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The State of the Economy

Date: 24-Feb-15 to 24-Feb-15
Location: London / United Kingdom
The State of the Economy conference brings together the country’s leading Economists to discuss the issues likely to shape the UK’s economy in both the short and long-term. Aimed at a diverse audience this conference covers subjects such as the impact of future rate rises, a rising exchange rate, how and if the Eurozone will recover, the next Government’s fiscal inheritance, and the impact of global markets on the UK. This is a fascinating conference to anyone interested in the impact the economy will have on future business.

African Insurance Forum 2015 - AIF 2015

Date: 23-Feb-15 to 24-Feb-15
AFRICAN INSURANCE FORUM 2015 –AIF 2015 Whether you are Insurance or Reinsurance Company executive, a broker, a regulator a risk-manager or an industry partner, The African Insurance Forum 2015 is designed with you in mind. This high level conference addresses the many diverse and complex issues facing leaders of the African general and life insurance sector. The African Insurance Forum 2015 will look at Insurance needs of the African market, how insurers can play an active role in critical classes. The purpose of the AIF 2015 will be twofold to showcase the African insurance markets to the global insurance industry and to bring international players together under one roof to discuss critical issues of African Insurance Sector. African Insurance Forum 2015 will take place on the ...

Insurance Fraud 2015

Date: 24-Mar-15 to 24-Mar-15
Location: London / United Kingdom
Insurance Fraud is the only conference those involved in the fight against fraud will need to attend in 2015. From application all the way through to conviction; senior speakers, including insurers, brokers, aggregators and more, will be sharing their integral insight on how best the industry can collaborate and optimise their anti-fraud operations.

20:20 Customer Experience: Financial Services Nordics

Date: 24-Mar-15 to 25-Mar-15
Location: Copenhagen / Denmark
Bringing together banks, insurers and financial institutions from across the Nordic region, this one-of-a-kind event explores the hottest new strategies for enhancing the customer experience in our multi-channel age. Customer-centricity is essential to maintaining your competitive edge. An enriched, personalised customer engagement strategy delivers happier customers, greater loyalty and, ultimately, improved profitability. 20:20 Customer Experience in Financial Services, Nordics delivers both the strategic and practical know-how you need to make this a reality, transforming your approach to customers by giving them the superb journey they deserve, through whatever channels they choose to use.


Date: 07-May-15 to 09-May-15
Location: Istanbul / Turkey
Health Tourism has many kinds. Medical tourism, thermal tourism, spa and wellness, eld tourism, disabled tourism, athlete tourism and others. Especially in the last 10 years, not only public hospitals but also private hospitals & health institutions has reached and gone beyond the level of well-developed countries with its highly educated doctors and health employees in some fields in the medical tourism sector. Turkey’s health tourism has developed especially in the last 10 years due to its geographical & strategic position, climate & service quality, potential to reach 1.5 billion human potential with just 4 hours of flight distance. We observe the same situation at Thermal, Spa & Wellness, Eld and Disable Tourism. Turkey has so much potential with its natural ...