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The International Symposium on Social Sciences (TISSS 2014)

Date: 29-Dec-14 to 31-Dec-14
Location: Hong Kong / Hong Kong
After several years’ preparation, we are happy to announce that The International Symposium on Social Sciences (TISSS 2014) will be held in Hong Kong. TISSS 2014 provides a mean to bring together a wide audience of academicians and professionals around clearly circumscribed topics, engage participants in fruitful debate, and facilitate mutual understanding. The conference is also to provide a place for academicians and professionals with inter-disciplinary/multi-disciplinary interests related to Social sciences to meet and interact with members inside and outside their own particular disciplines. The conference is also intended to establish a network among the researchers within the region. The conference will highlight on research topics that cover every discipline in all fields of ...

2014 the 3rd Hong Kong International Conference on Education, Psychology and Society

Date: 29-Dec-14 to 31-Dec-14
Location: Hong Kong
2014 HKICEPS is an interdisciplinary international conference that invites academics and independent scholars and researchers from around the world to meet and exchange the latest ideas and discuss issues concerning education, psychology and society towards sustainable development.

2015 Seoul International Conference on Social Sciences and Management

Date: 08-Jan-15 to 10-Jan-15
The SICSSAM Conference aims to provide a communication platform for scholars, professionals, academics and graduate students not only to present their recent and latest researches but also share their thoughts and discuss the future development in the field of social sciences, including communication, culture, economy, education, finance, law, management, politics, psychology, society ,and management.All theoretical, empirical and practical papers from scholars and professionals in the above fields are all highly welcome. 2015 Seoul International Conference on Social Sciences and Management (SICSSAM) is scheduled to take place in Seoul, Korea, from January 08-10, 2015.

Keystone Symposia: Precision Genome Engineering and Synthetic Biology

Date: 12-Jan-15 to 16-Jan-15
Location: United States
The fields of precision genome engineering and synthetic biology are undergoing a scientific revolution. Building on the rich resource of published genome sequences from a range of organisms (including humans), new enzymatic tools for the purposeful and precise modification of these genomes in vivo are enabling researchers to interrogate the complexity of genetic variation and determine the cause or consequence of mutations with unprecedented speed. Together with rapidly developing tools in synthetic biology, it is now possible to introduce mutations to evaluate gene function, generate models of human genetic disease, perform gene correction, chromosomally integrate synthetic gene networks that perform complex regulatory functions, and redesign genome structure or build whole genomes from ...

Pharmaceutical Microbiology

Date: 21-Jan-15 to 22-Jan-15
Location: London / United Kingdom
Set to take place on 21st and 22nd January 2015, the 4th annual event in the sell-out Pharmaceutical Microbiology series will bring together all levels of industry professionals, providing essential insights into the latest advancements in practice and technology, developments in regulation and the global harmonisation of evolving microbiology methods. Join us as we ask questions such as; What are the best approaches in contamination control? Where does microbiological risk assessment interact with HACCP? How do we develop and manage the sterilisation and validation process? When can we use a scoring system to avoid unnecessary microbiological testing? What are the latest approaches to preventing biofilms? Hear presentations from an array of market leaders such as GSK, Genzyme, ...

PepTalk: The Protein Science Week

Date: 19-Jan-15 to 23-Jan-15
PepTalk: The Protein Science Week January 19-23, 2015, offers an array of education, innovation and networking programs. Over 300 high-caliber speakers share case studies, unpublished data, breakthroughs and solutions that support and enhance your research. Ample networking opportunities allow you to connect with colleagues and peers from around the world and gain new perspectives on the evolution of biologics.

High-Content Analysis & Phenotypic Screening

Date: 26-Jan-15 to 27-Jan-15
We are pleased to announce CHI’s Twelfth Annual High-Content Analysis meeting, the premier event showcasing the latest advancements in HCA applications and technologies. Over the years we have observed the technology mature and its adoption spread into many areas of compound screening/evaluation and functional analysis. The Twelfth Annual High-Content Analysis 2015 meeting will focus on the next steps of technology development, including new assays and probes, more advanced image analysis and data management, high-content screening of 3D models and ultra high-resolution imaging. This year, we will also co-locate CHI’s Inaugural Phenotypic Screening meeting, offering two tracks to choose from, expanded exhibit hall and an offering of user group meetings and dinner courses. The Phenotypic ...

19th Annual Drug Delivery Partnerships

Date: 28-Jan-15 to 30-Jan-15
Location: United States
Drug Delivery Partnerships (DDP) is hailed as the world's most authoritative conference on drug delivery technology and innovation. DDP is where you discover cutting-edge innovative products, take advantage of delivery trends and jumpstart strategic relationships to leap ahead of the curve. You will uncover NEW partners, NEW drug delivery technologies, and NEW formulation development strategies to accelerate drugs to market and lengthen lifecycles for long term profitability. partneringONE® is back at DDP by popular demand! Revolutionize your DDP experience and conduct more meetings in just three days than in the rest of the year—the perfect formula for your next multimillion dollar deal!

The 2nd International Conference on Education, Psychology and Society

Date: 03-Feb-15 to 05-Feb-15
Location: Japan
2015 International Conference on Education, Psychology, and Society (ICEEPS) is a premier forum for all the leading researchers. ICEEPS 2015 is going to be held in Tokyo, Japan during February 3-5. We welcome academics, independent scholars, as well as top researchers to participate and exchange the latest topics in ICEEPS 2015. Papers fall into the category of education, psychology, and society are welcomed. ICEEPS 2015 aims to foster research relations between universities and the industry around the world. This conference provides opportunities for delegates to exchange innovative ideas face to face, hoping to establish global collaboration in the future. All the submitted full papers will be peer viewed and evaluated based on originality and technical aspects relevance to our ...

Practical Applications of NMR in Industry Conference (PANIC)

Date: 09-Feb-15 to 12-Feb-15
The PANIC meeting is intended to address topics that occur daily in industrial, government, and academic research laboratories whose primary task entails the application of NMR to a diverse set of analytical problems. Topics include quantitation, molecular structure characterization, trace component and mixture analysis, and product support for a variety of materials that include small molecules, polymers, heterogeneous mixtures, natural products, biosimilars, polysaccharides, and proteins. The conference provides in-depth discussions of the “nuts and bolts” of basic NMR experiments that accent the underlying best-practices developed to address these everyday problems. It also explores the regulatory aspects of the applications of these experiments.