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International Youth Leadership Conference Malaysia

Date: 20-Apr-14 to 25-Apr-14
Location: Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia
The International Youth Leadership Conference is a week long youth forum on world politics, international relations, and justice. Here at IYLC, we present an interesting inter-cultural opportunity for students - the 2nd International Youth Leadership Conference, 20th July - 25th July 2014. This 2nd conference will be welcoming over 100 top university students from around the globe, all aspiring towards enriching their academic and cultural experiences, and will give your university the chance to represent your campus on a global scale. The conference itself is based around topics of world politics, international relations, and justice, but these do not limit the value to any nominated students. Leadership is valuable across all fields. This also provides an excellent ...

4th Annual International Conference on Political Science, Sociology and International Relations (PSSIR 2014)

Date: 18-Aug-14 to 19-Aug-14
Location: Bangkok / Thailand
As the world becomes increasingly integrated the political, social, and cultural boundaries are being re-configured and new challenges emerge. Political power is shifting beyond the traditional state models and governance is taking on new forms. Social conflict arises across different regions of the world. Amidst all of these, political scientists, political experts, academics, sociologist should actively engaged in an in-depth discourse by providing an active voice which helps shape the opinions of the public, institutions and the policy-makers.

Memory: Forgetting and Creating

Date: 11-Sep-14 to 12-Sep-14
Location: Gdansk / Poland
Memory: Forgetting and Creating Interdisciplinary Conference in Gdańsk, Poland 11th – 12th September 2014 Website address: http://memoryforgetting.ug.edu.pl Deadline for paper proposals: 15th June 2014 Venue: University of Gdańsk Organizer: University of Gdańsk (Poland) – Research Unit for Dream, Memory and Imagination Studies Co-organizers: Jagiellonian University (Poland) Federal University of Paraná (Brazil) University of São Paulo (Brazil) McGill University (Canada) In our increasingly fast-paced societies, where information is abundant and its reception is superficial, human memory appears to be an endangered phenomenon. This is why we would like to take a closer look at the complex processes of memory. These include forgetting, neglecting, negation, and ...