Trade Shows & Conferences in Boston, Massachusetts

Targeting Ocular Disorders

Date: 06-Oct-14 to 07-Oct-14
With the aging of the population, the need for treatments of ocular diseases and disorders has become more important than ever. Increasingly high incidences of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and ocular inflammatory diseases demand better, more effective and innovative treatments. If we are to maintain the quality of life for this aging population, the preservation of vision is critical. This conference will address targeting of ophthalmic medications and treatments and will provide the latest results in the field, along with novel and emerging targets that hold promise in treating these quality of life threats.

Discovery on Target

Date: 08-Oct-14 to 10-Oct-14
Cambridge Healthtech Institute will host its 12th Annual Discovery on Target event showcasing current and emerging "hot" targets for the pharmaceutical industry, October 8-10, 2014 in Boston, MA. Spanning three days, the meeting attracts over 900+ attendees (from 24 countries), composed of scientists/technologists, executives, directors, and managers from biopharma, academic, and healthcare organizations. In 2014 the event is comprised of 14 conference tracks which include Epigenetic Readers, Ubiquitin Proteasome, Big Data Discovery, GPCR Drug Discovery, RNAi-Screens-Functional-Genomics, PPI Targets, Protein-Targets, Histone-Methyltransferases-Demethylases, Drug Transporters, Maximizing Efficiency, GPCR Therapeutics, Genomics Screening, Cancer Metabolism and Membrane Production. ...

Antibody Library Display on a Mammalian Virus: Combining the Advantages of Panning and Cell Sorting in One Technology

Date: 15-Oct-14 to 15-Oct-14
Webinar Description: The course topic is a novel antibody selection technology developed by Vaccinex. The technology enables efficient expression of a library of human antibodies in full length IgG format on the surface of vaccinia virus, an enveloped mammalian virus. This technology combines the advantages of virus panning (high throughput), with the advantages of cell sorting (fine tuning of specificity and affinity). The Vaccinia Display technology enables rapid screening of billions of antibody combinations, with the resulting selection of panels of high affinity antibodies. Importantly, with this technology there is a built in selection for antibodies that pass mammalian cell quality control, ensuring that the selected antibodies are efficiently expressed and have favorable ...

Ultra-Sensitivity Single-Molecule Array (Simoa) Technology for the Detection of Blood-Based Biomarkers in Neurology or Neurodegeneration

Date: 21-Oct-14 to 21-Oct-14
Symposium Course Description : Dr. Henrik Zetterberg (Sahlgrenska University) will provide an overview of the principles of the Simoa technology developed by Quanterix, Inc. Quanterix has developed the first total tau assay for blood and Dr. Zetterberg will discuss case studies of the use of this assay in mild traumatic brain injury and sport-related concussion. In addition, he will describe the use of the Simoa technology for the development of a custom assay for neurofilament light chain (NFL) in blood. He will then describe the application of Simoa technology to other key neurological and neurodegenerative biomarkers. Dr. Andreas Jeromin, Quanterix, will discuss the current status of development of blood-based biomarkers in central nervous system (CNS), and the importance of ...

Lessons Learned in Portfolio Management

Date: 28-Oct-14 to 28-Oct-14
Webinar Description: There is no single right way to practice portfolio management in life sciences companies. Organizational maturity, executives’ appetite for analytics, and current budget realities all impact the appropriate level of depth and breadth you should apply to your portfolio processes. In this webinar, we’ll share analytical tools and methods for communicating details about the portfolio that are useful for firms regardless of the current state of their portfolio processes. Learning Objectives: Effective ways to communicate the current status of the portfolio Methods for demonstrating portfolio value accretion and erosion since the last review period Methods for scenario analysis, while letting executives drive the scenario building process to ensure engagement ...

Re-Entering Antibacterial Drug Development Summit

Date: 27-Oct-14 to 29-Oct-14
Several factors including diminishing financial return, lack of new discovery platforms and others, had a cooling effect on pharmaceutical companies' activity in the area of antibacterial drug development. At the same time, we are witnessing the wide spread of resistant bacteria, leading to untreatable infections. "We are facing a huge crisis worldwide not having an antibiotics pipeline," said Dr. Janet Woodcock, Director of CDER at FDA, in her recent interview to NYT. The governments of European countries and the United States have created several incentives for the industry to rise to the challenge. Therefore, many companies are exploring the opportunities to start or re-open their antibacterial departments, or to stimulate the existing research and development. Cambridge ...

2nd The Pharmacovigilance & Risk Management Strategies

Date: 28-Oct-14 to 29-Oct-14
The Pharmacovigilance & Risk Management Strategies Conference is bringing together experts and industry leaders who will discuss the most important issues and challenges regarding Global Pharmacovigilance and Benefit-Risk Analysis. Some of the main topics will include the impact of the new EMA and FDA regulations, Social Media, Adverse Event Reporting, Signal Detection, and Benefit-Risk & Risk Management. This interactive and debate-driven meeting is a one-of-a-kind event, offering delegates the unique opportunity to network and benchmark with their peers in a roundtable format, while discussing the future of Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety. • Investigate the Current Regulations and Guidelines on USA and EU Pharmacovigilance. • Insight into Building Proactive Risk ...

Targeting Tick-Borne Diseases

Date: 29-Oct-14 to 30-Oct-14
The rapid expansion of tick-borne illness in the Americas and Europe poses great challenges for the prevention and treatment of these diseases, in both humans and animals. Though Lyme Disease continues to be the predominant disease (with estimates of as many as 300,000 new cases every year in the US), new and emerging illnesses are increasingly reported. The cost for treatment of these diseases continues to rise. As humans and animals spend more time in wooded areas, the threat becomes even more urgent. This conference will address the newest science in the pathogenesis of these diseases, along with the latest research into prevention and treatment of these crippling illnesses.

Advances in Prenatal Molecular Diagnostics

Date: 05-Nov-14 to 07-Nov-14
The field of prenatal diagnostics is undergoing rapid and significant change, as a variety of molecular diagnostics are transforming the type and quality of data that can be provided to pregnant women and their physicians. Array-based cytogenetic analysis can provide more detailed and accurate assessment of many genetic conditions compared with traditional karyotyping, both of which rely on samples obtained using invasive procedures. Since obtaining samples invasively, even in the most proficient hands, does involve some risk to the fetus, there has been tremendous interest in non-invasive testing approaches. Next-gen sequencing of cell-free DNA found in maternal blood has been demonstrated to provide highly accurate assessment of fetal aneuploidies, with quite low false positives and ...

POC and mHealth Diagnostics Summit

Date: 05-Nov-14 to 07-Nov-14
The growth and proliferation of point-of-care testing and mobile health devices is an indicator of the transformation in the IVD market, driven by the need to reduce the cost of healthcare and shorten the time required to get test results. A newly emerging DTC segment will meet the needs of consumers who are willing to pay out of pocket to manage their own health information by creating an array of tools designed to enable preventative medicine. This inaugural event will highlight advances in the rapid testing market in two sections: the development of technologies and the progression to the clinical and consumer interface.