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Llm In Transnational Oil, Gas And Energy Law By Online Learning

Date: 29-Sep-13 to 19-Dec-14
Location: London / United Kingdom
Summary: Develop a deep, practical understanding of how to resolve the challenges posed by national authorities to oil, gas and energy production. Description: Focusing on the practical aspects of oil and gas law, this programme is set in the broader context of contemporary energy regulation, law and policy. It seeks to develop a deep understanding of how to resolve the challenges posed by national authorities to oil, gas and energy production. By completing this course you will gain the skills, knowledge and understanding that you need to significantly enhance your effectiveness as an adviser or decision-maker in the oil and gas industry. The programme is designed to: Equip you with the transferable skills that are crucial to effective leadership, such as negotiation, critical ...

Fundamentals of LNG

Date: 08-Sep-14 to 31-Dec-14
Location: London / United Kingdom
From LNG properties and production to shipping, markets and trading - whatever you need to know about LNG then this course is for you. Ensuring you cover all the key areas for those wanting a detailed understanding, this is the leading course for professionals needing to make informed commercial and operational decisions. Delivery is by flexible distance learning, so you can study part-time over 12 weeks without impacting on your day-to-day role.

Saudi Water & Power Forum

Date: 12-Jan-15 to 14-Jan-15
Location: Riyadh / Saudi Arabia
Riyadh considered the heart of the water and power industry and the largest city of Saudi Arabia will be the host to the 10th anniversary celebrations of SWPF, a forum and exhibition for water and power stakeholders. Under the Ministry of Water & Electricity patronage and produced by the CWC Group in partnership with Moya Bushnak. Thanks to unrivalled support from key industry stake-holders, such as SEC, SWCC, NWC and K.A.CARE this unique forum sets itself apart as the most prominent gathering and the gateway to Saudi’s Water & Power Industry. This event will focus on achievements attained in the past 10 years for both the water and power sectors. The Forum will feature stimulating input from key government stakeholders on their plans and priorities moving forward with ...

Platts 5th Annual Middle Distillates Conference 2015

Date: 19-Jan-15 to 20-Jan-15
Location: Belgium
What to expect – a taster - A comprehensive overview of European refining in a rapidly transforming global market. Influential refining market leaders and foremost experts will debate the current situation, developments and strategies in a declining European refining sector. Learn how to maximize the middle by discovering distillate trends in Europe. Find out what’s really moving jet fuel, diesel and gasoil markets. - Capitalizing on opportunities from regional and global imbalances of middle distillates. Discover whether Asia will continue to move barrels over to Europe, the impact of the US shale oil and gas revolution on global distillate dynamics, and investment growth, domestic consumption and export trends in the Middle East. - Lift the covers on middle distillate pricing, ...

9th Annual Public Participation for Transmission Projects

Date: 21-Jan-15 to 22-Jan-15
Location: United States
Transmission infrastructure projects are often characterized by high perceived risk and low stakeholder trust. A balance must be struck between the need for additional transmission development and landowner priorities, environmental impact considerations and regulatory compliance. A comprehensive strategic public participation process is a key tenet to the success of any transmission siting project. All stakeholders must be engaged throughout the process, using a wide variety of communication and engagement techniques that are tailored to the needs of each stakeholder. But how do you tackle this daunting challenge? As an attendee of this conference, you will hear best practice case studies from leading electric transmission professionals, and the strategies and methods they use to ...

2015 National Power & Electricity Summit

Date: 22-Jan-15 to 22-Jan-15
Location: Ireland
The changing nature of the Irish energy landscape presents opportunities and challenges for us in shaping the future of the industry. In order to have a secure energy supply and achieve significant emissions cuts, a rapid transformation in the way that power is used, generated and managed is required. The market is realigning around energy efficiency and demand response, smart thermostats and connected homes which means our future energy system will need more than low-carbon technologies. It also needs the right infrastructure: Smart technology to actively and efficiently integrate low-carbon technologies and to manage increasingly complex consumption and generation patterns. Ireland’s future energy policy will be the subject of much debate in the coming months with the anticipated ...

Underground Transmission

Date: 22-Jan-15 to 23-Jan-15
New transmission projects are being proposed, planned and built all over the US and Canada and the reasons for going underground vary widely. In some cases going underground is necessary in order to bring a project to completion, based on public pressure or constrained space. Going underground with transmission has traditionally been a transmission owner's last resort because the cost of underground transmission is many times the cost of overhead transmission and maintenance and repair has proved costly and difficult. However, advanced cable technologies are being developed, installation techniques have expanded in terms of options and efficiency while cost factors have improved. This conference will engage attendees in examples of recent underground projects and the challenges and ...

Platts 8th Annual European Oil Storage Conference

Date: 22-Jan-15 to 23-Jan-15
Location: Amsterdam / Netherlands
Returning for its 8th successful year, Platts Annual European Oil Storage conference continues its long standing tradition of providing market participants with a comprehensive overview of the market and its trends along with highlighting the business challenges and opportunities. Join the world's leading terminal owners, ports, oil traders, financiers and market analysts as they come together to debate the latest in business strategies and opportunities for the storage market. This event will provide an excellent opportunity to meet the European oil storage community, and network with your customers and peers. Gain insights from industry leaders: • Hear from Greenergy, Vopak and VTTI on the outlook for the European storage market • Assess the shifting global oil, product ...

13th Annual Utility Billing and Payment Transformation

Date: 26-Jan-15 to 27-Jan-15
Location: Chicago / United States
Customer billing now plays a vital role in the utility smart grid transformation. It has evolved from a basic model, where utilities gathered energy consumption data every other month to produce a paper invoice sent via snail mail, to a dynamic model in which energy consumption is tracked as frequently as every 5 minutes. Other factors, such as deregulation and the growing integration of new sources of renewable energy like wind and solar, add to the complexity of the utility/customer relationship. Customers are no longer captive ratepayers locked into a static meter-to-cash process; they have choices. This is shifting the focus of traditional billing and customer information systems to a more customer-centric approach that includes strong focus on loyalty. In addition to supporting the ...

Gas Insulated Substations Best Practices

Date: 26-Jan-15 to 27-Jan-15
Location: Anaheim / United States
Featuring a tour of a GIS substation, this technical symposium will review GIS technology and detail current design trends and maintenance solutions for gas insulated substations. Utilizing both technical presentations and case studies from leading utilities, attendees will be provided with a sound understanding of GIS capabilities as well as real-world examples of the regulatory, business, and aesthetic considerations involved in selecting and constructing GIS substations. In addition, experts will cover technical and commercial capabilities, review greenhouse gas issues, illustrate how to replace aging infrastructure with GIS, review considerations for selecting indoor and outdoor GIS, commissioning, constraints and challenges from an engineer's perspective, assessments of AIS and GIS ...