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Medical Cities

Date: 14-Sep-14 to 16-Sep-14
The marcus evans Medical Cities is specifically designed to meet industry practitioners' demands to secure and guarantee their investments. This conference will highlight through practical case studies and panel on its importance for upcoming or existing medical cities masterplanning and facilities design technologies to remain competitive and at the same time sustainable. It will offer participants insights on state-of-the-art techniques that can be drawn upon from the vast experience of our global speaker line-up. With more ambitious projects of Medical Cities, one has to examine the typologies, design, engineering considerations and technology for future development of a country’s healthcare system. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet the line up of key international speakers and to ...

2014 International E-Conference on Economy under sanctions

Date: 22-Sep-14 to 22-Sep-14
2014 International E-Conference on Economy under sanctions is the premier forum for the presentation of new papers and research results in the fields of theoretical, experimental, and applied Issues such as sanctions and economy, trade, international law, political science and sociology, social sciences, etc. The conference will bring together leading researchers, scientists, economists, lawyers, sociologist, etc. in the domain of interest from around the world. Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to: Theme and sub-theme: - Explain the economic conditions of sanctioned countries (China, Libya, India, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, South Africa, Syria, Sudan, Afghanistan, North Korea, etc.) from the perspective of macro-Economic variables (exports, imports, ...

3rd International Conference on Tissue Science and Regenerative Medicine

Date: 24-Sep-14 to 26-Sep-14
Location: Valencia / Spain
This conference serves as an International forum to bring you closer to key professionals to support your mutual understanding of the field, accelerate your research in the field and to enable you to contribute to the ultimate care of patients in this very important way. We promise to be larger than ever, showcasing the latest tissue engineering/regenerative medicine approaches to restore the function of damaged and diseased tissues and organs.

5th Annual Resorts & Entertainment

Date: 25-Sep-14 to 26-Sep-14
Location: Shanghai / China
The 5th Annual Resorts & Entertainment will revolutionize innovative ideas shared by influential hospitality leaders in the process of continuous development and expansion of world-class resorts to remain at the forefront in the ever competitive industry. Don’t miss this opportunity to network and exchange ideas among Government agencies, industry associations, developers, hospitality and leisure operators in order to stand out at the edge of this vying hospitality. Catalyse your Resorts and Hotels and make your Resort a "must visit" destination for all.

3rd International Conference on Clinical Microbiology and Microbial Genomics

Date: 24-Sep-14 to 26-Sep-14
Location: Valencia / Spain
We are happy to notify about the upcoming conference of “3rd International Conference on Clinical Microbiology & Microbial Genomics” will be organized around the theme “Advanced Approaches in Innovation & Future Directions of Clinical Microbiology” during September 24-26, 2014 at Valencia, Spain. We cordially invite all Professors, Doctors, Post doctoral researchers and scientific delegates to participate in this upcoming prestigious Event. - For Abstract submission & Registration please click on this link: We are also in favour of student participation for the conference and would like to seek your support in this regard. - For Abstract submission & Registration please click on this ...

Digital Transformation Leadership Masterclass

Date: 25-Sep-14 to 26-Sep-14
Location: London / United Kingdom
HIGH-TECH & HIGH-TOUCH EVENT EXPERIENCE Given the focus on digital technology and transformation, the Masterclass will use the event application to facilitate interaction and Q&A during the presentation sessions. But there will be lots of opportunity for face-to-face interaction too. The Masterclass is designed to be a twoday working session that promotes dialogue and facilitates participants’ ability to take a deeper dive into the course material through discussions and mini projects with both digital transformation experts and their peers. To maximize the value of the experience, participants won’t just listen – they’ll also have the opportunity to engage and start to develop plans of action.

" 3rd International Conference and Exhibition on Materials Science & Engineering"

Date: 06-Oct-14 to 08-Oct-14
3rd International Conference and Exhibition on Materials Science and Engineering provides a perfect symposium for scientists, engineers, directors of companies and students in the field of Materials Science and Nanotechnology to meet and share their knowledge. The scientific program paves a way to gather visionaries through the research talks and presentations and put forward many thought provoking strategies. The scientific program will focus on current research and advancements in materials research, synthesis, and fabrication.

The International Conference on Information Security and Cyber Forensics (InfoSec 2014)

Date: 08-Oct-14 to 10-Oct-14
Location: Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia
All registered papers will be included in SDIWC Digital Library. The conference aims to enable researchers build connections between different digital applications.

3rd Annual Global HR Excellence

Date: 13-Oct-14 to 15-Oct-14
Location: Singapore / Singapore
3rd Annual Global HR Excellence conference provides the perfect platform to explore the dynamics of talent management, discover the latest updates in strategic HR and experience innovative HR applications and technologies which will enable you to create a truly world class HR function and drive business success. This must attend event provides an interactive platform for key stakeholders and all organisations directly & indirectly involved in human resource worldwide. Do not miss this opportunity to be a part of this prestigious course that can help you revolutionise the way you view and manage your human capital!