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International Continence Society 45th Annual Meeting

Date: 06-Oct-15 to 10-Oct-15
Location: Montreal / Canada
The 45th Annual Meeting of the International Continence Society will be held in Montreal, Canada, 6-9th October 2015, 10 years after the last ICS Annual Meeting in the city. Renowned speakers from across the globe will travel here to one of Canada’s major cities to share their latest research results and discoveries on issues faced in daily practice. This international event will bring together physicians, physiotherapists, nurses, physiologists, scientists and other professionals, who all have an interest in issues affecting all sectors related to continence, pelvic floor, and urinary tract functions.

Why you're STUCK... and how to CHANGE IT!

Date: 10-Oct-15 to 10-Oct-15
Location: United Kingdom
I don’t know what’s happening for you right now in your world, or what’s led you to be here right now, it might be something happening for you right now that deep down you wish it wasn’t and you’re not sure how to stop it, maybe its issues and challenges around...  Redundancy Stress Marriage Finances Family Depression Work Feeling stuck Relationships Health Or maybe that you don’t quite know what it is? But... there’s something holding you back? Whatever is true for you right now, just know that you might just have finally found the permanent solution... Saturday 10th October Hilton Birmingham Bromsgrove Hotel Birmingham Rd, Bromsgrove, Birmingham B61 0JB   All of these kinds of issues and challenges lead you somewhere you obviously don’t want to be. You might ...

Dr. Arthur A. Kezian DDS Science Scholarship

Date: 01-Oct-15 to 10-Oct-15
The Dr. Arthur A. Kezian DDS Science Scholarship will be awarding $1,200 to help deserving science students. Applicants are required to be high school seniors to 4th year undergraduates in college, majoring in a science field and pursuing advanced education.

47th Congress of the International Society of Paediatric Oncology

Date: 08-Oct-15 to 11-Oct-15
Location: Cape Town / South Africa
The 47th Congress of the International Society of Paediatric Oncology (SIOP 2015) will take place October 8-11, 2015 in Cape Town, South Africa. SIOP's aim is to improve and optimise treatments throughout the world. SIOP's vision is that no child should die of cancer. In keeping with the tradition of previous SIOP congresses, the scientific programme will comprise of plenary sessions, guest lectures, committee/group sessions, meet the expert sessions, free and proffered paper sessions. We would like to invite, and encourage, all healthcare professionals involved in work on cancer in children, adolescents and young adults to join us at the upcoming congress and to contribute to its high scientific quality. We have no doubt that networking with your colleagues, on an ...

4th European Trial Master File Summit

Date: 12-Oct-15 to 13-Oct-15
Location: London / United Kingdom
The Trial Master File (TMF) is one of the most important aspects of a clinical audit or inspection. It proves to regulatory agencies that good clinical practices (GCP) will be upheld during the trial. Throughout the years the process and format of TMF has been changing. However as the industry moved to maintain the TMF in electronic (eTMF) form there are a number of questions around how to structure a TMF system in an electronic form. The TMF Summit has been designed based on feedback from thought leaders and industry peers. Join our community of more than 400+ past participants in order to gather and explore best practices of developing and maintaining a compliant TMF both in electronic and paper format, sharing across all stakeholders including sponsors, regulators, CROs, and project ...

Post Bulletin Good Life Expo

Date: 13-Oct-15 to 13-Oct-15
Location: Rochester / United States
Start planning on how to live a good life for the rest of your life. Whether you're looking for yourself, a parent or loved one, the Good Life Expo features local businesses to help make the rest of your life easier. Talk with vendors, listen to seminars and grab a piece of Bunny Cake! You'll find information on: Cosmetic dentistry Senior housing options Pharmacies Healthy eating Financial and estate planning services Hearing and vision Luxury automobiles Travel opportunities Home health care Diet and exercise and more

9th European Forum for Qualified Person for Pharmacovigilance (QPPV)

Date: 13-Oct-15 to 14-Oct-15
Location: London / United Kingdom
This is the only EU Forum designed for QPPVs by QPPVs, now in its 9th year and ever growing. This year’s objectives, as shown below, build on past successes and have been shaped by valuable feedback provided by participants Hear the latest updates and hot topics relating to the role of the QPPV Explore long term PV visions, future directions of the ‘PV world’, and potential impact on the role of QPPV Network with colleagues and meet regulators Learn from and share experience and ideas with like-minded and friendly QPPVs in a professional environment Take away practical hints and tips Better understand regulatory and inspectorate expectations of the QPPV Identify the expanded expectations of the role in the context of the new regulatory framework and transparency initiatives Be ...

Early Access Programmes Europe

Date: 12-Oct-15 to 14-Oct-15
Location: London / United Kingdom
The pharmaceutical and biotechnology pipeline has become much more specialty focused, with more and more drugs treating rare diseases now going through into main development. In order to meet the demand for these investigational drugs and ensure an equitable supply, sponsor companies are tasked with accurately anticipating demand and strategically planning to ensure they can successfully implement and execute these early access programmes. In addition, country-specific regulatory requirements, safety data and sufficient resources are major concerns that impact industry’s decision to run these programmes. Pharma IQ’s Early Access Programmes Europe provides a platform to address and gain clarity of the complexities that surround EAPs. The event features 20+ speakers from ...


Date: 12-Oct-15 to 14-Oct-15
Location: Berlin / Germany
Die Welt des Pharmavertriebs ist weiterhin starken Veränderungen unterworfen. Der klassische Massenvertrieb wurde in vielen Pharmaunternehmen neu strukturiert, verkleinert und um Multichannel-Strategien und Hybrid-Sales-Konzepte erweitert. Neue Kundengruppen sind in den Fokus der Vertriebsstrategie gerückt, die die Anforderungen an Marketing und Vertrieb massiv geändert haben. Die Erschließung von Social Media Plattformen für den Kundendialog ist noch lange nicht abgeschlossen. Was erwartet Sie auf der 11. Pharma Sales Force und Marketing Excellence Pharma? Transparenzkodex: Wie kann man den Anforderungen gerecht werden ohne ohne Selbstlähmung und bürokratische Überfrachtung Kampagnenplanung aus einem Guss: Market Access, MSL, Marketing und Sales koordinieren und integrieren ...

IIR's Biorepositories and Sample Management Summit

Date: 12-Oct-15 to 14-Oct-15
Location: Boston / United States
Revolutionize your business model and fine-tune your preservation procedures at the most interactive biobanking community event of the year. Join us on October 12-14 in Boston to improve your sample quality, establish a sustainable business model, and reduce your research costs. Our unique and insightful coverage will help you secure funding, develop value-driven business plans, commercialize your biobank, and expedite your journey to sustainability. Visit the website to explore what Biorepositories and Sample Management Summit can do for you.