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World Open Innovation Forum 2014

Date: 26-Nov-14 to 27-Nov-14
Location: Amsterdam / Netherlands
Open Innovation leads to a rush of fresh new ideas that become instrumental in the company`s research and development departments, helping people see matters in a different light. Reasons to Attend Exactly for You: • Learn about best practises, challenges observed and steps towards successful innovation models and their impacts • Attend 2 engaging streams – pharma and cross-industry (FMCG, telecom, automotive industry...) • Network and exchange ideas with OI professionals • Be inspired by case studies • Discuss your ideas within interactive Q&A STREAM A: Open Innovation in Pharma STREAM B: Open Innovation without being Bound to Industry + FISHBOWL SESSION Attendees of both streams will share their findings and will be given the opportunity to ask extra questions.

14th In-do Coal Summit 2014

Date: 03-Dec-14 to 05-Dec-14
Location: Jakarta / Indonesia
If you are interested in the project updates and opportunities in the coal industry, you can’t miss this event! Make sure you are informed of the latest trends in the Indonesia’s coal market and understand where the smart money is headed. During the 14th Indo-Coal 2014, you can involve in the most critical industry issues affecting your performance objectives in Indonesia and worldwide. With key speakers, strategic topics and non-stop networking, the event aims to help you gauge the pulse of this dynamic industry and stay abreast of the most advanced coal technologies.

The 12th National Conference And Technology Exhibition On Indian Medical Devices & Plastics Disposables / Implants Industry 2015

Date: 09-Jan-15 to 10-Jan-15
Location: Ahmedabad / India
With Special Focus On - Medical Polymers and Processing - Device Manufacturing - Market Trends & Export Marketing - Regulations - Technology - Research & Market Developments - Packaging & Sterilization

Critical Cyber Security for Critical Assets

Date: 27-Jan-14 to 28-Jan-15
Location: Houston / Texas / United States
The fourth in a global series of summits looking at the rise of cyber-attacks on critical infrastructure. The summit will serve to provide a unique platform, bringing together top corporate security professionals with process control professionals from North America. It will provide the necessary tools, insights and methodological steps in constructing a successful secure platform policy.

Next Generation Bio-Based & Sustainable Chemicals Summit

Date: 03-Feb-15 to 05-Feb-15
The Premier North American Bio-Based Chemicals Deal-Making Hub Debuts in New Orleans! The 6th Annual Next Generation Bio-Based & Sustainable Chemicals Summit will explore bio-based chemicals as the answer to a number of market drivers and opportunities. Speakers will provide a detailed overview of the most current developments the industry faces and map out a clear path of the road to commercialization. This year our event is co-located with InformEx and with your registration you are also able to attend the InformEx Expo & Conference for FREE. Save 15% with discount code: 1509MEDIA15

4th Carbon Dioxide Utilization Conference

Date: 25-Feb-15 to 26-Feb-15
Exclusive Site Visit Skyonic's Mineralization Plant. San Antonio, Texas, USA. Tuesday 24th of February, 2015 During the afternoon of Tuesday 24th of February, a limited number of conference attendees will receive the unique opportunity to attend a site visit to Capitol SkyMine: the world's first for profit carbon mineralization plant. There is no extra charge to attend the site visit, but spaces are limited and allocated to first come first serve basis. Please register you attendance for the site visit when booking for the conference. Transport will be provided to and from conference venue. Key Topics Include CO2 Utilization industry: US in Global Context Policies and regulations on CO2 Utilization CO2 sourcing: ensuring a reliable supply Challenges and opportunities in ...

10th Annual Chemical/Petrochemical Strategic Sourcing Summit

Date: 03-Mar-15 to 05-Mar-15
Location: Amsterdam / Netherlands
The 10th Annual Chemical/Petrochemical Strategic Sourcing Summit will examine the effect of the market ups and downs, focusing on global sourcing, otherwise known as low-cost or best cost country sourcing, the challenges of strategic sourcing and procurement, cross functional and team based management, leadership in procurement, how to design an effective procurement strategy and at the same time work on sourcing “secrets” and methods, how to raise talent management to world-class levels for the procurement function and re-structuring the procurement organization, discussing the challenges sourcing faces in the emerging markets and how to source optimally for a global company with the current volatility of feedstocks and sustainability requirements. Listen to the case studies and ...

TPM 2015: Powering Productivity

Date: 16-Mar-15 to 18-Mar-15
Location: Melbourne / Australia
It is crucial for companies to take steps to increase resource productivity, unlock the value of the maintenance, minimise costs while establishing greater operational stability. Total Plant Management 2015 forum aims to provide with tactics and solutions for substantial advances in plant performance and profitability. This event will focus on evaluating maintenance effectiveness, operational efficiency and productivity enhancement. By attending this event, you will learn valuable insights to fully discover the full capability of your maintenance and resources to achieve maximal productivity with limited resources. Also you will be exploring to forward thinking and innovative ideas which help you to overcome the limitations of plant performance during difficult time and stay ...

5th World Congress on Cell Science & Stem Cell Research

Date: 23-Mar-15 to 25-Mar-15
Cell science 2015 scientific sessions will focus on the latest and exciting innovations in every area of cell science and stem cell research. Novel stem cell technologies will give information about Stem cell and Insulin, stem cells via SCNT embryonic stem cell research, and Immune systems in stem cells and cancer. Stem Cell Therapy, will focus on Reverses Ageing Process, Bone marrow transplants leukemia and anti-leukemia drugs. Stem cell transplantation deals with Brain degeneration-in Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease, prevention of transplant rejection, Progression after Chemotherapy and Cancer Stem Cells.

2015 International Congress on Chemical, Biological and Environmental Sciences (ICCBES)

Date: 05-Apr-15 to 07-Apr-15
Location: Kyoto / Japan
International Congress on Chemical, Biological and Environmental Sciences (ICCBES) is to offer scholars, professionals, academics and graduate students to present, share, and discuss their studies from various perspectives in the fields of Chemical, Biological and Environmental Sciences and so forth. All theoretical, empirical and practical papers or abstract from scholars and professionals in the above fields are all highly welcome.