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Africa Jet Fuel & Aviation Conference

Date: 27-Oct-14 to 28-Oct-14
Africa Jet Fuel and Aviation Conference 2014 – the authoritative networking event focusing on jet fuel supply & demand, cost management, logistics, storage & infrastructure needs, airport and airlines development in the African continent

Engine Leasing & Asset Management

Date: 29-Oct-14 to 29-Oct-14
Location: London / United Kingdom
A unique one day event which will focus both on the leasing of individual engines and the engine aspects of aircraft leases. Benefits of Attending: Find out about Power by the Hour Agreements Gain an understanding about short/long term engine leasing Learn how to budget, evaluate and manage your engine maintenance costs Hear how to comply with aircraft lease return conditions

Innovative Aircraft Cabin Composites & Lightweight Materials

Date: 27-Oct-14 to 29-Oct-14
Location: Hamburg / Germany
As the global trends toward CO2 reduction and resource efficiency increase, so too does the importance of lightweight materials in aviation. Rising fuel costs per seat represent the greatest driver in searching for innovative lightweight structures: despite significant improvements in airframes, engines and lighter-weight interior components, fuel costs, as a percentage of overall fleet operating costs, continue to rise. Rising fuel prices have become the dominant cost factor for airline operations, accounting for one-third or more of operating costs. By 2022, fuel could make up 50% or more of fleet operating costs. As we enter a new age of aviation, it is clear that the industry is focused on finding new and exciting ways of using lightweight materials. However, the use of ...

Aviation Finance Summit

Date: 30-Oct-14 to 30-Oct-14
Location: London / United Kingdom
This seminar is aimed at those already engaged in aviation finance deals. You know what you want out of deals, but the other parties often want something different. Would you like to understand where that other party is coming from and why? Here is your chance. The seminar will hear from specialists active in deals, from their perspective. By gaining that insight, you can make yourself more effective the next time you negotiate a deal.

5th China Aerospace Manufacturing Summit

Date: 05-Nov-14 to 06-Nov-14
Location: Liaoning / China
November 5th is the 50 years ceremony for Liaoning provincial aeronautic society, in order to make the celebration and strengthen the business relations with international suppliers, 5th China Aerospace Manufacturing Summit will be held in Shenyang during Nov. 5th–6th, 2014. This event will guide you to the right persons in charge of the right projects and help you catch up with the latest manufacture, research and development updates of COMAC C919 Aircraft, Turboprop Regional Jet in Xi'an, Z-15 Helicopter, Pilatus aircraft and expansion on assembly line of oversea aircraft manufacture. KEY TOPICS: Demand Analysis for Next Double Aisle Commercial Aircraft Technology Development Civil Aircraft Airworthiness Certification Situation and Development Regional Aircraft MA700 Development ...

2nd Annual China Aeronautical Materials and Process Summit

Date: 18-Nov-14 to 19-Nov-14
Location: China
Along with the promulgation of the <Medium and Long-term Development Plan for Civil Aviation Industry (2013-2020)>, R&D, manufacture and delivery of the C919 Trunk liner, the industrialization of ARJ21 turbofan regional jet, MA series turboprop regional jet as well as research and development of the large aircraft engine were designated as development goals and direction leading China's aviation manufacturing industry to the new era. With the vigorous development of China's aviation manufacturing industry, aeronautical materials and material processing equipment demand is growing fast. Statistics show, in the next 10 years, China's aviation materials market and the related processing equipment overall market scale will reach 120 billion Yuan. By 2020, the Chinese civil ...

Helicopter Outlook 2014

Date: 03-Dec-14 to 04-Dec-14
Location: Beijing / China
According to report, the high-profile <Regulations on The Use of Low Altitude Airspace Management (for Trial Implementation)> has been formed. Once the low altitude airspace management regulations to implement, communication & navigation system and low altitude flight service stations will be large-scale construction, and access to national level investment. Recently, China's first low altitude route "Zhuhai - Yangjiang – Luoding” route has officially shipping on June 26th,mark of China's low altitude airspace reform entered the practical stage. According to data, China existing 178 general aviation enterprises, registered 1610 general aviation aircraft, with 399 general airports and temporary landing point. It is predicted that, over the next 20 years, the number of ...

World Low Cost Airlines Asia Pacific 2015

Date: 12-Feb-15 to 13-Feb-15
Location: Singapore / Singapore
Over the past 9 years, the World Low Cost Airlines Asia Pacific has welcomed over 2000 attendees to discuss the key trends, opportunities and challenges facing the industry. Together with the exhibition and its co-located conferences, the event brings low cost airlines, airports and service and solutions providers in a single platform to meet, network, learn and do business. Held in conjunction with: AviationIT Show Asia 2015, AirXperience Asia 2015, The Air Retail Show Asia 2015

Air Retail Show Asia 2015

Date: 12-Feb-15 to 13-Feb-15
Location: Singapore / Singapore
Held in conjunction with the World Low Cost Airlines Asia Pacific 2015, the Aviation IT Show Asia 2015 and the AirXperience Asia 2015, the Air Retail Show is an exciting new event exploring aviation retail strategy and logistics. With the importance of retail growing amongst Asia’s airlines, we are starting to see the need for more sophisticated supply chains, e-commerce technologies and sales techniques. This event helps airline and airport executives explore an assortment of retail models to help them decide what is best suited to their operations. It explores pre-flight logistics, retail marketing and on-board sales strategies to help airline executives think like retailers.

AviationIT Show Asia 2015

Date: 12-Feb-15 to 13-Feb-15
Location: Singapore / Singapore
Held in conjunction with the World Low Cost Airlines Asia Pacific 2015, the AirXperience Asia 2015 and the Air Retail Show Asia 2015, the Aviation IT Show explores how IT platforms can and should be used in commercial aviation. From back-office operations through to customer experience, IT is revolutionising the way in which the airline sector operates. This event tackles not only the opportunity but also the challenges of IT integration with legacy systems. With CIOs attending from some of the world’s most interesting and forward-thinking airlines, this event presents a fantastic opportunity to put your business in front of them.