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Government Workforce Planning & Organisational Capability

Date: 14-Oct-15 to 15-Oct-15
Location: Australia
The Government Workforce Planning & Organisational Capability conference is a timely and valuable forum to understand and adopt best practice frameworks and strategies for aligning HR and people strategies to organisational objectives. The conference will help NSW agencies meet key aspects of the Government Sector Employment Act reform, and also assist other agencies and public sector organisations in commonwealth, state and local jurisdictions achieve transformative workforce management and employment change. Explore strategic & operational HR outcomes: * Improve workforce planning & capability frameworks * Senior executive leadership reform * Building a mobile, adaptive & flexible workforce * Recruitment and retention during transitions & change * Workforce ...

2nd Annual Northern Australia Defence Summit

Date: 14-Oct-15 to 16-Oct-15
Location: Australia
The north has proven to be an attractive and resourceful location for defence/industry with close links to the Asia Pacific, a strong economy, existing military presence & capabilities, and accessible land which together provide many opportunities for growth and development in the region. Now in its second year, the 2014 summit will have a theme and focus on ��_Building sustainable and productive Defence Industry in Northern Australia' and will examine major projects, joint initiatives, the 2015 defence white paper, opportunities, issues and challenges facing defence and industry. The event will hear from senior military officers, government officials, defence suppliers, think tanks, industry experts, associations/agencies, consultants and academics. Some of the key topics to be ...

4th Annual Global HR Excellence

Date: 19-Oct-15 to 21-Oct-15
Location: Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia
4th Annual Global HR Excellence provides the perfect platform to explore the dynamics of talent management & retention strategies and people development plans whilst discovering the latest updates in strategic HR and innovative HR applications and technologies which will enable you to create a truly world class HR function and drive business performance and success. Be a part of this prestigious large scale event that can help you revolutionise the way you view and manage your human capital to their full potential!

CSX 2015 North America

Date: 19-Oct-15 to 21-Oct-15
ISACA’s Cybersecurity Nexus™ (CSX) was created as a result of our commitment to address the urgent global need for skilled cybersecurity professionals. CSX is a knowledge platform and professional program designed to be a single source for all things cybersecurity that will help you through every step of your career, no matter what your level of experience. In the same spirit, we are proud to introduce our inaugural cybersecurity conference and premier industry event, CSX 2015 North America. Join us in Washington, DC during National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, as we bring together some of the leading experts in the industry for an exciting event designed to give the knowledge, skills and tools you need to help protect and defend your organization. Learn hands-on how to incorporate ...

Armed Forces Engineer 2015: Technology, Equipment and People

Date: 21-Oct-15 to 22-Oct-15
Location: United Kingdom
Developing the themes established in 2014's Army Engineer 2014, this event will unite representatives from the British Army, Royal Navy and RAF to highlight how important military engineering roles are in the Defence industry. Early Bird and MoD Personnel Discounts are available With the Ministry of Defence planning to slash the number of full time personnel across all three defence services in favour of employing more Reservists, there is a fundamental need to retain the highly skilled personnel at the heart of each service: the military and civilian engineers. Armed Forces Engineer 2015 will examine the necessity to not only keep the current group of military engineers but also to attract skilled recruits, showing the MoD the importance of the engineering industry to the armed ...

Future Cities Asia 2015

Date: 20-Oct-15 to 22-Oct-15
Location: Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia
From city authorities, infrastructure, central government, system integrators, and specialist technology providers: their shared focus is to make Future Cities a reality by collaborating to align their people, processes and technology. Future Cities Asia is the smart city strategy and implementation event for city authorities, infrastructure, central government, system integrators and specialist technology providers. Over 200 industry professionals will learn from top speakers in the industry while fostering key relationships through networking at this event.

BICE 2015 - 4th Annual Belgrade International Conference on Education

Date: 23-Oct-15 to 25-Oct-15
Location: Belgrade / Serbia
This highly exciting and challenging international Conference on education 2015 is intended to be a forum, discussion and networking place for academics, researchers, professionals, administrators, educational leaders, policy makers, industry representatives, advanced students, and others interested in Education.

Airborne ISR

Date: 26-Oct-15 to 27-Oct-15
Location: London / United Kingdom
The Airborne ISR 2015 conference aims to cover a variety of key areas, ranging from well-established NATO programmes such as the JISR, to the independent efforts of member states. Additionally, the effective integration of ISR assets, individual and joint training programmes, minimisation of operational costs and the emergence of cutting edge technology shall all feature heavily. The 2015 expert speaker line-up features: • Air Commodore Paddy Teakle, Deputy Commander and Chief of Staff NAEW&C Force Command, NATO • Brigadier David Evans, ACOS IS, Information Superiority, Royal Navy, UK • Colonel Laura Ryan, Director of Policy, Plans and Assessments, 25th Air Force, United States* • Colonel John McCurdy, Director of Research, United States Air Force Academy • Squadron Leader ...

Implementing Indigenous Procurement Policy

Date: 27-Oct-15 to 28-Oct-15
Location: Australia
3% by 2020 Beginning with a short-term goal of 0.5% of services for the coming financial year, Commonwealth portfolios are to develop their Indigenous procurement to a long-term, sustainable rate of 3% by 2020. For many departments, this will mark a significant increase. With active discussion also taking place on a state level regarding future planning for Indigenous procurement strategies, it is an important time for procurement professionals in developing effective future strategies. Procurement officers need to maintain value for money in their contracts whilst sourcing new Indigenous organisations that have the capacity to meet their requirements.

Coastal and Border Surveillance Latin America

Date: 27-Oct-15 to 29-Oct-15
Location: Rio De Janeiro / Brazil
In October, it is believed that the Brazilian Navy will announce the winner of the first phase of the coveted SisGAAz contract. Coupled with this, the Brazilian Army are continuing to procure radar and sensor equipment as part of their SISFRON program and at the start of this year, the Peruvian Armed Forces announced the launch of their SIVAN surveillance system to provide enhanced domain awareness across Peruvian and Amazonian territory. With each of the these projects valued at over $1 Billion, the newly released agenda for Defence IQ's Coastal and Border Surveillance Latin America (October 27-29, 2015, Rio de Janeiro) is delighted to welcome the heads of each of these projects, amongst other representatives from Latin America, coming together to discuss: * New requirements for ...