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Maintenance Planning Mastery

Date: 24-Jul-14 to 25-Jul-14
Location: Perth / Australia
This unique course provides insights, ideas, tips and tools for use in the maintenance planning environment. It is designed for maintenance personnel looking to improve their quality, productivity and efficiency in a framework thats usable. Booking : Price :$ 2744.50 AUD Speakers: Adrian Stephan Thursday July 24, 2014 at 9:00 am, ends Friday July 25, 2014 at 5:00 pm

CIO Event LA

Date: 13-Aug-14 to 14-Aug-14
Global Business Events organizes closed-door committees for CIOs from multinational enterprises. We have leveraged our global IT community to create a world-class platform of end-user driven academia to help executives make the right decisions for their organization. The group at this meeting that exceeds 100 CIOs champion think tanks, panel discussions and workshops creating a dynamic mix of thought leadership, and best practice strategies. On Wednesday August 13, 2014 at 9:00 am (ends Thursday August 14, 2014 at 3:00 pm) Price: Free

4th Annual International Conference on Conference Education & E-Learning (EeL 2014)

Date: 18-Aug-14 to 19-Aug-14
Location: Bangkok / Thailand
The use of technology in education has revolutionized learning. Shifting beyond traditional mode of education, the integration of technology has become an advantage for students with specific needs. E-learning brings forth a flexible and accessible mode of education. Further the use of technology also bridges the gap of learning across borders. With e-learning, students can have the access to other universities and academic resource materials from other countries, thereby broadening the knowledge base of students. Given these advantages, it is pivotal to deliberate upon the development of technology use in education.

NoSQL Now!

Date: 19-Aug-14 to 21-Aug-14
NoSQL Now! is the largest vendor-neutral conference focused on NoSQL (Not Only SQL) technologies. Over 800 attendees from around the world will converge in Silicon Valley to see the latest products and learn about: - How to evaluate the alternative NoSQL database architectures and design patterns - How to create scalable, high-performance data-centric systems - New technology choices for Big Data analytics, transaction processing and integration - How to match NoSQL capabilities to your business requirements - Comparisons of vendor approaches and products - How to assess the enterprise-readiness of NoSQL technologies Topics include: - NoSQL Architecture and Design08 Scalability Integration Performance Security - NoSQL System Selection and ...

4th Annual Modern Railways

Date: 20-Aug-14 to 22-Aug-14
Location: Bali / Indonesia
The 4th Annual Modern Railways will examine critical issues in the modern rail industry, explore this sector’s economy growth potential and gain insight on government commitments to provide better public amenities for their citizens in this sector

13th Annual National SCADA Conference

Date: 25-Aug-14 to 26-Aug-14
Location: Sydney / Australia
The 13th Annual National SCADA Conference will bring together many of the luminaries of the Australian and International SCADA community. The SCADA conference program will deliver fantastic first-hand knowledge from leading international and local SCADA experts with a great mix of burning SCADA issues, case studies, security and real world implementations together with practical advice. Time: 09:00 - 17:00 Price: Two day conference (25-26 August 2014): $ 3294.50 AUD

LXXXIII International Research and Practice Conference "Creation as the factor of evolutionary development and the society's aspiration to perfection"

Date: 28-Aug-14 to 02-Sep-14
Location: London / United Kingdom
International Academy of Sciences and Higher Education (Great Britain) and their partners invite you to take part in research analytics championship and LXXXIII International Research and Practice Conference "Creation as the factor of evolutionary development and the society's aspiration to perfection" dedicated to Technical sciences, Architecture and Construction. The conference and analytics championship will be held on August 28 - September 02, 2014 in London.

SIUP Expo 2014 Shanghai International Urban Underground Pipeline Construction Engineering Exhibition

Date: 03-Sep-14 to 05-Sep-14
Location: Shanghai / China
Background: Rapid urbanization has brought tremendous opportunities to underground pipe network industry of China. As an integral part of urban infrastructure, city underground pipe network is the basis for the survival and development of the city. Since underground pipe network determines the sound and continuous development of the economy of a city, it’s often called the “artery” and “blood vessel” of the city. City underground pipe network is currently composed of several major categories including gas, heating power, water supply, drainage, reclaimed water, electric power, communication & information, radio & television and industry, etc. All these categories are independently constructed and managed by relevant departments including ...

Connected Health Summit

Date: 04-Sep-14 to 05-Sep-14
The Connected Health Summit, a two-day executive conference held September 4-5, 2014, at the Omni Hotel in San Diego, features Parks Associates’ in-depth consumer research as well as industry perspectives on the impact of connected devices, mobile health services, and new health reforms on service providers, connected device manufacturers, payors, and institutions in the digital health markets.


Date: 07-Sep-14 to 09-Sep-14
EnterpriseHPC'14 is the world's FIRST live event dedicated to exploring the convergence of high performance computing (HPC) into commercial settings to help solve contemporary large-scale business challenges. The event is an invitation-only hosted summit. It is designed to bring together technology and business leaders responsible for tackling issues that large-scale enterprise technology users and decision-makers are faced with as they navigate the build-out and maintenance of next-generation enterprise software/hardware infrastructures. This first summit of its kind, EnterpriseHPC'14 will provide a uniquely immersive experience for enterprise IT leaders in industries ranging from financial services, retail, healthcare, oil & gas, manufacturing, and more who are in the process of ...