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6th Annual Prefabrication & Modular Construction China

Date: 25-Nov-15 to 26-Nov-15
Location: Shanghai / China
Four Key Themes in 2015 Conference 1. Achieving efficiency & sustainability: hearing from practitioners at ADCO, Flour and Greenarc International, about using modular technology to enhance the rate of construction, cost effectiveness and reduce environmental impact 2. Quality Control: enhancing the design and fabrication capability for high-standard modular projects- find out more with Bechtel, Petro-Offshore Engineering, and Larsen and Toubro India 3. Proactively Managing the Risks from Modular Projects: understanding risk analysis, assessment & the ROI of modularization to refine your project investment strategies. Uncover more with PETRONAS, Steele Consulting, and Zeppelin Systems India 4. Preparing for 2016- Success Factors & Emerging Trends: How do you adapt your ...

Transit Oriented Development

Date: 25-Nov-15 to 26-Nov-15
Location: Singapore / Singapore
Cities across the world are racing to cope with rapid uncontrolled urbanisation. As quoted by United Nations, 54% of the world’s population lives in urban areas, a number that is expected to increase to 66% by 2050. This dramatic rise in urban population necessitates reshaping the real estate landscape across the globe through Transit-oriented development (TOD). The big question of what it takes to get your TOD right will be the key ingredient of our event. A platform bringing together panel of elite speakers representing industry leaders and prominent organisations to address the hot issues such as; enhancing government and private partnership, getting the buy in from different stakeholders, effective land use and project financing, successfully aligning the MXD components with ...

Property Investors Crash Course

Date: 02-Dec-15 to 02-Dec-15
Samuel Leeds set out to learn the secrets to making money through property at aged 17. After spending much time and money going on courses and being mentored, he discovered that anybody could make money in property. By aged 21 he was financially free! Samuel will be sharing everything you need to know to become financially free through property in this "Property Investors Crash Course." You will learn the secrets of: - Buying heavily discounted property - Rent2Rents - Lease options - What and Where to Buy - BUYING HOUSES WITH NO MONEY no matter what your credit history is. You will not just learn how to do it, but we will ensure that you find live deals there and then ON THE DAY! BOOK NOW with a 100% Money Back GUARANTEE (If you are not happy, let ...

Next Gen Patient Experience

Date: 01-Dec-15 to 03-Dec-15
Location: United States
After months of research, the event will tackle their top challenges including how to: - Create a single view of the patient. It's no longer just about improving service standards and training but more about bringing all your touch points together for a holistic view of the patient before, during and after their treatment - Engage physicians. Studies say that physicians directly influence between 40% and 75% of all hospital revenue so it's critical they're engaged in improving the patient experience – how do you make sure they see themselves as partners in care and improve their own experience as key stakeholders? - Create patient advocates. How can you leverage your patients to become champions in the market? And same for employees? What can be learned from customer experience in the ...

Future Drainage & Stormwater Networks Qatar - 2nd Annual Edition

Date: 07-Dec-15 to 08-Dec-15
Location: Doha / Qatar
Following the hugely successful launch of conference last year, Future Drainage & Stormwater Networks Qatar 2015, supported by Public Works & Authority - Ashghal Qatar, will discuss the latest developments and future opportunities in the construction of sewerage and drainage networks to manage the country’s Ground Water, Foul Sewage and Treated Sewage Effluence (TSE) requirements. The conference will also give insight on the practical applications and opportunities for the management and usage of TSE, stormwater and groundwater resources. Bringing together the responsible government authorities, Project Management Consultants, General Engineering Consultants, Contractors, Sub-Contractors and materials and machinery suppliers, this conference will provide an excellent opportunity ...

Offsite Construction & Prefabrication 2015

Date: 07-Dec-15 to 09-Dec-15
Across multiple sectors, property owners, contractors, architects and consultants have achieved significant return by adopting offsite construction and prefabrication methodologies. They will be meeting this December (7th-9th) at the Offsite Construction & Prefabrication event, where they will demonstrate their ROI through a series of project case studies focusing on quality, cost, durability and sustainability. Whether you’re involved in commercial, residential or educational projects we believe we have a case study you will learn from. Project case studies include: • GlaxoSmithKline project with John Dyson, VP and Head of Global Projects and how to deliver multiple, compliant and adaptable buildings • Lime Tree Primary project with Philip Watson, UK Design Director and Sector ...

Basrah Building - 5th Basrah International Building-Construction, Municipal

Date: 10-Dec-15 to 13-Dec-15
Location: Iraq
Basrah Building - 5th Basrah International Building-Construction, Municipal Equipment, Natural Stone, Machinery and Equipment Exhibition

Basrah Building - 5th Basrah International Building-Construction, Municipal

Date: 10-Dec-15 to 13-Dec-15
Location: Iraq
Basrah Building - 5th Basrah International Building-Construction, Municipal Equipment, Natural Stone, Machinery and Equipment Exhibition

CCN 2016 Winter Conference

Date: 06-Jan-16 to 09-Jan-16
Location: Mexico
The CCN 2016 Winter Conference provides an exclusive opportunity for contractors to learn, network, and increase their profitability. Our speakers and experts offer hands-on training for contractors and their administrative staff. The best minds in the construction and remodeling world are on-hand to educate, answer questions, and help you plan the future of your contracting business.

7th Annual Contact Centres Asia Summit

Date: 20-Jan-16 to 21-Jan-16
Location: Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia
With Contact Centres constantly evolving to meet the omni-channel environment demanded by customers, how do you balance efficiency, performance and costs while investing in the right technology and infrastructure required to success? The Contact Centres Asia Summit 2016 held in Malaysia combines best practice sessions with discussion roundtables for problem solving, idea exchanges and debate on the hottest topics on contact centre and customer service in the region. This is the premier event for peer-to-peer networking which gives you unlimited access to thought leaderships from industry movers and shakers both locally and regionally. With Functional roundtable discussions, deep-dive into pressing issues that are top of your agenda today. Key Conference Themes for 2016 • ...