 to 30-Apr-14
With all this information available, driver distraction is of course a major concern. * Learn how to safely implement control concepts without risking driver distraction. Hear the latest research and real-life experiences from the experts * Understand Customer Expectation and Experiences in order to overcome challenges in designing for world markets and designing for the future * Learn how a smart HMI development will help to integrate and deploy next-generation user interfaces and content in both standard and non-standard environments to fulfil consumers' fast-changing needs * Assess requirements of HMI in electric vehicles and for automated driving to create a coherent concept for the vehicle of the future Time: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Price Bronze Package: 3499

6th International Conference Advanced Automotive Diagnostic Systems

Date: 28-Apr-14 to 30-Apr-14
Location: Stuttgart / Germany
Learn how to manage the complexity of electronic systems with advanced diagnostic tools. With the growing complexity of electronic components, automotive diagnostic systems are facing considerable challenges in development, production and aftersales. The proportion of electronics and software in vehicles is increasing tremendously. False alarms and no-trouble-found-problems cause immense warranty and repair costs, and call-backs burden consumer confidence. Furthermore, the next years will see the implementation of the intensified legal requirements for OBD defined in Euro 6/VI. How to best meet them, and which technical solutions will allow for an efficient measurement of particles, is still up for discussion. Meet the experts from Adam Opel AG, BMW Group, Daimler AG and ...

Lightweighting Summit: New Solutions, New Suppliers

Date: 20-May-14 to 21-May-14
The storm of lightweighting — a revolution in materials, processes and business models — is brewing on the horizon of the auto industry. Market models like Ford’s F150 and Fusion, GMC Sierra 2014, iBMW, and VW Golf represent just the first rumblings. The innovations incorporated into these models will be replicated and scaled across other product lines and brands, totaling tens of millions of units over the coming decade. For incumbent suppliers not prepared for the new requirements, market share is at risk. For new entrants with innovative solutions, it spells opportunity to get a piece of the $900 billion global automotive market. Meanwhile, priming the lightweighting megatrend, the US DOE, DOD and Canadian government are funding lightweighting R&D to the tune of tens of millions of ...

Canadian International Aluminium Conference 2014

Date: 02-Jun-14 to 04-Jun-14
Location: Montreal / Quebec / Canada
This gathering of world-class speakers follows the successful first CIAC exhibition held in October 2013, and will offer new perspectives on the relevance of demographics on future markets, the use of aluminium in the North American and European car industries, the impact of a Canada-Europe free-trade agreement on Canada’s exports to the continent, on innovative best practices in aluminium production and on promising new market applications. In addition to enlightening discussions on key issues about the future of aluminium, attendees will also benefit from networking and business development opportunities through B2B sessions and more informal meeting opportunities in the festive Grand Prix environment.

3rd Tirecon Asia 2014

Date: 06-Jun-14 to 07-Jun-14
Location: Shanghai / China
Asia’s Premier Tire Industry Event will be Held Focusing on Technology Development & Materials Innovation

Nigeria Automotive Summit

Date: 16-Jun-14 to 16-Jun-14
Location: Lagos / Nigeria
The 2014 Nigeria Automotive Summit is a landmark gathering of government and industry leaders and follows on from the Federal Executive Council’s October 2013 approval of the Nigerian Automotive Industry Development Plan (NAIDP). The summit will highlight the opportunities for joint ventures, industrial infrastructure development, investments, vehicle sales, technology development, education and training. In addition, the crucial steps being taken by the Nigerian Government to support and maximize the potentials of the industry will be shared.

4th International Conference Advanced Automotive Cabling

Date: 24-Jun-14 to 26-Jun-14
Location: Stuttgart / Germany
• Learn about automotive cable cross-section optimisation to boost up the functionality of the wiring systems for today’s cars • Understand how to tackle the challenges of harness topology, design and materials for HV cables of future car models • Discover new ways of calculating your power supply system to ensure CO2 reduction in the face of increased technological features • Get an update on the line-up of copper vs. aluminium to assess alternative chemical solutions for capable and safe cables • Gain insight into the next steps toward first generation of Ethernet to plan your security and infotainment applications Time: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Bit's 4th New Energy Forum-2014

Date: 21-Sep-14 to 23-Sep-14
Location: Qingdao / China
New Energy Forum has been successfully held in the past three years. In the grand fifth Euro-Asia Economic Forum, 3rd New Energy Forum has also been held as a parallel event and attracted experts all over the world. Following the huge success of our previous meetings, New Energy Forum 2014 will continue to offer professionals in the new energy related fields a multidisciplinary informative platform. Besides general new energy area (solar, wind, nuclear etc.), NEF-2014 will also involve new energy economy, materials, energy efficiency, safety and several novel new energy technologies. We believe it will set off a new upsurge of Cleanness and Sustainability Energy again.