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KL International Conference on Islamic Wealth Management & Financial Planning

Date: 21-Dec-15 to 22-Dec-15
Location: Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia
This 2-day conference will explore the key principles and avenues of Islamic wealth management which includes Islamic wealth creation, accumulation, protection, distribution and purification in the Wealth Management Cycle. This conference will enable individuals, investors and corporations to learn and understand more about the Islamic wealth management and financial planning from industry experts with wide spectrum of expertise and will be able to implement them. This conference will also be an excellent platform for networking and exchange of experience, ideas and outlooks about the industry and services.

The Insurance Summit 2016

Date: 25-Feb-16 to 25-Feb-16
Location: London / United Kingdom
With the overall theme being “Insuring the Uninsured” the Insurance Summit 2016 will focus on the disruptive forces shaping the future of the industry and delve into the commercial and new growth opportunities arising from market consolidation and a closer alignment with the sustainable development agenda. Key topics and confirmed speakers include: The role of insurance as a risk manager in society Lise Kingo, Executive Director Global Compact, United Nations examines the findings of the “Insurance 2030” UN report. In order to provide universal access to insurance and prevent the uninsured from the impact of climate change and natural disasters, is there a need to establish Insurance Development Goals, in line with the UN’s SDGs? New opportunities through consolidation Bart de ...

Middle East Pharma Cold Chain Congress

Date: 28-Mar-16 to 31-Mar-16
The Middle East Pharma Cold Chain Congress provides a regional platform that connects industry stakeholders to share their ideas on issues and challenges the industry faces. The congress will bring to fore solutions and strategies that will ultimately ensure healthy shipments and safe pharmaceuticals throughout the region.

MENA Pharma Excellence Congress

Date: 28-Mar-16 to 31-Mar-16
The MENA Pharmaceutical Excellence Congress is the premier platform for the pharmaceutical industry and attracts senior local, regional and international leaders from the pharmaceutical industry and government representatives to discuss key issues facing the pharmaceutical industry through a number of interactive presentations, panel discussions and on-stage interviews. Delegates will have the opportunity to hear from leading experts from across the region and the globe who will discuss the current regulatory environment in the region, key challenges facing the pharmaceutical companies such as pricing, reimbursement and market access, creating successful business models to drive growth for the industry, improving sales and marketing effectiveness by using the latest trends in technologies ...

MENA Health Insurance Congress

Date: 05-Apr-16 to 07-Apr-16
The MENA region is undergoing seismic changes in its health landscape, the population is growing, life expectancy is increasing, mortality rates decreasing and lifestyle diseases are on the rise. This is coupled with the drive to provide better quality care to all residents of the region. All this makes the MENA region a huge potential market for the health insurers whether the aim is to fill the gap left by public healthcare systems such as in Egypt or providing care for the UAE’s approx. 80% expatriates. Recently some GCC states have made healthcare insurance compulsory such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, which might mean others are likely to follow suit including Sharjah and Kuwait. This has made the health insurance incredibly dynamic and competitive with health ...

MENA Ophthalmology Congress

Date: 14-Apr-16 to 16-Apr-16
The frontiers of ophthalmology are imminently moving forward at an even increasing pace. It is without doubt in this era has the field of ophthalmology moved towards greater heights of immense knowledge being gathered towards the benefit of science and patients. Be a part of this exceptional congress as we bring together regional leaders and medical professionals in the field of ophthalmology for a remarkable learning and networking experience. Join us in this 3-day streamed congress and gain insights into recent advancements and trends in the ophthalmology arena. The congress aims to advance the quality of eye care and ophthalmology education and research in the region, through dissemination of latest knowledge by leading experts in the field. Do not pass up this opportunity to spearhead ...

MENA Nephrology Congress

Date: 05-May-16 to 07-May-16
The incidence and prevalence of renal diseases are on the rise all over the world. Chronic non-communicable diseases like diabetes mellitus and hypertension are still representing the major causes of end-stage renal disease. Fighting against such diseases is a big health challenge for the future. Diabetes, for which the MENA has one of the world’s highest rates, is the main cause of kidney failure. Progression of kidney to end-stage renal failure (ESRF) has tremendous human and economic implications. Awareness within the medical community and the public at large about the advances of therapeutic and preventive measures is also an important factor for progress toward better kidney health in the Middle East. With this in mind, we are delighted to announce the MENA Nephrology Congress, the ...

GCC Healthcare Innovation Congress

Date: 16-May-16 to 17-May-16
Innovation in healthcare continues to be a driving force in the pursuit to balance healthcare quality and cost. Innovation in healthcare is a critical component of business productivity and competitive survival. Through innovations, patients have better quality of life, better treatment options and increased life expectancy. With this in mind, the GCC Healthcare Innovation Congress will bring more than forty senior leaders across the healthcare industry from health authorities, providers, payers and pharmaceutical companies to provide a unique platform for facilitating innovation in connected health, featuring panel discussions, keynote presentations, interactive workshops and more.

Arab Diabetes Medical Congress

Date: 05-Oct-16 to 08-Oct-16
Arab Diabetes Medical Congress is a unique and innovative platform dedicated to advancing the quality of diabetes management in the GCC by providing professionals from different specialties with a comprehensive scientific programme presented by a leading regional and international faculty. Posters, presentations and discussions ensure a lively exchange of ideas related to the treatment and prevention of diabetes and related illnesses and information on the latest diabetes-related technology.

GCC Pharma Congress

Date: 17-Oct-16 to 20-Oct-16
As the GCC countries healthcare moves towards a more patient-centric model, pharmacists are playing an increasingly important role in providing quality care to patients and they are vital members of the healthcare team. Pharmacists play an important role as leaders to improve healthcare outcomes, decrease cost, reduce patient safety risk, optimise medication management systems and align the pharmacy services with the management strategies that measure and reward quality performance. However, the continuing evolution of pharmacist role is tied to numerous challenges including collaboration with the different stakeholders in the medical community, learning about new technologies, remaining competitive in the marketplace, improving patient outcomes, maintaining productivity and more.