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Date: 21-Dec-14 to 21-Dec-14
Location: Fishkill / United States
RSVP Here: Benefits of Sun Salutation : Reduces depression, anxiety and stress. Stretches and tones your muscles keeping them supple and flexible. Enhances concentration and intuition. Burns excess calories and tones the body. Regulates endocrinal system leading to better metabolism, absorption of nutrition and elimination of toxins. Helps you look young through better cell rejuvenation Excellent alternative to caffeine and other stimulants Calms the mind and helps get better sleep Increases the quantity of "good mood" neurotransmitters like Serotonin Improves posture, flexibility and balance and stability of mind

Spiritual Journeys - Cruise of Miracles

Date: 25-Jan-15 to 01-Feb-15
Location: Tampa / United States
7 Day Caribbean Cruise of Miracles - Mayan Ruins & Pyramids About Almine “Genius always finds itself a century too early.“ ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson “I cannot hope to solve the mystery of life, but it is my privilege to try.” ~ Almine Almine is a renowned and inspiring teacher whose essential message applies to truth-seekers of all kinds. A unique Trailblazer and Mystic-Visionary, Almine is recognized as a spiritual master, powerful healer, gifted orator, prolific author, unique artist, and talented singer. Many individuals, across the globe, have been drawn to her comprehensible delivery of advanced sacred teachings, as she has traveled the world offering transformative messages empowering individuals and enlivening hope. In her presence, people have experienced profound healings ...

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh & Goa | ShivaShaktiYoga

Date: 18-Jan-15 to 14-Feb-15
Location: India
ShivaShaktiyoga is a traditional Yoga Teacher Training School at Goa and Rishikesh in India. We have certified as many as 500 students so far and are a registered yoga school RYS. We conduct 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at our ashram and the course is recognized by the Yoga Alliance UK. Once the students have completed there training they are presented with 2 certificates one is of our school and the another is from the Yoga Alliance UK. The Accommodation, food, transportation charges are covered in the fees. The course goes on 28 days and we offer stay for all the 28 days. The main aim of our yoga training is attaining inner peace. Once you attain inner peace you become more confident and flow of yoga becomes more smooth. The new course is commencing from January 2015. For more ...

Annual International Symposium on Southeastern European Studies

Date: 30-Mar-15 to 02-Apr-15
Location: Athens / Greece
The Athens Institute for Education and Research (ATINER) organizes an Annual International Symposium on Southeastern European Studies which will be held in Athens, Greece on 30-31 March & 1-2 April 2015. The conference website is: T Special arrangements will be made with a local luxury hotel for a limited number of rooms at a special conference rate. In addition, a number of special events will be organized: A Greek night of entertainment with dinner, a special one-day cruise to selected Greek islands, an archaeological tour of Athens and a one-day visit to Delphi. Details of the social program are available at Please submit an abstract (email only) to:, using the abstract submission form available at ...

Fifth International Conference on Religion and Spirituality in Society

Date: 16-Apr-15 to 17-Apr-15
This interdisciplinary conference and its companion journal invite scholars to share and discuss academic work on religious and theological studies and to interpret their role in society.