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Medical Device UDIs and Traceability Forum Europe

Date: 26-May-15 to 28-May-15
Location: London / United Kingdom
Medical Device UDIs & Traceability Forum Europe 2015 is an event not to be missed and geared around strengthening your regulatory infrastructure, maintaining productivity and ensuring ROI from your UDIs projects. Attend the Only Forum Dedicated to Medical Device UDIs and Implementation to: - Learn how to assess the global regulatory landscape. How do you fit in? How do you set yourself up for existing and future regulations? - Discover how to manage the financial barrier and assess the right type of UDI technology - Uncover the complexity of implementing UDI and validate your existing labelling, printing and packaging against FDA UDI, GDSN and customs validations – filling the gaps - Meet regulatory requirements to improve business initiatives, reduce costs and enhance ...

16th EFORT Congress

Date: 27-May-15 to 29-May-15
Location: Czech Republic
Dear Participants, On behalf of the Executive Committee and the Local Organising Committee, we are delighted to invite you to participate in the 16th EFORT Congress in Prague in 2015. Following the success of previous meetings, the scientific programme will focus on Symposia and Instructional Lectures given by distinguished speakers, as well as on Free Paper submissions from all over the world. The main theme of the EFORT Congress in Prague will be Infection. The result of an orthopaedic surgery can be sometimes overshadowed by early or late infection occurring in approximately 3-4 % of TJA and even more often after fracture fixation. Awareness of the infection problem, knowledge on how to prevent it and the use of up to date diagnostics and treatment algorithms is paramount. Highlights ...

Vivid Ideas: Self Esteem - How Science can Help

Date: 29-May-15 to 29-May-15
Location: Australia
How do you feel about yourself? Granted, it can be an awkward question.   Self-esteem has always been a universal issue, which we all grapple with at numerous points in our life. Feeling good about yourself in a fast paced, social-media blanketed, quarterly reporting world, is challenging. While social science has the answers and entrepreneurs the attitude, you aren't taught such life lessons in school, university or in the work place.   Learn, explore and discover how to feel better about yourself with Sean Nunan, Principal of the School of Self Esteem. Be inspired, know your purpose, all without rumination or feeling worthless or out of control. If you feel like life is a never-ending rollercoaster of ups and downs, then this talk is especially for you. And parents, learn how ...

7th World Congres Abdominal Compartment Society (WCACS)

Date: 28-May-15 to 30-May-15
Location: Belgium
The World Society of the Abdominal Compartment Syndrome (WSACS) was founded in 2004 by a group of international physicians and surgeons who recognized the need for a cohesive approach to promoting research, fostering education, and improving the survival of patients with intra-abdominal hypertension (IAH) and/or abdominal compartment syndrome (ACS). While it remains a fledging society, the WSACS has arguably accomplished a great deal in its first three years including the development of evidence-based medicine consensus definitions and recommendations statements, publication of the first textbook on ACS as well as a monograph of cutting-edge research findings, and development of a worldwide network of clinicians and research scientists. In May 2015 we will be organizing the 7th World ...

2015 Joint Congress on Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences

Date: 28-May-15 to 30-May-15
Location: Montreal / Quebec / Canada
A historic event where 4 radiology associations are partnering to offer radiologists, medical radiation technologists and other members of the medical imaging team a unique opportunity for collaborative learning and professional networking.

A Healthy U Conference NYC 2015

Date: 30-May-15 to 30-May-15
Location: New York / United States
2015 Schedule 2:00pm Registration Open + Networking 2:30pm Welcome 3:00pm Unblock What’s Stopping You From Being Your Best (PANEL): We’ve all been through it. It’s Sunday morning, and you are all motivated to start your new fitness plan to get in the best shape of your life, but magically, something gets in the way by the end of the week. This session will address these common issues and help you figure out what is stopping YOU from being your best self. Panelists: Aeshia DeVore Branch, Vanessa Cunningham, and Jennifer Turner 4:00pm Healthy Snack Break 4:15pm Break Out Sessions Focus on Running : Training for your first 5k? 10k? Half Marathon? Or maybe you just want to get started with your running journey and no idea where to start–this session is for you! We will be having ...

Wellness Retreat for Woman

Date: 25-May-15 to 31-May-15
Location: Mexico
7 Days in the Jungle Where is it? The Tailwind Jungle Lodge is located on 5 acres a of dense, lush jungle which descends to a cove with a white sand beach. The lodge is perched on the hillside, nestled amidst calming palms. Lodging in the casitas, bungalows and palapas offer privacy as well as both jungle and ocean views. What to expect? Take the time to disconnect from your busy life and become one with nature in this sacred place. Your journey package includes: -6 nights Accommodation -Daily Brunch and Dinner -Daily morning yoga classes -Nutrition Workshop -Life coaching Workshop -Your Mental Health Workshop -The wheel of Life Workshop -Self Care Management Workshop -3 hrs Guided Hike ending in a therapeutic mud -Full access to the pristine white sand beach and ...

The Middle East Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare

Date: 29-May-15 to 31-May-15
Location: Doha / Qatar
The Middle East Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare is a three-day conference designed as a professional collaboration that showcases best practice excellence in patient care. The themes for the Middle East Forum 2015 are interlinked around improving a patient experience through a number of approaches. Content for keynote speeches and breakout workshop sessions will feed into these themes: - Optimizing patient flows - Improving the patient experience by maximizing efficiencies in patient throughput - Patient-centered care - Enhancing evidence-based care through better patient engagement - Specialist interventions - Using specialist clinical interventions and multidisciplinary medicine to achieve better patient outcomes - Patient safety improvements - Technologies and ...

CHI's Mastering Clinical Trial Monitoring

Date: 01-Jun-15 to 02-Jun-15
Changing FDA expectations, risk-based monitoring, and ever-growing demands for cost efficiency are fueling dramatic developments in the world of clinical research. Clinical trial monitors are on the front line of these changes, and must adapt to the world of centralized risk-based monitoring, quality systems-based approaches, and sophisticated technologies designed to improve outcomes. CHI will be addressing these issues at its sixth annual Mastering Clinical Trial Monitoring conference. Participants can expect to hear from thought-leaders to share their insights into addressing these challenges and exploiting these opportunities via presentations, case studies, and hands-on activities.

CHI's Vendor Management in Clinical Trials

Date: 01-Jun-15 to 02-Jun-15
As the trend toward outsourcing clinical research continues to grow, those charged with vendor qualification, selection, contracting, and ongoing oversight must be ready to meet these expectations. Most importantly, they must consider quality systems-based approaches, risk mitigation and management, and effective tools and techniques for ensuring successful third party vendor partnerships. Thought-leaders will address important themes, including quality systems-based vendor management throughout the lifecycle, risk-based auditing of third party vendors, and addressing quality issues to ensure compliance.