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Armoured Vehicles Asia

Date: 28-Apr-15 to 29-Apr-15
Location: Jakarta / Indonesia
Building on the continued success of the armoured vehicles event portfolio, Defence IQ’s London office is delighted to announce that we will be taking over the management of the Armoured Vehicles Asia conference! Taking place in Jakarta, Indonesia 28-29 April, and in partnership with PT Pindad, you are invited to join regional military officials and manufacturing partners at a series of lectures, roundtable discussions and working groups designed to strengthen existing, as well as create new international partnerships for armoured vehicle stakeholders. Whether you are active in the region or looking for that first project to contribute your solution to, this forum will provide you with access to the information and contacts that you need to deliver your offering. Why Indonesia? • ...

5th European Data Protection Days 2015

Date: 04-May-15 to 05-May-15
Location: Berlin / Germany
The event will be taking place for the fifth time in Berlin. We are proud to announce we could win speakers such as Julie Brill, Commissioner, Federal Trade Commission, USA, Giovanni Buttarelli, European Data Protection Supervisor, Peter Fleischer, Google and Ben Wizner, lawyer to Edward Snowden. We bring together international experts for networking, insights and exchange.

Defence Exports Asia Pacific

Date: 11-May-15 to 12-May-15
Location: Singapore / Singapore
Don't miss the 2nd annual Defence Exports Asia Pacific conference taking place on the 11th and 12th May 2015 in Singapore. Due to the changes and development of controls in Asia Pacific, the industry is faced with the risk of non-compliance due to the lack of knowledge and exposure in the markets. Take the opportunity to discuss and network with key government officials and industry leaders from the APAC region and understand and utilize the latest updates on APAC export control regulations whilst hearing about various ECR changes happening in 2015. EVENT HIGHLIGHTS INCLUDE: 2 industry-leading keynote addresses from: • Claire Willette, Director, Strengthening Export Controls, Australian Department of Defence • Ambassador Philip Griffiths, Head of Secretariat, Wassenaar ...

MilSatCom Asia Pacific

Date: 13-May-15 to 14-May-15
Location: Singapore / Singapore
The 5th annual MilSatCom Asia-Pacific conference will take place on the 13th and 14th May 2015 in Singapore. MilSatCom Asia-Pacific 2015 will boast a tailored programme based on current issues across MilSatCom covered by a series of regional and international speakers. In addition to having representatives from the Pacific region, the conference will have Asian representation too as we explore regional military SatCom roadmaps and packages. We will also be hearing from nations outside the region sharing their experiences, partnerships initiatives as end-users and the latest technologies in the satcom industry. EVENT HIGHLIGHTS INCLUDE: 2 industry-leading keynote addresses from: • Mochamad Irwan Hariyono, Senior Staff, Geospatial Information Agency (BIG), Indonesia • ...

Social Media and Defence – Threats and Opportunities

Date: 14-Apr-15 to 14-May-15
Location: Singapore / Singapore
The rise of social media has completely transformed the way people communicate. Organisations of all structures and sizes have had to re-evaluate how and when they connect and transmit the messages that are important to them. This masterclass considers social media from the perspective of organisations within the defence industry. How can defence organizations best take advantage of the opportunities afforded through social media, while protecting themselves from the reputational risks? Why you should attend: • Gain an understanding of potential threats/opportunities inherent in social media • Applied social media listening/intelligence gathering • Workflow and governance for effective social media participation (rules of engagement) • Global/regional/local dimensions of social ...

Additive Manufacturing for Defense And Government

Date: 13-May-15 to 14-May-15
Unlike traditional manufacturing, which involves creating a smaller object from a larger source material, additive manufacturing takes raw materials, feeds them through a digital manufacturing system and creates a customized object from that material, eliminating excess material waste. This potential ability to exchange AM design and manufacturing capabilities via file sharing has enormous potential ramifications for reducing shipping and production costs, slashing production-to-end-user cycle times, dramatically improving SWaP ratios, and significantly reducing the logistics footprint. The range of potential applications is limitless: spare parts, medical prosthetics, bioengineered human cells, armor and other force protective equipment, explosives, sensors, and perhaps eventually entire ...

Strategic and Sustainable Social Media

Date: 15-May-15 to 15-May-15
Location: Singapore / Singapore
All too often organisations jump into social media without clearly defined objectives or a full understanding of their audience’s needs. Organisations, of all shapes and sizes, consistently leap into social media without a plan and purpose. Sustainable social media efforts start long before the first tweet. Determine program goals, development of a content management plan, and accounting for the needs of a community management team must be the foundation of any sustainable program. This Masterclass helps organisations “look before they leap” and provides the strategy and the tactics necessary to grow their organisation’s social media presence in a strategic and sustainable way. From developing the business case, to training your team, to promoting rich content, to finding the most ...

Big Data & Global Affairs

Date: 20-May-15 to 21-May-15
Location: London / United Kingdom
The Semantica Research Big Data and Global Affairs Conference brings together researchers, business leaders and global policy professionals from around the world to share insights, advice and techniques on the ways Big Data is changing the landscape of global affairs and the way decision makers operate as never before. At this conference, you will discover the insights, techniques and advice that will aid your professional development, grow your business and enhance your understanding of this growing area of international affairs. The Big Data and Global Affairs Summit provides an opportunity for policymakers, researchers and decision-makers to share ideas, obtain innovative insights and share access to high-level resources for the community as a whole to benefit. This conference is for ...

13 Annual National Security Australia Conference

Date: 19-May-15 to 21-May-15
Location: Australia
Despite the extensive global attention and resources to countering national and international terrorism, Australia's national security organisations face the ongoing challenges of preventing and responding to the continually evolving national security environment. In the last few months alone, the emergence of ISIS and introduction of new national security and anti-terror legislation continues to place a spotlight on Team Australia's borders, assets and information. Over the past thirteen years this conference has included an impressive range of high-level speakers from both the national and international security sphere and again in 2015, it will be a closed session conference to allow for frank discussion on how Australia's national security organisations are preventing and responding ...

Medical Support Operations 2015

Date: 19-May-15 to 21-May-15
Location: London / United Kingdom
Traditionally, medical support operations have focused on trauma and emergency response. Whilst these issues remain part of the fundamentals of medical support operations, the scope of operations is broadening at an alarming pace. Due to the complexity and unfamiliarity of recent operations, such as the Ebola case in West Africa, significant flaws in training, resources and logistics have been identified leading to potentially life threatening inefficiencies. Medical Support Operations will provide you with a unique opportunity to network and learn from industry leaders, NGOs and military end users’ experience in dealing with the broadened scope of overseas medical support operations in order to ensure effective collaboration and execution of care as medics are set to work in ...