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The Economist Events' China's Brightening Trade Landscape

Date: 04-Aug-15 to 04-Aug-15
Location: United States
By some measures, China became the world’s largest economy last year, representing 10% of all global trade. The country is America’s second largest trading partner and opportunities for US businesses in China have never been brighter. Chinese consumers increasingly demand respected US goods and services, and the Chinese government has begun to break down some of the barriers that previously depressed trade, including IP protection that was too loose and high-tech tariffs. Join us to explore the macro trends and the important considerations necessary for US companies to implement successful China export strategies. Topics include: - Important regional differences: free trade zones, industry clusters and diverse, rising urban areas - How to fully understand Chinese customers and ...

Preparing Global Leaders Academy, Jordan

Date: 24-Aug-15 to 30-Aug-15
Location: Amman / Jordan
Preparing Global Leaders Academy is a premiere international educational program for the best students and young professionals around the world. Participants will benefit academically and socially as they work closely with other young leaders from around the world and build enduring relationships. Students will join a distinguished faculty that includes PGLF founder Dr. Sam Potolicchio (Georgetown University, New York University, RANEPA) and Columbia University Professor Dr. Abdul El-Sayed. Dr. Potolicchio was named one of the "Best Professors in America" by the Princeton Review and the Future Leader of Higher Education by the American Association of Colleges and Universities. Dr. El-Sayed is a former Rhodes and Soros scholar and Global Governance Fellow. Delegates will listen ...

Nelson Mandela Bay Maritime Summit

Date: 11-Nov-15 to 13-Nov-15
Location: South Africa
PURPOSE: 1.While much is spoken about the Ocean Economy and its imperatives, at a practical level, movement and a cohesive plan are lacking. The summit addresses the actual opportunities of the marine economy and how business and entrepreneurs can access them. 2.The Summit will provide a platform for Business to Business discussions and trade between maritime industry players across South Africa, with specific application to the stimulation of the ocean economy in the region. 3.The summit provides local business people, the rest of the country, continent and globe with an opportunity of understanding the business climate and opportuntity, as well as networking with its stakeholders at the heart of Africa’s maritime economy. 4.The summit encourages and promotes maritime learning and ...

2nd International Conference on Communication and Management (ICCM2016)

Date: 09-May-16 to 12-May-16
Location: Athens / Greece
The Communication Institute of Greece (COM.IN.G.) organises its 2nd Annual International Conference on Communication and Management (ICCM2016), 9 -12 May 2016, in Athens, Greece. The aim of this cross-disciplinary conference is to bring together academics, students, researchers and professionals from different disciplines and cultural backgrounds, encourage them to present their work, exchange and collaborate. Academics and professionals can participate by presenting a paper, chairing a session, organising a panel, or even by being an observer. For more information please visit http://coming.gr/index.php/call-for-papers/