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Global Water Summit- The Water Value Revolution

Date: 27-Apr-15 to 28-Apr-15
Location: Athens / Greece
In just one day, The Global Water Summit brings together more top leaders and high-level water professionals than any other event. From utility leaders and senior executives from across the global water industry to pivotal corporate water users and investors – this event offers unrivalled networking and business opportunities but also a forum for interaction and accelerating positive change within the sector. Come and be a part of this unique event. Global Water Summit 2015 will focus on the theme of the Water Value Revolution - We invite business leaders, CEOs of industrial water users, utility managers, leading water technology providers and major investors to share their water management insights and point the way towards making water an economic value and a source of ...

1st International Forum Somalia Oil, Gas & Mining

Date: 27-Apr-15 to 28-Apr-15
Location: London / United Kingdom
The rapid improvement of Somali security conditions, coupled with its ensuing political stability, has once again established the nation as an attractive investment opportunity. This is particularly true of its Oil, Gas & Mining industry. Due to Somalia’s proximity to the oil rich Gulf Arab states and its geological similarity to its mineral-heavy surrounding nations, it is increasingly being described by industry experts as an untapped resource. This makes it one of the most exciting destinations for exploration and development and therefore a monumental attraction for foreign investment. The Minister of Petroleum & Mineral Resources aims to liaise with investors and operators to establish a platform upon which Somalia’s potential can be unlocked.

Kingdom Future energy Summit

Date: 28-Apr-15 to 29-Apr-15
Location: Riyadh / Saudi Arabia
Kingdom Future Energy Summit is the world’s foremost event dedicated to renewable energies, energy efficiency and clean technologies. KFES includes a world-class summit that brings together the potential stakeholders, project owners, ministries, researchers, utility bodies from the renewable power and water industry. Kingdom Future Energy Summit will be the most comprehensive gathering of renewable technologies in the region. The forum provides an unrivalled opportunity for technology manufacturers and system integrators to build relationships with industry influencers and key decision makers within Saudi Arabia and rest of GCC. Hosted and Organized by BE Summits, This event brings together policy makers, distinguished personnel from Utilities/Ministries and technology leaders in ...

Platts 6th Annual European Power Summit

Date: 28-Apr-15 to 29-Apr-15
Location: London / United Kingdom
With even more ambition than before, Platts has sourced simply the best power generation speakers around for frank discussion and unrivalled debate. The central discussion points being how to effectively tackle overcapacity, guarantee energy security, set tougher carbon-emission targets and make power greener. Discussing the critical issues…. Prospects for regional cooperation and integration of renewables – the views of transmission system operators and policymakers How do national support schemes differ? What are the challenges to further harmonisation? What about possible Implications of the ‘Ålands Case’? Are capacity remuneration mechanisms unavoidable in countries with large shares of renewables? And what types of capacity mechanisms can be used, what are the drawbacks and ...

Grid Transformation Summit 2015

Date: 27-Apr-15 to 29-Apr-15
Grid Transformation 2015 will bring regulators, power industry leaders and corporate energy managers together with distributed generation, energy storage and grid modernization technology vendors to discuss the path forward to a next-generation distributed energy system. They will delve into the potential solutions to current regulatory hurdles impacting the ability of many players to develop profitable business cases and models, and the prospects for technological solutions to many of today’s most vexing problems.

SPE Petrophysical Challenges in Reservoir Life Management

Date: 27-Apr-15 to 29-Apr-15
Well and reservoir surveillance and management is becoming increasingly important in many Middle East fields as fields are becoming more mature and development strategies move from depletion through waterflood to EOR. Petrophysics are normally recognised as a key discipline in exploration and field development planning, but has an increasingly important and crucial role to play in monitoring and managing mature field production and well behaviour. A training course is held alongside this workshop titled "Principles and Applications of Cased Hole Logging". This training course is taking place 26 Apr 2015 | 0800-1700. for more information please visit:

Canadian Frac Sand Logistics & Market Forecast Summit 2015

Date: 28-Apr-15 to 29-Apr-15
Location: Calgary / Alberta / Canada
Frac sand demand is anticipated to continue it's staggering growth and increase from 28 million tons to 84 million tons by the end of 2016. However, with oil prices almost halving in the last 6 months, the Canadian frac sand industry is scrambling to determine how this will impact the market for proppants and what steps need to be taken to lean the supply chain in order to economically serve end users who are now looking to cut costs. Indeed, the lack of clarity on the very volatile volumes, types and locations of demand for frac sand has created huge challenges gaining capital for new oil and sand industry projects. What's more, differing qualities of Canadian, American and Chinese producers competing to meet demand face increased scrutiny from E&Ps and well service companies now ...

Argus Asian Petroleum Coke 2015

Date: 28-Apr-15 to 29-Apr-15
Location: Mumbai / India
The Argus Asian Petroleum Coke 2015 conference, to be held in The Lalit Mumbai, India on 28 – 29 April 2015, has gathered Refineries, End User – Cement and Aluminium, Traders, Freight, and Inspectorate experts to discuss on the falling crude prices and the impact on petroleum coke globally; China reducing its petroleum coke imports due to emission issues regulatory implementations. India importing more petroleum coke with the RIL gasification project coming on stream and end users speculating on importing either low cost high sulphur petroleum coke from the Middle East or high cost low sulphur petroleum coke from the US gulf coast. You will be driven to know new refineries with cokers around the world, especially in the Middle East, the end users markets, and the latest in the ...

Energy Manager's Forum

Date: 29-Apr-15 to 29-Apr-15
Location: Bristol / United Kingdom
These half-day workshops are designed to discuss best practice around energy efficiency and energy management, examine the business case for renewable generation and equip you with all the knowledge, tools and contacts necessary to navigate your way to a successful, efficient and sustainable business with minimum disruption to your day-to-day operations. The forums runs as two identical sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon of 29th April 2015. REGISTER NOW FOR FREE Each half-day forum closes with a panel of industry experts including speakers from Hammerson PLC, Jaguar Land Rover and John Lewis Partnership.

M2M for Oil and Gas

Date: 29-Apr-15 to 30-Apr-15
Location: London / United Kingdom
The international oil and gas industry is continuously challenged by meeting production targets, ensuring safety and the respect of the environment. SMi proudly presents its 3rd annual M2M for Oil and Gas conference takes place on the 29th – 30th April 2015 in London, UK. This conference will explore how fast and easy access to reliable information is pivotal to enable senior members of upstream and downstream oil and gas companies to appropriately focus on accurate decision-making. It will also provide attendees with the notion of how underlying wireless communications can connect from remote adverse locations to the control room. This conference will address the assessment of transmission pipelines, the harnessing of technological advancements and will offer all attendees ...