Trade Shows & Conferences in Prague, Czech Republic

ASD Annual Convention

Date: 23-Apr-14 to 25-Apr-14
Location: Prague / Czech Republic
The Aerospace and Defence Industries Association of Europe (ASD), in partnership with the Association of the Aviation Manufacturers (ALV ČR) will host the ASD Annual Convention under the theme "Strengthening European Prosperity and Competitiveness: A 4D test for policy makers and industry". Preceded by a "Young Professionals Forum", an initiative of ALV CR that will bring together young engineers in aerospace from the Czech Republic and surrounding countries. The Convention will unite Industry, Research and Political Institutions to explore long-term views and initiate future platforms and programme. The Convention is ASD's annual flagship event and a unique networking opportunity, addressing industry, research organisations and top policy makers at the EU and ...

25th Annual Meeting of the International BFM Study Group & 9th Bi-Annual Childhood Leukemia Symposium

Date: 26-Apr-14 to 29-Apr-14
Location: Prague / Czech Republic
The Annual Meeting of the International BFM Study Group has become one of the best international forums for collaborative clinical and translational research in most frequent childhood cancer. The main goal is to discuss in detail the progress in research, diagnostics and treatment of childhood leukemias and lymphomas. The Symposium on Childhood Leukemia is organized as a common-type congress with standard structure composed of oral and poster presentations on childhood leukemias, lymphomas, myelodysplastic syndrome and bone marrow failures.

The 30th Triennial Congress of the International Confederation of Midwives

Date: 01-Jun-14 to 05-Jun-14
Location: Prague / Czech Republic
The International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) supports, represents and works to strengthen professional associations of midwives throughout the world. ICM represents over 250 000 professional members through 108 midwifery associations in 98 countries. ICM works with midwives and midwifery associations globally to secure women's right and access to midwifery care before, during and after childbirth.

Filing Variations

Date: 18-Jun-14 to 19-Jun-14
Location: Prague / Czech Republic
January 2010 saw the introduction of revised legislation for Variations to Marketing Authorisations. The changes are the result of extensive consultation by the Commission in response to the 'Better Regulation' initiative, and introduce revised procedures and new Guidelines. This course is packed with exercises and case studies to meet your regulatory goals and tackle your everyday challenges. Category: Classes / Courses Timing: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Price: Book before the 21st May 2014: £1,395.00 + (VAT @ 20.00%) = £1,674.00, Book afterthe 21st May 2014: £1,495.00 + (VAT @ 20.00%) = £1,794.00.

Churn and Customer Value Management in Telecom

Date: 23-Jun-14 to 25-Jun-14
Location: Prague / Czech Republic
It is a well-known fact that it is much cheaper to retain an existing customer than acquire a new one. But in todays demanding and fickle market, where one tariff change or negative customer service interaction could lose you a customer, how can you keep your customers engaged, satisfied, and most importantly spending on your network? Telecoms IQs Churn and Customer Value Management in Telecoms will address the key challenges facing the operator community today! Take advantage of both Telecoms-specific and cross-industry case studies to benchmark and optimise your churn and customer value management strategies. Discover how to leverage customer segmentation to personalise your communications, and develop targeted loyalty programmes that will radically reduce customer churn. Dont get left ...

The International Conference on Digital Information, Networking, and Wireless Communications (DINWC2014)

Date: 24-Jun-14 to 26-Jun-14
Location: Prague / Czech Republic
The proposed conference on the above theme will be held at VSB-Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic, From June 24-26, 2014 which aims to enable researchers build connections between different digital applications.

Czech Society of Nephrology Congress

Date: 25-Jun-14 to 27-Jun-14
Location: Prague / Czech Republic
The Czech Society of Nephrology (CSN) fights against kidney disease by educating health professionals and providing regular research grants. It connects more than 400 members working in 101 dialysis units, 7 transplant centers, several universities, many regional hospitals and outpatient units. The Czech Society of Nephrology Congress gives its participants a unique opportunity to meet each other and discuss innovation in the field of renal healthcare.

5th Meeting on Uremic Toxins and Cardiovascular Disease

Date: 27-Jun-14 to 29-Jun-14
Location: Prague / Czech Republic
The 5th Meeting of Uremic Toxins and Cardiovascular Disease will host a well-renowned set of chairmen and lecturers who will seek better future in care for those with renal and cardiovascular disease.

International Youth Leadership Conference Prague

Date: 20-Jul-14 to 25-Jul-14
Location: Prague / Czech Republic
The main objective of the International Youth Leadership Conference is to facilitate an exchange of ideas across an ethnically diverse and socially responsible group of young international leaders. Their interaction provokes communication and dialogue that, throughout the week, provides an unparalleled learning experience and cross-cultural adventure. URL: Booking: Time: 12:00 pm to 12:00 pm Price: Early Bird - April 15: 1370, Standard: 1600

European Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Conference

Date: 28-Aug-14 to 30-Aug-14
Location: Prague / Czech Republic
TDM is a multi-disciplinary clinical specialty aimed at improving patient care by individually adjusting the dose of drugs for which clinical experience or clinical trials have shown it improved outcome in the general or special populations.