Trade Shows & Conferences in Berlin, Germany

EiG (Excellence in iGaming)

Date: 21-Oct-14 to 23-Oct-14
Location: Berlin / Germany
We have been working closely with our newly formed Excellence in iGaming (EiG) Advisory Board, over 70 of the world’s leading gaming experts, to bring you a completely different experience this year. Liberate your mind on our exceptional learning programme, Think. Touch, feel and explore the most innovative products and technologies and meet with fellow iGamers through a variety of networking and social events. Host to all the trend-setters and start ups in the digital world, the leading investors, venture capitalists, regulators and international gaming operators, and taking place at the uber cool Arena Berlin, EiG offers a fresh, integrated experience with a one price for all entry pass.

10th Annual Project & Portfolio Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Date: 23-Oct-14 to 24-Oct-14
Location: Berlin / Germany
Build an action plan for your major challenges Find out why companies are moving away from diversification Learn how to implement KPI system to assess the effectiveness of the projects Examine more meaningful measures of the output Discover where the Pre-conference Workshop Developing Core Competencies to Succeed with Complex Projects • From research to your reality – Ensuring theoretical insights into practical high value expertise • Develop from project manager to project CEO • Learn to identify complexity in projects and develop effective responses • Build on your dilemmas as a project leader to create new personal competencies • Experience facilitated knowledge sharing with a group of industry peers

10th International Conference Intelligent Compound Libraries 2014

Date: 27-Oct-14 to 29-Oct-14
Location: Berlin / Germany
Benefit from participating in discussions about the following topics: -10 years perspective on synthesizing and designing compound libraries -What is the role of ligand efficiency metrics in drug discovery? Have your say in this controversial debate! -Next generation library design - working towards better PPI and epigenetic libraries -Exploration of bioactive and novel chemical space by application of privileged structure concept design -Learn from Janssen’s experience with the assembly of the IMI European Lead Factory (ELF) library -What is the real potential of macrocycles and are they the drugs of the future? This year - 15 case studies from the following companies: • AstraZeneca CVMD iMED • Vipergen • Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland • UCB Pharma • University of Bonn • ...

2nd Annual Clinical Trials Supply Chain

Date: 29-Oct-14 to 30-Oct-14
Location: Berlin / Germany
Learn how you can update knowledge and know-how, find fresh ideas, learn from the experiences of top-level pharmaceutical experts, and create networking contacts that will enable you to make a difference at your company. The key challenge clinical trial supply chain managers face in global distribution is to ensure that supplies arrive at trial sites on time and in good condition. Effective distribution requires an understanding of regulations in the country of origin as well as in trial countries, it also requires qualified suppliers and storage infrastructure, control of supply temperature and conditions for the duration of delivery. Regulatory support is a critical aspect of clinical trial supply distribution, requiring the creation and monitoring of essential documents, study ...

A World without Walls 2014 "The Celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall"

Date: 07-Nov-14 to 10-Nov-14
Location: Berlin / Germany
The Annual Conference on Cultural Diplomacy is the world’s leading event within its field and traditionally hosted and organized by the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy and other leading organisations from around the world at the end of the calendar year. The 2014 Annual Conference on Cultural Diplomacy will be held in the framework of the Berlin celebrations of the 25th Anniversary for the fall of the Berlin Wall. The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 was a historic catalyst that led to a change in the world’s political, economic and cultural landscape. In the tumultuous aftermath, Eastern Europe witnessed the emergence of dozens of states which led to today’s European Union. The events in Berlin also brought transformation to other parts of the world very far from the Berlin Wall, ...

Berlin Economic Forum 2014-24 "Sustainable Economies, Sustainable Technologies, Sustainable Industries"

Date: 08-Nov-14 to 12-Nov-14
Location: Berlin / Germany
In recent years the world has witnessed the emergence of new technologies and industries following the beginning of the digital revolution in the late 20th century. These new developments have the potential to engage in new emerging economies (such as: green energies & renewable resources and sustainable agriculture and Tourism) whilst promoting a global and equal access to education, gender equality and youth empowerment. Indeed, over the last two decades we have already seen many developments in what can now be called “The Sustainable Revolution”, where governments, corporations and civil society have been working relentlessly to achieve a sustainable future for the global community. In addition, a significant change (in recent years) in the meaning of the term Sustainabilityhas ...

EuroPeptides 2014

Date: 18-Nov-14 to 19-Nov-14
Location: Berlin / Germany
Enhance your understanding of new formulation strategies that exploit routes of administration Discover the latest clinical and pre-clinical programme updates Uncover the cutting edge developments in macrocyclic and constrained peptides Evaluate new techniques to improve solid phase peptide synthesis including microwave-assisted SPPS and optimise large scale peptide manufacturing Optimise your manufacturing and analytical strategy to ensure successful and cost-effective process development stages Identify promising novel targets and indications outside of diabetes to help the expansion of pipelines in drug development Explore alternative methods to improve the half life capabilities of your peptide product

EuroTides 2014

Date: 18-Nov-14 to 19-Nov-14
Location: Berlin / Germany
4 Tracks – 1 flexible event – EuroTIDES is collocated with EuroPEPTIDES: Access both conferences with just one pass Benchmark your progress and be inspired by the promising clinical and preclinical pipeline from Sarepta, Santaris, Noxxon, GSK, Prosensa, Arrowhead, Isarna, DNA Therapeutics, Adynxx, Silence, Mirna, InDex, and Procarta Biosystems Network with over 220 attendees looking to share best practice via break-out sessions, drinks reception and the ever popular conference dinner. Overcome the delivery challenge with 10 NEW talks on new and novel approaches in pre-clinical discovery from Prof David Corey, Prof Aurélie Goyenvalle, Prof Jesper Wengel, Prof Claues Wahlestedt and Prof Cy Stein amongst others Manufacturers face tremendous pressure to keep drug costs down with ...

Deutsche Wohnen GRI 2014

Date: 24-Nov-14 to 25-Nov-14
Location: Berlin / Germany
The 1st edition Deutsche GRI Wohnen 2014, 24-25 November will bring some of the most active players in German residential real estate together at the Kempinski Hotel Bristol in Berlin. Public and municipal property companies, German and international investors, developers and lenders will discuss where the opportunities and what the headaches in the sector are Massive Transactions, Mega Mergers, foreign Investors - the attention and capital German residential attracted in the last few years is second to none. Is this going to last or is there a risk of overheating? Which new buyers are entering the market, what are their intentions with the assets, what's the impact on tenants? Is politics a driver with answers to the big demographics opportunities? GRI offers a unique opportunity once ...

Partnership Valuation in Pharma

Date: 01-Dec-14 to 02-Dec-14
Location: Berlin / Germany
• Deepen your understanding of the complex aspects in valuation of products, companies and technology platforms • Listen to best practice examples from pharmaceutical and biotech companies, their strategies and tools to master challenges like pricing and reimbursement • Hear about the different valuation models of early stage products versus late stage products Companies and institutes invited to speak: • AstraZeneca AB • Merck & Co. • Bayer Pharma AG • Novartis AG • Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. • Medivir AB • Avance • Gilead Sciences, Inc. • Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH • Sanofi S.A. • Bayer Schering Pharma AG • Polyphor Ltd. • Grünenthal GmbH • Novo Nordisk A/S • Merck Serono • Amgen, Inc. • Pfizer, Inc. • Astellas Pharma, Inc. • MorphoSys AG • UCB Pharma Ltd.