Conferences in Canada

Landfill Leachate Treatment: Design Considerations and Regulatory Reqt's

Date: 05-Mar-15 to 07-Mar-15
Location: Calgary / Canada
This course provides an overview on landfill leachate characteristics, available treatment technologies, permitting and design approach, and landfill leachate treatment case projects for the leachate treatment systems. The characteristics of landfill leachate from non-hazardous municipal and industrial landfills will be reviewed as the basis for developing treatment strategies. Classification and concentration ranges of impurities in landfill leachate of young, medium, and old landfills will be discussed. The available treatment processes which involve individual unit operations, as well as integrated systems of physical, chemical, and biological treatment will be reviewed. The design and permitting approach for the design of a leachate treatment system including the sampling parameters ...

The National Franchise & Business Opportunities Show Halifax

Date: 07-Mar-15 to 08-Mar-15
Location: Halifax / Nova Scotia / Canada
The National Franchise and Business Opportunities Show invites you to attend an exciting, two-day event where you can meet face-to-face with representatives from top franchise concepts who want to expand or develop in your area. Compare a variety of opportunities, and learn about many different industries at every investment level - all under one roof. Ask questions that directly affect you and go home with all the information you need to take your next step in finding your success. For more information, visit

The Outdoor Adventure & Travel Show Vancouver

Date: 07-Mar-15 to 08-Mar-15
Find everything you need to plan your next adventure and get amazing pre-season deals on the latest outdoor gear at the Outdoor Adventure & Travel Show.

Vancouver Bike Show

Date: 07-Mar-15 to 08-Mar-15
The Vancouver Bike Show is the best place to shop for bicycles and accessories and see the latest trends in cycling. See all your new bike options in one place and get the best deals you have been waiting for! Meet the manufactures from leading brands, get great deals from retailers plus enjoy thrilling action packed events!

Build Stronger a Relationship through Powerful Communication for Engineers

Date: 09-Mar-15 to 10-Mar-15
Location: Calgary / Canada
Engineers and scientists need to communicate effectively to lead and work in increasingly complex and diverse projects and workplaces. With global/multicultural partners, increased specialization, and constant technological developments and change, engineers and scientists are constantly challenged to effectively impact and lead their teams. In this interactive class the participants will be engaged and practice communications practices which will increase their impact in the jobs. Designed for those whose success rests on their ability to: be understood by a diverse group; to influence others in the performance of their job; and to create positive working relationships. The workshop focuses on skills that will impact their ability to communicate with others and lead in the achievement of ...

Tuesday Night is Meditation Night

Date: 11-Mar-15 to 11-Mar-15
Location: Calgary / Canada
Every Tuesday evening we come together to engage Buddhist wisdom and meditate together. We start with a short talk on a Buddhist topic, followed by a guided meditation* and the opportunity for Q&A and socializing afterwards. *We practice Guru Yoga Meditation on the 16th Karmapa. It lasts around 25 minutes. It's a meditation which allows mind's space, clarity and joy to naturally arise. This form of meditation is a practical and comprehensive tool for enlightenment which was composed by the 16th Karmapa Rangjung Rigpe Dorje. The 16th Karmapa made Hannah and Lama Ole Nydahl the holders of this practice, with the wish that it is always kept fresh and on the cutting edge of western minds. The emphasis is on actively continuing the pure view, obtained in meditation, into daily life. It is ...

The National Women's Show Montreal

Date: 13-Mar-15 to 15-Mar-15
Location: Montreal / Quebec / Canada
The National Women's Show offers a fantastic day out with girlfriends to relax, get pampered, and have fun! Highlights of the event include great shopping, free samples, fabulous shopping, free makeovers, fashion shows, informative workshops, cooking stage demos, food and wine sampling, career and business resources, decorating and travel ideas, celebrity appearances, health and wellness advice, fantastic prizes, and much more! It’s truly the ultimate girl’s day out! For more information, visit

Trigger Point Therapy Workshop - Upper Body and Lower Extremities (20 hrs)

Date: 13-Mar-15 to 16-Mar-15
Location: Canada
Join us for this 20 hour, 3-day CE Workshop. This Nanaimo event is open only to those in the health and wellness profession. The 3 days will include lecture time that will include the recommended protocol for muscle healing. The majority of this CE workshop will be dedicated to the applied MTrP techniques. William Huhn Method™ workshops provide useful information for massage therapists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, doctors, personal trainers, yoga instructors, and other professionals who treat (or work with) clients/patients who are suffering chronic soft-tissue pain and dysfunction. Some of the symptoms we will be treating are migraine, vertigo, shoulder symptoms, CTS, IBS, bladder control symptoms, dysmenorrhea, back pain, hips issues, sciatica, knee problems, plantar ...

The Outdoor Adventure & Travel Show Calgary

Date: 21-Mar-15 to 22-Mar-15
Location: Calgary / Alberta / Canada
Find everything you need to plan your next adventure and get amazing pre-season deals on the latest outdoor gear at the Outdoor Adventure & Travel Show.

NPPE - Professional Practice Exam Preparation (14 PDHs) 2 Days

Date: 21-Mar-15 to 22-Mar-15
Location: Edmonton / Canada
Also offered in a three day format with additional material covered Description As a prerequisite for registration with APEGA and APEGBC, Engineering, Geologists, and Geophysicists graduates and other first time applicants are required to successfully complete an examination on the topics of professional practice, ethics and law to be able to practice their profession in Canada. Special Features At the end of the two day workshop, you will write a mock exam and get it marked before you go home with your results in hand. Strongly Recommended Texts Practical Law of Architecture, Engineering, and Geoscience, 2nd Canadian Edition by Brian M. Samuels & Doug R. Sanders Canadian Professional Engineer and Geoscience Practice and Ethics, 4th Edition by Gordon C. Andrews It ...