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Hedge Funds and Liquid Alternatives

Date: 30-Nov-15 to 02-Dec-15
Location: London / United Kingdom
Attend this three-day course and equip yourself with: - The knowledge of the evolution of the Hedge Fund and Liquid Alternative industry, and its progressive institutionalization - The skills to demystify the increasing complexity of strategies adopted - An understanding of the risk characteristics and structure of hedge funds; lessons learned from market corrections - The advantages and disadvantages of investing in hedge funds and liquid alternatives - A clear understanding of the different hedge fund strategies, the regulation of hedge funds and the legal issues - The latest developments in the hedge fund and liquid alternative industry


Date: 02-Dec-15 to 02-Dec-15
Location: New York / United States
The balance is shifting again in the global economy. The pace of growth in developing markets is weakening, amid a drop in world trade, falling energy and commodity prices, and the anticipation of higher US interest rates. With export-reliant models coming under pressure, the advantage could shift to countries that can pivot to domestic-driven growth, and where companies are innovating and focusing on new industries. However, broad structural reforms may be required to address the low levels of productivity that were to some extent masked by the capital inflows seen over the past decade. As investors reassess risk and value in this volatile environment, and position themselves for the next upturn, it is more important than ever to identify the key opportunities for long-term business ...

Access Masters Event in Beirut

Date: 02-Dec-15 to 02-Dec-15
Location: Beirut / Lebanon
Each year the Access Masters Tour gives thousands of prospective students the unique chance to meet Admissions Directors of prestigious Masters programmes from around the world. A Masters education gives more than just a degree; it provides a great opportunity to thrive in an international environment, build strong relationships with colleagues of different nationalities, and to adapt and lead in a global world. Access Masters event participants will have the chance to benefit from: Many leading international business schools in one place Individual meetings and workshops with Admissions Directors Advising sessions with Masters consultants to discuss your Masters project Open fair sessions and interactive Masters workshops Specialised Masters programmes in Business & ...

Anti-Corruption Forum: Scandinavia Edition

Date: 01-Dec-15 to 02-Dec-15
Location: Denmark
No organisation can allow itself to underestimate the importance of conducting an extensive compliance risk assessment, establishing an effective compliance programme, training employees, and always keeping a high level of monitoring. Regulators and prosecutors worldwide including Scandinavia are very eager to ensure that compliance is maintained and are ready to crack down on any potential violations or suspicions of violations. Now in its 2nd successful year, the 2015 agenda offers best practices in managing complex bribery risks, benchmarking opportunities on how to respond effectively when problems are identified, how to monitor the implementation effective compliance programme, whilst remaining competitive in domestic and overseas markets. Topics to cover, include: Keynote ...

Branding on a Budget

Date: 02-Dec-15 to 02-Dec-15
Location: United Kingdom
Learn about the fundamental ways to tell your story, brand on a budget and get your organisation noticed. Join branding expert Michael Murdoch, CEO of The House branding and communications agency, to learn top tips and tricks he's picked up over the last 15 years in the creative industry working with companies around the world. If you're looking for an informative, resourceful and inspirational talk on how to brand on a budget, book your place now. This event is excellent for small businesses and start ups looking to get the best out of branding whilst still maintaining a budget and can help more established companies refresh their thinking too! Our CEO and founder Michael Murdoch will take you through the step by step process needed to create any successful brand. With over 15 ...

Property Investors Crash Course

Date: 02-Dec-15 to 02-Dec-15
Samuel Leeds set out to learn the secrets to making money through property at aged 17. After spending much time and money going on courses and being mentored, he discovered that anybody could make money in property. By aged 21 he was financially free! Samuel will be sharing everything you need to know to become financially free through property in this "Property Investors Crash Course." You will learn the secrets of: - Buying heavily discounted property - Rent2Rents - Lease options - What and Where to Buy - BUYING HOUSES WITH NO MONEY no matter what your credit history is. You will not just learn how to do it, but we will ensure that you find live deals there and then ON THE DAY! BOOK NOW with a 100% Money Back GUARANTEE (If you are not happy, let ...

Fi Europe

Date: 01-Dec-15 to 03-Dec-15
Location: Paris / France
Held once every two years in a major European city, Fi Europe brings together the world's leading food and beverage buyers, R&D, business development and marketing specialists from all around the globe. Exhibitors have described Fi Europe as ‘the go-to place', ‘a must attend event for food industry professionals', ‘a truly global show', ‘very beneficial', ‘exceeded our expectations' – and many have already booked their space for 2015! Launched in 1986, Food ingredients Europe (Fi Europe) is the global meeting place for all stakeholders in the food ingredients industry. Over 500,000 people have attended our shows over the years, and billions of Euros of business have been created as a result. Fi Europe is held once every two years in a major European city and brings together the ...

Next Gen Patient Experience

Date: 01-Dec-15 to 03-Dec-15
Location: United States
After months of research, the event will tackle their top challenges including how to: - Create a single view of the patient. It's no longer just about improving service standards and training but more about bringing all your touch points together for a holistic view of the patient before, during and after their treatment - Engage physicians. Studies say that physicians directly influence between 40% and 75% of all hospital revenue so it's critical they're engaged in improving the patient experience – how do you make sure they see themselves as partners in care and improve their own experience as key stakeholders? - Create patient advocates. How can you leverage your patients to become champions in the market? And same for employees? What can be learned from customer experience in the ...

Improving & Measuring Engagement Impact

Date: 02-Dec-15 to 03-Dec-15
Location: Sydney / Australia
Maximising employee engagement impact Employee engagement has become a key business priority for senior executives. They recognise that a highly engaged workforce can have significant impacts for the business. In this fast changing landscape, leaders know that having a high-performing workforce is crucial for growth and survival. Global trends show that engaged organisations are gaining a competitive advantage by establishing metrics and practices to effectively quantify and improve engagement impact. Organisations that embrace engagement have increased innovation, productivity, and bottom-line performance while reducing hiring and retention costs. Are you searching for creative and impactful strategies to improve and measure employee engagement? The Improving & Measuring ...

4th Annual Asia Pricing Summit

Date: 02-Dec-15 to 03-Dec-15
Location: Singapore / Singapore
In partnership with Asia Pricing Professionals, the4th Annual Asia Pricing Summit presents a unique opportunity for you to RE-ASSESS AND REMAP your pricing strategy. Join Asia’s top pricing experts and senior decision-makers as we explore strategic pricing tactics that works best in Asia – both within the organization and in the marketplace. Confirmed Speakers: Mark James, SVP of Global Pricing, DHL Express Anuprita Bhomick, Marketing Director & Global Pricing Director, Dell Alessandro Adriani, CEO, Bridge Alliance Jeroen Vaassen, Senior Director of Revenue Management APAC Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc.