Trade Shows & Conferences in Boston, Massachusetts

Big Data TechCon

Date: 26-Apr-15 to 28-Apr-15
Big Data TechCon, April 26-28 in Boston, is the “how-to” show for Big Data developers, IT managers and practitioners. Big Data TechCon is technology-agnostic and will apply to organizations using relational databases, NoSQL databases, graph databases, unstructured data, flat files and data feeds. Come up to speed on the latest big data technologies like Yarn, Apache Spark and Cascading. Learn to master Big Data solutions. Use code PARTNER for a $100 discount off the prevailing rate.

Stem Cell Summit 2015

Date: 27-Apr-15 to 29-Apr-15
We invite you to attend the Stem Cell Summit 2015 taking place on April 27 - 29, 2015 in Boston, MA

5th Pharma Talent Acquisition & Development Forum

Date: 05-May-15 to 06-May-15
Unlocking Full Potential While Attracting and Developing Top Talent for Pharma & Biotech

BIOMEDevice Boston medtech event

Date: 06-May-15 to 07-May-15
Location: Boston / United States
Bringing the Medtech Community Under One Roof This May, see why so many cutting-edge companies and industry-driving thought leaders call New England home. Benefit from hundreds of exhibiting suppliers and service providers, a conference agenda including full day Wireless and Quality conference tracks, free presentations on the expo floor, and much more.

2nd Clinical Trials Phase I & Phase IIA

Date: 07-May-15 to 08-May-15
Location: Boston / United States
The early phases of a clinical trial are the most crucial. This is where the potential of a drug is evaluated and applied to the treatment at stake. However, they are also the most expensive and regulated portions of a trial. It can cost up to two billion dollars just to complete these early phases of a clinical trial, and sometimes, they are even bypassed. If this does not occur, and a drug does go through Phase I and Phase IIA, corners can be proactively cut in order to decrease costs, meet regulatory requirements and ensure efficacy. The 2nd Clinical Trials Phase I and Phase IIA Summit will explore paramount strategies behind increasing efficiency in early phase clinical trials. As the early clinical development space is continuously evolving, this must-attend event will feature ...

Epigenomics & Novel Therapeutic Targets Conference

Date: 21-May-15 to 22-May-15
On behalf of GTCbio and the 2015 Advisory Board, you are invited the Epigenomics & Novel Therapeutic Targets Conference which takes place May 21-22, 2015 in Boston, MA. This meeting is part of The Pan-Omics Summit and focuses on transcriptional regulation, novel therapeutic targets and discoveries, pre-clinical to clinical drug development, new technological advances, and epigenomic biomarkers and diagnostics. Epigenomics is still a growing field and young in comparison to its counterparts. Investigators are facing many challenges in terms of immunotherapeutic research and instrumental analysis. This conference is for the scientists, researchers, laboratory leaders, and managers who are working in the field and allows these experts to share their findings and techniques in order to ...

2nd Metabolomics - Advances & Applications in Human Disease Conference

Date: 21-May-15 to 22-May-15
GTCbio is proud to present the 2nd Metabolomics - Advances & Applications in Human Disease Conference, which will be part of The Pan-Omics Summit and takes place May 21-22, 2015 in Boston, MA. There is still significant human variability in metabolite identification for targets and pathways. These challenges affect the advancement in metabolomics, the use of biomarkers, and its application towards cancer, metabolic disorders, and neurodegenerative diseases. Join us for an event that presents new research and offers networking opportunities with the researchers and scientists who are working on developing clinical assays, connecting the metabolome and the genome, and establishing common quality standards for experimental data. Sessions: I. Advances in Metabolite Markers ...

HackerX-Boston (Front-End) Employer Ticket - 5/21

Date: 21-May-15 to 22-May-15
Location: Boston / United States
  Where Hackers Meet Startups    This is a must-attend event for any employers looking for front-end talent in the Boston area. Note: Each employer ticket is for one employer. If you'd like more people attend, feel free to buy another ticket! (Max 2 tickets per employer.) HackerX takes no referral fee or commission!  MEET TOP FRONT-END DEVELOPERS. Hiring developers is hard, especially here in Boston. That's why we started HackerX, the most exclusive recruting event for developers. We've hand picked and recruited some of the top job seeking developers in the valley so you don't have to. HackerX is designed to allow your busy team to meet face to face with qualified developers at one event to find your next team member.  MEET 50+ CANDIDATES. 20 face-to-face ...

CHI's Mastering Clinical Trial Monitoring

Date: 01-Jun-15 to 02-Jun-15
Changing FDA expectations, risk-based monitoring, and ever-growing demands for cost efficiency are fueling dramatic developments in the world of clinical research. Clinical trial monitors are on the front line of these changes, and must adapt to the world of centralized risk-based monitoring, quality systems-based approaches, and sophisticated technologies designed to improve outcomes. CHI will be addressing these issues at its sixth annual Mastering Clinical Trial Monitoring conference. Participants can expect to hear from thought-leaders to share their insights into addressing these challenges and exploiting these opportunities via presentations, case studies, and hands-on activities.

CHI's Vendor Management in Clinical Trials

Date: 01-Jun-15 to 02-Jun-15
As the trend toward outsourcing clinical research continues to grow, those charged with vendor qualification, selection, contracting, and ongoing oversight must be ready to meet these expectations. Most importantly, they must consider quality systems-based approaches, risk mitigation and management, and effective tools and techniques for ensuring successful third party vendor partnerships. Thought-leaders will address important themes, including quality systems-based vendor management throughout the lifecycle, risk-based auditing of third party vendors, and addressing quality issues to ensure compliance.