Trade Shows & Conferences in Berlin, Germany

App Promotion Summit Berlin 2015

Date: 03-Dec-15 to 03-Dec-15
Location: Berlin / Germany
App Promotion Summit Berlin takes place on Thursday, 3rd December at the prestigious Hotel Adlon Kempinski. APS will cover the full range of app marketing techniques including App Store Optimization (ASO), mobile growth hacking, media buying and paid advertising, analytics, deep linking, and video promotion. Speakers include experts from SoundCloud, Google, trivago, 8fit, Facebook, Wooga, Clue and Aeria Games. App Promotion Summit has been described as “one of the best app events I’ve ever been to” (Tom Leclerc, ASO Manager, Wooga) and “more useful than WWDC” (Jon Bonnick, Founder & CEO, Intelligenti). Capacity is limited and both previous Berlin Summits sold out, so early registration is strongly recommended.

IP Summit 2015 Berlin

Date: 03-Dec-15 to 04-Dec-15
Location: Berlin / Germany
For the tenth year, on 3 and 4 December 2015, Premier Cercle™ will gather 100+ speakers and 500 delegates at the Pan-European Intellectual Property Summit (IP Summit). This two-day-conference aims at discussing, with high-level speakers, trademark, patent, copyright and design major recent evolutions, actions, issues and ongoing EU reforms. Main topics -The spillover effect of plain packaging -How to adapt copyright business models in response to technological changes? -Annual Review of Leading Case Law and regulations -The impact of fuel-cell patent.

Automotive Battery Management Systems

Date: 07-Dec-15 to 09-Dec-15
Location: Berlin / Germany
The goal is to bring together industry leaders to review the newest ideas and opportunities for, among others, more effective algorithms and integrated electronics for the most efficient battery management systems. By learning from best practices and exploring the latest research, find out how to enhance battery performance and reduce costs with the next generation of battery management systems. Discover new concepts for battery management system architecture and how these are helping to reduce production costs Review strategies for functional safety of battery management systems and how to effectively implement these standards Develop a better understanding of the battery cell and its aging and how to control these factors to optimise battery management system performance Learn ...

5. Jahresforum CRM Analytics

Date: 08-Dec-15 to 10-Dec-15
Location: Berlin / Germany
Nutzen Sie das Potential von CRM Systemen als Ausgangspunkt für effiziente Kundenbindungs- und Marketingstrategien, für optimierte Prozesse und als Basis einer „smarten“ Zukunft. Erfahren Sie, wie Sie herausfinden, worauf der Kunde in Zukunft Wert legt, welche Produkte er kaufen wird und wie er angesprochen werden will. Agieren statt reagieren, ist das Motto dieser Veranstaltung, indem vorhandene IT-Tools wie Data Mining und Analytics genutzt werden und Wissen zu neuen Produkten und innovativen Vertriebsansätzen aggregiert werden. Nutzen Sie den Austausch zu folgenden Themen: Durch Marketing-Analytik und Kampagnenmanagement zur gezielten Kundenansprache. Den Kunde in der Doppelrolle als Energieerzeuger und –Verbraucher als Prosumer wahrnehmen und richtig damit umgehen. Steigerung ...

Practical advice for starting up a sales effort, A to Z

Date: 22-Jan-16 to 22-Jan-16
Location: Berlin / Germany
This course reviews best practices and provides structure so you can develop a B2B, consultative sales effort at your own company or organization. The course is divided into three main blocks: 1) Your Role: We take a practical look at what those responsible for sales should do. Also what not to expect from them. We explore the limitations in what sales people can do on their own, how founders can stay involved and why they MUST stay involved. The talk has some disruptive elements that serve as a healthy wake up call for startup founders. It also covers questions of CRM and pipeline management. (90 minutes) 2) Sales Message Creation: We will take time to extract an exhaustive description of your company, your products and services. You will learn how to classify and order your ...

4th International Nuclear Decommissioning Summit

Date: 27-Jan-16 to 28-Jan-16
Location: Berlin / Germany
Meet your industry peers and discuss how to: Obtain and retain your overview of the international decommissioning landscape Hear about upcoming projects and decommissioning licences to identify next business opportunities Benefit from hands-on experience and case studies in shortened decommissioning processes Gain valuable insights into knowledge transfer and possibilities for international co-operations in highly regulated markets Learn about advanced decommissioning technologies and industrialisation to cut down cost

Digital disruption, why should I care

Date: 05-Feb-16 to 05-Feb-16
Location: Berlin / Germany
Will we still have a TV set at home in 10 years? Will we still need to remember our wallet? Will the BMWs, Toyotas or Mercedes still dominate the car market? New digital technologies and business models affect the value proposition of existing goods and services. They disrupt entire market systems. According to a recent study by the Global Center for Digital Business Transformation, four of the top 10 incumbents in each industry will be displaced by digital disruption in the next five years. This seminar on Digital Disruption prepares participants for such imminent challenges. Aims: We will use a combination of external speakers and group work to (A) “Wake you up” and make participants acknowledge and face the challenges that disruptive business models may cause and (B) Equip them ...

2nd International Conference Lightweight Chassis and Body Design

Date: 16-Feb-16 to 17-Feb-16
Location: Berlin / Germany
•Find the best material combination to manufacture multi-material lightweight chassis •New concepts for lightweight brakes to optimize thermal stresses •Optimal design for developing lightweight transmissions for trucks and buses •Innovative steel forming technologies for developing lightweight chassis •Applying corrosion solutions for maximum protection

4th International Conference Advanced E-Motor Technology 2016

Date: 16-Feb-16 to 18-Feb-16
Location: Berlin / Germany
The belief is growing amongst politicians, society and industry that the era of regular combustion vehicles will sooner or later come to an end. Mobility is increasing at the same time as pressure from government bodies, environmental groups and consumers to reduce CO2 levels continues to rise. Electric vehicles meet many of the future demands being faced by the automotive industry. The current challenge for e-motors is to develop light, small and powerful versions in order to make them feasible for the mass market. Here we encounter the catch 22: Only mass production will lower the costs encountered, but currently EVs are too expensive to create a mass market. The driving question remains: How can we produce high-quality, cost effective e-motors without reaching high volumes?


Date: 16-Feb-16 to 18-Feb-16
Location: Berlin / Germany
Automotive corrosion protection is a technical event for experts in the automotive industry with a clear focus on the latest developments in corrosion mechanisms and how to prevent them. The goal of the conference is to explore how new concepts in body and chassis design are affecting corrosion protection strategies. Learn about the latest research in corrosion prevention of mixed materials and how this is being successfully implemented in production. Develop a better understanding of unique corrosion mechanisms Discover new strategies for corrosion protection of mixed material vehicle architectures Review current corrosion test methodologies and how to improve these for new vehicle designs Examine how the increase of electronic elements is coping with corrosion challenges Find ...