Conferences in Czech Republic

Mobile Deployable Communications

Date: 05-Feb-15 to 06-Feb-15
Location: Prague / Czech Republic
Don't miss the chance to attend the 8th annual Mobile Deployable Communications conference. This must-attend event will address the key topics of CIS networks and tactical communications, C4ISR standardisation, interoperability across the global armed forces, operational experiences and future technologies. The role of the communications systems has evolved hugely in the past 15 years and the issue of delivering the right capability not simply delivering capability right is essential. Visit for more information The 2014 expert speaker line-up will include: Brigadier General Jan Kase, Director of CIS Agency, Czech Ministry of Defence Michael McCarthy, Director of Operations and Program Manager, US Army Colonel Jan van de Pol, Head of Systems, ...

Platts 9th Annual CEE Power Conference

Date: 17-Feb-15 to 18-Feb-15
Location: Prague / Czech Republic
With nearly a decade’s history of bringing together the region’s leading power producers, power plants developers, regulators, traders, financiers and market analysts we aim to continue our tradition of providing a comprehensive overview of the regions power market, access to some of the most influential people of the moment as well as unrivalled networking opportunities to share knowledge and develop long lasting relationships.

3rd International Conference on Material and Component Performance under Variable Amplitude Loading (VAL 2015) 23 - 26 March 2015

Date: 23-Mar-15 to 26-Mar-15
Location: Prague / Czech Republic
To initiate and cultivate the discussion, which is the entry point for keeping your personal experience up-to-date, a set of minisymposia will be organized, along with the presentations and posters section. The minisymposia will serve as discussion forums, during which a respected moderator will organize individual presentations on topics of interest in a less formal way and before a limited audience.

The 5th Annual Cyber Security Summit Financial Services

Date: 14-Apr-15 to 15-Apr-15
Location: Prague / Czech Republic
Today, financial organizations must remain vigilant and agile in the face of a continually evolving threat landscape. An organization should consider implementing a risk-based approach to security that prioritizes your most valuable assets and proactively addresses your most relevant threats. EBCG prepared an event that brings together cyber security experts from across the financial sector to discuss topical security vulnerabilities as well as bring forward effective strategies and solutions to effectively mitigate them. Learn more about how organizations can identify and address security and privacy exposures before they become problems. Join the journey of being cyber-smart! You will have the option to join 2 Hands-on Practical Workshops, 2 streams, 4 panel discussions, 8 networking ...

CFO Executive Summit

Date: 29-Apr-15 to 30-Apr-15
Location: Prague / Czech Republic
In today’s era of economic uncertainty worldwide, the role of the CFO has evolved significantly. Traditionally being viewed as a financial gatekeeper, the role of the CFO has expanded and evolved to a strategic partner and advisor to the CEO. In fact, in a report released by McKinsey, 88 % of 164 CFOs surveyed reported that CEOs expect them to be more active participants in shaping the strategy of their organizations. Half of them also indicated that CEOs counted on them to challenge the company’s strategy (supported by a survey held by Clariden Global & other consultancy providers). The CFO Executive Summit aims to address the main challenges and responsibilities of CFOs. Not only due to the recession but also due to a tighter dependency on the customer and the markets, businesses ...

NanoOstrava 2015 - Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology Meeting

Date: 18-May-15 to 21-May-15
Location: Czech Republic
4th International Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology Meeting Nano Ostrava 2015, the conference providing a platform to researchers, engineers, and students to share experiences and original research contributions on topics related to preparation and characterization of nanomaterials, nanotechnology for medicine and biology, advanced materials for electronic devices, nanotechnology for environment. Confirmed invited speakers (prof.D.Rafaja- “Phase transitions in metastable compounds facilitated by microstructure defects” TU Bergakademie Freiberg, dr. Henri Jaffrès Spintronics with semiconductors, Functional oxides – from A.Fert laboratory Nobel prize laureate) leading experts, contributed talks, poster sessions and exhibitions. Warmly invite: Chairman - prof. J. Pištora and vice-chairman - ...

General Meeting of the Association for European Paediatric Cardiology (AEPC 2015)

Date: 20-May-15 to 23-May-15
Location: Prague / Czech Republic
The Association for European Paediatric and Congenital Cardiology (AEPC) was founded in Lyon in 1963 and subsequently has created a network of specialists working in the same field encountering similar problems. The mission of AEPC is to promote the knowledge of the normal and diseased heart and circulation, exchange of knowledge and continuous education.

XXVI. IUGG General Assembly

Date: 22-Jun-15 to 02-Jul-15
Location: Prague / Czech Republic
The International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (IUGG) is the international organization dedicated to advancing, promoting, and communicating knowledge of the Earth system, its space environment, and the dynamical processes causing change.

Conference of The European Magnetic Resonance (EUROMAR 2015)

Date: 05-Jul-15 to 08-Jul-15
Location: Prague / Czech Republic
Euromar (European Magnetic Resonance Meeting) meeting is a subdivision of Groupement Ampere (Atomes et Molécules Par Études Radio-Électriques), that organizes annual meetings on the subject of magnetic resonance, usually in the first week of July. The meetings are held in different locations within Europe, and cover all aspects of magnetic resonance, including NMR, ESR.

Congress of the European Society of Biomechanics (ESB 2015)

Date: 05-Jul-15 to 08-Jul-15
Location: Prague / Czech Republic
The European Society of Biomechanics was founded in 1976 at a meeting in Brussels of 20 scientists from 11 countries. It is now the largest Biomechanics society in Europe with over 750 members. Our goal is to encourage research, disseminate knowledge and promote progress in Biomechanics.