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ISF Saudi

Date: 25-Nov-15 to 28-Nov-15
Location: Jeddah / Saudi Arabia
The second edition of The International Sport & Fitness Saudi (ISF Saudi), the kingdom’s only dedicated event for the Sport, Fitness and Wellness industry. A powerful platform to help your company gain visibility to high-quality buyers from all different distribution channels, sports enthusiasts and to a variety of domestic and International media. The show promotes public wellbeing and healthy living through education, demonstrations and activities whilst providing a platform for the development of international Sport, Fitness, and Wellness industry partnerships. ISF Saudi is a 4-day event, which takes place from the 25th – 28th November, 2015 at the Jeddah Center for Forum and Events (Al Harthy Exhibition Center). ISF Saudi is held in partnership with our mother brand FIBO, ...

Saudi IFS International sport and fitness exhibition

Date: 25-Nov-15 to 28-Nov-15
Location: Jeddah / Saudi Arabia
ISF Saudi 2015, s the Kingdom's only event dedicated to the international sport, health and wellness industry. Organised by Reed Sunaidi Exhibitions, ISF Saudi is powered by FIBO – the worldwide leading trade fair for Fitness, Wellness and Health. The show will take place at the Jeddah Centre for Forums and Events from 25th to 28th November 2015.. For more information:

CIZE Live at Hooked on Fitness!

Date: 28-Nov-15 to 28-Nov-15
Cize Live is professional dance for everyday people! This isn't one of those dance-lite workouts where you shuffle your feet to the beat. Created by Shaun T, world famous choreographer and fitness trainer, Cize Live breaks down professionally choreographed routines step-by-step. Before you know it you'll be bustin' out moves to the hottest new music. It's so fun, you'll forget you're working out! Whether you're a beginner or an experienced dancer Cize Live will be the right move for you! For more information and the full class schedule at Hooked on Fitness or our Facebook Page!

Star Creatures Wholistic Fitness Retreats

Date: 29-Oct-15 to 29-Nov-15
Location: Sydney / Australia
A whole month FREE online wholistic fitness membership! "You're Invited to a World First! Cheesy mainstream extreme fitness is for the mainstream mob. We need our own awesome health and fitness identity...and now it's here. "Star Creatures Wholistic Fitness Retreats" proudly presents.... The Alternative Fitness Culture. We tune you back in to the fitness and well being stuff that you absolutely love. And it works! That's how you get sustainable health. And that's why our results are inevitable. A whole month online wholistic membership FREE! (a tiny little $4 just covers our admin costs) Enjoy! "The Alternative Fitness Culture" "You Need It You'll Love It!"

Urban Kick at Hooked on Fitness

Date: 29-Nov-15 to 29-Nov-15
UrbanKick® is an innovative and athletic workout that combines sports conditioning with kickboxing for a total body workout. Using punch and kick sequences, UrbanKick® expertly blends steady state cardiovascular training with metabolic boosting H.I.I.T. drills so you constantly develop strength, power, agility, flexibility and balance. This dynamic and efficient workout challenges your body in all planes of motion to maximize your heart-healthy cardiovascular benefits and your body-weight functional strength benefits. For more information and the full class schedule, please visit or our Facebook Events Page at

Eat Right for Your Blood Type Workshop

Date: 30-Nov-15 to 30-Nov-15
Location: Canada
Join us for an informative 2 hour workshop that will provide you with living strategies based on your specific Blood Type – A, B, O and AB.   The information presented will be life changing and empowering.  You will be given an immediate action plan to regain your health and vitality. The latest research indicates that your Blood Type is a key genetic factor that influences many areas of health and well-being. Throughout your life, you’ve probably observed that some people tend to lose weight more easily, while for others, their weight is an ongoing battle.  Or wondered why some people are plagued by chronic illness while others stay healthy and vital into their advanced years.  Very simply, the answer is in your Blood Type! Knowing your Blood Type is an important tool for ...

Free Outdoor Workouts at Body Inspired Fitness Guest Week in Santa Monica

Date: 30-Nov-15 to 30-Nov-15
Body Inspired Fitness FREE Guest Week Workouts gives you the chance to experience what our 7-week fitness programs are all about.  We have three incredibly unique 7-week programs to choose from. No matter when you prefer to exercise we have the perfect program for you. Body Inspired Fitness Camps offers intense, effective, unique, and FUN workouts that WILL change your body like nothing you have ever done before. Having your own certified personal trainer who is waiting for you, knows your exact fitness level, understands and works with your injuries, and pushes you that little nudge to work past where you are comfy. THAT is why it works! And that is why we have a 90%+ return rate EVERY SINGLE CAMP.  Did we mention that ALL of our Santa Monica workout sessions are OUTDOORS? We ...

Train Dirty Dance with Faith at Hooked on Fitness

Date: 30-Nov-15 to 30-Nov-15
Have you always wanted to dance, but felt that you had 2 left feet? Or are you a seasoned dance pro who just loves to move and groove? You will love the music, the dance moves, and the magic of this amazing dance class. This program is easy to follow and provides the perfect combination of cardio and strength training. You will be having so much fun you will not realize you are participating in a total body, cardio crazy, sculpting exercise class! For more information and the full class schedule, please visit Hooked on Fitness or our Facebook Page!

BODYSHRED at Hooked on Fitness

Date: 01-Dec-15 to 01-Dec-15
BODYSHRED is a 30-minute high energy, fun and effective interval/circuit workout divided into sections of 3 minutes of light weight resistance moves, 2 minutes of cardio moves and 1 minute of core, your active recovery. BODYSHRED not only burns more calories while you are training but you will continue to burn more fat and calories at a higher rate for up to 72 hours after training. You will shed fat, define muscle, increase metabolism and transform the look of your whole body, and enhance your overall health, strength and stamina. BODYSHRED will leave you tight, toned, and totally ready to show off your hard work. If you are looking for just the right mix of cardio, muscle toning and conditioning and abdominal/core stabilization, this is it! What are you waiting for? For more ...

TRX at Hooked on Fitness!

Date: 03-Dec-15 to 03-Dec-15
Come on up and join us for an old school TRX class! Body weight and suspension straps allow you to adjust the intensity of each exercise on the fly. Class with the unique TRX Suspension system allow for strength, core and balance workouts like you've never seen or felt before!! Your core with thank you tomorrow... For more information and the full class schedule, visit: Want to keep up to date on classes and Studio events? Just text @hofclasses to 81010 to receive reminders and updates!