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The Sydney Totally Expat Show

Date: 25-Jul-14 to 25-Jul-14
Location: Sydney / Australia
A one day conference and exhibition providing a dedicated forum to unite global mobility professionals, providers, consultants and industry experts across Australia. Brought to you by the Forum for Expatriate Management, visitors attending the Sydney Totally Expat Show will benefit from: A full day conference programme led by expert industry speakers An exhibition of leading suppliers showcasing the latest innovations and services The opportunity to network with hundreds of global mobility peers TOP SPEAKER NAMES INCLUDE: Ruth McPhail, Associate Professor, PhD, M.Ed, B.Ed. Department of Employment Relations and Human Resources, Griffith University Maria Daley, Talent Acquisition Manager – Global Mobility, Optus Vicki Irvine, Mobility and Wellbeing Manager, King and ...

Syntell Sustainability Forum 2014

Date: 18-Aug-14 to 20-Aug-14
Syntell Sustainability Forum 2014 will build on the success of the 2013 event and is an interactive forum designed for metropolitan, district and local municipalities; water and electricity utility companies; road traffic authorities; local and provincial government, councils and cities from across the continent. The Forum will showcase the latest technologies and best practices for effective revenue management (including revenue collection, procurement and accountability) in order to improve service delivery. With the ultimate goal of ensuring that municipalities from Africa share best practices and so that pockets of excellence can be replicated. Syntell Sustainability Forum 2014 will demonstrate that a ‘one-size fits all’ approach will not work and will explore the need to identify ...

Asian Forum on Corporate Social Responsibility

Date: 02-Sep-14 to 03-Sep-14
Location: Manila / Philippines
ASIA’S FOREMOST CONFERENCE ON CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY The Asian Forum for Corporate Social Responsibility (AFCSR), Asia’s leading platform for CSR thought leadership and practice will in 2014 feature thought provoking discussions led by leading thinkers and practitioners on how Business, Government and Social Enterprises can work together to tackle the big challenges of our time. The key questions addressed include: How do resilient communities come about? What can the experiences of different countries stricken by natural calamity teach us? What role does CSR play? How can business, government and social enterprise rethink the way we find solutions to the big challenges of our time? AFCSR 2014 will also feature cutting-edge concurrent sessions for CSR ...

Safe Cities International

Date: 16-Sep-14 to 18-Sep-14
Location: London / United Kingdom
Safe Cities International 2014 provides an exceptionally rare opportunity for 100+ Ministers, Mayors, Police/Fire Chiefs and solution providers to gather from across the world. Across the globe governments, cities, emergency services are struggling to cope with the challenges faced by increases in population combined with a rise in urbanisation. With such social phenomena now meaning that 3.4 billion people live in urban environments, existing non integrated surveillance systems are stretched to the limit. This lack of situational awareness of common, expected and unexpected threats is leaving cities vulnerable to increases in urban crime, terrorism and natural disasters. To counteract this local authorities are actively procuring new technologies that efficiently acquire, analyse ...

2nd International Conference on Endocrinology

Date: 20-Oct-14 to 22-Oct-14
OMICS Group is delighted to invite you to attend the 2nd International Conference on Endocrinology which is to be held on October 20-22, 2014 at Chicago, USA Endocrinology-2014 will be an innovative and invigorating International congress reflecting the direction of Endocrinology in the 21st century in a secure yet exciting environment that offers a wide range of diversions to participants of all backgrounds.

UCD2014 User Centred Design Conference

Date: 24-Oct-14 to 25-Oct-14
Location: London / United Kingdom
UCD2014 is a unique User-Centred Design conference in London. "It’s the Goldilocks of conferences; not too big, not too small" Jonty Sharples. UCD2014 explores how User Centred Design is applied in a variety of disciplines.