Trade Shows & Conferences in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

ACLS for Dentists & Staff - Philadelphia, PA

Date: 29-May-15 to 30-May-15
  Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)® For Dentistry ACLS is an advanced, instructor-led classroom course that highlights the importance of team dynamics and communication, systems of care and immediate post-cardiac-arrest care. It also covers airway management and related pharmacology. In this course, skills are taught in large, group sessions and small, group learning and testing stations where case-based scenarios are presented.  This workshop will provide participants with American Heart Association ACLS® Certification and  provide a  full day of medical emergency  management techniques.  Course consists of didactic lectures,  intensive imaging,  discussion and hands -on workshop with mannequins and patient simulators. Audience: This course is appropriate for dentists and ...

IV Sedation Training for Dentists - Philadelphia, PA

Date: 15-May-15 to 08-Jun-15
I.V. Sedation Training for Dentists - Philadelphia, PA We are providing IV dental sedation training for dentist nationally. This IV sedation dentistry course is a  comprehensive "mini-residency" and includes a minimum of 60 hours of didactic / classroom education and direct participation in administering IV sedation to  20 - 30  clinical dental cases while being observed. Advanced training in airway management and medical emergencies included. Total CE credits will be approximately 100 hours. This course is designed to prepare the dentist to incorporate intravenous sedation into the dental practice. Developed and presented in accordance with the American Dental Associations "Practice Guidelines for Teaching Comprehensive Control of Pain and Anxiety in ...

6th Aggregate Spend and Sunshine Act Conference

Date: 08-Jun-15 to 09-Jun-15
The 6th Aggregate Spend and Sunshine Act Conference, June 8-9, 2015 in Philadelphia, PA, will provide the audience with the tools to operate in the most transparent manner possible and ensure that no falsifications occur on their organizations’ behalf. This conference will bring together executives from pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies to examine case studies and challenges surrounding transparency reporting. With a focus on disclosure issues, dispute resolution methodologies, reporting protocol and transparency enhancements, this meeting is not to be missed. Together, we will overcome the obstacles causing the biggest frustrations and come up with a universal solution.

2nd Promotional Review Committee Compliance & Best Practices - Midwest

Date: 08-Jun-15 to 09-Jun-15
The cooperative skill and expertise of your Promotional Review Committee are critical success factors for your company’s revenue stream and standing with regulatory agencies. Selecting and training the best possible roster of experts to produce compliant promotional items must be your highest priority. FDA guidelines for promotional campaigns on social networks are now available for your review, but they are still untested and open to interpretation. PRCs face constant challenges due to the demands of the “Bad Ad” program, higher expectations imposed by upper management, and often unwieldy collaborations with advertising agencies. This year’s educational meeting allows you to network with your peers while learning how to: • Leave good impressions of your product even after adding ...

2nd Annual Digestive Diseases: New Advances

Date: 12-Jun-15 to 13-Jun-15
The complexity and magnitude of medical advances in the management of digestive diseases make it ever more challenging for clinicians to apply this tremendous amount of information to their practice. This knowledge-based activity will provide learners with a comprehensive overview of the state-of-the-art advances in the diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive modalities of digestive diseases based on the latest evidence, literature, and clinical research. A thorough review of the current treatment landscape is vital to both clinicians and patients who can benefit from the expansion of therapeutic options.

2nd Clinical Regulatory Medical Writing Forum

Date: 15-Jul-15 to 16-Jul-15
In today’s marketplace, there are an increasing amount of products going through the complex process of clinical trials and regulatory procedures that lead to market approval. The constantly tightening and changing guidelines being implemented by regulatory agencies make the approval process significantly more complex. These factors are resulting in a demand for articulate medical writers whom are knowledgeable and have the ability to successfully navigate these complex process and changing regulatory guidelines. The Clinical Regulatory Medical Writing Forum is designed to educate medical writers on how to compose clear and comprehensive regulatory documents pursuant to the strict and continuously changing guidelines of regulatory agencies.

2nd Rare Disease Collaboration

Date: 15-Jul-15 to 16-Jul-15
With more than 6,000 rare diseases recognized by the NIH, the market for orphan and ultra-orphan indications represents a major growth area for pharma and biotech companies. But low patient numbers combined with the urgency of unmet medical needs can make standard clinical trial procedures unfeasible. ExL Pharma’s 2nd Rare Disease Collaboration Summit gives you the tools you need to build lasting partnerships with patient advocacy groups in order to construct more flexible and patient-centric clinical trial protocols and accelerate the regulatory approval of your orphan drug. This event hosts the formation of working group relationships that harness the collective resources of industry and patient advocates, creating a working framework for shaping legislation and convincing ...

2nd Life Science Knowledge Management

Date: 12-Aug-15 to 13-Aug-15
The 2nd Life Science Knowledge Management Summit will provide you with the tools to overcome challenges associated with developing an efficient, compliant and reliable knowledge management system. Experienced thought leaders will speak on how to develop, implement, manage, optimize and make the most out of knowledge management within a life sciences company.

World Congress on Special Needs Education

Date: 17-Aug-15 to 20-Aug-15
Apologies for cross-postings. Kindly email this call for papers to your colleagues, faculty members and postgraduate students. Call for Papers, Extended Abstracts, Posters, Tutorials and Workshop ******************************************************************** World Congress on Special Needs Education (WCSNE-2015) August 17-20, 2015 Temple University, Philadelphia, USA ******************************************************************** Please submit your research paper at

World Congress on Special Needs Education (WCSNE-2015)

Date: 17-Aug-15 to 20-Aug-15
The World Congress on Special Needs Education (WCSNE-2015) will be held at the Temple University. The WCSNE is dedicated to the advancement of the theory and practices in special needs education.