Trade Shows & Conferences in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

6th Patient Adherence and Advocacy Summit

Date: 23-Feb-15 to 24-Feb-15
This summit brings together a variety of different key stakeholders to discuss how they can partner with the pharmaceutical industry to improve patient adherence. Academia shares the latest findings in adherence research; technology providers give an update on innovative tools to engage patients and assist them; advocacy groups outline patient needs and share best practices on how to raise awareness; and the industry analyzes how successful collaborations, adherence programs and effective marketing have resulted in behavioral changes.

Regulatory Filing Strategies Summit

Date: 23-Feb-15 to 24-Feb-15
The regulatory filing process can drain valuable time and resources when developing a drug for approval. As being the first to hit the market with a new drug therapy before their competition is a huge business advantage, speeding up the FDA approval process is the best route to position a therapy for maximum market share and to ensure people in need receive the highest quality treatment possible as quickly as possible. The Regulatory Filing Strategies Summit is the only event in the industry that has been designed to help regulatory, submissions and legal professionals understand the ins and outs of each of these options and the criteria drugs must meet in order to file for these accelerated tracks, as well as how to compile that data and submit it for approval. This event provides hard ...

Coupon & Co-Pay Strategy, Tracking, and Compliance

Date: 23-Feb-15 to 24-Feb-15
Coupon and co-pay card rebate programs are facing unprecedented pressure. More patients than ever before now have access to health insurance, and the increasing retirements of Baby Boomers has swelled the ranks of those facing the Medicare Part D donut-hole. At the same time, drug discovery breakthroughs have found a cure for Hepatitis C, which had previously been a very common lifelong condition — but for a high up-front price. And just within the last year, major Pharmacy Benefit Managers have chosen to no longer accept industry-issued rebate cards for some of the more expensive therapeutics. ExL Events’ Coupon & Co-Pay Strategy, Tracking, and Compliance conference brings together all stakeholders in these challenges in order to simplify areas of confusion and ensure continued ...

9th Forecasting and Optimization of the Clinical Supply Chain Summit

Date: 16-Mar-15 to 17-Mar-15
A Clinical Trial Supply Chain is put into place in order to optimize the manufacturing and distribution of materials that a clinical trial will require. This includes the optimal placement of supplies within the supply chain with a goal to minimize operational expenditures (manufacturing, transportation, distribution). Generally, a majority of enhancement procedures that are applied to the pharmaceutical industry have the same overall envision: to lower cost. This is where forecasting comes into play, involving algorithmic, predictive techniques. This conference will explore innovative solutions behind enhancing clinical trial operations through the discussion of top forecasting and supply chain optimization strategies.

The Philadelphia Franchise & Business Opportunities Expo

Date: 21-Mar-15 to 22-Mar-15
The Franchise and Business Opportunities Expo invites you to attend this exciting, upcoming two-day event! Buying a Franchise means you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. This event is perfect for exploring the option of self-employment. Meet face to face with representatives from top franchise concepts who want to expand or develop in your area. Compare a variety of opportunities and learn about many different industries at every investment level. You will have the chance to ask the questions that directly affect you and go home with all the information you need.

6th Proactive GCP Compliance Forum

Date: 24-Mar-15 to 25-Mar-15
ExL Pharma’s 6th Proactive GCP Compliance, taking place March 24-25, 2015, moves to Philadelphia’s Wyndham Philadelphia Historic District. This interactive forum continues to act as the annual gathering for senior-level clinical quality and clinical operations executives to learn, network and discuss strategies to achieve and maintain global GCP compliance. Join us to learn how to effectively build quality risk management approaches into your clinical operations to optimize research, maintain GCP compliance, contain costs and ensure patient safety.

5th International Conference on Clinical & Experimental Cardiology

Date: 13-Apr-15 to 15-Apr-15
We are honored to invite you personally to the 5th International Conference on Clinical & Experimental Cardiology (Cardiology-2015), during April 06-08, 2015 at Philadelphia, USA and which I am sure will leave a lasting impression on us all. Cardiology International conference is designed to provide diverse and current education that will keep medical professionals abreast of the issues affecting the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease. This three-day Cardiology conference is renowned for its close interactions between faculty and learners. A comprehensive overview of current problems in cardiovascular medicine and surgery is combined with a focused symposia, workshops and lecture presentations. Distinguished faculty will lead discussions on a variety of ...


Date: 27-Apr-15 to 29-Apr-15
We are honored to invite you personally to the 5th International Conference on Clinical & Experimental Cardiology (Cardiology-2015), during April 27-29, 2015 at Philadelphia, USA and which we are sure will leave a lasting impression on us all.

4th International Conference and Exhibition on Metabolomics and Systems Biology

Date: 27-Apr-15 to 29-Apr-15
With bright and prosperous future of Metabolomics and Systems Biology research ahead it gives us immense pleasure in inviting you to be a part of 4th International Conference and Exhibition on Metabolomics & Systems Biology which is to be held during April 27-29, 2015 at Hilton Philadelphia Airport, USA. Theme of Metabolomics-2015 is " Metabolomics Technology and Omics Sciences - A Roadmap for Advanced Research Initiatives". Metabolomics is an emerging platform which has a bright future expanding and encompassing the topics like genomics, proteomics, metabolic modeling, metabolic pathways, Bioinformatics, plant ecology, LC-MS and GC-MS techniques, cancer and metabolism, transcrioptomics, clinical metabolomics, personalized medicine, translational sciences, biomarkers ...

2nd Life Sciences Investigations & Internal Audits Forum

Date: 14-May-15 to 15-May-15
International investigations under the FCPA are presenting investigators with new challenges, while in the United States the DOJ, SEC and FDA are turning their attention to monitoring the life sciences industry. The costs of a failed inspection can be devastating at worst and result in heavy fines and bad publicity at best. After conducting a number of investigations, you understand the need to continuously improve this process. ExL Events’ 2nd Life Sciences Investigations & Internal Audits Forum will educate legal, compliance and HR/ER professionals on how to conduct an efficient and compliant internal investigation to ensure proper remediation and solve issues before they become problems. Come away with a tool kit of strategies for prevention, preparation and management. Implement a ...