Trade Shows & Conferences in Singapore, Singapore

How You Can Get Passive Incomes Without The Hard Work From You?

Date: 04-Mar-15 to 04-Mar-15
Location: Singapore / Singapore
Invest with a Peace of Mind. The following are the Highlights : - 24 Months Only. - 24% Profits Gain. - Low Stratup Capital (S$10K Only) - Strong Security. - Proven Track Record. - Zero Fee. - No Currency Risks. - Etc. Why Invest? If you put your money in your bank, and get 1% interest returns from your Fix Deposit, With the Inflation of 3%, every year you are loosing 2%, your value of money will loose out in the long run. In order to beat the inflation, your returns must be more then 3% per annual. Come and explore this opportunity with us. Signup now and see you soon. Best regards, Terrence Wan

ClickZ Training: Digital Marketing Bootcamp | Singapore

Date: 05-Mar-15 to 06-Mar-15
Location: Singapore / Singapore
A 360 intensive bootcamp designed to equip marketers with the necessary best practices and techniques to cope with the latest developments of digital marketing space to look out for in 2015 and beyond. With highly experienced local and international trainers all with outstanding feedback from their previous training sessions, you will be learning everything about digital marketing in just a short time of 2 days. Agenda highlights: 3 different highly topical camps covering: 1. Omni content marketing & customer engagement 2. Integrating Social & mobile marketing into customer experience journey 3. Marketing strategy, tactics and measurement Full course notes and certificate of completion will be issued to attendees who attended the two full days course.

We Show You How You Can Enjoy Yourself And Earn At The Same Time.

Date: 10-Mar-15 to 10-Mar-15
Location: Singapore / Singapore
Be The First To Know This Rare Opportunity, The First Ever Held Event In Singapore, The First Travel Entrepreneurship Presentation In Singapore. Why You Should Come :  - This offer comes from a listed company with  more then 20 years of experiences. - Travel with a cheaper price compare to others. - The company have all the necessary licenses. - Backup by Genting Highland and Sentosa Resort World. - It is a 7 Trillion Dollars Annual Industrial. - Low Startup Cost. - You can get Passive Incomes once your business takeoff. - Multiple Source of Incomes. - Etc. Don't Miss It. Register Now. Contact me at 91002234 when you are there. See you soon. Best Regards, Terrence Wan

How You Can Secure Your Future Retirement Starting From Now.

Date: 13-Mar-15 to 13-Mar-15
Location: Singapore / Singapore
Most of the people would Spend their Money, Some will choose to Save their money in the bank, However, that doesn't help them in the long run. Usually the winners are the investors, that's why the rich becomes richer, the poor becomes poorer, is not by chance, but by choice. Come and see, how you can grow your money and secure your Future Retirement. Free Dinner will be provided, Please register now as seats are limited, thanks. Hope to see you soon. Best regards, Terrence Wan

FPSO Design & Technology

Date: 10-Mar-15 to 13-Mar-15
Location: Singapore / Singapore
FPSO Design & Technology 10 – 13 Mar 2015, Singapore Overview This comprehensive 4 days masterclass examines the full range of technical aspects that a FPSO project team need to be well versed in. It begins with a broad view on FPSO design and technology and then quickly dives into the various technical areas in depth. By attending this workshop, you will excel in managing your FPSO projects and gain insights into topside and hull design, processing system, construction, installation and commissioning as well as the latest technology. Key Learning Objectives • Understand the general role of an FPSO • Examine the key design and technology considerations • Learn the functional specification in design • Evaluate the ...

Smart Grid Technology

Date: 10-Mar-15 to 13-Mar-15
Location: Singapore / Singapore
Smart Grid Technology 10 – 13 Mar 2015, Singapore Overview The days when Customer Service, IT, Human Resources, Engineering, Operations and Construction could operate in silos is drawing to close. Smart Grid implementation is a key reason for this change. While specialised knowledge will be necessary in each of these disciplines, knowledge of the big picture and the ability to work in ways that cut across the organisation will be an absolute requirement in the future. This master class covers aspects of the Smart Grid that touch all departments in the utility. It is suitable for participants from any of these disciplines. This 4-day course will help you and your organisation to build the big picture along with practical information and ...

Here Is An Investment Opportunity You Shouldn't Miss.

Date: 18-Mar-15 to 18-Mar-15
Location: Singapore / Singapore
"Most People Never Get Wealthy Simply Because They are not Trained to Recognize Opportunities Right In Front of Them." - Robert Kiyosaki Good Opportunities Hardly always comes by, grab it when it comes, else it will be gone forever, as time do not wait for anyone. Retirement planning should start early, not when one reach 55.   Hope to see you soon.   Best regards, Terrence Wan

Customer Experience Roundtables 2015

Date: 17-Mar-15 to 18-Mar-15
Location: Singapore / Singapore
CEM Roundtables 2015, held in Singapore from 17th – 18th March 2015, combines best practice sessions with discussion roundtables for problem solving, idea exchanges and debate on the hottest topics on customer experience in the region. This is the premier event for peer-to-peer networking which gives you unlimited access to thought leaderships from industry movers and shakers both locally and regionally. With functional roundtable discussions, deep-dive into pressing issues that are top of your customer experience agenda today.

Strengthening Business Continuity Management (BCM) for SMEs

Date: 20-Mar-15 to 20-Mar-15
Location: Singapore / Singapore
Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are vulnerable to various types and forms of threats, dangers or crisis. Business Continuity Management (BCM) is essential and very important to SMEs. It empowers your business to continue critical operations and services during major incidents and disasters. In an Asia Pacific Economic Community survey, 50% of the SMEs do not have any plan in-place while 30% are in the process of developing their business continuity plans. Two main reasons sighted were “Lack of knowledge and expertise to develop their BC plan” and “Do not have access to readily available information to help in the business continuity implementation specifically for SMEs.” This session will guide SMEs to identify the information needed to implement their BC plan. The ...

Excellence in Data Analytics for Shared Services & Outsourcing

Date: 25-Mar-15 to 26-Mar-15
Location: Singapore / Singapore
With most shared service centres moving to mid-maturity, it is imperative that you go beyond transactional processes to start delivering serious value to your business strategy. An industry report by Deloitte states that 82% of shared service centres are planning to implement analytic solutions and out of them, 50% ranked it as their top priority in the 2015. So it looks like if you’re still looking for ways to maintain your competitive edge then analytics is the way to go! Excellence in Data Analytics for Shared Services and Outsourcing 2015 is the only event focusing on data analytics within the Shared Services and Outsourcing sphere. Expect two days filled with learning and networking opportunities, case studies, panel discussions, tailor-made workshops and a site tour to one of the ...