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Minerals and Metals Production from Mine to Market

Date: 15-Dec-15 to 16-Dec-15
The programme is expected to cover: Mineral Processing Gold and Precious Metals Hydrometallurgy Molten Salts Sustainability & Recycling Extractive Metallurgy Mining Technology Earth Sciences Natural Resources This conference is dedicated to Professor Derek Fray to mark his life time contributions to and achievements in “Minerals Processing & Extractive Metallurgy”. Research students and young researchers are encouraged to attend and present their papers such that there is an excellent mix of papers from industry and academic leaders and researchers currently in the midst of original research.

SteelFab 2016

Date: 17-Jan-16 to 20-Jan-16
STEELFAB CATALYST FOR GROWTH SteelFab is the region’s best trade platform that consistently brings cutting-edge technology from across the world on a single platform. For over a decade, the region’s steel fabrication and metal working industry has relied solely on SteelFab to acquire latest machinery and equipment to improve productivity and efficiency. This has resulted in SteelFab growing from strength to strength, registering impressive growth in number of exhibitors, brands on display, visitors, business leads and enquiries that translate into actual sales. Now, with the country and the region providing a fresh momentum to economic diversification the steel fabrication industry is looking at better growth momentum, providing a great opportunity for machinery & equipment ...

Mineral Exploration Roundup 2016

Date: 25-Jan-16 to 28-Jan-16
Location: Vancouver / Canada
AME BC’s Mineral Exploration Roundup conference brings together prospectors, geoscientists, investors, suppliers and those interested in the mineral exploration industry every January in Vancouver. And over the past 32 years of the conference, Roundup’s value to the mineral exploration community has increased. Mineral exploration has always been rooted in prospecting and geoscientists. However, over time, declining commodity reserves, increasing competition for investment dollars and awareness of the need to build a social licence with Aboriginal Peoples and communities have all presented opportunities – and every year, Roundup is a venue to keep up to date on new best practices and solutions. Join us at AME BC’s Mineral Exploration Roundup 2016, from January 25 to 28, 2015, under the ...

Investing in African Mining Indaba

Date: 08-Feb-16 to 11-Feb-16
Location: Cape Town / South Africa
WHERE THE WORLD CONNECTS WITH AFRICAN MINING™ Investing in African Mining Indaba is the world’s largest mining investment conference and Africa’s largest mining event. FACTS AND FIGURES OF MINING INDABA - 20+ Years of establisment - 7,000 + of the most internationally-diversified and influential professionals in African mining (2013 record breaking year) - An average 100 countries & territories across six continents represented annually - 45 African and Non-African Government delegations in participation - 2,300 international companies represented in the delegation - 400 sponsoring companies representing an impressive sampling of the world’s largest mining companies by market cap - BILLIONS OF US DOLLARS of foreign investment have been channeled into the African ...


Date: 16-Feb-16 to 18-Feb-16
Location: Berlin / Germany
Automotive corrosion protection is a technical event for experts in the automotive industry with a clear focus on the latest developments in corrosion mechanisms and how to prevent them. The goal of the conference is to explore how new concepts in body and chassis design are affecting corrosion protection strategies. Learn about the latest research in corrosion prevention of mixed materials and how this is being successfully implemented in production. Develop a better understanding of unique corrosion mechanisms Discover new strategies for corrosion protection of mixed material vehicle architectures Review current corrosion test methodologies and how to improve these for new vehicle designs Examine how the increase of electronic elements is coping with corrosion challenges Find ...

2016 Australian Summer Study on Energy Productivity

Date: 24-Feb-16 to 26-Feb-16
Location: Sydney / Australia
The Institute for Sustainable Futures at the University of Technology Sydney, in conjunction with the Australian Alliance to Save Energy is pleased to announce: The 2016 Australian Summer Study on Energy Productivity Sydney, 24 – 26 February 2016 The energy productivity revolution has begun. Our economy is growing strongly while the energy required to drive this growth declines. New businesses are emerging to create smarter, cleaner energy products and services at an unprecedented rate. Energy efficiency, distributed generation and smart energy management are transforming energy business models. Meanwhile renewable energy is growing rapidly. The Summer Study on Energy Productivity is the event to understand and shape this emerging more prosperous low carbon energy future. ...

MMEC 2016 - 5th Mozambique Mining, Oil & Gas and Energy Conference and Exhibition

Date: 27-Apr-16 to 28-Apr-16
Location: Maputo / Mozambique
MMEC, 5th Mozambique Mining, Oil & Gas and Energy Conference and Exhibition will take place from 27-28 April 2016 in Maputo – Mozambique. The event will feature a two day conference, and associated trade exhibition. The event will be organised by the AGMM (Mozambique’s Mining Geological Association and AME Trade Ltd.

SURIMEP 2016 - 2nd Suriname International Mining, Energy & Petroleum Conference & Exhibition

Date: 14-Jun-16 to 16-Jun-16
Location: Suriname
2nd edition of SURIMEP 2016, will be held on 14 – 16 June 2016. The event is organised by the Ministry of Natural Resources, Suriname in partnership with AME Trade Ltd and will take place at the Chamber of Commerce of Paramaribo, Suriname. SURIMEP will feature three days of conference sessions, pre-event training, post event touristic and industry tours, as well as a packed social program.

ZIMEC: 6th Zambia International Mining & Energy Conference & Exhibition

Date: 23-Jun-16 to 24-Jun-16
Location: Zambia
ZIMEC 2016 provides the definitive platform for showcasing Zambia’s mineral and power potential and connecting with industry professionals. The last edition attracted 250 delegates and 50 exhibitors.

Lightweight Metals and Composites Symposium (hosted by IMPC 2016)

Date: 11-Sep-16 to 15-Sep-16
Location: Canada
The Symposium intends to bring together fundamental and applied research knowledge in the context of the growing global need for greener materials and resources. Topics concerning advanced technologies will be expected in the areas of the production, processing, and applications of lightweight materials including light metals(aluminum, magnesium, titanium, etc…) as well as lightweight high strength steel and composites. These will include automotive, aerospace, and naval, plus structural materials, packaging, beverage containers, and more… Presentations will include the following topics: 1.Primary Production and Processing of Lightweight Metals. 2. Development of Lightweight Metal and Casting Techniques 3. Advanced Manufacturing of Lightweight Metals 4. Advanced Modeling and ...