Trade Shows & Conferences in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

GCC Healthcare Innovation Congress

Date: 24-Nov-14 to 27-Nov-14
High population growth, increased life expectancy coupled with high mortality rate, prevalence of life style related diseases and aspiration of high quality healthcare is putting pressure on healthcare providers to be more innovative and invest in providing high quality care and integrated services. With this in mind, the GCC Healthcare Innovation Congress will provide innovative strategies to improve the quality of healthcare delivery whilst reducing costs and assessing the latest medical and management technologies for improving patient care. The congress will bring all healthcare stake holders together including healthcare leaders from health authorities, providers from both the government and private sector, public policy makers and investors.

5th Annual Business Continuity & Emergency Response Forum

Date: 09-Feb-15 to 11-Feb-15
The 5th Edition Business Continuity and Emergency Response Forum 2015, provides a platform to discuss the ever-changing technology landscape and its implications for business continuity management, the social media conundrum and share them with service providers, consultants, decision makers, government officials to help frame better policies, select and implement technology and processes and consequently usher in a more resilient environment.

MilSatCom Middle East & Africa 2015

Date: 23-Feb-15 to 24-Feb-15
SMi's 3rd Annual MilSatCom Middle East & Africa conference will take place in Abu Dhabi for the first time, after having been highly recommended by our strategic partners. The must-attend two day conference will boast a tailored programme based on current issues across MilSatCom covered by a series of international speakers, as well as discussing the latest developments taking place within the region and the latest technologies in the SatCom industry. In addition to having representatives from the Middle East, the conference will have African representation too as we explore the challenges of using satcom across difficult terrain. We will also be hearing from nations outside the region sharing their experiences as end-users and the latest technologies in the satcom industry. The ...

3rd Annual Port Management Strategy Summit

Date: 09-Mar-15 to 10-Mar-15
Success Story of “2nd Annual Port Management Strategy Summit”, had Maritime professionals learning from best practices, discuss and benchmark crucial issues in order to strategically adapt to the current trends in port management. With its strategic geographical location between East and West, the UAE is a place for global trade and acts as a gateway to the emerging markets. The rail network is a crucial factor for rapid growth of UAE‘s port and industrial sector. 3rd Annual Port Management Strategy Summit: a platform to explore technological advancements, solutions to the key challenges, Maritime Regulations and discuss about the strategies to increase the effi ciency and capacity of the port terminals. Showcase success stories from different parts of the world in order to benchmark ...

5th Annual Global Pipeline Integrity & Technology Summit

Date: 20-Apr-15 to 22-Apr-15
The increasing global demand for oil and natural gas exploration has fueled the growth of the global pipeline industry. Addressing the challenges and latest technological developments in this industry, Fleming Gulf returns with the 5th Annual Global Pipeline Integrity & Technology Summit, revolving around the theme 'Technology that integrates Excellence'. The event to be held in Abu Dhabi, UAE on the 20 - 22 April, 2015, will feature technical sessions, case studies, technology innovations based on interesting topics such as feasibility and front end engineering, corrosion management, gas leakages, inspection tools and techniques, risk and reliability amongst others. The summit will also feature guided workshops held by industry leaders from across the globe. Key focus in 2015: - ...

4th Middle East OHS Strategy Forum

Date: 05-May-15 to 07-May-15
Safeguarding and promoting the health and safety of workers, remains the prime concern of every orgainzation across the globe. Middle East is witnessing rapid development with huge investments being made in high risk large scale industries to recognise issues with job hazards, lack of knowledge about safe work practices and other preventive measures. The 4th Middle East OHS Strategy Forum, recognises the need of strengthening occupational health & safety programs in organisations. With the theme - Sustaining Operational Performance with Better Safety Culture, the forum scheduled to take place on the 5 to 7 May 2015 in Abu Dhabi will try to contribute to the goal of reducing occupational risk of injury and disease by developing a positive safety and health culture. The major ...

2nd Annual Gas Flaring Management Summit

Date: 12-May-15 to 13-May-15
Flare gas recovery is quite a new process in GCC & MENA region compared to other countries. Huge investments have been made by GGC to reduce gas flaring in the last couple years. Discussing the economic feasibility of flare gas recovery and its potential return on investment, Fleming Gulf is organising the 2nd Annual Gas Flaring Management Summit in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The summit will see experts from around the world presenting their work on flare gas recovery and share innovative techniques, various equipments and analytics used by them to reduce gas emission. The 2nd edition will also elaborate on monitory guidelines focusing on utilisation of wasteful gases. The summit will span over two days on 12-13 May 2015, with insightful case studies, presentations, workshops and panel discussion....