Trade Shows & Conferences in Sydney, Australia

AVCJ Australia & New Zealand Forum 2015

Date: 04-Mar-15 to 06-Mar-15
Location: Sydney / Australia
Rediscovering the opportunities in private markets The outlook for the Australasian market is positive as a record number of IPO exits have provided strong returns for investors and has proven that PE can outperform listed equities and compete with global divestment figures. Fundraising in terms of dollar value has been high but the number of PE funds successfully raising new commitments has declined as investors flock to the best in class. This is an intriguing time for Australasian PE as the industry continues to mature. GPs must evolve, diversify and display skills to drive value in a low-growth environment and justify future commitments when competing on a global state by achieving world-class results from current deals and exits. Join over 300 attendees in Sydney when investment ...

7 Keys to Transcendental Romance 1-day workshop

Date: 06-Mar-15 to 07-Mar-15
Location: Sydney / Australia
It is not about external changes, but internal changes and how to develop the capacity for love to blossom.  This seminar is for those who wish to experience romance that that goes beyond the ordinary and to experience love that connects at the soul level. It forms the foundation for nurturing and fulfilling relationships that are sustainable for the long run.  No matter you are single, couple, or consciously uncoupled, you can expect a transformation and evidence of divine love to show up in your life,as soon as within 7 days post workshop!    "Transcendent" is defined as going beyond ordinary limits. And THAT is exactly the kind of love and romance we are going to learn about and fill our life with! In this workshop, you wil learn how to:  -Transform self-...

Transitioning to the Commonwealth Home

Date: 09-Mar-15 to 11-Mar-15
Location: Sydney / Australia
Service providers will need to ready themselves for this big change. This conference will provide clarity on what the programme will look like and how to effectively manage the process of transitioning to the Commonwealth Home Support Programme. This conference agenda will change in accordance with evolving policy. This conference will address how to * Unpack and prepare for the changes to come under CHSP * Make the cultural and organisational shift towards wellness * Adapt to the nationally consistent fee policy * Ready your workforce for new assessment structures “With the Commonwealth Home Support Programme set to drive major sector and organisational change from next July – how are you using the transition period to prepare, adapt and be competitive in a more consumer ...

The 9th National EA & PA Convention

Date: 16-Mar-15 to 18-Mar-15
Location: Sydney / Australia
The demanding role of executive and personal assistants has rapidly changed over recent years, now requiring a much broader skill-set to handle increased responsibilities and tasks. The need to develop the necessary business management skills to excel in your role has never been more important. This conference will address issues that executive and personal assistants face in resilience to change. You will find out exactly an executive wants from their executive and personal assistants. Also hear how the speakers at the conference have become leaders in their field and the lessons that they have learned along the way.

Energy, Oil & Gas Investor Summit Australia

Date: 15-Mar-15 to 18-Mar-15
Location: Sydney / Australia
The evolving nature of the global energy mix is hugely relevant to Australia’s economy. Australia is establishing itself to be the largest LNG exporter in the world’s near future; it has the largest uranium deposits in the world; it has some of the best wind farm potential in the world and has made recent discoveries of conventional crude. Because of this enormous potential across so many different sectors of energy, Resourceful Events is rebranding of our established ‘Excellence in Oil and Gas’ to ‘Energy, Oil and Gas: Sydney’ (EOG). In this we are maximising Australian energy’s potential as a source for domestic and international investment and will attract a larger number of prequalified investors than ever. The conference will act as a catalyst for junior and midcap energy and ...

Community Engagement Australia 2015

Date: 24-Mar-15 to 26-Mar-15
Location: Sydney / Australia
Successful engagement for smarter decision making Community Engagement Australia 2015 One day connected forum plus two post forum workshops 25 - 26 March 2015, Rydges Sydney Central, Australia Shifting Your Communication and Community Engagement * Measuring and evaluating engagement activities to achieve long term outcomes * Building common analysis and comparison of engagement, education and awareness activities * Developing pull engagement strategies to support decision making and performance * Working collaboratively with community for effective decision making * Encouraging an online engagement approach in a risk adverse environment * Aligning online engagement strategies with your existing face to face ...

Social Media in Tertiary Education

Date: 24-Mar-15 to 26-Mar-15
Location: Sydney / Australia
With deregulation of higher education fees set to spark shifts in student decision making, institutions will require more targeted marketing efforts and creative content to differentiate themselves from the competition. Tertiary education marketers are under increasing pressure to leverage social media for new markets: how do you plan to adapt your social media strategy to engage and attract students in this competitive era? The 4th Social Media in Tertiary Education conference will help you take your social media strategy to the next level to differentiate your institution and attract new students. This conference will address how to: - Understand the impacts of deregulation on student expectations - Plan and adapt your social media strategy to changes under ...

Strengthening Evaluation & Evidence-Based Policy

Date: 13-Apr-15 to 15-Apr-15
Location: Sydney / Australia
Evidence-based policy has been a priority for some time, yet significant challenges still remain. Many of these challenges stem from difficulties in balancing the need for evidence with political realities and a lack of appropriate data, in particular evaluation data.

Strategic Retail Loss Management

Date: 21-Apr-15 to 23-Apr-15
Location: Sydney / Australia
Retail crime is the foremost source of loss in the retail sector. Increasingly, loss management professionals are moving from reactive security measures to proactive approaches to manage loss. Particularly in a time of changing technology and increasing competition from online sources, retail companies need to consider ways in which to get the best return on their security investments. This conference will provide strategic means by which loss specialists can improve the overall success of their organisation while reducing retail theft. Attending this conference delegates will learn how to: - Tailor your loss prevention strategies - Implement innovative technologies - Increase communication and collaboration

Protecting Children & Youth Online 2015

Date: 28-Apr-15 to 30-Apr-15
Location: Sydney / Australia
As the prevalence of cyberbullying increases, the range and severity of online safety issues are growing vastly. Managing cybersafety has significantly increased the workload for teachers and schools are searching for time and cost efficient ways to take a consistent approach to addressing this rapidly growing challenge. This conference will give schools the expertise to share and repurpose existing on and offline resources to design robust and evidenced based school policies and programs both school and youth led. Are you searching for innovative ways to instil digital responsibility and manage online safety within your school? This conference will address: - Where and how cybersafety is supported in the curriculum - How to translate online safety policies into practice - ...