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Enhanced Employment

Date: 25-Nov-14 to 25-Nov-14
With increasing opportunities, it is little surprise that those who have weathered the storms of the worst recession in decades are now boldly stepping back out into the employment market. Whilst available positions are growing, so too are the numbers of candidates and the competition remains tough. The Enhanced Employment Workshop gives you practical tools that will allow you to position your CV in the best light, explore your suitability for job types and prepare you for the all important interview.

Future Campus Planning

Date: 25-Nov-14 to 27-Nov-14
Location: Sydney / Australia
With the deregulation of university fees students are going to demand more from the university experience as a result. Institutions need to reimagine their campuses to differentiate themselves from the competition. Millions of dollars are currently being invested in campus planning and design. Universities must develop flexible, affordable, attractive spaces that have the ability to respond to rising expectations of students and researchers. Are you struggling to implement agile planning and design in a rapidly changing landscape? This conference will address how to • Effectively adapt your campus plan to drivers of change • Physically support the growth and evolution of the campus • Improve stakeholder engagement to align strategy and space • Assess opportunities to utilise ...

Stance Matters: Releasing Your Latent Potential as a Practitioner of Change

Date: 28-Nov-14 to 30-Nov-14
Location: United Kingdom
Participants have said: * Thank God I’m not going crazy! * It was like having a veil lifted from my eyes. This programme releases latent Integral capacities, brings radical self-awareness of one’s Kosmic Address, as well as inner and outer awareness of the patterns and deep dynamics of human change. Who will benefit from this workshop? Practitioners who support or advise others in any context, and who know in their core that much more is possible if only they could work out what it is! This programme is especially designed for: advisors, coaches, facilitators, change agents, HR professionals, leaders and managers. What is the intent of this workshop? To equip participants with the ability to recognize, nurture, and work with the release and deployment of Integral ...

Ms Curvaceous UK are now recruiting at Grosvenor Piccadilly Casino London

Date: 09-Nov-14 to 30-Nov-14
Location: London / United Kingdom
MCUK hosts the biggest live modelling competition in the UK for curve / plus size models. Together we will ensure that you amazing curvaceous models have your place in the media and the fashion world. Past Ms Curvaceous finalists that started just like you have gone on to do amazing work with recognisable brands such as Asda, Simply Be, Yours Clothing, Slink Magazine, One One 3, ITV This Morning, British Plus Size Fashion Weekend, Beautiful Textures, Curvy Kate plus more. There will be many prizes offered for the winner, runners up and finalists including £500 Cash. Once you register you will get more information on other prizes. Will you be the next Ms Curvaceous UK?... When you audition for our competition you will get; A Professional Photo Shoot + Pictures Catwalk ...

Boosting Personal Productivity Online Workshop

Date: 03-Dec-14 to 03-Dec-14
Location: United States
Why Not Time Management? The term "time management" creates a false impression of what a person is able to do. Time can't be managed because time is uncontrollable. We can only manage ourselves and the use of our time. TFE Boosting Personal Productivity™workshop emphasizes self-management rather than time management. The focus of this workshop is on how to best utilize and manage the five (5) elements of the TFE Personal Management System™. Who Should Attend? Business professionals at all levels looking for tools as well as strategies to maximize productivity and achieve the extraordinary. What Is It All About? The workshop has three distinct sections -- Take Charge... Take Action... Take Control. In the first section -- Take Charge, we’ll look at how your ...

International Youth Leadership Conference

Date: 29-Nov-14 to 04-Dec-14
Here at IYLC, we present an interesting inter-cultural opportunity for students - the 6 International Youth Leadership Conference, 29th November - 4th Decomber 2014. This 6th UAE conference will be welcoming over 100 top university students from around the globe, all aspiring towards enriching their academic and cultural experiences, and will give your university the chance to represent your campus on a global scale. The conference itself is based around topics of world politics, international relations, and justice, but these do not limit the value of any nominated students. Leadership is valuable across all fields. This also provides an excellent environment to develop lasting relationships with students across borders. Furthermore, the experiences will not end with the conference, ...

GTD® Mastering Workflow Seminar: Dublin

Date: 04-Dec-14 to 04-Dec-14
Location: Dublin / Ireland
GTD is the shorthand brand for “Getting Things Done®, the ground- breaking work-life management system by David Allen that provides concrete solutions for transforming overwhelm and uncertainty into an integrated system of stress-free productivity. This is a tactically oriented, hands-on seminar on how to get your GTD® system up and running. You will learn the fundamental GTD thinking process and start to build a trusted workflow system. No matter where you are in your GTD journey, you will find tremendous benefit from this dynamic one-day seminar. You will learn to: • Manage your workflow seamlessly with less stress • Set up a system so that none of your “to-dos” fall through the cracks • Get your email inbox to zero • Organize and make clear decisions about your projects and ...

Stance Matters: Releasing Your Latent Potential as a Practitioner of Change

Date: 05-Dec-14 to 07-Dec-14
Location: Tempe / United States
Participants have said: • Thank God I’m not going crazy! • It was like having a veil lifted from my eyes. This programme: • Gives you awareness of your stage of development, and your ability to adapt to change. • Releases latent capacities in the mind. • Reveals the patterns and deep dynamics of human change. Who will benefit from this workshop? Practitioners who support or advise others, especially advisors, coaches, facilitators, change agents, human resource professionals, leaders and managers, in any context: business, government, nonprofit, school, community, church, etc. What is the intent of this workshop? To equip participants with the ability to nurture the emergence of consciousness in self and others, by learning to create the life conditions which support ...

Agritecture: Collaborative Workshop Final Presentations

Date: 06-Dec-14 to 07-Dec-14
Location: United States
In the emerging fields of vertical farming and urban agriculture there are many events and conferences practicing lecture-based learning. We need a more integrated approach! and The Association for Vertical Farming have partnered with Columbia University’s Sustainability Management program, Blue Planet Environmental, and Arise International to launch a interdisciplinary workshop focused on collaboration towards design and innovation in urban agriculture and vertical farming. The day and a half-long workshop will be held the evening of December 5th and all day December 6th 2014 at Columbia University and matches professional architects, hydroponic growers, entrepreneurs, engineers, marketers, designers, and sustainability managers to develop concepts for NYC. The workshop ...

World Conference on Computer Technology, Education and Economics (WCCTEE – 2014)

Date: 08-Dec-14 to 09-Dec-14
Location: Phuket / Thailand
The conference is proudly hosted by the Australian Society for Commerce, Industry and Engineering (SCIE), will be organized onsite by ACEI HongKong Team who specialized on Events&Conferences Management since 2006.