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2nd Annual Offshore Security in Oil & Gas Nigeria

Date: 08-Jun-15 to 09-Jun-15
Location: Lagos / Nigeria
The Nigerian Oil industry is plagued by several challenges to achieve its maximum output potential. Due to the prevailing security problems, the Nigerian Oil Industry has faced immense losses, from pirate threats, oil thefts on and offshore, Oil bunkering and poor infrastructure. Recent studies shows that Nigeria Lost N1.2 Trillion to Crude Oil Theft in 2014, Nigeria’s oil output was already falling before the drop in oil prices largely due to oil theft and pipeline vandalism in the oil-rich Niger Delta. This year, the number and severity of piracy and armed robbery incidents must continue to decline. According to the reports 55 attacks in 2014 in African waters or attributed to African pirates. Of these, 41 took place in the west, in the Gulf of Guinea and Atlantic Ocean seaboard, and 12 ...

Cyber Security for Financial Services Exchange

Date: 14-Jun-15 to 16-Jun-15
This dynamic, three-day event will provide Cyber Security executives with valuable insights to reach their full potential by exploring security leadership strategies, the changing threat landscape, human-friendly technological approaches and more. The sources and types of cyber security attacks are constantly changing, which requires constant vigilance. Spending on security has increased with recent high-profile hacks. Financial services must keep data secure from unauthorized access of identifying information or breaches at all times. Federal, state, and industry regulations mandate consumer protection. Yet the landscape of the types of attacks and the players (nation states, hacktivists) constantly changes. The financial services sector is a lucrative target as a money source and ...

Telematics Insurance Data Management & Product Design 2015

Date: 24-Jun-15 to 25-Jun-15
Telematics Insurance Data Management & Product Design 2015 initiative has been purposefully designed to allow insurers to exchange the very latest in cutting edge technology, tried and tested pilots and case studies and, and best practices for managing and integrating huge streams of complex data into driver score and pricing.

Asia STCF (Structured Trade & Commodity Finance) 2015

Date: 30-Jun-15 to 01-Jul-15
Location: Singapore / Singapore
Highlights : •Risk, collateral and structuring: what are the latest developments in SCTF in both the Asian and global context? •Trader Panel: international traders discuss financing needs and perspectives for 2015/2016 and beyond •Africa panel: how is Asia shaping up in the competition for Africa's development challenges? Assessing the needs for continuing transformation in Africa •Structuring supply chain solutions for working capital efficiency: where do traditional supply chain approaches meet innovation by banks to offer solutions across the value chain? •Risk management: how is the private insurance market shaping up to the Asian challenge? Where does that leave the ECAs? CONTACT: / +65 6345 5701

6th Maritime Salvage & Casualty Response

Date: 02-Sep-15 to 03-Sep-15
Location: London / United Kingdom
Streamlining Wreck Removal Operations and Controlling Salvage Costs ACI’s 6th Maritime Salvage & Casualty Response will uncover the complexity of issues surrounding Wreck Removal and Salvage Operations, not just on an operational scale, but will also make the legal, insurance and contractual issues more transparent. The conference will deliver the essential knowledge and experience from some of the best salvage professionals in the business. Specific case study analysis from some of the largest and most complex salvage operations will give ultimate guidance and best practice for future salvage incidents. Confirmed Agenda Topics: • Keynote Address – An overview of the Salvage Industry in 2015 • A selection of salvage & wreck removal operational case studies • LOF—A ...


Date: 03-Sep-15 to 05-Sep-15
Location: Istanbul / Turkey
Health Tourism has many kinds. Medical tourism, thermal tourism, spa and wellness, eld tourism, disabled tourism, athlete tourism and others. Especially in the last 10 years, not only public hospitals but also private hospitals & health institutions has reached and gone beyond the level of well-developed countries with its highly educated doctors and health employees in some fields in the medical tourism sector. Turkey’s health tourism has developed especially in the last 10 years due to its geographical & strategic position, climate & service quality, potential to reach 1.5 billion human potential with just 4 hours of flight distance. We observe the same situation at Thermal, Spa & Wellness, Eld and Disable Tourism. Turkey has so much potential with its natural ...

MENA Health Insurance Congress

Date: 13-Sep-15 to 16-Sep-15
The MENA Health Insurance Congress is a strategic platform for stakeholders to discuss and collaborate on regulation, policy pricing, medical inflation, pharmaceutical cost, claims management, fraud and more.

China GRI 2015

Date: 28-Oct-15 to 29-Oct-15
Location: Shanghai / China
The 8th China GRI will bring together senior level real estate executives to network and discuss key issues, opportunities and challenges in the Chinese real estate market in informal and interactive discussions. The GRI is a global club of senior real estate investors, developers and lenders. Founded in 1998, its lead constituency consists of the world's leading real estate players. The GRI runs its activities through a collection of annual meetings focussed on different regions of the world. Should you attend the China GRI?  Meet Chinese investors looking for overseas opportunities  • Meet Chinese developers (and funds) with local product  • Meet like-minded internationals for JVs, partnerships and club deals  • High seniority  • A unique discussion format to engage meaningfully  ...