Trade Shows & Conferences in Geneva, Switzerland

Dealers’ View of Warranty: SGS 2014 Global Automotive Survey

Date: 29-Apr-14 to 29-Apr-14
Location: Geneva / Switzerland
Agenda The webinar will discuss further information about: For which brands dealers find warranty easy to work with Dealer Satisfaction with the key warranty tools field force, hotlines and audit Dealer Satisfaction with the level and administration of goodwill Dealer Satisfaction with the level and administration of extended warranties Comparison of results between 2012 and 2014 survey wave Background This event is a part of the 2014 SGS webinar series aimed at helping automotive manufacturers and brand owners continually enhance customer experience. SGS is running a range of webinars aimed at supporting organization in this mission. This survey is part of SGS Global Warranty Satisfaction survey conducted in Europe, US, China, Brasil and Argentina during the course of 2014. ...

Human Genome Meeting 2014

Date: 27-Apr-14 to 30-Apr-14
Location: Geneva / Switzerland
With the recent advances of genome structure and function at the individual basis, the genome analysis is rapidly becoming an important tool in biomedical research and promises to make a substantial impact in global health. This conference will explore all aspects of genome exploration and its impact in international health. Technology development, bioinformatics tools, genome-transcriptome-other “omics” issues, epigenetic aspects, ethical, legal, social and financial topics, population-specific particularities, individualized medical aspects, actionable genomic variation, animal models, metagenomes, single-cell biology, diagnostic and therapeutic issues, advanced genomic technologies, and many other related topics will be presented and discussed by world leaders in the their fields. ...

Family Office co-Investment Forum

Date: 28-Apr-14 to 30-Apr-14
Location: Geneva / Switzerland
Bringing together families of significant wealth with a view to co-investing, this will be a unique opportunity to combine knowledge sharing around the essential components for creating successful co-investment strategies with closed door discussions for those both new to co-investing those experienced in the practice. The event is exclusively for significant private investors, business and financial families and their private offices to discuss issues including; identifying co-investments, due diligence and tax structuring, benchmarking and timescale management. With an innovative agenda that allows for intimate discussion rather than plenary presentations, the Forum will give you the opportunity to engage in constructive conversations and build significant relationships with ...

Risks in Agri Trading: Emerging Markets 2014 Summit

Date: 18-Jun-14 to 19-Jun-14
Location: Geneva / Switzerland
The Risks in Agri Trading: Emerging Markets 2014 Summit is a senior-level meeting that will provide a comprehensive platform for practitioners involved in the trading of agri-commodities. The forum is designed for Traders, Finance Experts, Risk Managers and Heads of Operations looking at improving or initiating activities with emerging markets. Focused Programme -Discussions addressing the risks trading houses face on a global scale when they enter new and emerging markets -Strong areas of focus: Geopolitical Risks & Legal Framework; Economic Risks; Supply Chain Risks -Expert speakers line-up including experienced practitioners from Olam, Cargill, ADM Cocoa, Louis Dreyfus Commodities, Ecom Agro Industrial Corporation, and many others

36th European Congress for Nutrition and Metabolism

Date: 06-Sep-14 to 09-Sep-14
Location: Geneva / Switzerland
Together with the members of the ESPEN committees, the local organisers have composed an attractive scientific and educational programme along our motto “Nutrition on the Move”. Nutritional science is generating constantly new findings which have to be implemented in daily practice. What was true yesterday may be wrong in the future. Evolving nutritional practice is a continuing challenge. A distinguished international faculty will share their updated experience and involve you in discussions about the most recent developments in clinical nutrition. Time: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm Price: Until 22.05.2014 - ESPEN Member: EUR 440.00 Until 22.05.2014 - Non Member: EUR 545.00 Until 22.05.2014 - Nurse - ESPEN Member: EUR 320.00 Until 22.05.2014 - Nurse - Non Member: EUR 375.00 Until 22.05....