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Mastermind Business Series for Women

Date: 01-Aug-15 to 01-Aug-15
Location: United States
Only 6 Seats Available this session! August 1st 2015-January 1st 2016 Phone Conferences,Podcasts, Workshops via web, 1 formal event for session participants. Formal Induction at end of session. INVEST IN YOU!!! You want to help others through your unique products or services, including: freelancing, consulting, speaking, training, coaching, blogging, books, ebooks, live events, digital products or physical products You want to transition from having a “hobby” to having a real business that brings in real income You want to be connected with like minded women You are ready to rise up to what your destiny has designed You are willing to do the work and take massive action over the next 6 months You are teachable You are willing to get out of your ...


Date: 02-Aug-15 to 02-Aug-15
Location: United States
Allure & More FIRST EVER LOOK & LEARN LACE 101 SEMINAR DATE AUG. 2nd LOCATION: Jacquie's House Of Beauty 1125 Rt. 3N Gambrills, MD Learn Industry Secrets Increase revenue in your salon GROW YOUR BUSINESS!! ALLURE & MORE LEARN OVER 10 different techniques for a flawless frontal application and Lace Closure install!! Watch as one of the best stylist in the Game shows you how to Increase Revenue in your salon and Build your empire. YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS!! ONLY 20 SLOTS AVAILABLE. Master Stylist Ty will be teaching the following 10 techniques! Lace Frontal with adhesive Lace Frontal without adhesive Bleaching Knots on Lace Frontals Bleaching Knots on Lace Closures Customizing Lace Frontal Hairlines How to cut lace properly How to clean lace properly How to ...

The Power of One Leadership Conference 2015

Date: 30-Jul-15 to 02-Aug-15
Location: Atlanta / United States
What is the power that one person possess to make a positive impact on the world? The Power of One Leadership Conference answers this question.   This conference brings leaders with different backgrounds and levels of expertise together to become the best leaders and disciples they can be. Each session will give attendees fresh insight and perspective into how to be a more effective leader in their particular realm of influence. They will also be able meet and connect with other leaders from around the country.     This year’s conference iCreate has partnered with Beulah Heights University to bring The Power of One to a new level. Beulah Heights has been developing global leaders for ministry and the marketplace for 97 years. iCreate is honored to have them as a ...

The Economist Events' China's Brightening Trade Landscape

Date: 04-Aug-15 to 04-Aug-15
Location: United States
By some measures, China became the world’s largest economy last year, representing 10% of all global trade. The country is America’s second largest trading partner and opportunities for US businesses in China have never been brighter. Chinese consumers increasingly demand respected US goods and services, and the Chinese government has begun to break down some of the barriers that previously depressed trade, including IP protection that was too loose and high-tech tariffs. Join us to explore the macro trends and the important considerations necessary for US companies to implement successful China export strategies. Topics include: - Important regional differences: free trade zones, industry clusters and diverse, rising urban areas - How to fully understand Chinese customers and ...

Succeeding in Scenario Analysis and Stress Testing for Financial Institutions

Date: 04-Aug-15 to 06-Aug-15
Location: Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia
The upcoming stress testing and scenario analysis towards operational risk training will be focusing on the interrelationship of risks management towards operational risk in organization specifically on the finance and the insurance industry. Stress testing and scenario analysis typically refers to changing a single operational risk parameter and assessing the change in a firms operational risk profile. It is proven that the practice of implementing stress testing and scenario analysts has been a huge success in 5 Asean countries such as Singapore, Phillipines, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Indonesia. The trainer for the 3 day training will be Mr Edward Sankey. He is the immediate past Chairman of the Council of the Institute of Operational Risk and currently a partner at London-Risk ...


Date: 06-Aug-15 to 06-Aug-15
Location: United States
REAL ESTATE IN YOUR SPARE TIME What is your interest? Buying your 1st Home at a deep discount! Creativity controlling cash flowing properties, without dealing with taxes, tenants, toilets, and turnover! Fix & flip properties without doing the work yourself! How to secure Retirement with real estate! Register Now for a Free Overview of how you can achieve any or all of the 4 through Real Estate in your spare time. PAYMENT FROM LABOR vs PAYMENT FROM ASSETS The mindset for payment for labor is that, you spend an hour and get money for that hour of your labor(time)(hourly wage). Now you are being asked to think differently. You’re going to live below your means and save the rest to invest in a cash producing assets. There is a factor of time ...

The Mechanics of Securities & Derivatives Operations

Date: 01-May-15 to 07-Aug-15
Location: United Kingdom
This cutting edge new distance learning course on Securities & Derivatives Operations represents a truly exciting new way of improving your skills and knowledge in the operations arena. The course will prove invaluable for anyone involved in the operations function. This intensive 14 week distance learning course consists of seven modules, which will provide you with an invaluable grounding in the subject, enabling you to develop a strong theoretical and practical understanding of best practice within operations.


Date: 08-Aug-15 to 08-Aug-15
Location: United States
Are you a woman in a leadership position such as: Minister (apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor or teacher) Professional Woman Non-Profit Leader Business Owner/Entrepreneur (or want to be) Ministry Team Leader Speaker or Author Consultant or Coach And you are feeling disconnected, and you just don't fit in any more and you want to connect with other women leaders then you are just the woman we are looking for. Join us for our August Empowerment Workshop featuring the following dynamic topics and presenters:  How to Start an Outreach Ministry - Presenter: Pastor Kimberly Simmons;  Fleshing it Out (Improving Your Presentation Skills) - Presenter: Dr. Paris Davis; and Presenting Your Brand - Presenter: Alicia Bowens Come and Connect with women who “get” who you are, ...

Myanmar Hospital Management Conference & Clinical Trials Summit

Date: 07-Aug-15 to 09-Aug-15
Location: Yangon / Myanmar
This is the first time in Myanmar, "Myanmar Hospital Management Conference & Clinical Trials Summit" will cover all Sectors of Healthcare in One-Venue at-a-time: Myanmar Medical Exhibition and Myanmar Healthcare Conference ( Myanmar Pharma Exhibition: Myanmar Hospital Clinical Exhibition: Myanmar Sports Fitness Equipment and Services Exhibition: Myanmar Cosmetics Exhibition, Beauty, Spa & Wellness Products & Services Expo: spaCOSMO BEAUTY Show, Myanmar Sports Fitness Model Show & Myanmar Fashion Show: http://beauty-cosmetics-fashion.mitamyanmar....

Ross Cox Mini Planning Day - 11th August

Date: 11-Aug-15 to 11-Aug-15
FREE Seminar This is your chance to clarify your direction and goals, while building a business that works for you .... Do you ever wonder why some businesses seem to continually grow and prosper, while others tend to go from day to day? Get first-hand, no-cost insight into how to more effectively take CONTROL of your business, PLAN its direction, and BUILD a positive future for yourself ... You are invited to an EXCLUSIVE, VIP workshop to gain laser-sharp clarity in the first stage of building a business that works without you. We Promise That: You'll discover - 7 Powerful Outcomes Of Planning. You'll discover - 23 Core Elements Towards Business Clarity. You'll discover - 12 Key Areas Needed For A Robust Business Plan.  You'll discover  - How To Build ...