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World IEQ Forum

Date: 05-Oct-15 to 06-Oct-15
Good health, well-being, productivity and happiness are the recurring social ideals and aspirations in the various vision statements that have emerged in the GCC region and elsewhere. Where are we, though, in efforts to bridge the gap between aspirations and reality? Be it the framing of policies, the deploying of technologies or the building of awareness, are we taking concerted steps to provide and maintain built-environments that contribute to the ideals and aspirations? Have we minimised incidences of sick building syndromes and building-related illnesses in our urban centres? Have we lowered the incidences of allergic rhinitis and asthma? Or, has the gap widened, given the rapid growth in population, which has put pressure on planners to provide high-quality affordable housing within ...

15th International Nutrition & Diagnostics Conference

Date: 05-Oct-15 to 08-Oct-15
Location: Prague / Czech Republic
INDC 2015 – The International Nutrition & Diagnostics Conference 2015 is an international forum for scientific discussion focused on understanding the relationship and connections between nutrition and clinical diagnostics. The aim of this multidisciplinary conference is to bridge the gaps between the specialists and fields of science as diverse as nutrition, clinical biochemistry, food technology, analytical chemistry and medicine.

Annual Chincoteague Oyster Festival

Date: 10-Oct-15 to 10-Oct-15
Location: United States
This event is held to promote the seafood industry and mark the arrival of the oyster season. It is an all you can eat festival consisting of oysters—raw, steamed, fritters, and single fried; clam fritters; clam chowder; hush puppies; salad bar; hot dogs; and various beverages. There will be live entertainment for everyone’s enjoyment. An Extravaganza Raffle is held. The winner will receive T-shirts, tickets, lodging, gift certificates for meals, and much more for the following year’s festival. A favorite at the festival is the “Best Place/Space Award”. This is given to the best decorated area. Call the chamber for details. There will also be a variety of souvenirs available for purchase. This is an advance ticketed event that is typically sold out before festival day. Order e-...

Natural Colours and Applications in Products

Date: 13-Oct-15 to 14-Oct-15
Location: United Kingdom
This course is designed to benefit those who need to establish a good understanding of natural colours, their application in product systems, the measurement of colour characteristics and colour stability. The course, delivered by industry experts, will provide a comprehensive understanding of natural colours and colouring foods so that delegates can choose ingredients and formulate products with more confidence based on technical knowledge. You will learn about the sources, properties and applications of natural colours in food products. You will study all aspects of the major groups of natural colours, along with the current legislative framework and consumer trends. Characterisation of colours and measurement of stability is an important aspect of product development and you will ...

Sofia Sport & Healthy Life Exhibition

Date: 15-Oct-15 to 17-Oct-15
Location: Sofia / Bulgaria
The framework of the exhibition includes: equipment and facilities for various sports, natural and organic foods, beverages, clothing and cosmetics, holistic approaches to health, dietary practices and more. The profile of Sport & Healthy Life is both business directed and customer oriented. It combines professional opportunities for new partnerships for the business with a wide selection of brands and products for the consumer to choose from. Winter sports will be the focus of the first edition of the exhibition.


Date: 16-Oct-15 to 17-Oct-15
Location: Warsaw / Poland
Poland likes wine, be part of this greatest event… Now in Warsaw!! Dedicated to all those producers, distributors and sellers who want to meet new customers in Poland, the European country which is constantly growing for economy and consumption. Warsaw, the capital of Poland, but also the main economical center of eastern Europe, is the best place where this event can be hosted. With its 2,5 million inhabitants, the highest density of corporations, a huge developed environment of hotels, restaurants, wine-bars, catering, Warsaw and the Masovia region represent the center of the opportunities to enter the global polish market. A unique opportunity for professionals to meet or strengthen their relations with local business partners, but also an opportunity to meet the consumer, having ...


Date: 16-Oct-15 to 17-Oct-15
Location: Warsaw / Poland
golden drop that changes the way of being of your food. Discover it at WARSAW OIL FESTIVAL! Used during the centuries to prepare food or to preserve it, oil is nowadays one of the most important elements in our table. Even in the northern countries the use of oils is growing constantly, sustaining and accompanying the changes in the taste of the people, always more focused on healthy and tasty products. WARSAW OIL FESTIVAL is the event that emphasizes and presents to the wider public the different kind of oils, giving the unique opportunity to taste them, and discover how many varieties can be used for different purposes. The recent explosion in Poland of import of olive oil from the Mediterranean countries, shows how important is for the polish cuisine this ingredient, both for the ...

National Conference On Innovative Research in Agriculture, Food Science, Forestry, Horticulture, Aquaculture, Animal Sciences, Biodiversity, Environmental Engineering and Climate Change (AFHABEC-2015)

Date: 17-Oct-15 to 18-Oct-15
Location: New Delhi / India
The Organizer cordially invites abstracts and full length research papers for oral/poster presentation to AFHABEC-2015, which is the premier forum for the presentation of sustainable approaches in the fields of theoretical, experimental results in the field of Agriculture, Forestry, Horticulture, Aquaculture, Animal Sciences, Food Technology, Biodiversity and Climate Change issues.

Opening Organic Food Store

Date: 30-Aug-15 to 23-Oct-15
Location: Indonesia
Opening Organic Food Store in Baroda.Now opening this Store invited Special Guest. This day offered special discount for selected customer.


Date: 27-Oct-15 to 29-Oct-15
Visit the leading seafood sourcing trade event in the MEASA region SEAFEX offers the region’s seafood buyers, distributors, importers/exporters, retailers, chefs and caterers the best seafood trade and sourcing platform for their business success. Everything from fresh catch to the end consumer, as well as cold storage, shipping and logistics solutions, will be showcased by international exhibitors with more than 11 national pavilions on board. Held alongside the Speciality Food Festival and Sweets & Snacks Middle East, SEAFEX offers you a bonus exposure to the emerging and developing fine food and gourmet markets. Do business with leading seafood suppliers from around the globe! With over 200 seafood suppliers from 30+ countries including Belgium, Morocco, Norway, Poland, ...