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How to Increase Your Property Performance & Profits

Date: 27-May-15 to 27-May-15
The presentation will be followed by an informal networking session where you can chat to fellow investors and you are welcome to ask for follow-up advice once you have received your personalised property report. Agenda 6.50 – 7.10 pm – Registration and refreshments 7.10 – 8.30 pm – Presentation on How You Can Improve Profits and Performance • Industry and legal update • Local property market update • Tips on how to maximise your property • The true value of management; costs, savings and benefits • One-the-night management offer • Distribution of portfolio review reports • PRIZE DRAW 8.30 – 9.30 pm – networking, refreshments and a chance to ask staff for further advice Property and Portfolio Review If you would like your portfolio reviewed, you would like tips ...

Research Facilities Design and Development

Date: 26-May-15 to 28-May-15
Location: Sydney / Australia
Research facilities require special features and considerations when it comes to architecture, construction, engineering, operation and sustainability. Organisations are actively seeking to attract more sponsorship and revenue through world-leading research. In order to achieve this objective the design, construction, operation and the maintenance of compliant, state of the art research facilities is critical. Are you ready to discover new methods for designing, planning and adapting research facilities? Are you looking for further opportunities for cost saving? Then join us next May as we discuss first-hand accounts of HOW to meet the latest design guidelines and thinking, and ensure effective safety and risk control measures are in place. We tackle HOW to maximise cost savings with ...

May ICG Real Estate 1-Day Expo

Date: 30-May-15 to 30-May-15
Location: United States
ICG's Real Estate 1-Day Expo - Saturday, May 30, 2015 from 10:00-6:30pm - South San Francisco Conference Center, 255 S. Airport Blvd, S. San Francisco, 94080 LECTURES FROM OUR GUEST SPEAKERS: SCOTT GERLIS on credit repair and improvement: common mistakes and how to avoid them; JOYCE FELDMAN on insurance: must-do items for more robust asset protection and how to avoid costly mistakes; LUCIAN IOJA on finance: designing a lifelong strategy to optimize flow for as long as you live, for how you want to live. More info at   New markets and updates on all markets. Special deals. Extensive Q&A. Roaming experts. Incredible cash-flow opportunities! What else is planned? Plenty: LOANS:  LOANS FOR INVESTORS WITH OVER 10 PROPERTIES (35% DOWN). LOANS FOR FOREIGNERS (35% ...

Property Investors Crash Course

Date: 03-Jun-15 to 03-Jun-15
Samuel Leeds set out to learn the secrets to making money through property at aged 17. After spending much time and money going on courses and being mentored, he discovered that anybody could make money in property. By aged 21 he was financially free! Samuel will be sharing everything you need to know to become financially free through property in this “Property Investors Crash Course.” You will learn the secrets of: – Buying heavily discounted property – Rent2Rents – Lease options – What and Where to Buy – BUYING HOUSES WITH NO MONEY no matter what your credit history is. You will not just learn how to do it, but we will ensure that you find live deals there and then ON THE DAY! BOOK NOW with a 100% Money Back GUARANTEE (If you are not happy, let Samuel know during the ...

2nd Annual Call Center Week Philippines

Date: 03-Jun-15 to 04-Jun-15
Location: Manila / Philippines
Following the runaway success of Call Center Week in the Philippines last year, we are proud to announce our 2nd Annual Call Center Week Philippines. This exclusive event will provide a platform for senior experts from the Call Center industry to discuss the customer journey, how social media is driving innovation, data analytics, Cloud and much, much more! Debate the self-service makeover, optimization of multichannel platforms, reduce employee churn & return with concrete ideas to drive your company forward! With the industry projected to employ more than 1.3M call center professionals (and 3.2M more in indirect employment) and generate revenues of US$25Bn –approximately 10% of total GDP, the possibilities for companies in this sector can’t be underestimated. Join your industry ...

Customer Experience Management Telecoms Summit 2015

Date: 10-Jun-15 to 11-Jun-15
Location: Singapore
CEM Telecoms Summit 2015 takes a look at the highs and lows of customer experience management in telecoms. Held in Singapore from 10th – 11th June 2015 the event combines real-life examples, case studies, best practice sessions for problem solving, idea exchanges and debate on the hottest topics on customer experience in the region. This premier event has everything you need to know about CEM in today’s competitive telecoms market with thought leaderships from the industry’s movers and shakers. Themes for CEM Telecoms 2015 1. The Future of CEM: Measuring your network-centric metrics; the need for speed – Nithia Kumar, Head of Customer Centricity, Asia, Telenor 2. Bricks vs. Clicks: Maximising ROI through customer self-service – Rogers Zhao, Creative telecom expert and strategist, ...

Green Evolution: Global Construction Materials and Technologies

Date: 10-Jun-15 to 12-Jun-15
Location: Shanghai / China
This well-timed large scale event will provide a one-stop platform to discuss and showcase best practices of sustainable building certifications and building policies that have been adopted in Asia, and the most practical, sustainable materials and economically viable technology solutions to augment your profits, decrease construction time and cost whilst minimising the overall impact on the built environment. The forum will present international and local expertise in the field of built environment and sustainable buildings, whilst discussing the benefits of alternative building materials and technologies.

London Leisure and Entertainment Property

Date: 16-Jun-15 to 16-Jun-15
Location: London / United Kingdom
The London entertainment and leisure catchment population approaches 10 million individuals who, on average, spend far, far more on leisure and entertainment than on food - and that takes no account of the massive spending power of tourists. Leisure property was once perceived as a specialist investment sector, not for institutions. That has and is changing. Entertainment and leisure property is an increasingly important sector with high income, high value and potentially solid growth. This briefing is about how to value leisure and entertainment property, how to maximise the income from it and how to maximise its value over the medium and long term. Programme topics will include: - Understanding the full range of leisure and entertainment properties and how they are valued - ...

5th Annual Customer Experience, Loyalty & Retention Summit

Date: 17-Aug-15 to 18-Aug-15
Event Summary: Customer experience, Loyalty & Retention in Telecom is a critical factor in today’s competitive and connected global marketplace as customers have more presence, power and choice than ever before fuelling the need to invest more in customer experience management. This event will bring together experts from Telecom industries to share experiences and discuss critical challenges and innovative ground-breaking strategies and tools that help to achieve seamless and personalized customer experience across the entire customer journey. Event Key Topics: • Understand how technology can help loyalty and retention grow your business • How to build a co-ordinated approach to customer loyalty throughout your organization • How to utilize social media to increase loyalty •...

Port Infrastructure Development

Date: 01-Sep-15 to 03-Sep-15
Location: London / United Kingdom
Focusing on every aspect of port development from expansion through to life extension, this event will deliver learning outcomes from the largest and most complex projects around the globe, discussing best practice planning, design, construction, delivery and asset management. Hear project case studies that will enable you to learn how to: - Maximise existing infrastructure Implement, construct, fund and operate - Align infrastructure according to market trends - Manage land to support your target commodities - Construct safely through effective design - Cost-effectively utilise land - Optimise road and rail links You can view the full agenda at: