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Managing Personal Finance as a Freelancer

Date: 06-Jul-15 to 06-Jul-15
Location: London / United Kingdom
Many people working in our industry are now effectively self-employed. This presentation will deal with the problems and pitfalls associated. Is it best to incorporate? Should I register for VAT? What about my pension? How do I minimise my liabilities? These and many more questions will be answered by the accountancy firm responsible for the BKSTS accounts. The event is heald in the MediCinema at Guy's Hospital near London Bridge.  Download the map of the location below. See the map to the Event

Mastery in Sustainability

Date: 03-Feb-15 to 07-Jul-15
Location: London / United Kingdom
Are you challenged and confused by the social, financial and environmental turmoil of these times and want to be more powerful in making a positive difference in the world? If so this course, a series of 10 evening sessions over 6 months, is designed for you! it includes a mixture of exercises designed to develop our body, heart, mind and soul, individually and collectively. The exercises have been drawn together and developed by the facilitators, Debbie Warrener and Patrick Andrews, over the years from a variety of sources including coaching and personal development, deep dialogue, embodied work, spiritual practices, deep ecology and action research. This is the third year that Debbie and Patrick have run the course. It means different things to different people. Some people find ...

Mansfield Town FC Business Academy

Date: 07-Jul-15 to 07-Jul-15
Location: United Kingdom
Business Academies is a ground breaking and innovative means of bringing businesses and consumers together. Through our unique partnerships with professional sports clubs and the businesses surrounding those clubs we have the means to engage directly with the fan base of the club via our Fanzone and the general public We have an ever increasing number of Business Academies nationally helping to support your business from a sole trader to a multi-national organisation. We host monthly networking meetings at our Business Academies and offer constant online support for our members to keep you connected with supportive businesses you need to be talking to. See website for further details

How to Implement Practical Data Quality Management Auckland New Zealand

Date: 05-Jul-15 to 07-Jul-15
Location: Auckland / New Zealand
How to Implement Practical Data Quality Management Auckland New Zealand This course provides you with an understanding of the fundamentals of Data Quality Management and the steps required to implement a Data Quality Management process. It has a heavy practitioner focus and assists those charged with investigating or improving Data and/or Information Quality.   For further information, please visit or email   Data management auckland New zealand ,data quality management auckland new zealand,data governance auckland new zealand

Making It Happen - your way! - By Jenny Garrett - Part of Power Series 2015

Date: 07-Jul-15 to 07-Jul-15
Location: London / United Kingdom
Ever wondered how some people: - Make swift progress with ease to achieve their goals. - Take giant leaps so effortlessly. - Move from idea to reality in a blink of an eye. These are the Happenista’s and Happenmista’s they make things happen in their own unique way. Jenny Garrett is the Award Winning Coach and founder of Reflexion Associates, a leadership and coaching consultancy. She's also the author of Rocking Your Role, a how-to guide to success for female breadwinners, Creator of the online coaching programme the Happenista Project and co-founder of Rocking Ur Teens CIC She will share with you her findings from research with over 2700 women, her ten years of experience of coaching, and her experience of what works. Learn how to stop sabotaging your success....

TableCrowd Dinner with Piton Capital

Date: 07-Jul-15 to 07-Jul-15
Location: London / United Kingdom
Piton Capital’s sole focus is to invest in businesses that they believe can benefit from network effects. They are stage and style-agnostic and will invest from seed to late stage (€200k to €15m). Andrin brings both entrepreneurial and investment experience to the fund. He will share insights about the companies they choose to invest in and on how to get a meeting with a top London venture capital firm like Piton Capital. Take this chance to meet Andrin and to talk to him over dinner about what you're working on.

Transformation of Admission Process in NESCOT - Free Webinar

Date: 07-Jul-15 to 07-Jul-15
  Do you have what it takes to turn your applicant into an enrolled student? To know the answer and hear the best practices, register now for the webinar presented by Dario Stevens - Vice Principal, Planning and Information Services from NESCOT At this time in the year the conversion of applications to enrolments is a key priority in the forefront of the minds of all college managers and marketing departments. Of particular interest will be school leavers and other young people who the college was expecting to turn up in September, however as we all know, not everyone who applied, received an interview/offer, or even accepted a place will turn up and enrol at the start of the new academic year. Whether communicating with prospective learners on traditional channels (phone) or ...

LEAP/Crossroads Career Transitions Workshop

Date: 07-Jul-15 to 07-Jul-15
Location: United States
LEAP: a path to distinction - passion - calling The Lawrenceville Employment Assistance Program (LEAP) is beginning another 7 week "MAXimize Your CAREER In the New World of Work" workshop on July 7th, 2015. Step by step, this class will guide you in how to find a job if you are unemployed, underemployed or mis-employed. This career transition workshop uses a simple yet powerful combination of practical and spiritual instruction, exercises and devotionals. The fee is $30 to cover the cost of your workbook and the Career Surveyor Assessment. Payments are taken at the door. Scholarships are available. Here's what others have said about the workshop: -  The workshop truly changed my mindset and approach in looking for a career that is in line with God’s plan for me. - ...

Agile Cymru

Date: 07-Jul-15 to 08-Jul-15
Location: United Kingdom
Agile Cymru (Cymru Ystwyth) presents a sensational opportunity for individuals interested in a more collaborative, flexible and responsive way of working, at our jam-packed 2 day agile conference. During our 2 day collaborative exploration, you will be immersed in a generous mix of interactive, classroom and storytelling workshops, offering you practical advice, techniques and lessons from practitioners, experts and beginners. We’re very pleased to be hosting our event at the home of Welsh Arts, surrounding you with the creativity to join and collaborate while sharing, learning, and forming ideas and conversations with likeminded individuals. We hope to see the creative nature of the space help enthuse and inspire you. This is an agile conference where ideas collide to produce ...

PSD .Net Professional Scrum Developer .Net Certification Course Hong Kong

Date: 06-Jul-15 to 08-Jul-15
Location: Hong Kong / Hong Kong
  PSD.Net Professional Scrum Developer.Net Certification Course Hong Kong's Professional Scrum Developer (PSD.Net) course is a unique and intensive three day experience for software developers. The course guides teams on how to turn product requirements into potentially-shippable increments of software using the Scrum framework, Visual Studio 2010, and modern software engineering practices. Attendees will work in self-organising, self-managing teams using a common instance of Team Foundation Server 2010. Professional Scrum Developer courses teach students how to work in a team, using modern software engineering practices, to develop an increment of potentially releasable functionality using a specific technology platform. Students learn to do so within the Scrum framework ...