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SAP Conference for Real Estate Management 2015

Date: 31-Mar-15 to 01-Apr-15
Location: Chicago / United States
This event will kick-off with interactive pre-conference workshops on topics such as Managing Real Estate End-to-End with Real Estate Lifecycle Management from SAP, Leveraging Graphical and Spatial Information for Enhanced Land and Space Management, and Tips and Tricks for SAP Real Estate Management Application Deployment. These workshops will provide you with the opportunity to look at SAP's real estate management solutions in more detail, ask your questions, and learn from experienced SAP solution experts. The conference will feature SAP keynotes and solution updates including the brand-new SAP Real Estate Cockpit application and SAP HANA Live content for real estate. Our keynote speaker, David Wilk from Sperry Van Ness will share his in-depth industry insight. In addition, CAPREIT, ...

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Date: 11-Mar-15 to 01-Apr-15
Location: South Africa
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Albany, NY Cash Flow 101

Date: 31-Mar-15 to 01-Apr-15
Location: Albany / United States
Play Cashflow 101 – Here are 21 Lessons You Can Apply In Real Life Here are some of the things you will learn while you look at your life as you play Cashflow 101. 1. The game reflects your appetite for riskand how it affects your investing decisions. See how your appetite for risk is helping or hindering your financial journey. Do you hate risk, recklessly ignore risk or take calculated risks? When you take calculate risks, do you actually calculate the risk or are you just guessing? re you afraid to try out things that you know nothing about? 3. It reflects your attitude towards moneyand wealth. Are you totally committed to the game of accumulating wealth? Or are you nonchalant and disinterested? Do you pay attention to what happens in the game or does your mind wander to other ...

The science of B2B Selling - utilizing the power of Net Promoter®

Date: 01-Apr-15 to 01-Apr-15
Location: United States
Questions to ask your colleagues: - How can we predict which clients we might will lose next year (or will spend more) - How confident are we in our post-sales team’s ability to secure renewal business? - With our “land and expand” strategy, do know when we can expand your business in a given client? Get good answers? If not, we hope we can share some interesting insights with you. We will explore these questions, and show some new science to help predict customer renewals. Based on a data driven approach, you’ll see how your CRM system can already provide surprising pointers in this informal 1 hour session. Case studies and practical help from practitioners. Network with your peers and learn: - How your customer database can predict a salesperson’s success - How customer ...

Mediterranean Studies in Asian Countries, 30-31 March & 1-2 April 2015, Athens, Greece

Date: 30-Mar-15 to 02-Apr-15
Location: Athens / Greece
The aim of the conference is to bring together scholars, researchers and students who do research in Asian Countries on Mediterranean Studies, such as history, arts, archaeology, philosophy, culture, sociology, politics, international relations, economics, business, sports, environment and ecology, etc.

Salon des Achats et de l'Environnement de Travail

Date: 31-Mar-15 to 02-Apr-15
Location: Paris / France
Dans un monde en pleine mutation, il était nécessaire de retrouver un rendez-vous unique, fédérateur et innovant proposant toute l’offre de services, de multiservice et multitechnique immobilier ...

EventsTag Launch

Date: 02-Apr-15 to 02-Apr-15
Location: London / United Kingdom
Eventstagram, the live social media display platform is re-branding to......EventsTag And along with the re-brand we have a brand spanking new website with an awesome online editor for your feeds. Join us to celebrate its launch of the site and see some demos of it in action.

Banking New York Conference

Date: 02-Apr-15 to 02-Apr-15
A day of education, networking and exhibits for bankers across New York state.

Banking New York Conference

Date: 02-Apr-15 to 02-Apr-15
Location: United States
A one day show packed with information to keep bankers appraised of the latest in security, compliance, operations, processing, lending, and more. Hear from top flight speakers such as the Director of FinCEN, the President of the Center for Financial Stability, an economist from the FDIC and more. There is a trade show floor all day to meet with experts from vendors across the banking spectrum, and plenty of time to network with peers. Visit for more details and to register.

Propelling Social Ventures 2015 Conference

Date: 01-Apr-15 to 02-Apr-15
Location: Vancouver / Canada
Propelling Social Ventures 2015: Rethinking Business for Impact Around the world social ventures are demonstrating that impact, innovation, and social good can be driven through business. Propelling Social Ventures 2015 will bring together social ventures, social entrepreneurs, business leaders, policy makers and innovators to explore how social ventures are reimagining business for impact and exploring how mature businesses are redefining their business models and strategies to incorporate impact into their organizations. #propel2015 will delve into topics including; the entrepreneurs journey from idea to impact; the accelerator model as a system of support; rethinking the investment paradigm; cracking the market to scale social venture impact; and exploring impact driven careers. Join ...