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ICCE 2014: International Conference & Exhibition on Clean Energy

Date: 20-Oct-14 to 22-Oct-14
Location: Quebec / Canada
This conference is organized to share and discuss recent developments in clean energy sector.This highly interactive conference and exposition is designed to promote information exchange among scientists, technologists, engineers, entrepreneurs and exhibitors involved in Clean Energy sector.

3rd Carbon Dioxide Utilisation Summit

Date: 22-Oct-14 to 23-Oct-14
Location: London / United Kingdom
ACI’s 3rd Carbon Dioxide Utilisation Summit 2014 will ultimately discover how to turn waste CO2 into profitable, commercially viable opportunities and the best ways to progress from pilot stage to full scale operational businesses. The conference will address both the technical and commercial aspects of CO2 Utilisation in Europe and across the globe. With individual case study analysis, you can join the investigation on the different applications of emerging and existing CO2 applications and find out how to maximise usage from CO2 waste. Applications examined will include Power to Gas/Liquids, Fuel, Petrochemical, Chemical, Urea, Algae, and Power/Energy sectors. EXCLUSIVE SITE VISIT: AUDI E-GAS CO2 UTILISATION. AUDI E-GAS Plant Site Visit. Werlte, Germany. Tuesday 21st October 2014 ...

2nd Annual European Sales & Marketing Effectiveness in Chemicals Forum

Date: 22-Oct-14 to 23-Oct-14
Location: Frankfurt / Germany
Hear from excellent speakers representing major chemical companies and discover inspiring case studies at Sales & Marketing Effectiveness in Chemicals Forum 2014 at Frankfurt.

Behavioral Safety Management, October 2014

Date: 23-Oct-14 to 24-Oct-14
Location: Barcelona / Spain
You will learn: Risk Assessment Achieving world-class performance by leadership based approach How to get below the accident plateau Key elements of successful occupational safety

5th annual Shale Gas Environmental Summit

Date: 27-Oct-14 to 28-Oct-14
Location: London / United Kingdom
Now it its 5th edition comes at the right time to provide a platform for various industry representatives including operators, environmentalists, campaigners, NGOs, academics and researchers to come together and discuss the environmental aspects of shale gas extraction and production The UK will certainly feel the impact of the shale gas revolution. It has its own shale gas resource. The question is whether the UK is to be a producer or simply an importer. The Government are committed to development of British shale. Public concern about possible environmental and health risks , most of it unfounded, together with regulatory uncertainty, have so far delayed the exploration and appraisal needed to assess the UK’s economically recoverable onshore shale gas reserves. The Shale Gas ...

2nd LATAM Surfactants HPC

Date: 29-Oct-14 to 30-Oct-14
Location: Mexico / Mexico
"Shift Towards Green Products & Growth Region" Highlights •Surfactants trends & HPC growth opportunities in - Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Central America & USA •Global Oleochemicals, EO, LAB & MES market outlook •Strategic raw materials sourcing & alternative ingredients •Innovation and updates on renewable / bio surfactants •Development of private label products •Retailer/End-users’ perspective on HPC market trends and sustainability initiatives

14th Asia Coatings Markets

Date: 04-Nov-14 to 05-Nov-14
Location: Yangon / Myanmar
Fast Rising Opportunities in the New Frontier! Key Issues: •AEC 2015 and its impact on the regional coatings market •Update on adoption trends, drivers and technology with in-depth assessment for the marine, automotive, architectural / decorative, water based, wood & smart coatings •Myanmar supply/demand trade balance, investment opportunities & distribution challenges •Bio-based raw materials innovations and growth outlook •Raw material price trends; supply chain management strategy •Insights on China, India & Indonesia Markets

North America PET Markets, Trade, Recycling

Date: 12-Nov-14 to 13-Nov-14
"Growth of Imported PET materials from Asia & competitiveness of the US market" Key highlights •Will North America be chronically oversupplied with imports from Asia – perspective from China, India , Mexico •Major projects coming on board •RPET market trends , Maintaining quality of RPET •PET Sheet & Thermoformed packaging •Growth in PET packaging for Energy drinks •Raw Material prices

The Evidence-Based Reimbursement Summit

Date: 17-Nov-14 to 19-Nov-14
Location: Maryland / United States
Stratified genomic medicine, genome-guided prevention and treatment of complex diseases, is becoming a reality due to the latest achievements in genome research as well as the clinical implementation of powerful technologies such as massively parallel sequencing and digital PCR. The bottleneck of this innovation coming into clinical practice is the current reimbursement uncertainty. The combination of tightening health care budgets and the launch of a large number of expensive molecular tests as well as pricey targeted therapies creates complications for payers to respond in traditional ways. The Third Annual Evidence-Based Reimbursement Summit is designed to bring together major stakeholders from pharmaceutical, biotech, IVD companies, laboratory medicine community and healthcare ...

World Open Innovation Forum 2014

Date: 26-Nov-14 to 27-Nov-14
Location: Amsterdam / Netherlands
Open Innovation leads to a rush of fresh new ideas that become instrumental in the company`s research and development departments, helping people see matters in a different light. Reasons to Attend Exactly for You: • Learn about best practises, challenges observed and steps towards successful innovation models and their impacts • Attend 2 engaging streams – pharma and cross-industry (FMCG, telecom, automotive industry...) • Network and exchange ideas with OI professionals • Be inspired by case studies • Discuss your ideas within interactive Q&A STREAM A: Open Innovation in Pharma STREAM B: Open Innovation without being Bound to Industry + FISHBOWL SESSION Attendees of both streams will share their findings and will be given the opportunity to ask extra questions.