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Records Management Seminar

Date: 21-Apr-15 to 21-Apr-15
Location: Dublin / Ireland
This seminar will help to emphasize the importance of having a prudent data management system to manage your assets. Plus you will be able to explore technology to organize and manage aircraft records. Identify technologies trending in Technical Asset Management. Understand how these emerging technologies enhance customer experience & engagement with stakeholders. Exposure to Best Practices : From Asset Valuation to Aircraft End-of-life management. Networking opportunity - Delegate participation from Lessors , OEM, MRO, IT support & more

Record Management & Repossession Seminar

Date: 21-Apr-15 to 21-Apr-15
Location: Ireland
HIGHLIGHTS : Being held in Dublin , this seminar offers better networking opportunities with the industry experts. Representation from various segments of the industry such as OEM , MROs , Lessors and airline. Focus on technology to address the key challenges involved in Asset Management.

Civil Avionics International Forum & Showcase 2015

Date: 21-Apr-15 to 23-Apr-15
Location: China
According to the forecast, in the next two decades, China civil aircraft market will need at least 6020 new aircrafts, worth a total ofUSD 870 billion. By the year of 2033, China Airlines aircrafts demand will account for nearly 45% of total demand of APAC. In 2015, China civil aircraft market will developing rapidly, Sino-Russia cooperation future wide-body aircraft, COMAC C919 (will take its maiden flight at the end of 2015), MA700 (part manufacture beginning), JL600 (the world largest amphibious aircraft), Sino-Russia cooperation Advanced-Heavy Lifter Project (30 tons civilian helicopter), Sino-France cooperation AC352 Helicopter (7 tons civilian helicopter) and AC3X2 Helicopter (Independent R&D by AVICOPTER), the year of 2015, the milestone of China civil aircraft industry. ...

Bid & Tender Management

Date: 20-Apr-15 to 23-Apr-15
Location: Singapore / Singapore
Overview In this 4 days masterclass, we will outline the 3 keys that are crucial to your bidding success - Position Yourself To Win, End-To-End Control & Pricing To Win. On day 3, we will introduce the 3Ps Process™ and explore how to stop selling to your clients so they want to buy from you. During this intense day you will discover how to structure your bid so that your messages are easily understood; how to answer questions in a way that gets the best results; and how to use persuasive language to instantly connect with your client. Throughout this highly interactive masterclass you will complete a variety of exercises to challenge and develop your thinking. On day 4, you will finalise your Personal Bid Structure Plan that you can use on future bids to improve quality of ...

Drones, Data X Conference

Date: 01-May-15 to 03-May-15
Location: United States
Located in beautiful Santa Cruz, California, the Conference will feature some of the most influential companies and speakers from the world of aerial robotics and commercial drones. Data capture by drones will be a huge industry in the future. By matching drones and their ability to capture large amounts of data quickly, industries like construction, agriculture and real estate will adapt and benefit.

Philip McNamara

Date: 01-May-15 to 03-May-15
Located in beautiful Santa Cruz, California, the Drones, Data X Conference will feature some of the most influential companies and speakers from the world of aerial robotics, UAVs and commercial drones. Learn from companies like Amazon, DJI, Federal Aviation Adminstration, Skycatch, Airware and many more. There is also a weekend package available with kitesurfing, biking and hiking in the Santa Cruz mountains, with CEOs and experts from the Drones and UAV industry.

1st International Conference Aircraft Inflight Icing Management

Date: 06-May-15 to 07-May-15
Location: Hamburg / Germany
• What the new EASA regulations mean for OEMs and suppliers • Implementing electric aircraft architecture for increased icing protection • Developing an anti-icing/de-icing technology for carbon fiber composite aerostructures to optimise de-icing/anti-icing capabilities • Implementing an integrated icing protection system for increasing power efficiency • Development of an alternative nacelle protection system to prevent ice forming Learn from these experts amongst others: • Airbus Operations Ltd • Rolls Royce plc • The Boeing Company • Dassault Aviation • Bombardier UK • Thales Group • Embraer S.A. • GE Aviation • SAAB Aeronautics AB • ATR Aircraft • Piaggio Aerospace SpA • Queen’s University Belfast • CIRA • Clean Sky

Managing Technical Aspects of a Leased Asset

Date: 12-May-15 to 12-May-15
Location: Madrid / Spain
A look at the growing role of aircraft and engine leasing to worldwide airline’s fleets with an in-depth look at the maintenance issues and trends in technical aspects of aircraft leases. The seminar will allow for a practical look at the difficulties and challenges of maintenance issues covering: how to estimate the right reserve rates for airframes, engines, property defining “Overhaul”, “Shop Visit” and “Airframe Heavy Checks”, amongst others; agreeing the dreaded Airworthiness Directive cost sharing language. This seminar will provide an understanding of lessor “best” processes and procedures as well as the rationale behind the approaches taken by lessor.

Technical Aspects of a Leased Asset & Maintenance Reserves Seminar

Date: 12-May-15 to 12-May-15
Location: Madrid / Spain
- Learn how to calculate and determine maintenance reserves - Find out what accrual rates should be set - What is the purpose of maintenance reserves - Find out what you need to know and how to put it into practice. - Learn what is reserved and why? - Find out what you need to know and how to put it into practice. - How to set reserves on new aircraft types with no history - Cost escalations and forecasting costs - Fleet support for aircraft spares - How to re-deliver an aircraft at the end of a lease - Key technical aspects for airframe and engines - Leasing company processes and developments

Maintenance Reserves Seminar

Date: 13-May-15 to 13-May-15
Location: Madrid / Spain
This one day training seminar will cover typical issues relating to the Lessor covering what is needed to ensure they are protected, how to calculate reserve and what accrual rates should be set. You will also learn how to put it into practice. This seminar will also cover lease language, reserve draw-down rates and re-delivery as well as discuss the various aircraft/engine types and reserves.