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Composite Structures – Introduction and Application (1.2 CEUs)

Date: 10-Jun-15 to 11-Jun-15
Location: Ottawa / Canada
Objective The course objective is to provide participants with a basic knowledge of general principles and theories with the area of structures made of composites. This course will focus on the practical application of composites in the areas of processing and aerospace engineering. This two-day course will cover the essential concept and practices of composite materials focusing on application to industry. The course will benefit those with no previous formal introduction to the science of composites: no prior knowledge or experience is assumed. All topics will be introduced from first principles and the emphasis will be on developing an understanding of concepts as well as the application of composite materials in different industries with a focus on the oil industry. The course will ...

OTTAWA'2015 AES-ATEMA 26th International Conference

Date: 12-Oct-15 to 16-Oct-15
Location: Ottawa / Ontario / Canada
On "Advances and Trends in Engineering Materials and their Applications".