Trade Shows & Conferences in Boston, Massachusetts

Medical Informatics World 2014

Date: 28-Apr-14 to 29-Apr-14
Cambridge Healthtech Institute and Bio-IT World's Second Annual Medical Informatics World builds upon last year's successful inaugural launch by delivering timely programming focused on the cross-industry connections and innovative solutions needed to take biomedical research and healthcare delivery to the next level. The 2014 meeting will bring together more than 300 senior level executives and industry leaders from each side of the discussion - providers, payers and pharma - in the fields of healthcare, biomedical sciences, health informatics, and IT. Over two days of insightful discussions and engaging presentations, leading experts will share emerging trends and solutions in population health management, payer-provider-pharma data collaborations, optimizing patient care and ...

Bio-IT World Conference & Expo 2014

Date: 29-Apr-14 to 01-May-14
The 2014 Bio-IT World Conference & Expo plans to unite 2,500+ life sciences, pharmaceutical, clinical, healthcare, and IT professionals from 30+ countries. The Expo provides the perfect venue to share information and discuss enabling technologies that are driving biomedical research and the drug development process. Since its debut in 2002, the annual Bio-IT World Conference & Expo has established itself as a premier event showcasing the myriad applications of IT and informatics to biomedical research and the drug discovery enterprise. The 2014 program will feature compelling talks from industry and academia on new trends in data generation, knowledge management, and information technology in life sciences and drug development, including best practice case studies and joint ...

Biologics Formulation and Delivery Summit

Date: 05-May-14 to 07-May-14
Advances in molecular biology and biotechnology have allowed for the large-scale production of effective and potent biotherapeutic drugs. Major research issues in protein/peptide delivery include the stabilization of proteins in delivery devices and the design of appropriate target-specific carriers. CHI's Inaugural Biologics Formulation and Delivery Summit will provide a forum for focused discussions on current challenges and opportunities in delivery of biotherapeutics. This multi-track summit will discuss various formulation and device-based approaches for designing physiologically relevant, patient friendly, targeted biologics products.

PEGS: The Essential Protein Engineering Summit

Date: 05-May-14 to 09-May-14
Over 1,600 participants will gather in Boston’s vibrant seaport district for open forum discussions and collaboration at CHI’s flagship biologics event “PEGS the essential protein engineering summit”. The continued success of PEGS is driven by the growth in biologics worldwide, the quality of scientific programming presented and valuable networking opportunities. 2014 event features include 1,600+ participants, 20 conferences, 14 short courses, 375+ presentations, 100+ exhibitors, and 175+ posters.

Mastering Medicinal Chemistry

Date: 21-May-14 to 22-May-14
After more than a decade at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco, the successful Mastering Medicinal Chemistry conference is moving to the East Coast. As the must-attend event for senior medicinal chemists, we invite you to join us at our new location in Boston, MA! Senior executives and industry thought leaders from Pfizer, Roche, Sanofi, GlaxoSmithKline, Bristol-Myers Squibb, AbbVie, AstraZeneca and many more will participate in this year’s program with inspiring discussions on the future role of medicinal chemistry and its contribution to improved drug discovery rates. Senior level chemists from leading life science companies will also discuss how kinetics and residence time, targeted tissue delivery, and allosteric inhibitors enhance profiles or modulate difficult targets. ...

Structure-Based Drug Design

Date: 21-May-14 to 22-May-14
Experimental methods such as X-ray crystallography, NMR, and computational chemistry techniques have led to a better understanding and larger knowledge base of 3-dimensional structures and binding events, encouraging rapid development of structure-based drug design. Cambridge Healthtech Institute's Fourteenth Annual Structure-Based Drug Design event will showcase informative, high-quality case studies, innovative techniques, and strategies to move from computation to experiment, and finally, to drug. Top scientists from pharma and biotech will address how they are hitting epigenetic targets, provide updates on the newest wave of GPCRs and other membrane proteins, and discuss the latest in fragment-based drug design. Attendees will return to their organizations with fresh perspectives and ...

World Pharma Congress

Date: 21-May-14 to 23-May-14
After spending 12 years in Philadelphia the World Pharma Congress is moving to Boston, which is buzzing with new findings and technologies that can potentially revolutionize the way in which traditional preclinical drug discovery is done. World Pharma Congress 2014 will provide a forum for scientists and clinicians to meet to exchange ideas and launch collaborations - here are some reasons why you don't want to miss joining us in the Pharma Hub of Boston! - This is one of the few events that focuses on preclinical efforts targeted towards early discovery, screening, drug delivery and scale-up - It brings together a diverse group of scientists and clinicians working in biology, pharmacology, formulations and process chemistry to facilitate active brainstorming - It's well represented ...

Chemical Biology for Target Validation

Date: 22-May-14 to 23-May-14
Small molecule drug discovery has approached a critical junction where the rigorous pre-clinical validation and prioritizing of novel targets is of utmost importance. Challenged with thinning development pipelines and significant losses in revenue, greater emphasis is being placed on the stringent selection and validation of targets and candidate molecules to increase success and reduce attrition rates in phase II trials. In response to this challenge, a synergy between drug discovery and chemical biology is emerging as a vital component to providing adequate confidence before launching full discovery programs. The development and utilization of high-quality chemical probes in combination with disease-relevant phenotypic systems provides a powerful approach to obtain a deeper interrogation ...

Barnett's Clinical Trial Oversight Summit

Date: 02-Jun-14 to 05-Jun-14
Barnett International and Cambridge Healthtech Institute's third annual Clinical Trial Oversight Summit will feature four co-located conferences covering best practices and recent trends relevant to clinical research monitoring, auditing, clinical quality assurance, site management, and vendor oversight. This four-day summit will include presentations from experts, case studies, interactive breakout discussion groups, workshops, and networking opportunities. Themes throughout will include risk-based approaches to clinical trial management, implementing quality systems-based approaches to GCP compliance, ensuring reliable study data, responding to the evolving regulatory landscape, and preparing sites and clinical research partners for inspection-readiness.

Precision Diagnostics Summit

Date: 16-Jun-14 to 18-Jun-14
As personalized medicine integrates into clinical practice, genomic tools and technologies will need to evolve to meet the increasing test volume and required accuracy. Cambridge Healthtech Institute's Precision Diagnostics Summit will provide a start-to-finish look at the latest methods for sample preparation, novel tools for nucleic acid detection, and final analysis of results.