Trade Shows & Conferences in Sydney, Australia

Strengthening Evaluation & Evidence-Based Policy

Date: 13-Apr-15 to 15-Apr-15
Location: Sydney / Australia
Evidence-based policy has been a priority for some time, yet significant challenges still remain. Many of these challenges stem from difficulties in balancing the need for evidence with political realities and a lack of appropriate data, in particular evaluation data.

National Executive Secretary & PA Conference (Sydney)

Date: 15-Apr-15 to 17-Apr-15
Location: Sydney / Australia
This conference aims to equip you with the essential knowledge, tools and skills to shape you into the indispensable aide and business associate your boss needs. Pick up a plethora of practical strategies across core functions such as strategic thinking and communication for increased productivity.

The Key Factors to Build a Productive Team

Date: 22-Apr-15 to 23-Apr-15
Location: Sydney / Australia
This training will provide you incredible tools in relation to the key components that will allow you to build and maintain a productive, stable, safe and easy to manage team.    Every business owner and executive has the same situations where they are not sure exactly who they should bring into their organisation or not sure who it is who is really contributing and is behind the scenes that look good but it actually a little bit destructive. Like in any profession we need to know how to use our tools, machine and process but there is not so much useful information regarding people.   Having the right team members that will work towards achieving their part of the organisation’s strategy is the major difference between successful and average organisations. In fact, the first step of ...

Strategic Retail Loss Management

Date: 21-Apr-15 to 23-Apr-15
Location: Sydney / Australia
Retail crime is the foremost source of loss in the retail sector. Increasingly, loss management professionals are moving from reactive security measures to proactive approaches to manage loss. Particularly in a time of changing technology and increasing competition from online sources, retail companies need to consider ways in which to get the best return on their security investments. This conference will provide strategic means by which loss specialists can improve the overall success of their organisation while reducing retail theft. Attending this conference delegates will learn how to: - Tailor your loss prevention strategies - Implement innovative technologies - Increase communication and collaboration

Build Your Team Training

Date: 22-Apr-15 to 25-Apr-15
Location: Sydney / Australia
This event is about how you can evaluate people in detail so that you can help them, support them, hire them, or might not want to hire them because you understand already now they are not fitting the position you want to hire So having this information when you deal with people and when you hire people is invaluable. We can guarantee you will get 3 days of very new and valuable information that you have never heard before that will make dealings with people a lot simpler in the future and will make understanding people a lot simpler as well to the degree you can understand people, you can also like people. If people are mysterious in some aspects, it becomes hard to understand and like them. So what we want you to get from this is a much more complete ability to evaluate people so ...

Protecting Children & Youth Online 2015

Date: 28-Apr-15 to 30-Apr-15
Location: Sydney / Australia
As the prevalence of cyberbullying increases, the range and severity of online safety issues are growing vastly. Managing cybersafety has significantly increased the workload for teachers and schools are searching for time and cost efficient ways to take a consistent approach to addressing this rapidly growing challenge. This conference will give schools the expertise to share and repurpose existing on and offline resources to design robust and evidenced based school policies and programs both school and youth led. Are you searching for innovative ways to instil digital responsibility and manage online safety within your school? This conference will address: - Where and how cybersafety is supported in the curriculum - How to translate online safety policies into practice - ...

Naturally Good - The Natural & Organic Products Expo

Date: 03-May-15 to 04-May-15
Location: Sydney / Australia
Naturally Good Expo is the only trade event in Australia dedicated to the natural, healthy and organic products industry. It’s the destination to discover what’s hot, next and new in everything from food and beverages to supplements and natural remedies to beauty and home living products. Featuring thousands of products, outstanding education, industry networking and social events, it’s the must attend event for anyone who buys, sells or recommends natural and organic products.

PrintEx 15

Date: 13-May-15 to 15-May-15
Location: Sydney / Australia
With print and communications becoming more competitive than ever, businesses are constantly seeking process improvements to enhance efficiency and boost profitability. PrintEx allows you to source the latest products and services across all industry sectors, in one place at one time. > Expand your service offering to drive customer engagement > Enhance efficiency and boost profitability > Discover new revenue streams and sustainable solutions > Integrate print with cross-media and e-business > Exchange ideas on critical industry issues

Organisational Capability in the NDIS

Date: 25-May-15 to 27-May-15
Location: Sydney / Australia
This conference will show you how to ensure your organisation remains sustainable in the NDIS. It will do this through presentations from leading experts, organisations with trial site experience and organisations making good progress in the transition. People with disability are encouraged to attend. We have plenty of free passes available for people with disability, families & carers. To apply, please contact Lindsey Eifler at the

Research Facilities Design and Development

Date: 26-May-15 to 28-May-15
Location: Sydney / Australia
Research facilities require special features and considerations when it comes to architecture, construction, engineering, operation and sustainability. Organisations are actively seeking to attract more sponsorship and revenue through world-leading research. In order to achieve this objective the design, construction, operation and the maintenance of compliant, state of the art research facilities is critical. Are you ready to discover new methods for designing, planning and adapting research facilities? Are you looking for further opportunities for cost saving? Then join us next May as we discuss first-hand accounts of HOW to meet the latest design guidelines and thinking, and ensure effective safety and risk control measures are in place. We tackle HOW to maximise cost savings with ...