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Air Mission Planning

Date: 06-Jul-15 to 07-Jul-15
Location: London / United Kingdom
Air Mission Planning 2015 will look at the theoretical and pragmatic aspect of Mission Flight Management and Mission Support Systems and will provide attendees with the knowledge to plan and brief all phases of a special operations aviation mission. The conference will focus on special operations on the ground and / or in an aerial environment, computer-based flight planning systems, all stages involved in air mission planning from - initial planning, briefing and the execution of the whole operation. The 2015 expert speaker faculty includes: • Air Commodore Paddy Teakle, GBR AF, Deputy Force Commander (FCD)/Chief of Staff (COS), HQ NAEW&C Force Command, NATO • Brigadier General Holt, Deputy United States Military Representative, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) •...

PHC 2015 - Public Health Conference

Date: 11-Jul-15 to 13-Jul-15
Location: Bangkok / Thailand
This highly exciting and challenging international Conference is intended to be a forum, discussion and networking place for academics, researchers, professionals, administrators, educational leaders, policy makers, industry representatives, advanced students, and others.

IntoWork Convention 2015

Date: 14-Jul-15 to 15-Jul-15
Location: London / United Kingdom
We will showcase ‘what works’ in employment, skills, justice and health, especially for disadvantaged people. Key themes: • Devolution to nations, cities and localities • A new world for employment and skills programmes • Welfare reform and Universal Credit • Employment for the most disadvantaged Find out what will happen to the design, commissioning and delivery of future employment support services. The Convention is supported by the Local Government Association, NIACE, Association of Employment and Learning Providers, Employment Related Services Association, National Housing Federation and is sponsored by Advanced Personnel Management (APM).

Children's Music Fund Mid Summer Family Fun Day

Date: 19-Jul-15 to 19-Jul-15
All children, regardless of their abilities, deserve a day of art, music and play. For the first time ever, the Children’s Music Fund is hosting this fun-filled day will include drum circles, Hoop It Up hula hoop activities, arts and crafts, drum painting, mural painting, bubbles, Music Therapy, a cozy corner for those with sensory sensitivity entertainment and fun for all. There will be free activities as well as ticketed activities (tickets for sale on site) and Karma Bistro BBQ, popcorn, ice cream and other refreshments also available.

PCOS Awareness Symposium 2015 - LA

Date: 25-Jul-15 to 25-Jul-15
PCOS Awareness Symposium 2015 - Los Angeles, presented by PCOS Challenge, Inc. and UCLA Health, features world leading experts on Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. PCOS is a complex genetic, hormonal, metabolic and reproductive disorder that affects 10% of women of reproductive age. It is a leading cause of female infertility and has devastating effects on women's and girls' self esteem and social development due to symptoms including excess facial hair growth, acne, hair loss, depression and obesity. Women with PCOS constitute the largest group of women at risk for cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. The National Institutes of Health estimates that 50% of women with PCOS will become diabetic or pre-diabetic by age 40. Some studies have also shown women with PCOS to be at higher risk for ...

Operating an As-a-Service Model

Date: 27-Jul-15 to 29-Jul-15
Location: Australia
Realising the promise of an as-a-service model The transition to the Cloud and the as-a-service model has begun. The business models are taking shape, test projects are starting to deliver insights and the desire to deliver improved agility, flexibility and mobility across government has meant that the time to act is now. But where do we go from here? Operating an As-a-Service Model takes the next step for government as they seek to build scale, improve operationalisation in the cloud and enhance overall service delivery and capability of their ICT operations. But perhaps most importantly deliver on the promise that a move to a managed services model has foretold. Across government CIOs the question is simple: how do I make this as-a-service model and the Cloud work for me?

5th Annual Cybersecurity for Government Summit

Date: 29-Jul-15 to 30-Jul-15
Location: Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia
Cyber security is now indeed a persistent and a dangerous risk to Government organisations and businesses! Against rising cyber attacks in the form of APTs, malwares, website defacements amongst others, government organisations of today face cyber threats like never before. As more and more government departments are moving towards digitisation of their services, issues like cloud security, mobile data security in the times of BYOD are becoming paramount. Your ability to tackle APTs, ensure cloud and mobile security is directly linked to ensuring system and data integrity and preventing losses. Just how do you ensure your websites and data are safe from any modern APTs, malwares and other cyber threats? The answers can be found at the 5th Annual Cybersecurity for Government ...

Workplace Wellness Conference

Date: 30-Jul-15 to 31-Jul-15
Location: Australia
If sitting is the new smoking, then workplace wellness is more important than ever. In an economic climate where cost cutting and belt tightening are crucial to company survival, employers need to find more and more ways to reduce rates of absenteeism and presenteeism. The current strategy is implementing workplace wellness programs which aim to target the physical and mental welfare of employees. These programs, typically implemented by individual organisations focusing on the needs and requests of the employees, can cover a broad scope of benefits like healthy eating, exercise incentives, stress management, illness reduction (for example flu vaccines), enhancing the work/life balance and many more. The inaugural Workplace Wellness conference will feature case studies from leading ...

The Inaugural National Policing Summit

Date: 04-Aug-15 to 05-Aug-15
Location: Australia
As the nature of crime becomes increasingly complex and sophisticated, it is important to have solid policy and foundations in place to support 21st century law enforcement. For effective policy, legislation and procedures to be successfully implemented, there must be strong co-operation and dialogue between police and industry to support officers on the front line in the face of adversity and the constantly changing dynamic with the general public. The conference will be a high level policy-driven summit that will examine key policy areas, specifically: police reform, police ethics & conduct, privacy and surveillance, counter-terrorism, drugs and alcohol, domestic violence and many more. The event will hear from police ministers, commissioners, police officials, strategic analysts, ...

Myanmar Hospital Management Conference & Clinical Trials Summit

Date: 07-Aug-15 to 09-Aug-15
Location: Yangon / Myanmar
This is the first time in Myanmar, "Myanmar Hospital Management Conference & Clinical Trials Summit" will cover all Sectors of Healthcare in One-Venue at-a-time: Myanmar Medical Exhibition and Myanmar Healthcare Conference ( Myanmar Pharma Exhibition: Myanmar Hospital Clinical Exhibition: Myanmar Sports Fitness Equipment and Services Exhibition: Myanmar Cosmetics Exhibition, Beauty, Spa & Wellness Products & Services Expo: spaCOSMO BEAUTY Show, Myanmar Sports Fitness Model Show & Myanmar Fashion Show: http://beauty-cosmetics-fashion.mitamyanmar....