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12th American Supply Chain & Logistics Summit

Date: 08-Dec-14 to 10-Dec-14
Location: Dallas / Texas / United States
The American Supply Chain & Logistics Summit, now in its 12th year, brings together 250+ senior executives from across the Supply Chain and Logistics fields to enjoy an unbeatable mix of networking, expert case studies, interactive debates and master classes over three exceptional days. This December 8-10 in Dallas, TX, we will connect decision-making attendees with thought-leading speakers, senior-level peers and industry-disrupting suppliers to collaborate on the sector’s most challenging issues and challenges.

Crude by Rail Canada, Tank Car & Railroad Safety 2014

Date: 09-Dec-14 to 10-Dec-14
Location: Calgary / Alberta / Canada
The key for crude by rail transporters now is to make sure safety is maintained and requirements met, while mitigating the operational and cost impact of compliance. Therefore it is vital to the country's Tank Car Manufacturers, E&P companies, Transloaders, Class 1 Railroads and Refineries that the future landscape of the regulations is made clear to allow plans to be made for future expansion whilst practicing safe processes. It is in the industry's best interest that the cost of compliance is kept at the lowest possible price and that all options for strategic development are investigated. For this reason, the Crude by Rail Canada, Tank Car & Railroad Safety 2014 Summit, has been purposely designed to bring together speakers from every key stakeholder group, including E&...

Rolling Stock Condition Based Maintenance 2014

Date: 09-Dec-14 to 10-Dec-14
Location: London / United Kingdom
Rolling Stock Condition Based Maintenance 2014 is the only congress dedicated specifically to professionals in TOCs and ROSCOs tasked with reducing fleet maintenance costs. As such, it has now become the event of the year for Fleet, Engineering, Depot and Rolling Stock Directors and Managers who are at the forefront of optimizing costs and turnaround times through application of condition data and asset management technology in future and legacy fleets. Across two days the practical, solutions-led congress will provide tried and tested TOC and ROSCO case studies delivering current best practices for condition based maintenance providing business case justification and transferable application lessons that can be applied across different fleets and between different operators throughout ...

2nd Myanmar Transport and Logistics Summit

Date: 19-Jan-15 to 20-Jan-15
Location: Yangon / Myanmar
"Transport Infrastructure Investment to Support Effective Logistics and Supply Chain Strategy in Myanmar" Key Highlights: •Integrated Infrastructure master plan and industrial/SEZ projects status •AEC 2015 and the impact on trade flow •Investment opportunities & model in Sea Ports, Inland Depots & terminals, Airports, Roads and Railways •Legal framework in setting up logistics & terminal operations •Project finance challenges and opportunities for venture capitals •Case study of effective supply chain management solutions •Update on multimodal transportation & cold chain logistics

2nd Ballast Water Management Summit

Date: 03-Feb-15 to 05-Feb-15
ARE YOU PREPARED FOR ENFORCEMENT OF THE USCG FINAL RULE? The US Coast Guard’s Ballast Water Management (BWM) systems regulations will begin to be enforced in 2015, and with the IMO BWM Treaty expected to be ratified early in 2015, environmental retrofits are now unavoidable. With both of these sets of parallel standards about to be imminently enforced — all existing ships will need to be retrofitted with a compliant certified BWM system within 5 years’ time of enforcement, while all new ship builds moving forward will need to have standards compliant BWM systems. Only an estimated 2,000 of the 50,000 ships currently in service internationally have functional BWM systems currently installed (of which only an estimated 200 are retrofits), none of which meet the USCG final rule standard. ...

4th Annual Supply Chain Middle East Strategy Summit

Date: 10-Feb-15 to 11-Feb-15
Supply Chain forms the crux of any industry to ensure continuous and interrupted operation of work and also to ensure a companies growth and expansion internationally. The 4th Annual Supply Chain Middle East Strategy Summit will holistically review how Middle East Supply Chain works and the latest technology that is shaping the region. Focusing on sessions that will study how supply chain can be made adaptable, flexible, responsive & smart, the summit will also feature speakers from leading government bodies including Dubai Customs, Abu Dhabi Aviation Company, Dubai Airports Cargo & Logistics, Department of Transport - Abu Dhabi, Dubai Exports, Economic Zones World amongst other industry speakers. Focus in 2014: -Demand Fluctuations in demand forecasting -Supply Chain ...

3rd Annual Floating LNG

Date: 18-Feb-15 to 19-Feb-15
Location: England / United Kingdom
The conference will particularly focus on current project updates and developments within the field, the LNG market dynamics and economics to determine what is driving the industry forward, technological innovations, case studies from the leading EPC projects as well as cover Pre-FEED projects and risks associated with this dynamic industry. As well as this, there will be case studies from those who are both developing and executing FLNG projects near and offshore. Also, there will be an analysis of key trends in the floating LNG industry, methods in project execution, LNG market dynamics, technological advancements and investment challenges. The key areas of discussion will be: • Compare the 4 leading EPC projects so you can tailor your own strategies • Increase your operational ...

FPSO Design & Technology

Date: 10-Mar-15 to 13-Mar-15
Location: Singapore / Singapore
FPSO Design & Technology 10 – 13 Mar 2015, Singapore Overview This comprehensive 4 days masterclass examines the full range of technical aspects that a FPSO project team need to be well versed in. It begins with a broad view on FPSO design and technology and then quickly dives into the various technical areas in depth. By attending this workshop, you will excel in managing your FPSO projects and gain insights into topside and hull design, processing system, construction, installation and commissioning as well as the latest technology. Key Learning Objectives • Understand the general role of an FPSO • Examine the key design and technology considerations • Learn the functional specification in design • Evaluate the ...

4th Annual Logistics in Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals Summit

Date: 14-Apr-15 to 15-Apr-15
The oil, gas and petrochemical industry is looking to achieve optimum exploration, production and efficient processing. Supply chain proves to be backbone of the industry to achieve this goal. Oil and gas logistics makes upto 30% of the group's revenue hence the effective profit margin is higher than other logistics businesses. The 4th Annual Logistics in Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals Summit, scheduled on 14 - 15 April, 2015 in Dubai, will focus on strategies that would help resolve issues including rising margin and budget pressure demands through every stage within the oil and gas supply chain. The summit will discuss on how the energy sector can incorporate structural changes in the industry given the new regulations that are creating unprecedented volatility in oil and gas logistic ...

FLNG Fundamentals, Design & Technology

Date: 20-Apr-15 to 23-Apr-15
Location: Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia
“A comprehensive all-in-one course addressing technical, commercial & operational aspects in establishing an FLNG facility, with a focus on real world solutions and actual project” FLNG Fundamentals, Design & Technology 20 – 23 April 2015, Kuala Lumpur Overview Floating LNG (FLNG) takes liquefaction technologies into a floating production system which can be located close to offshore gas fields. It is not a new idea and has been under consideration for more than 20 years, but new technology, increasing global demand for energy and sharpened investment appetite have spurred numerous FLNG projects. There are a number of technological, commercial and regulatory challenges which have been the subject of study, design ...