Conferences in Australia

EFT Level 1 / The Basics – Sydney

Date: 05-Feb-15 to 06-Feb-15
Location: Sydney / Australia
“EFT – The Basics/Level 1″ is a fabulous one-day experience to teach you how to start out with EFT. You’ll learn how to use EFT on yourself or others to:   get relief from physical issues like headaches, back-ache, stress, arthritis, asthma, painful pms and so on relieve emotional difficulties like old past pain and hurt, shame, regret and guilt that still keep you stuck in the past and unable to move forward release stress, anxiety, fear, phobias and worry You’ll see live demonstrations to see EFT in action and also get to practice ‘tapping’ so that you know what to do when you leave. Well balanced between theory and practice, it’s a full day, filled with fun, good company, learning and change.    

ADM Congress 2015

Date: 09-Feb-15 to 10-Feb-15
Location: Australia
The 2015 Congress will focus on Effective partnering between defence and industry. It will examine the opportunities, issues and challenges facing Defence and Industry. Delegates will hear from political leaders, senior military officers, departmental officials, defence prime contractors, think tanks and industry experts. Now is an important time for defence industry, with major projects nearing completion and others ramping up. There is uncertainty surrounding some future capability and indeed the future direction that industry will take as a whole, with a number of areas up for discussion and decision in 2015.With a raft of important documentation due in 2015 - a new White Paper, First Principals Review, an updated Defence Capability Plan and Industry Policy - February 2015 is the ...

Chief Data Officer Aus/NZ

Date: 09-Feb-15 to 11-Feb-15
Location: Sydney / Australia
Introducing the Chief Data Officer Australia & New Zealand Leadership Forum Following the successful launch of the Chief Data Officer Leadership series this year, the CDO Australia & New Zealand Forum is visiting Sydney in February 2015 and will explore the role of the CDO in more detail than ever before, whilst addressing today’s most critical data management challenges. As analysts are forecasting the market for data quality tools in the APAC region to grow at a CAGR of over 20% up to the year 2018, and with Australia is one of the most advanced data centre services market in terms of size in the Asia Pacific region, the CDO Forum AUS/NZ is the meeting place for the regions leading data professionals. Benefits Of Attending The Chief Data Officer Australia & New ...

Transitioning to ICT as-a-service

Date: 10-Feb-15 to 12-Feb-15
Location: Sydney / Australia
Change is always a constant in IT circles, but never have the foundations of ICT service delivery been impacted as much than by the transition to an as-a-service ICT model. The time for talk has given way to a need for action and practical strategies to enable IT leaders and practitioners to commence their transitions to ICT as-a-service. But where do you start? This conference brings together the true innovators in public sector IT, who will be outlining their vision and practical insights that will help overcome the challenges associated with a transition to ICT as-a-service.

Improving STEM Education and Skills

Date: 10-Feb-15 to 12-Feb-15
Location: Melbourne / Australia
The Chief Scientist of Australia has highlighted the need for a co ordinated national approach to STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education to tackle the STEM skills shortage. Universities, schools and businesses need to be strengthening and increasing collaboration to improve STEM education and training. A crucial priority is how we can change the system to ensure that we are producing graduates that meet the needs of employers.

Communications & Engagement for Capital Works Projects

Date: 10-Feb-15 to 12-Feb-15
Location: Brisbane / Australia
As the mining boom ends, the pressure is on infrastructure projects to be the next driver of national economic growth. Across Australia, major infrastructure and local capital works projects are moving forward with commitment from the 2014 federal budget. However, capital projects must satisfy intense scrutiny; from the planning and approvals process, right through to delivery. Bringing together over $16 billion worth of Local, State and Private Sector projects; this conference will examine the unique challenges and intricate relationships that project communicators must navigate, and how communication and engagement needs vary across the life of a project.

The I N N E R Child and Creativity Workshop

Date: 14-Feb-15 to 15-Feb-15
Location: Australia
Who am I? Who are you? Who is the inner child? What is the little self/ the soul and this simulation we live in? How can you utalise YOUR creativity as a form of healing? How can you change your life from the inside out? How can you start to deal with the triggers, the reactions, the not knowing or understanding what is happening to you: Physically, emotionally and mentally? How can you stop the cycle?

The Future of Learning in Higher Education Summit

Date: 15-Feb-15 to 17-Feb-15
Location: Australia
In addition to four targeted streams, there will be a Pecha Kucha session highlighting T&L “easy wins” – cost effective, simple-to-implement initiatives – and an interactive Knowledge Café to maximise the exchange of insights and experiences between delegates. There will be a particular focus on overcoming challenges in implementation, with case studies from a wide range of public and private institutions highlighting how insights from education research can be translated into workable real world initiatives – dealing with cultural, budgetary and logistical challenges along the way. PRESENTATIONS FROM: Professor Dame Glynis Breakwell, Vice Chancellor, University of Bath (1st in UK for Student Satisfaction) Professor Barney Glover, Vice Chancellor, University of Western ...


Date: 18-Feb-15 to 18-Feb-15
Location: Melbourne / Australia
YOUR WOMB  is your Greatest Resource, your most Valuable Treasure in ALL phases of Life. Your very own, personalised 'Genie in a Magical Bottle'. JOIN US TO EXPERIENCE HER IN A NEW WAY! ♥ We have mostly only ever considered the wonders of our Wombs, in the context of fertility, pregnancy, birth & menstruation issues. Well there is so, so much more! (Even if you've had a hysterectomy!) ♥ When we invite the Womb's Ways to reveal, it can be like discovering a magnificent new Universe whose wondrous gifts have been silently waiting for you all along. ♥ This global event will be part experiential - part presentation and will last an hour. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions. ** The TimeZone for this Global event is Australian Eastern. A recording ...

Measuring Social Outcomes & 2nd Annual Impact Measurement Awards

Date: 17-Feb-15 to 19-Feb-15
Location: Australia
With presentations coming from real practitioners (not only academics and consultants) this conference is your one-stop shop for practical guidance on progressing outcomes measurement. The conference includes the 2nd Annual Impact Measurement Awards, which are a chance to recognise and celebrate the significant progress that we’ve made so far.