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CrowdFunding Silicon Valley Conference

Date: 05-Mar-15 to 06-Mar-15
Silicon Valley Meets Crowdfunders We invite you to the 3rd annual Silicon Crowdfunding - Expo Conference which will bring together traditional private investors and crowdfunders. Crowdfunding Conference provides the participants with the unique opportunity to discuss current state of the industry, to learn from experts in venture capital, business angel and crowdfunding fields, to network and find new partnerships. You will hear from people who implement crowdfunding as a part of their current fundraising and marketing strategies and from those who work with SEC to make the equity crowdfunding legal in the United States. If you want to get involved as a speaker, sponsor, vendor, advertiser or a volunteer, don’t hesitate to contact us! Who will benefit from participating in ...

Argus Australia and Global LNG Markets 2015

Date: 11-Mar-15 to 11-Mar-15
Location: Brisbane / Australia
The Australian east coast is potentially only weeks away from its first LNG exports. Natural gas prices in the east coast domestic market have slumped to record lows, the global LNG spot market is awash with supplies and oil prices are falling rapidly. Northeast Asian LNG prices are almost 50% below levels seen this time last year, as consumer demand in the region is too weak to absorb the supply glut. The fourth annual Argus Australia and Global LNG Markets conference examines the impact of these changing supply and demand fundamentals on the global LNG market and the Australian east coast domestic gas market. It looks at shifting pricing paradigms, as the LNG market grapples with new supply contracts linked to the US Henry Hub, consumer pressure to move away from the oil index and the ...

MENA Development Conference 2015

Date: 16-Mar-15 to 18-Mar-15
Location: Cairo / Egypt
The conference will combine both plenary sessions targeting an audience of policy makers, the business community and civil society, as well as parallel academic sessions targeting researchers and students. The range of themes to be covered in the conference includes topics related to the post-2015 agenda and elements of MENA research. International and regional ‘thought leaders’ will be invited to write short papers framing the topics of the conference. Conference proceedings will be published including framing documents and academic papers presented in the conference

Information Security Management

Date: 19-Mar-15 to 19-Mar-15
Location: Netherlands
Your information assets have never been more crucial, more valuable, or more at risk. This is why information security is becoming a crucial business priority in many organisations. Moreover, complying with (international) information standards and guidelines (such as the NIST Handbook, ISO 17799, CobiT, and ITIL Security Management) is becoming a hot issue worldwide.

Argus-ElitePlus++ India Oil and Gas Summit 2015

Date: 18-Mar-15 to 19-Mar-15
Location: Delhi / India
India is at a crossroads with its energy security and strategy. A new political order recognises the country’s emergence as a key energy demand centre. But strategic decisions have to be made about securing affordable energy supplies, investing in critically-needed infrastructure and embarking on energy sector reforms that will encourage investment in new projects. An ambitious start to reforms with diesel deregulation, a revision of the domestic gas price and changes to coal allocations will have ramifications across the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors and affect trade flows and pricing. The Argus-ElitePlus++ India Oil and Gas Summit 2015 analyses what these changes mean for you and how you can benefit from a rapidly changing Indian energy sector across the exploration, ...

5th ASEAN Regional Union of Psychologists (ARUPS) Congress

Date: 25-Mar-15 to 27-Mar-15
Location: Singapore / Singapore
The 5th ASEAN Regional Union of Psychological Societies (ARUPS) Congress will be held for the first time in Singapore – The City in a Garden – from 25 to 27 March 2015. The ARUPS Congress provides a platform for the sharing of research and ideas on how psychology can be developed, and how it can maintain its relevance in the development of the various countries and local communities in this region. This congress comprises the only psychology conference that focuses on South East Asian work and research, covering a wide range of topics in psychology.

Argentine Tango lessons for beginners in Brussels

Date: 24-Feb-15 to 31-Mar-15
Location: Brussels / Belgium
Tango is a vibrant and playful dance between two people. It has a very rich potential for expression, improvisation and connection. Just like the symbols of yin and yang, the roles of leader and follower both have a little from the other one within them. Tango is a collaborative process which encourages the development of sensitivity, clarity, trust and respect. Don't miss the opportunity to learn this passionate dance! Date: Tuesday’s From 20:30 until 22:00 First lesson on 24th February Price: *per class: 15€ *5-times card: 65€ Address: Avenue de Jette 60 1081 Brussels Belgique First timers, take it easy and ENJOY!! No need to register in couple. Information & registration: +32 (0)465 73 80 04

8th Annual International Conference on Mediterranean Studies, 30-31 March & 1-2 April 2015, Athens, Greece

Date: 30-Mar-15 to 02-Apr-15
Location: Athens / Greece
The Athens Institute for Education and Research (ATINER) organizes its 8th Annual International Conference on Mediterranean Studies which will be held in Athens, Greece on 30-31 March & 1-2 April 2015. The conference website is:

Annual International Symposium on Southeastern European Studies

Date: 30-Mar-15 to 02-Apr-15
Location: Athens / Greece
The Athens Institute for Education and Research (ATINER) organizes an Annual International Symposium on Southeastern European Studies which will be held in Athens, Greece on 30-31 March & 1-2 April 2015. The conference website is: T Special arrangements will be made with a local luxury hotel for a limited number of rooms at a special conference rate. In addition, a number of special events will be organized: A Greek night of entertainment with dinner, a special one-day cruise to selected Greek islands, an archaeological tour of Athens and a one-day visit to Delphi. Details of the social program are available at Please submit an abstract (email only) to:, using the abstract submission form available at ...

Social Media in the Utilities Sector

Date: 16-Apr-15 to 17-Apr-15
Location: London / United Kingdom
SMi is proud to have its 4th annual Social Media in Utilities conference take place at the Holiday Inn Regents Park Hotel in London, UK on the 16-17 April 2015. This conference will focus on injecting personality into communications, formulating imaginative strategies to appeal for the consumer and examine how to be a positive influence within the industry. It will also discuss investment in social media and give insight into how businesses can shape their online presence and develop strategies by harnessing this tool. BENEFITS OF ATTENDING: This exciting event will offer an in depth discussion of the key elements of embracing social media and making it a strong focus by: • Understanding regulatory and legal updates for 2015 • Exploring social media strategies and the ...