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Argus DeWitt Olefin Conference 2015

Date: 02-Feb-15 to 03-Feb-15
Location: Singapore / Singapore
The conference will cover the changing feedstock picture on a global basis amid a surge in gas based production, PDH and MTO investments and how this will change global olefins production economics, competitiveness and trade as well as downstream investment. These issues will be covered across China, Mideast Gulf, Europe and the US. It will also focus on demand outlook for key downstreams as well as related shipping and logistics issues.

Next Generation Bio-Based & Sustainable Chemicals Summit

Date: 03-Feb-15 to 05-Feb-15
The Premier North American Bio-Based Chemicals Deal-Making Hub Debuts in New Orleans! The 6th Annual Next Generation Bio-Based & Sustainable Chemicals Summit will explore bio-based chemicals as the answer to a number of market drivers and opportunities. Speakers will provide a detailed overview of the most current developments the industry faces and map out a clear path of the road to commercialization. This year our event is co-located with InformEx and with your registration you are also able to attend the InformEx Expo & Conference for FREE. Save 15% with discount code: 1509MEDIA15

4th Carbon Dioxide Utilization Conference

Date: 25-Feb-15 to 26-Feb-15
Exclusive Site Visit Skyonic's Mineralization Plant. San Antonio, Texas, USA. Tuesday 24th of February, 2015 During the afternoon of Tuesday 24th of February, a limited number of conference attendees will receive the unique opportunity to attend a site visit to Capitol SkyMine: the world's first for profit carbon mineralization plant. There is no extra charge to attend the site visit, but spaces are limited and allocated to first come first serve basis. Please register you attendance for the site visit when booking for the conference. Transport will be provided to and from conference venue. Key Topics Include CO2 Utilization industry: US in Global Context Policies and regulations on CO2 Utilization CO2 sourcing: ensuring a reliable supply Challenges and opportunities in ...

Waste to Biogas & Clean Fuels F&I Summit

Date: 03-Mar-15 to 04-Mar-15
Meet Key Players from the Entire Value Chain Network on How to Finance & Develop Waste Conversion Projects! Infocast’s Waste to Biogas & Clean Fuels F&I Summit will bring together key government decision makers, municipalities, utilities, off-takers, commercial generators and fleet owners with feedstock providers, waste service companies, conversion technology companies, project /infrastructure developers, EPCs, and financiers to develop and finance the next generation of waste to biogas and clean fuels projects. The summit will also bring waste conversion stakeholders together with fleet owners, aviation and naval biofuel leaders, CNG/LNG infrastructure developers, and alternative clean vehicle companies to outline the opportunities available for waste to BioCNG/LNG/Fuels ...

10th Annual Chemical/Petrochemical Strategic Sourcing Summit

Date: 03-Mar-15 to 05-Mar-15
Location: Amsterdam / Netherlands
The 10th Annual Chemical/Petrochemical Strategic Sourcing Summit will examine the effect of the market ups and downs, focusing on global sourcing, otherwise known as low-cost or best cost country sourcing, the challenges of strategic sourcing and procurement, cross functional and team based management, leadership in procurement, how to design an effective procurement strategy and at the same time work on sourcing “secrets” and methods, how to raise talent management to world-class levels for the procurement function and re-structuring the procurement organization, discussing the challenges sourcing faces in the emerging markets and how to source optimally for a global company with the current volatility of feedstocks and sustainability requirements. Listen to the case studies and ...

4th Annual Pharma Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Summit

Date: 03-Mar-15 to 05-Mar-15
Location: Amsterdam / Netherlands
Pharmaceutical companies are facing a critical moment. The growth of the generic medicine market, as a result of expiring patents, has placed considerable stress upon pharmaceutcal companies to maintain market share and profit margins. Much of the pressure has been laid at the feet of the soucing and procurement departments. This crucial challenge must be met, with cost reduction becoming a competitive differentiator. In this pursuit pharmaceuticals companies are searching for new ways to increase income and improve efficiency in every business area. It is clear that purchasing professionals can proactively drive value-creation. However, do we have a full understanding of what value creation is, or what the best strategies or practices are in driving value creation? In truth many of us ...

TPM 2015: Powering Productivity

Date: 16-Mar-15 to 18-Mar-15
Location: Melbourne / Australia
It is crucial for companies to take steps to increase resource productivity, unlock the value of the maintenance, minimise costs while establishing greater operational stability. Total Plant Management 2015 forum aims to provide with tactics and solutions for substantial advances in plant performance and profitability. This event will focus on evaluating maintenance effectiveness, operational efficiency and productivity enhancement. By attending this event, you will learn valuable insights to fully discover the full capability of your maintenance and resources to achieve maximal productivity with limited resources. Also you will be exploring to forward thinking and innovative ideas which help you to overcome the limitations of plant performance during difficult time and stay ...

2nd Waste Management & Recycling 17th – 18thMarch 2015 - Grand Hyatt Muscat, Oman

Date: 17-Mar-15 to 18-Mar-15
Location: Muscat / Oman
Summit Objective & Overview Today waste management and waste disposal is a growing global concern and countries in the Middle East are the highest generators of waste in the world. Waste if not managed and handled properly can have adverse affects on human and community health. Nispana is proud to host the 2nd Annual Waste Management Summit for the Sultanate of Oman and this two day summit will focus on the Sultanate’s vision for progressive waste management and will cover all the initiatives that are being taken by the government and private bodies to make the Sultanate a beautiful waste free country. The general public of any country play a very vital role in shaping the future of the country and Oman has very rightly involved every individual in this endeavor. This upcoming ...

Biomarker Summit 2015

Date: 18-Mar-15 to 20-Mar-15
The Biomarker Summit 2015, to be held on March 18-20, 2015 in San Diego, CA

Nuclear Energy Summit - 22nd & 23rd March 2015 Al Faisaliah Hotel, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Date: 22-Mar-15 to 23-Mar-15
Location: Riyadh / Saudi Arabia
Conference Overview: Middle East - The land of the oil rich has realized the importance of this safe and efficient form of energy building. Nearly every country in the Middle East has expressed some level of interest in developing nuclear power. UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordon and Egypt are the most advanced in pursuing this option. Saudi Arabia plans to construct 16 nuclear power reactors over the next 28 years at a cost of more than $100 billion, with the first reactor on line in 2022. Nispana is proud to announce The Nuclear Energy Summit. This summit will bring Government officials, Regulatory Commission officials, Consultants, Engineers, Nuclear Energy technology solution providers, Power Producers and others responsible for the development and execution of building Nuclear Power Plants ...