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UCD2014 User Centred Design Conference

Date: 24-Oct-14 to 25-Oct-14
Location: London / United Kingdom
UCD2014 is a unique User-Centred Design conference in London. "It’s the Goldilocks of conferences; not too big, not too small" Jonty Sharples. UCD2014 explores how User Centred Design is applied in a variety of disciplines.

Contract Law Fundamentals for Non-Lawyers

Date: 26-Oct-14 to 28-Oct-14
Location: Sydney / Australia
Build confidence around legal terminology & contractual obligations to help protect your commercial interests, assist in contract development & avoid disputes. Better equip yourself to understand the legal advice you receive, interpret it correctly & generate true value for your business. Key Learning Outcomes Examine and address current topical issues in contract law Review statutory and common law obligations that must be incorporated into contracts Develop processes to ensure contract objectives are delivered while mitigating risk Review a select sample of contracts clauses to identify responsibility and liability Implement drafting changes that improve contract clarity and structure Discover how various contract clauses achieve maximum risk management by ...

Rail Operations Management Fundamentals

Date: 26-Oct-14 to 28-Oct-14
Location: Melbourne / Australia
This 2-day course examines all aspects of rail operations to provide participants with a solid understanding & appreciation how operational requirements & goals affect & influence other rail disciplines, project outcomes & overall business performance. Key Learning Outcomes Understand the over-arching principles of rail operations management > Appreciate aspects and challenges which are not widely known or well understood by managers Gain insights into: > The movement and control of trains and the management of terminals > Network management _ passenger and freight > The proper and optimal use of rail assets > The business and operating environment of a railway > Leadership, skill building and developing core competencies > ...

Event Innovation Forum at BizBash Live New York

Date: 28-Oct-14 to 28-Oct-14
Location: New York / United States
The anticipated Event Innovation Forum returns to BizBash Live: The Expo on October 28 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. This TED-inspired conference features a new roster of speakers guaranteed to reignite your passion for events. Gain insights from thought leaders and creative thinkers including Dan Griffis of Target, Will Travis of Sid Lee, Lauren Kane of charity:water, Nicky Balestrieri of BMF Media, Lance Broumand of UrbanDaddy, Ryan Begelman of Bisnow Media, Frank Supovitz of Fast Traffic Events, and others. Discover new ideas on design, technology, brand storytelling, fund-raising, sponsorships, and more. Register today at with the code EVVNT for 10% off your trade show floor pass.

Big Data TechCon

Date: 27-Oct-14 to 29-Oct-14
Big Data TechCon is the “how-to” show for Big Data developers, IT managers and practitioners. Big Data TechCon is technology-agnostic and will apply to organizations using relational databases, NoSQL databases, graph databases, unstructured data, flat files and data feeds. Come up to speed on the latest big data technologies like Yarn, Apache Spark and Cascading. Learn to master Big Data solutions. Use code PARTNER for a $100 discount off the prevailing rate.

Ann Wylie's Catch Your Readers Writing Workshop

Date: 28-Oct-14 to 29-Oct-14
Learn to move people to act in print and online, in this two-day MasterClass, get readers to 1) pay attention to your message 2) understand it 3) remember it and 4) act on it. Develop world-class communications with an award-winning communicator.

Developing Railway Risk Assessment Skills

Date: 26-Oct-14 to 29-Oct-14
Location: Australia
A 1 day introduction to the high level principles & formal methods of risk assessment & analysis in design, developed by engineers, & its application to design in the rail industry. Key Learning Outcomes On completion of the course, participants should be able to: Examine and address topical issues of design safety risk in the rail industry Discuss the current and developing legislative requirements for rail design risk State how risks in general should be managed Explain in detail the principle so far as is reasonably practicable Explain the concept of the designer as a rail safety worker and its implications Demonstrate design risks reduced so far as is reasonably practicable Use case studies to understand the potential for things to go wrong ...

5th International Conference Drivetrain Concepts for Wind Turbines

Date: 27-Oct-14 to 29-Oct-14
Location: Bremen / Germany
In the race for more efficient and reliable wind turbines, drivetrain technology is in the very centre of attention. Next to geared and direct drives for different environments, alternative drivetrain concepts promise to optimise turbine efficiency and enhance reliability. Our conference offers the unique opportunity to meet international technical experts from all relevant stakeholders, and discuss advances in different drivetrain concepts and related components with a strong focus on practical experience. • Evaluate different main bearing concepts and their impact on the CoE • Have a close look at cooling systems for DD generators to significantly increase torque • Review case studies of multi MW drivetrain designs and discuss related challenges • Share your view on testing ...

5th International Conference Innovative Aircraft Seating 2014

Date: 27-Oct-14 to 29-Oct-14
Location: Hamburg / Germany
Seats have a huge impact on customer perception and flight costs! With rising fuel prices looming on the horizon, airlines cannot afford to miss out on the opportunity to reduce costs by further minimizing the weight of their interior design. Less carbon consumption and a further range with an increased passenger payload are the major motivators driving innovations in seating design. At the same time, airlines need to have a distinct cabin interior design in order to bind customers and to comply with their demands for comfort and safety: enhanced and innovative solutions for seating comfort and functionality, ambience and entertainment are an absolute must-have for OEMs, airlines and suppliers. Therefore the challenge is to minimize seat weight but at the same time optimize seat ergonomics ...

Innovative Aircraft Cabin Composites & Lightweight Materials

Date: 27-Oct-14 to 29-Oct-14
Location: Hamburg / Germany
As the global trends toward CO2 reduction and resource efficiency increase, so too does the importance of lightweight materials in aviation. Rising fuel costs per seat represent the greatest driver in searching for innovative lightweight structures: despite significant improvements in airframes, engines and lighter-weight interior components, fuel costs, as a percentage of overall fleet operating costs, continue to rise. Rising fuel prices have become the dominant cost factor for airline operations, accounting for one-third or more of operating costs. By 2022, fuel could make up 50% or more of fleet operating costs. As we enter a new age of aviation, it is clear that the industry is focused on finding new and exciting ways of using lightweight materials. However, the use of ...