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Escola Amor Imortal - Paixão e Compaixão

Date: 09-Jul-15 to 12-Jul-15
Location: Sao Paulo / Brazil
  Como seria viver o grande mandamento? Como seria amar plenamente, com tudo o que somos? Paixão e Compaixão é um chamado para amar, ser amado e, a partir disso, amar o mundo. Foi para isso, afinal, que fomos criados, para a intimidade que só acontece quando o que é divino encontra nossa devassidão.  Vamos nos unir por três dias para mergulhar, mais fundo do que nunca, no vasto amor de Jesus. Vamos nos banquetear no amor que Ele tem liberado,nos alegrar nos testemunhos dos encontros de amor com Ele, e buscar juntos Seu insondável coração.         Horarios:   9 de Julho  19hs (check-in)   10 de Julho 9hs  14hs  20hs    11 de Julho  9hs  14hs  20hs        

Rencontre des anciens membres de l'église Adventiste Salem

Date: 17-Jul-15 to 19-Jul-15
Location: Montreal / Canada
Grande rencontre des anciens membres de Salem (Haïti) Une rencontre dediée pour vous. Soyons donc ensemble pour de belles retrouvailles. 

Reveladoras de Su Gloria 2015 | Revealers of His Glory 2015

Date: 25-Jul-15 to 26-Jul-15
Location: United States
Ladies Holy Spirit Empowerment Conference July 24-25, 2015 Revealers of His Glory 2015 The Lion Roars! The lion has roared— who isn’t frightened? GOD has spoken— what prophet can keep quiet? Amos 3:8 MSG -------------- Congreso de Empoderamiento del Espíritu Santo para Mujeres Julio 24-25, 2015 Reveladoras de Su Gloria 2015 El Leon Ruge! Si el león ruge, ¿quién no temerá? Si habla Jehová, el Señor, ¿quién no profetizará? Amós 3:8 RVR95

Religion Newswriters Association 66th Annual Conference—Philadelphia

Date: 27-Aug-15 to 30-Aug-15
Covering Pope Francis and issues in the Roman Catholic Church will take center stage at RNA’s Annual Conference. This year we’re geared toward prepping journalists who will cover Pope Francis’ first trip to the U.S., where he’s scheduled to visit New York, Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia. We also have a Thursday, Aug. 27, pre-conference on perhaps the most challenging area for religion specialists to tackle: science. Science is an arena in which religion journalists often feel inept—and biologists, astronomers, physicists, engineers, chemists and the thousands of other specialists in the sub-fields of science—are wary of speaking to journalists. Friday's sessions focus on important context and background for the World Meetings of Families and the Papal visit occurring in ...

Mind Body Soul Experience

Date: 23-Oct-15 to 25-Oct-15
Location: London / United Kingdom
ENGAGE YOUR MIND, TREAT YOUR BODY, AND NURTURE YOUR SOUL, AT THE MIND BODY SOUL EXPERIENCE. Offering an experience like no other, the Mind Body Soul Experience offers visitors the chance to immerse themselves in a multi-cultural atmosphere that will help them develop a positive mind, healthy body, and enlightened soul. If it is an esoteric adventure you are looking for, look no further. The Mind Body Soul Experience engages some of the true masters of the mystic arts. A stage area will be dedicated to the performing arts, with music, dance, meditation, and demonstrations ensuring that nobody will leave feeling unfulfilled. A showcase of around 150 exhibitors will add to the experience; stop by a stand for a massage, book a reiki session, or have a reading with a leading medium. ...

The OM Yoga Show

Date: 23-Oct-15 to 25-Oct-15
Location: London / United Kingdom
THE OM YOGA SHOW IS THE PERFECT PLACE TO IMMERSE YOURSELF IN A TRULY YOGIC WEEKEND, AND IN 2015 IT MAKES ITS DEBUT AT ALEXANDRA PALACE. For over a decade, the OM Yoga Show has established itself as the biggest show of its kind in Europe. It provides visitors with the opportunity to take free yoga classes, introducing them to this ancient Indian practice that is renowned for relaxing the body and de-stressing the mind. Free open classes located within the show allow visitors the chance to try something new, or be inspired by an old favourite. Leading teachers from all over the world will teach classes that are operated on a first come, first served basis, giving visitors a unique opportunity to learn from the best. For anyone looking for a more intense experience, workshops will be ...

Kalachakra 2016 in Bodhgaya with Tendrel Travel

Date: 13-Jan-16 to 27-Jan-16
Location: India
January 13 - 27, 2016, His Holiness the Dalai Lama will give the 34th Kalachakra initiation in Bodhgaya, India. Enjoy the sacred Buddhist ceremony that introduces practitioners and observers to self-awareness and the foundations of Buddhist practice under the attentive guidance of Tendrel Travel and with accommodation in a luxury hotel. Share the feeling of compassion with the others and enter into the sutra of heart and mind. Our expert guide, Hermit Tsepel, will accompany you on your path to inner peace. For more information, please visit, or contact Tendrel Travel at: