Trade Shows & Conferences in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

4th Middle East OHS Strategy Forum

Date: 05-May-15 to 07-May-15
Safeguarding and promoting the health and safety of workers, remains the prime concern of every orgainzation across the globe. Middle East is witnessing rapid development with huge investments being made in high risk large scale industries to recognise issues with job hazards, lack of knowledge about safe work practices and other preventive measures. The 4th Middle East OHS Strategy Forum, recognises the need of strengthening occupational health & safety programs in organisations. With the theme - Sustaining Operational Performance with Better Safety Culture, the forum scheduled to take place on the 5 to 7 May 2015 in Abu Dhabi will try to contribute to the goal of reducing occupational risk of injury and disease by developing a positive safety and health culture. The major ...

Lead Without a Title - Robin Sharma

Date: 03-May-15 to 07-May-15
The three-day open programme takes participants through 8 stimulating and interactive modules, led by facilitators applying a unique delivery methodology that maximises engagement and retention. Participants will engage in pre-programme work – including a highly-effective online self-assessment – as well as thought-provoking facilitator-led modules and video presentations. The unforgettable five-day certification programme takes company-sponsored participants through the same eight modules of Robin Sharma’s revolutionary system, using the most advanced techniques to build leaders at every level. Participants will then ‘teach back’ a portion of each module through an additional two-day certification course. Once certified as Lead Without a Title™ Facilitators, they join a ...

2015 Abu Dhabi International Downstream Conference & Exhibtion

Date: 10-May-15 to 12-May-15
With sponsors including ABB, Axens, DuPont, BASF, Albemarle, Grace, UOP, Johnson Matthey & Contract Resources, and speakers from across the region and the globe, attendees from the major refining & petrochemical producers, Abu Dhabi International Downstream is the premier event for the Middle East’s integrated downstream industry. The first day features a closed door workshop presented by Axens on unveiling the Modern FCC in a Diesel & Petrochemical Oriented Refinery. The main conference will be opened by Mr Jasem Ali Al Sayegh, CEO of Abu Dhabi International Refining Company (TAKREER), who will give an overview of the Ruwais Refinery Expansion. The morning key note sessions include Jean Viallefont, VOP Orient Zone, TOTAL, speaking about their Antwerp refinery integration; ...

Certified Customer Service Performance Professional

Date: 10-May-15 to 12-May-15
This course’s approach to customer service is unique, as it includes the performance management dimension. Participants will not only understand the implementation phases and the importance of a customer service performance culture, but will also be provided with the necessary tools and channels to implement it and measure its impact, both internally and externally. This training course focuses on the essentials, enablers and evaluation tools of a performant customer service.

2nd Annual Gas Flaring Management Summit

Date: 12-May-15 to 13-May-15
Flare gas recovery is quite a new process in GCC & MENA region compared to other countries. Huge investments have been made by GGC to reduce gas flaring in the last couple years. Discussing the economic feasibility of flare gas recovery and its potential return on investment, Fleming Gulf is organising the 2nd Annual Gas Flaring Management Summit in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The summit will see experts from around the world presenting their work on flare gas recovery and share innovative techniques, various equipments and analytics used by them to reduce gas emission. The 2nd edition will also elaborate on monitory guidelines focusing on utilisation of wasteful gases. The summit will span over two days on 12-13 May 2015, with insightful case studies, presentations, workshops and panel discussion....

Big Data Energy Innovation Summit

Date: 19-May-15 to 20-May-15
The energy sector deals with massive amounts of data along every step of it's value chain, but gaining information of real significance can be tricky business. With the right applications and analytics, big data holds the potential to boost productivity and profits. Fleming Gulf is happy to launch the Big Data Energy Innovation Summit - a conference devoted to presenting best big data practices and success stories - tailored specifically for the oil, gas and utilities sectors.

CCPS- Middle East Process Safety Conference 2015

Date: 19-May-15 to 21-May-15
CCPS-MEPSC will bring together top-level industry experts to share their knowledge and experiences at Keynote & Technical Sessions. We are delighted to announce that Shakeel Kadri, the new Executive Director of CCPS, will be giving a keynote speech at the event.

3D Print UAE

Date: 20-May-15 to 21-May-15
Hosted at the largest exhibition centre in the region, 3D Print UAE is the first ever dedicated 3D printing confexpo in the Middle East. 3D printing experts who are actively spearheading the revolution across the globe, will converge under one single roof to showcase their products, provide live demonstrations and discuss the technology with the prominent industry figures in the region.

2nd International Emirates Conference on Minimally Invasive Surgery & NOTES

Date: 21-May-15 to 22-May-15
The conference is designed to meet the needs of the clinical, academic surgeon, resident, nurse, or technical support staff within all specialties who wish to increase the knowledge of laparoscopic, endoscopic and minimally invasive surgical and diagnostic techniques. Your participation will provide you the opportunity to have a comprehensive look at new techniques and technologies related to the most recent advances in minimally invasive surgery and NOTES. Many sessions will provide valuable information through dialogue, discussions and visuals designed specifically for you. This two-day conference will greatly expand your understanding of the development and use of new minimally invasive technologies and techniques. Sessions will concentrate on a variety of procedures, techniques,...

SPE Building Organisational Capability Workshop: Developing Dynamic Talents

Date: 26-May-15 to 27-May-15
This two-day workshop will discuss operational, tactical and strategic roles associated with Human Capital across all HR industries. It will highlight administrative roles such as administrative experts and employee champions along with strategic roles like business partners and change agents. New competency domains required for the future will be investigated and the importance of focusing on business partnering, policy and planning will also be stressed. This workshop will highlight best practices in identifying, developing, deploying and retaining Human Capital talent. The workshop is set to be a highly interactive platform, involving panel discussions, world cafés, presentation of case studies, and question and answer sessions. Session topics will include: • Developing the &...