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Wearables TechCon

Date: 09-Mar-15 to 11-Mar-15
Wearables TechCon, March 9-11 in Santa Clara, expands beyond its DevCon roots to include a focus on both the hardware and software behind the coming generation of wearable technology. Classes and tutorials in the TechCon tracks will focus on embedded computing, hardware design, sensors, and physical technology, while tracks in the DevCon portion will focus on programming apps and mastering the SDKs of the next wave of computing devices. Use code PARTNER for a $100 discount off the prevailing rate.

Cable Congress 2015

Date: 11-Mar-15 to 13-Mar-15
Location: Brussels / Belgium
n 2014, the congress attracted over 850 participants from over 33 countries of which more than 75% were Director or C-level executives. The high quality of attendees reflected a broad cross section of the industry, with 18% of delegates representing cable operators and service providers, 36% equipment and set top box vendors, 12% content providers. Visit here for the full attendee breakdown.The event offers three days of strategic presentations, panel sessions and interactive debate. Cable Congress brings together the most sought-after speakers, strategists, innovators, policy makers and game-changers in the cable and new media industries.

Mobile Payments & NFC

Date: 24-Mar-15 to 26-Mar-15
Location: London / United Kingdom
In the increasingly large and fragmented mobile payments marketplace, a market that is no longer industry led, for the first time the Brick and Mortar Banks do not dictate payment trends. How can operators ensure consumer uptake and demand for their products and services in this new marketplace, whilst achieving a cost effective means of delivering and implementing mobile payments that suits the needs and the infrastructure of merchants? Industry experts expect mass adoption of mobile payments to occur within the next 2-3 years, in order for this prediction to come good, operators and providers need to ensure their business models are customer-centric and meet customer expectations securely and consistently across all platforms. With new companies and operators entering the market ...

Monetising OTT Services

Date: 25-Mar-15 to 27-Mar-15
Location: London / United Kingdom
Telecoms IQ’s Monetising OTT Services provides a unique opportunity to learn from the entire value chain how to work together to generate revenue from OTT services. Discover through proven case studies how telecoms operators are leveraging the surge in OTT usage to improve their quality of service and enhance customer stickiness. Learn how to manage and prioritise your OTT data traffic, and discover how high-value, low volume content can provide new revenue streams. Plus, with over 8 hours of interactive sessions and networking opportunities, don’t miss the chance to benchmark your OTT initiatives with your peers, and understand which strategies will provide the best ROI. Don’t get left behind - reserve your place now to participate in the only event to focus on monetising OTT ...

Policy Control

Date: 13-Apr-15 to 15-Apr-15
Location: Berlin / Germany
nforma Telecoms & Media are delighted to announce the 5th Annual Policy Control conference – the only dedicated global Policy Control event in the market. 2014/15 has given the space a real buzz, with interest in traffic management leading operators into innovative solutions to monetising data. This year we aim to show dedicated case studies on NFV and virtulisation of core network services; those currently operating and launches planned in the near future. We will also be giving a heavy focus on new developments in PCRF functions, showing further integration with pricing and their effects on OCS investments. We also will have an incredibly exciting pre-conference focus day that will be focussing on innovations in OSS/BSS. Case studies will demonstrate convergent real-time policy ...

Web RTC Global Summit

Date: 14-Apr-15 to 15-Apr-15
Location: London / United Kingdom
WebRTC is an important movement; its beyond just agreed technologies in the browser / device. Its an ecosystem of large and small, general and specialized service providers. All vying for a piece of the market created when browsers / devices can communicate peer-to-peer WITHOUT a vendor specific download, and all the limitations that incurs. WebRTC is so much more than just voice and video communications between browsers. Put simply WebRTC implements some magic to set up a secure, robust, low-latency, p2p audio, video, and data pipe. And within that pipe anything can be sent, from measurement data from a monitoring device, through gesture and video data for a network-based game, to all the applications of communications within all the processes that now run over the internet. It’s ...

Customer Experience Management in Telecoms Nordics 2015

Date: 14-Apr-15 to 16-Apr-15
Location: London / United Kingdom
With a reduction in the use of binding periods arriving at a time when consumer trust is low, operators must up their game and deliver the service that customers expect in order to retain and grow their customer base. CEM in Telecoms Nordics will showcase results-driven case studies so you can ensure your service is a cut above the rest. Learn from the region’s CEM in Telecoms pioneers how to listen to and act on the Voice of the Customer to enhance their satisfaction, and find out how to leverage digital and social channels to maximise customer engagement and reduce operating costs. Plus, learn the strategies for success from iconic Nordic brands from outside of the telecoms industry and find out how you too can turn your customers into true advocates of your company. With over 65% ...

5G World Summit

Date: 14-Apr-15 to 16-Apr-15
Location: United States
5G is becoming a hot topic in today’s fast evolving mobile broadband industry, however there is still much debate and uncertainty over what this revolutionary technology is! The LTE World Series is delighted to launch our first solo 5G Forum USA, taking place 14-15th April 2015 in Palo Alto, which will bring together senior executives & key decision makers from the full 5G ecosystem to discuss the future of the 5G network. This dedicated event will provide the perfect platform to examine the need for 5G, address what the network will look like, and how MNO’s will transition to 5G, whilst also examining what opportunities for new business models and services will be enabled once a fully 5G mobile network is available.

Social Media in the Utilities Sector

Date: 16-Apr-15 to 17-Apr-15
Location: London / United Kingdom
SMi is proud to have its 4th annual Social Media in Utilities conference take place at the Holiday Inn Regents Park Hotel in London, UK on the 16-17 April 2015. This conference will focus on injecting personality into communications, formulating imaginative strategies to appeal for the consumer and examine how to be a positive influence within the industry. It will also discuss investment in social media and give insight into how businesses can shape their online presence and develop strategies by harnessing this tool. BENEFITS OF ATTENDING: This exciting event will offer an in depth discussion of the key elements of embracing social media and making it a strong focus by: • Understanding regulatory and legal updates for 2015 • Exploring social media strategies and the ...

MVNOs World Congress

Date: 21-Apr-15 to 23-Apr-15
Location: Nice / France
Located in Nice, on France's Mediterranean coast - the event will play host to over 80 visionary speakers and hundreds of attendees. Make the most of the extensive networking opportunities, and focus on innovative MVNO case studies. MVNO World Congress offers a full week of workshops, focus groups, keynote presentations, on stage interviews, interactive panel discussions, unmissable beach party and the 2015 Awards ceremony.