Trade Shows & Conferences in Berlin, Germany

Understanding the SME Instrument

Date: 12-Oct-15 to 12-Oct-15
Location: Berlin / Germany
Millions of pounds in EU funding are available to companies doing business in the European Union. And not just to companies incorporated in the EU. Horizon 2020, for example, is "Open to the World." This means that participants from all over the world, large and small, regardless of their place of establishment or residence, can participate in most of the calls of Horizon 2020, the European Union’s largest funding programme ever with nearly €80 billion of funding available over 7 years (2014 to 2020). However, the plethora of schemes is complex; criteria for admissibility and success are often unclear and most people don’t really understand what the evaluators are looking for. Our workshops provide companies with the practical information they need to access EU ...

The SME Instrument: Let's Apply!

Date: 13-Oct-15 to 13-Oct-15
Location: Berlin / Germany
The European Commission is looking for innovative SMEs with global ambitions that want to disrupt the established value networks and existing markets. You should be driven, actively investing in innovation, and looking to grow. Your business could receive up to €2.5 million in funding, and world-class business coaching. EU Funding Partners is organizing a full-day drafting session for companies that are ready to apply for funding under the new SME Instrument subsidy scheme. We help you to complete all application forms, draft a short business plan, register online, etc. For more information, visit our website:


Date: 12-Oct-15 to 14-Oct-15
Location: Berlin / Germany
Die Welt des Pharmavertriebs ist weiterhin starken Veränderungen unterworfen. Der klassische Massenvertrieb wurde in vielen Pharmaunternehmen neu strukturiert, verkleinert und um Multichannel-Strategien und Hybrid-Sales-Konzepte erweitert. Neue Kundengruppen sind in den Fokus der Vertriebsstrategie gerückt, die die Anforderungen an Marketing und Vertrieb massiv geändert haben. Die Erschließung von Social Media Plattformen für den Kundendialog ist noch lange nicht abgeschlossen. Was erwartet Sie auf der 11. Pharma Sales Force und Marketing Excellence Pharma? Transparenzkodex: Wie kann man den Anforderungen gerecht werden ohne ohne Selbstlähmung und bürokratische Überfrachtung Kampagnenplanung aus einem Guss: Market Access, MSL, Marketing und Sales koordinieren und integrieren ...

11th Global Conference Compound Libraries 2015

Date: 13-Oct-15 to 15-Oct-15
Location: Berlin / Germany
Join us for a focused three day conference and discuss the following topics: Learn from the IMI European Lead Factory experience! Integrate academia and industry research efforts to create a central cloud-based interface for Drug Discovery Building effective public-private-partnership strategies. Learn more about co-operation initiatives and drug repurposing programs Next generation library design - working towards better PPI and epigenetic libraries Last updates in data management, robotics and automated platforms to reduce cycle time and costs in Lead Optimization for a increased productivity What is the real potential of macrocycles and are they the drugs of the future? Don’t miss the last work on protein binding pockets and its roll in poly-pharmacology, adverse ...

Pediatric Allergy and Asthma Meeting - PAAM 2015

Date: 15-Oct-15 to 17-Oct-15
Location: Berlin / Germany
The Pediatric Section of EAACI along with the local organising committee will endeavor to create a scientific programme covering contemporary aspects of asthma, food allergy, anaphylaxis, atopic eczema, immunotherapy and eosinophilic gastrointestinal disorders. For example, new insights into immunological mechanisms that underpin successful tolerance inductions to foods will be presented; there will also be special emphasis on education hands-on workshops. PAAM 2015 will be held at the Berlin Congress Centre (BCC) which is in the centre of the city near Alexanderplatz and is easily accessible by public transportation. Berlin can be reached by plane (Schönefeld and Tegel airport), train or car. Sustainability is a goal which we will try to respect during PAAM, making it exciting, fun and ...


Date: 20-Oct-15 to 22-Oct-15
Location: Berlin / Germany
EiG is back in Berlin in October 2015! On 20-22 October, the world’s leading iGaming event – Excellence in iGaming, will be bringing together leading professionals and thought-leaders from across the globe to discuss the current hot topics concerning the industry, including: • Consolidation – good or bad for the industry and consumers? • Evolution towards omni-channel customer experience • Getting the most out of mobile and new devices • Best practice for entering emerging markets Business is evolving and the way we consume information has changed. No longer a traditional conference, EiG (Excellence in iGaming) is building on its 2014 transformation as a vibrant, contemporary gaming space giving you the freedom to think, to ...

The Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Labelling Summit

Date: 27-Oct-15 to 29-Oct-15
Location: Berlin / Germany
1 Event, 2 Streams: •Stream 1: Pharmaceutical Labelling and Company Core Data Sheets Crucial regulatory feedback ensuring effective product information and practical case studies on successfully writing and managing company core data sheets •Stream 2: Labelling Compliance and UDI Implementation for Medical Devices and IVDs Industry case studies and essential regulatory updates for the future of medical device and IVD labelling and practical implementation of the UDI system. Join us in Berlin this October to benefit from industry leaders providing their experience and expertise within this complex and ever-changing landscape. Download the brochure for more information:

Real Driving Emissions 2015

Date: 27-Oct-15 to 29-Oct-15
Location: Berlin / Germany
Compared to tests under laboratory conditions, light duty vehicles have substantially higher emission when actually being on the road. The European Commission is reacting to this and introduces a mandatory test procedure to be applied for the type approval of light-duty vehicles by 2017. These Real Driving Emissions (RDE) are measured on the road by a Portable Emission Measurement System (PEMS). This new procedure implies significant challenges for OEMs. Exhaust control systems must perform under a broad range of different operating conditions, the logistics of type-approval processes are forced to be restructured and new measurement technology has to be applied.

 This conference will review the current status of the introduction of RDE test procedures and its related technologies in ...

Basic Epigenetic Mechanisms in Cancer

Date: 08-Nov-15 to 11-Nov-15
Location: Berlin / Germany
Recent advances in technology allow us to consider the epigenome as well as the genome of a tumour on an individual level. These advances, in combination with high throughput technologies, are leading to rapid advances in the development of epigenetic biomarkers and novel therapeutic targets. Who should attend? This conference will cover some of the most recent advances and cutting edge research in the field of epigenetics and its relationship to cancer. We have created a programme that brings together basic scientists with translational and clinical researchers. During the meeting, there will be great opportunities for young scientists to meet the experts in the field, and we aim to create an open and engaging environment for discussion. Topics to be covered include: - ...

TIDES Europe

Date: 16-Nov-15 to 18-Nov-15
Location: Berlin / Germany
With 2 events under one roof, this event will provide you with unrivaled networking opportunities and the ability to move freely between both events in order to tailor a programme suited to your educational needs. This is one of the most comprehensive European conferences to cover clinical, manufacturing and R&D developments for RNAi, miRNA, Antisense, Aptamers and Peptides. Attendees will get to hear about the latest pre clinical and clinical updates from leading experts over a 3 day conference.