Trade Shows & Conferences in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Modular Construction and Prefabrication Summit Europe

Date: 15-Sep-14 to 17-Sep-14
Location: Amsterdam / Netherlands
Whether it be onshore or offshore modular construction, local or international procurement, or Mega-Modules vs. Mini-Modules, the options that are available as viable alternatives to stick built construction methods have never been as numerous or advanced as they are today. This is the case not only for project and construction managers for EPC companies, but also for the asset owners and operators, as they become more involved in the entire project life cycle of large scale industrial projects. The Modular Construction and Prefabrication Summit for Oil and Gas, taking place 15 - 17 September 2014 will be addressing all of the above and more, providing EPC companies, operators, fabricators and all other parties in attendance with valuable knowledge, to be implement into future ...

3rd Annual Gas Supply Chain Management Summit

Date: 16-Sep-14 to 18-Sep-14
Location: Amsterdam / Netherlands
The 3rd Annual Gas Supply Chain Management Summit is offering you the possibility to discuss, with industry experts, pressing concerns like Europe’s energy mix, the role of gas in the energy mix, the future of gas supply and gas trading or the trends in gas storage. Naturally, there are many other things to explore and to analyze. Regulatory challenges are always present and the everlasting issue of supply vs demand also deserves some discussion. There is also a question about European shale gas and what are the prospects for this trend in the strict European regulatory climate. All the important matters will be discussed at the 3rd Annual Gas Supply Chain Management Summit in September. We have industry experts on board who will not only present new insights and innovative ideas ...

3rd European Ports & Shipping Conference 2014

Date: 18-Sep-14 to 19-Sep-14
Location: Amsterdam / Netherlands
United Market Insight is proud to announce the upcoming 3rd European Ports & Shipping Conference 2014, Amsterdam, Netherlands This 2 day international conference will bring together the largest ports, logistics and shipping companies operating out of Europe and throughout the world. Investment strategies, maintenance of ports and enhancing intermodal links will be some of the other topics covered at this annual event.

Clinical Outsourcing Strategies

Date: 18-Sep-14 to 19-Sep-14
Location: Amsterdam / Netherlands
Addressing clinical operations and outsourcing, CRO Management, how to optimise clinical outsourcing and operations

Cloud Computing training

Date: 23-Sep-14 to 24-Sep-14
Location: Amsterdam / Netherlands
Cloud computing is an emerging technology through which an increasing number of IT services are delivered over the internet. Cloud computing makes it possible to run a successful business without having dedicated hardware, software and services. The result is that organizations can reduce costs and be more flexible, more mobile and scalable while improving their quality of service. The CompTIA Cloud Essentials certification demonstrates that candidates have the skill set and knowledge to operate in a modern IT organisation utilizing cloud computing. Certification allows IT professionals to operate effectively in a cloud environment as they speak the appropriate language, and demonstrate an understanding of the key concepts and terminology. It provides the baseline foundation needed in ...

Workshop on Biorelevant in vitro Performance Testing

Date: 24-Sep-14 to 25-Sep-14
Location: Amsterdam / Netherlands
Workshop on Biorelevant in vitro Performance Testing of Orally Administered Dosage Forms. Jointly organised by FIP and DIA OverviewBiorelevant in vitro performance testing of orally administered dosage forms has become an important tool for the assessment of drug product in vivo behaviour. Biorelevant dissolution/release testing is useful for the evaluation of formulation and food effects on plasma levels and intraluminal dosage form performance after administration of oral drug products. It has also been utilised to decrease the number of in vivo studies required during the drug development process and to mitigate the risk related to in vivo bioequivalence studies. This workshop will discuss data on the luminal environment, its simulation, biorelevant in vitro performance ...

ISO 31000 Risk Management

Date: 24-Sep-14 to 26-Sep-14
Location: Amsterdam / Netherlands
3-day course (plus ISO 31000 exam) preparing you for the Certified ISO 31000 Risk Management Professional Certificate from G31000 (the Global Institute for Risk Management Standards). This Risk Management training enables you to become a Certified ISO 31000 Risk Management Professional (foundation level). The course and exam are based on the ISO 31000 Risk Management standard which can be used by private and public organizations of any size, industry or sector. In this intensive 3-day course you develop competence in the foundations of the ISO 31000 Risk Management Standard. Based on in-depth training, practical exercises and regular multiple-choice questions, you will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to pass the stringent exam by becoming familiar with the vocabulary, ...

Laser Welding International Masterclass Training

Date: 25-Sep-14 to 26-Sep-14
Location: Amsterdam / Netherlands
Everything you need to know from fundamentals to applications!

Cyber Security for Oil and Gas

Date: 30-Sep-14 to 01-Oct-14
Location: Amsterdam / Netherlands
BP's CEO, Bob Dudley, revealed in 2013 that BP suffered on average 50,000 attacks daily, from both domestic and foreign offenders. The scale of this activity is underlined in a report conducted by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), where the energy sector was cited as the most vulnerable industry vertical to cyber attacks. With hackers seeking to penetrate large corporations' security systems for an increasing number of criminal motives, such as obtaining IP and economic disruption, it is clear that we are in engaged in a cyber war against largely unknown enemies. The complex nature of these cyber attacks necessitates a dynamic approach to detection and elimination, crucial resilience and continuity measures, as well as consistent communication between IT and OT departments to ...

Defence Exports

Date: 01-Oct-14 to 02-Oct-14
Location: Amsterdam / Netherlands
With the recent U.S export control reforms, industry is faced with the reality that export controls are becoming more complicated and the risk of non-compliance is higher. This conference is designed to give those working in the industry the insight and tools they need to survive the recent changes and work toward greater success. At SMi's 9th annual Defence Exports conference you will gain valuable information from government officials and industry leaders on the crucial U.S. ECR modifications, key national export control reforms and plans for regulation changes in the future. Understand how the U.S. reforms will affect regulations within the EU, factors affecting compliance programs, voluntary self-disclosure, anti-corruption issues, TAAs, enforcement trends and plans for key policy ...