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Taste Trends - Ideas and Inspiration for NPD

Date: 03-Dec-14 to 03-Dec-14
Location: United Kingdom
Join us for our renowned Taste Trends conference on 3 December 2014 to gain an insight into the upcoming trends in the food and drink industry. Set to feed marketing and insight professionals, new product developers and brand managers with ideas and inspiration to develop new products or reinvigorate existing ones, Taste Trends is Leatherhead’s not to be missed hallmark event! Kicking off the programme, Jennifer Arthur, Leatherhead Food Research, will take you through the latest consumer and market trends affecting the food and drink industry and dissect what this means for food and drink professionals in 2014 and beyond. The Food Historian, Monica Askay, will take a retrospective look at how history is shaping our eating habits, while acclaimed Food Futurologist, Morgaine Gaye, will ...

3rd Annual Plant Reliability and Major Maintainance

Date: 03-Dec-14 to 04-Dec-14
Location: Rio De Janeiro / Brazil
The 3rd Annual Plant Reliability & Major Maintenance Summit will talk about the importance of implementing initiatives that will help companies improve the way they operate and manage their risks. Moving away from learning from the books, the summit aims at bringing experiences, best practices and the vast experience of the leaders from the industry. The summit will be used as a platform to help the attendees achieve the perfect balance between the maintenance techniques and the cost associated with it without abandoning the safety aspects such as occupational safety, process safety and asset integrity. A lot can be discussed but ultimately it is the techniques and procedures that lead to reduced costs and increased productivity are the ones that rule the roost and will be addressed ...

Top 50 Companies for Customer Service

Date: 04-Dec-14 to 04-Dec-14
Location: London / United Kingdom
The Top 50 programme enables you to benchmark your current service offering against the best in the business whilst helping you to discover the best ways in which to improve. Measuring and analysing customer experience is no easy feat. Time-consuming metrics, analytics, quality audits and post-contact satisfaction surveys all provide customer insight, but how does this compare to others in the industry? The Top 50 programme provides a true measure of your customer service levels from your customer's perspective, benchmark them against other leading organisations in your sector and others, as well as provide comprehensive feedback about how your customers perceive your brand. Testing across calls, emails, webchat and even social media we're able to provide detailed analysis and key ...

FXIC Shanghai

Date: 09-Dec-14 to 10-Dec-14
Location: Shanghai / China
FXIC Shanghai is a premier event for introducing international brokers, money managers and solutions providers to the Chinese FX market. The event will provide in-depth information on how the local market can entered as well as networking opportunities with top local FX brokers, introducing brokers and other market participants. Co-hosted by FX Shell, the leading foreign exchange business-to-business portal in China, and Shift Forex, a New York-based foreign exchange consulting firm, FXIC Shanghai is the newest addition to this global event series.

International Intellectual Property Law Association Annual Congress 2015

Date: 05-Jan-15 to 06-Jan-15
We delightfully invite you to attend the IIPLA (International Intellectual Property Law Association) Annual Congress 2015 during January 5-6, 2015 at Dubai, United Arab Emirates. IIPLA Annual Congress will focus on “Accelerating International Intellectual Property Cooperation”. It aims to provide a perfect platform to facilitate exchange of experience & ideas and encourage cross border cooperation between Innovating Companies, Law firms, IP Agencies and Attorneys. Thus, it would enrich the participants with IP knowledge, resources and its application in future. To know more about IIPLA, please visit Our Website.

Pharmaceutical Microbiology

Date: 21-Jan-15 to 22-Jan-15
Location: London / United Kingdom
Set to take place on 21st and 22nd January 2015, the 4th annual event in the sell-out Pharmaceutical Microbiology series will bring together all levels of industry professionals, providing essential insights into the latest advancements in practice and technology, developments in regulation and the global harmonisation of evolving microbiology methods. Join us as we ask questions such as; What are the best approaches in contamination control? Where does microbiological risk assessment interact with HACCP? How do we develop and manage the sterilisation and validation process? When can we use a scoring system to avoid unnecessary microbiological testing? What are the latest approaches to preventing biofilms? Hear presentations from an array of market leaders such as GSK, Genzyme, ...

Critical Cyber Security for Critical Assets

Date: 27-Jan-14 to 28-Jan-15
Location: Houston / Texas / United States
The fourth in a global series of summits looking at the rise of cyber-attacks on critical infrastructure. The summit will serve to provide a unique platform, bringing together top corporate security professionals with process control professionals from North America. It will provide the necessary tools, insights and methodological steps in constructing a successful secure platform policy.

10th Annual Future Contact Center Summit

Date: 26-Jan-15 to 30-Jan-15
Location: United States
It’s an exciting time to be involved in customer care and customer experience. Now more than ever we are able to see the rapid evolution of the industry, and when executed properly, just how effectively a positive customer experience can lead to expansion. This summit offers a unique, in-depth and collaborative learning experience to equip participants with the knowledge and skills they need to shape the next generation of customer experience. It is the only event that synthesizes emerging trends, customer needs, disruptive technologies and business imperatives into a clear vision for advancing service excellence for commercial success. For more information download the agenda here: or visit the homepage Confirmed Speakers Include: - Tim ...

Medical Device & Diagnostic Sales Training - Conference

Date: 18-Feb-15 to 19-Feb-15
Location: Atlanta / Georgia / United States
Medical Device sales costs and commissions have been affected by recent regulatory and related healthcare system changes, tax inceptions, and the general state of the economy. The client profile for Medical Device Sales Representatives has also changed, from healthcare practitioners to other, more bureaucratic specialists, who uphold different priorities and often maintain more conservative and cost-conscious approaches to purchasing. These changes are forcing adjustments and revisions to sales mechanisms and the investigation of new technologies and virtual reach capabilities to enhance performance and sustain competitiveness.

Water Management Excellence in Mining

Date: 24-Feb-15 to 25-Feb-15
This forum will focus on introducing the best practices to set and exceed standards for water resource management, evolve with the complex regulatory framework and ensure the best approach forward from recent lessons learned. Learning objectives: ✔Develop a Water Management System for Environmental Protection and Mine Profitably ✔Analyze Permitting Processes and Challenges for New Mines and Reopening Old Mines ✔Optimize Mine Closures to Achieve Facility Restoration and Ecosystem Reconstruction ✔Understand the Evolving Regulatory Framework and Permitting Issues Some of our expert speakers: Dr. Hishmi Jamil Husain Environmental Superintendent Rio Tinto Aman Kahn Production Unit Manager (Ore Preparation & Extraction/Tailings) Senior Operations Advisor - Water ...