Trade Shows & Conferences in Ottawa, Ontario

Special FX Makeup Course

Date: 16-May-15 to 17-May-15
Location: Ottawa / Canada
This is the only course of this caliber anywhere  close to Ottawa!!!   This course truly deals with SPECIAL FX MAKEUP and with its required disciplines.   To truly be a Special FX Makeup Artist you MUST learn to: SCULPT (clay) MAKE MOULDS LIFECAST KNOW THE DIFFERENT ADHESIVES KNOW THE DIFFERENT PAINTS KNOW HOW TO MAKE PROSTHETICS KNOW THE MULTIPLE MATERIALS TO MAKE PROSTHETICS OUT OF KNOW HOW TO APPLY PROSTHETICS (Blending) KNOW HOW TO PAINT PROSTHETICS (Blending) AND SOOOOOO MUCHE MORE!!!!! In this course you will develop the skill to: Sculpt effectively to make prosthetics Make a mold How to do a lifecast How to cast the prosthetic Application of the prosthetic Painting You will ALSO learn: How to Put your own kit together Easy home ...

OTTAWA'2015 AES-ATEMA 26th International Conference

Date: 12-Oct-15 to 16-Oct-15
Location: Ottawa / Ontario / Canada
On "Advances and Trends in Engineering Materials and their Applications".