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Enterprise Content Management (ECM) training

Date: 23-Sep-14 to 23-Sep-14
Location: London / United Kingdom
The Enterprise Content Management (ECM) training covers the strategies, tools and technologies used to capture, store, manage, preserve and deliver information in support of business processes. It provides you with a framework which enables the management of information assets across an organization, and it ties in relevant components and technologies. This could be Electronic Document Management, Electronic Records Management, Workflow, Business Process Management, Web Content Management, Collaboration and Digital Asset Management.

5th Annual International Conference on Infocomm Technologies in Competitive Strategies (ICT 2014)

Date: 22-Sep-14 to 23-Sep-14
Location: Singapore / Singapore
ICT has revolutionized people’s lives. They serve as a radical force paving the way towards better living. They ride the wave of innovation while leveraging on traditional competitive advantages to build new scalable capabilities. Embedded in the current technological developments are important issues and concepts that require further discussion. These issues have a profound impact on the socio-economic, political, and cultural spheres of nations. The goal of the International Academic Conference on Infocomm Technologies in Competitive Strategies is to provide opportunities for academics, researchers, experienced professionals and business people to share their knowledge of infocomm technologies that can best derive competitive advantage.

5th Annual International Conference on Computer Science Education: Innovation and Technology (CSEIT 2014) Special Track : Software Engineering and Applications

Date: 22-Sep-14 to 23-Sep-14
Location: Singapore / Singapore
To fulfill the country's objectives, a country needs to organize and improve its education systems. One area of education that has undergone profound change and significant progress is computer education. Comprehensive Education Programs have been created and implemented. As computing evolves, so does Computer Science as a discipline. This puts continual pressure on Computer Science educators to review, revise and rewrite the courses and the curriculum. Educators have been rising up to the challenge, creating new courses, introducing innovative ideas and practices into existing courses, re-organizing the major and carve out minors. Computer education forms a part of the school and college curricula, as it is important for every individual today, to have basic knowledge of computers. ...

Cloud Computing training

Date: 23-Sep-14 to 24-Sep-14
Location: Amsterdam / Netherlands
Cloud computing is an emerging technology through which an increasing number of IT services are delivered over the internet. Cloud computing makes it possible to run a successful business without having dedicated hardware, software and services. The result is that organizations can reduce costs and be more flexible, more mobile and scalable while improving their quality of service. The CompTIA Cloud Essentials certification demonstrates that candidates have the skill set and knowledge to operate in a modern IT organisation utilizing cloud computing. Certification allows IT professionals to operate effectively in a cloud environment as they speak the appropriate language, and demonstrate an understanding of the key concepts and terminology. It provides the baseline foundation needed in ...

IEEE - International Conference on Education Technologies and Computers (ICETC2014)

Date: 22-Sep-14 to 24-Sep-14
Location: Poland
The International Conference on Education Technologies and Computers (ICETC2014) September 22-24, 2014 Lodz University of Technology, Lodz, Poland The conference is technically co-sponsored by IEEE Poland Section. All registered papers will be submitted to IEEE for potential inclusion to IEEE Xplore. The proposed conference on the above theme will be held at Lodz University of Technology, Lodz, Poland from September 22-24, 2014 which aims to enable researchers build connections between different digital applications. The conference welcomes papers on the following (but not limited to) research topics: - E-Learning Platforms, Portals - Learning Organization - Medical Applications - Mobile Learning (M-learning) - Pedagogy Enhancement with E-Learning - Technology Support ...

6th BankTech Asia 2014 Conference & Exhibition

Date: 23-Sep-14 to 24-Sep-14
Location: Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia
6th BankTech Asia '14 will feature a 2-day multi streamed conference and panel discussion sessions by some of the top experts in the financial industry. This event will also feature a 2-day exhibition that showcases all the latest technology in the banking arena. Asia's premium Banking Technology event will offer you a unique perspective on some of the most talked about IT issues and emerging trends to help industry professionals identify and rationalize their IT investments and at the same time it will provide a platform for senior executives working in specific areas of the banking sector to meet.

2nd European Digital Oilfield Summit

Date: 24-Sep-14 to 25-Sep-14
Location: London / United Kingdom
ACI’s 2nd European Digital Oilfield Summit will be taking place in London, UK, on 24th — 25h September 2014. The two day event will bring together key industry stakeholders from the oil & gas industry, IT and data Associations, consultants, solution and technology providers. Key Topics: • Digital Oilfield Roadmaps and Forecasts • North Sea Digital Oilfield Industry: Developments & Investments • Maximizing Production through Data-Driven Methods • Shale Oil Information Systems: A Practical Case • Open Source Case Study • Cutting-Edge Technologies Changing the Oil Industry • Information Technologies in Remote Environments • Real-Time Drilling Technologies • Big Data Management: Opportunities in the Oil & Gas Industry • Digital Oilfield Security Case Study ...

Iran Telecoms and IT Global Summit 2014

Date: 24-Sep-14 to 25-Sep-14
Iran Telecoms and IT Global Summit 2014 will be taking place from 24-25 September 2014 in Tehran, Iran. Iran is an attractive market for new players and foreign operators and investors with sustainable source of revenue generation Iran Telecoms & IT Global Summit 2014 is about: • Bringing together the key players of the Iranian market • Gaining access to a high growth telecoms market in the Middle East • Exploring potential foreign-Iranian joint venture opportunities • Networking with distinguished ministerial guests • Tapping the huge opportunities for service, content and innovative services • Sharing worldwide best practices and successful business models • Direct access to local decision makers and the country's policy makers ...

Digital Transformation Leadership Masterclass

Date: 25-Sep-14 to 26-Sep-14
Location: London / United Kingdom
HIGH-TECH & HIGH-TOUCH EVENT EXPERIENCE Given the focus on digital technology and transformation, the Masterclass will use the event application to facilitate interaction and Q&A during the presentation sessions. But there will be lots of opportunity for face-to-face interaction too. The Masterclass is designed to be a twoday working session that promotes dialogue and facilitates participants’ ability to take a deeper dive into the course material through discussions and mini projects with both digital transformation experts and their peers. To maximize the value of the experience, participants won’t just listen – they’ll also have the opportunity to engage and start to develop plans of action.

Middle East Banking Innovation Summit 2014

Date: 29-Sep-14 to 30-Sep-14
The 4th Annual Middle East Banking Innovation Summit will be held on 29 & 30 September 2014 in Dubai. The event has earned its place as the premier banking technology conference in the GCC, last year attracting over 400 C-level executives, IT experts, retail banking specialists and senior finance professionals eager to learn of the opportunities in the Middle East’s banking and finance sector. The UAE is fast becoming a key international trading and transaction hub with the local retail and hospitality sectors booming and emerging market trade being routed via Dubai. The global Islamic finance industry is set for double-digit growth in 2014, and the Middle East’s financial sector is expected to be one of the biggest spenders in IT, a market that anticipates over US$32 billion in ...