Trade Shows & Conferences in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

3D Print UAE

Date: 17-Aug-15 to 18-Aug-15
Hosted at the largest exhibition centre in the region, 3D Print UAE is the first ever dedicated 3D printing confexpo in the Middle East. 3D printing experts who are actively spearheading the revolution across the globe, will converge under one single roof to showcase their products, provide live demonstrations and discuss the technology with the prominent industry figures in the region.

4th Annual Corrosion Management Summit

Date: 31-Aug-15 to 02-Sep-15
From analyzing solutions for mitigating corrosion with current technologies to identifying ways of reducing equipment downtime through advanced Non-Destructive Inspection methods, the 4th Annual Corrosion Management Summit will discuss corrosion mitigation strategies highlighting current issues and solutions for it in the sector. The Summit will bring together regional and international experts from Oil and Gas companies, refineries, petrochemical companies and corrosion management solution providers. Contact: Madhura Gaikwad T: +971 46091570 | E:

Certified Employee Performance Management Professional

Date: 06-Sep-15 to 08-Sep-15
The course will clarify key concepts related to the employee performance management, and will provide practical tools and techniques for implementing, maintaining and improving the system. Participants will gain exposure to best practices in the field of performance management and will learn how to establish and use criteria for evaluating performance. This course completes the information you need to implement the Performance Management System across the entire organization, starting from the strategic level, and cascading it down to departmental and employee level.

3rd International Oncology Conference

Date: 10-Sep-15 to 11-Sep-15
The theme for 2015 conference is "Navigating Cancer Care by Early Detection and Prevention". In addition to talks from an elite roster of speakers, we hope to feature more than 40 proffered scientific lectures. We aim to bring top medical experts in the field of cancer screening highlighting recent advances in breast, lung, cervical, colon and prostate cancers to the conference. The 3rd International Oncology Conference will be one of the biggest international conferences ever held in UAE on global advances in cancer screening. The conference will enable participants to implement the cutting edge cancer research and critical tools into their daily practice to fight and prevent cancer, making a tangible difference for their patients. To make this worthwhile event a complete ...

SPE Reservoir Characterisation and Simulation Conference and Exhibition

Date: 14-Sep-15 to 16-Sep-15
Organised by Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), the fifth edition of the SPE Reservoir Characterisation and Simulation Conference and Exhibition will focus on reservoir applications and different technologies for characterising, modelling, and simulating reservoir characteristics. The event will be of interest to all professionals who deal with reservoir characterisation and simulation challenges in fields throughout the Middle East and beyond, particularly those who wish to gain insight and a greater understanding of reservoir structure and dynamics, including. - Exploration Engineers/Managers - Geologists and Geophysicists - Geoscientists - Geomechanic Experts - Petrophysicists - Petroleum Engineers - Production Engineers/Managers - Project Managers - Recovery and ...

Oil & Gas Facility Commissioning and Start-up 2015 - 2nd Edition

Date: 07-Oct-15 to 08-Oct-15
The commissioning and startup of oil and gas equipment and facilities is not only an important project milestone but also a key factor in safe, reliable and environment friendly operation of the plant. Therefore, knowledge and awareness of all elements during planning, implementation and close-out phases are critical for a safe start-up operation. It is prudent to consider the integrated systems' approach during all phases of commissioning. Effective integration of the teams (proponent, project management EPC and support services) is also a key factor for successful commissioning and start-up. The workshop will focus on the procedures and integration of all commissioning and start-up phases which are: preparation, implementation and close-out. Much emphasis is placed on procedure ...

Ecocity World Summit 2015

Date: 11-Oct-15 to 13-Oct-15
Ecocity World Summit 2015, which will be hosted in the Middle East for the very first time, will tackle the issues around building ecocities in challenging environments, and will serve as the platform upon which Abu Dhabi, and the region, will carry their ecocity visions forward. ECWS 2015 brings together international and regional leaders in government, academia, private sector and civil society to discuss, create, and apply sustainability-enhancing solutions for cities around the world. ECWS 2015 will help further build environmental capacity in the UAE and the region by bringing together experts in their field and facilitating the exchange of information and ideas that will propel sustainable city planning, land use, development and the sustainable building momentum forward.

Coastal Marine Construction and Engineering Forum

Date: 12-Oct-15 to 13-Oct-15
Coastal Marine Construction and Engineering Forum will be a platform for all the eminent industry leaders and experts who aim to highlight the issues that need to be addressed pertaining to the Coastal & Marine Engineering, Mitigating impact of dredging and reclamation activities, Effects of climate changes on coastline, Exploring Ongoing and Upcoming Projects in the Middle East region. The Forum would showcase the success stories across GCC while boosting the skills and knowledge of Head of Infrastructure, Planners, Marine & Coastal Engineers, Hydrologists, Geologists, Municipalities and Port Authorities.

Ecocity World Summit 2015, Abu Dhabi

Date: 11-Oct-15 to 13-Oct-15
Ecocity World Summit 2015, which will be hosted in the Middle East for the very first time, will tackle the issues around building ecocities in challenging environments, and will serve as the platform upon which Abu Dhabi, and the region, will carry their ecocity visions forward. Ecocity Builders, the owners of the conference series, aspire to change the way humanity builds its cities, and to inspire more eco-friendly human behaviours, by providing a collaborative, community-oriented, modest platform for eco-thinkers to develop the ideas and create the tools that humanity will need to safeguard its environmental future. ECWS 2015 is a collaborative platform for researchers and academia to advance the state of thinking and to inspire the next generation of ideas, projects and strategies ...

8th Edition MENA HR Summit

Date: 12-Oct-15 to 14-Oct-15
The “8th Edition, MENA HR Summit” is a result of the tremendous response received for the past Annuals. In the era of Gen Y and Gen Z on their way, Big Data on the mind , a new model for HR is emerging wherein organizations are focusing on innovations in HR to help their firm gain a competitive advantage. This year’s Summit brings together distinguished awarded HR professionals and organizations who have been appreciated for their HR Strategies, to discuss and benchmark crucial issues on how to seize new opportunities with value-added HR strategies in today’s market. An agenda with in-depth real life case studies, keynote presentations, interactive panel discussions, Breakout Sessions and Workshops from outstanding senior HR professionals across MENA Region. To see conference ...