Trade Shows & Conferences in New York, New York

Hollywood Babble-On With Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman

Date: 10-Oct-15 to 10-Oct-15
Location: New York / United States
Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman take a twisted look at showbiz news and bite the Hollywood hand that feeds them. Sometimes, they feel bad and give Hollywood a tetanus shot and some Neosporin, but, even then, they usually just turn around and bite Hollywood's other hand. They can't help it. It's their nature. It's like that "scorpion and frog" story. But, deep down, they're just two nice East Coast boys... who happen to have a heavy dependence on drugs and alcohol, respectively. New York Super Week is a first of its kind pop culture festival. For one week the entire city of New York will become a playground for super heroes, villains, vampires, zombies, geeks and passionate Fans of all sizes. With different pop culture themed experiences happening in every corner of the City – ...

PressPlay NY

Date: 11-Oct-15 to 11-Oct-15
Location: New York / United States
Want to meet many of your favorite social media personalities? Want to take selfies and get autographs with the hottest all-stars on Twitter and Vine today? PressPlay Operates Differently Than Other Tours. We Focus On The Meet & Greet First and Our Concert Second. We Offer a Quality, Well Produced Concert, But Our Meet & Greet Is The Most Important. Participants at New York Super Week 2015 include: ChristianLeave @christianleave Tina Woods @tinawoodsss SighMike @sighmike Drew Phillips @drewphillipps__ Joey Kidney @joeykidney Taylor Baxter @itstaylorbaxter Chase Goehring @chasegoehring Alex Reininga @alex_reininga Pierson Oglesby @piersonoglesby Tyler White @itylerhd Dakota Brooks @imdakotabrooks New York Super Week is a first of its kind pop culture festival. ...

Social Marketing & CrowdFunding for Real Estate Investors

Date: 14-Oct-15 to 14-Oct-15
Location: New York / United States
In this interactive presentation, learn practical strategies for using social marketing to grow your real estate investing business. We’ll review examples of organizations that have successfully implemented strategies as well as brainstorm ways for participants to use social marketing as a deal flow, lead generation, and financing resource. This presentation will benefit wholesalers looking for more leads, rehabbers to identify more fix and flip opportunities, landlords who need alternative ways to market for tenants & find buy and hold opportunities, and real estate agents, brokers, mortgage professionals, and other service providers market their services better. Learning Objectives Lean Startup for Real Estate Investing: Learn how to get your real estate business from ...


Date: 15-Oct-15 to 15-Oct-15
Location: New York / United States
  WANT A PAYCHECK FOR LIFE, WITHOUT EVER HAVING TO WORK AGAIN?   I believe “ No one should have to work more than 30 hours a week to provide for his or her family if they don’t want too”. Wouldn’t it be cool to support your family while actually spending time with them?   Real Estate Investing allow many people to create option in their life where they did not think there were any. Real Estate Investing is a proven technique to create large sums of wealth overtime. By following simple rules and guidelines Investing can be profitable, fun and rewarding.   If you don’t want to work, you have to work to earn enough money, so that you don’t have to work! By working hard in your spare time for a while, you can get paid the rest of your life based on that initial effort verses ...

Managing Model Risk in Risk and Pricing Models

Date: 14-Oct-15 to 15-Oct-15
Location: New York / United States
“A model without sufficient validation is only a hypothesis” * In recent years quantitative modelling has been applied to a wide variety of increasingly complex products and processes. The results of these models are also being used to inform a growing number of business decisions and regulatory criteria. As a result financial institutions must carefully manage and mitigate the risks that can arise from the use of these models. The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency’s (OCC) 2011 guidance highlighted the increased importance of model risk management and raised the expected standards of validation and mitigation. More recently, Basel regulation has also encouraged growth in the use of quantitative models and with it, the management of the inherent risks. The mitigation of ...

UAlbany Fall Open House - Bus from NYC (10/17/15)

Date: 17-Oct-15 to 17-Oct-15
Location: New York / United States
UAlbany Fall Open House Event Transportation - October 17th Ride with CoTo Travel as we take you to the University at Albany, located a few short minutes away from the state capitol building of New York State.  Here, you’ll be able to explore the many facets of UAlbany’s campus and discover why it has become the home away from home for many downstate students. What This Trip Includes: Same day round trip transportation between New York City metro area and UAlbany Escort onto the college campus for UAlbany’s Fall Open House on Saturday, October 17th Free time to explore and walk around UAlbany’s main campus Opportunity to attend all sessions of the Open House session – from academic workshops to campus tours Spend approximately 4 hours on campus (Departure from UAlbany is 2:...

The Folio: Show

Date: 19-Oct-15 to 21-Oct-15
Location: New York / United States
The Folio: Show provides the essential tools publishers need to navigate change in the magazine business and across the broader media landscape. 20+ sessions and workshops will explore topics including creating compelling content, deploying smart marketing, boosting sales and using technologies to enhance all three. Our program is specifically designed to deliver insight, inspiration and actionable solutions to challenges facing the magazine industry. It provides tactics that are already working, developed by industry leaders at the top of their games. It features the deepest educational program available at any industry conference, and the most qualified speakers. So if you head up a cross-discipline group or find yourself at the juncture of building cross-discipline strategies and ...

Higher Education Forum: Disrupting Traditional Models, New York, Oct. 22nd

Date: 22-Oct-15 to 22-Oct-15
Location: New York / United States
Demand for higher education is rising rapidly across the world, with record numbers of people aspiring to a degree or equivalent qualification. This is putting tremendous pressure on universities to innovate their model in order to stay competitive and deliver on the promise of economic mobility. However, despite the rapid and profound technological advancements that have come to define recent history, the business of higher education has largely remained static for centuries. Universities are under mounting scrutiny as costs rise and prospects for employment remain bleak. Employers, on the other hand, are quick to point out the problems with the educational system, but are hesitant to shoulder responsibility. Meeting the global demand for an adept workforce will require acute ...

Business Strategy & Corporate Governance in

Date: 19-Oct-15 to 23-Oct-15
Location: New York / United States
This course explores practical approaches to developing strategic thinking skills and implementing a strategic management process. It develops a deeper understanding of corporate governance in emerging markets, covering the strategic role of the board, the rights of institutional shareholders and the approach of the company towards risk. We combine these two aspects of management and leadership and offer a systemic view.Our evidence-based and highly practical training approach helps professionals improve their strategic thinking ability and increase their confidence in fulfilling their governance responsibilities in the context of their organisation and the industry it operates in. We take on current relevant dilemmas and provide robust tools to support your continuous learning. Who ...

Lymphoma & Myeloma 2015

Date: 22-Oct-15 to 24-Oct-15
Location: New York / United States
It is our pleasure to invite you to join us for Lymphoma & Myeloma 2015: An International Congress on Hematologic Malignancies. This fall’s Congress, October 22-24, 2015, will once again be held at the beautiful and historic Waldorf Astoria in New York, New York. For the past fifteen years, Lymphoma & Myeloma has been the premier forum on the latest advances in lymphoma, myeloma and other plasma cell neoplasms. Over fifty internationally-recognized leaders in molecular biology, pathology, immunology, translational and clinical research have been involved to provide expertise and guidance on recent developments in the basic science, translational medicine and clinical trials. This Congress features an interdisciplinary approach, special lectures, debates and interactive ...