Trade Shows & Conferences in Denver, Colorado

Groundwater Summit

Date: 05-May-14 to 07-May-14
Location: Denver / Colorado / United States
Groundwater is a resource to be protected. It ignores political boundaries, transports contaminants, floods mine and construction sites, spins communities into an uproar, and can’t be found when you need it. Join with hundreds of your peers from around the world as they explore everything groundwater at the 10th annual Summit featuring: - More than 120 platform presentations in a dozen different sessions ranging from academic contributions to groundwater management, modeling, and remediation - Panel presentations on Superfund and water-quality constraints - Five twilight sessions covering topics from combined remedies to watershed hydrology - Two poster receptions - An optional field trip - Four optional short courses - Numerous networking opportunities and more!

Water Management for Shale Plays WEST 2014

Date: 28-May-14 to 30-May-14
Location: Denver / Colorado / United States
As shale plays in the Western United States are increasingly developed, the amount of water needed for hydraulic fracturing operations continues to skyrocket. However, the amount of available water hasn’t increased, but rather in many cases become even scarcer. This mismatch between supply and demand for water and related services, which is seriously impacting the increasing costs of water sourcing, storage, treatment, transport and disposal, suggests how critical an optimum water management system has become to the overall success of today’s E&P companies. Marcus Gay from IHS has recently stated that water management is at the fulcrum of the balancing act between the oil and gas industry’s social license to operate and its economic performance. Only those who are primed with a cost-...

One Voice International Conference and Expert Academic Roundtable 2014

Date: 16-Aug-14 to 16-Aug-14
Location: Denver / Colorado / United States
The Expert Academic Roundtable (EAR) format is both a hybrid and distillation of the traditional highly effective format s of One Voice International Conferences and Forums for Educators since 2008. From the start, One Voice events have been designed and implemented to optimize interaction and engagement of scholarly presenters with one another, and meaningful discussion and brainstorming with educators in their audience. The tone and spirit of these events has always been unique. For example, educators from all over the world embraced the introduction of academic brainstorming sessions that dissected specific issues in education from a global point of view. The unusual programs culminated in international forums, wherein attendees encouraged the organization to define new and better ...