Conferences in India


Date: 04-Jun-15 to 04-Jun-15
Location: Chennai / India
Join thought leaders from Google India, O3M Directional Marketing, and fellow successful business owners and marketers for a one-day action packed seminar. You’ll learn what the breaking trends and strategies are for online success, and how top marketers are using them to make their businesses grow.

SPE Young Professionals Workshop: The Future is Now

Date: 11-Jun-15 to 12-Jun-15
Location: Bengaluru / India
The oil and gas industry is at the threshold of a challenging, yet exciting future. An ever-growing energy demand, accompanied by the depletion of available resources poses a complicated energy puzzle before the industry, which has to be addressed by the leaders of tomorrow. Interactions with oil and gas experts will therefore make Young Professionals (YPs) aware of their roles in the formulation of an effective energy solution focusing on energy security and sufficiency. This workshop, with its theme ‘The Future is Now’, aims to provide a platform for effective interactions between exuberant young people and the experienced leaders of the oil and gas industry, ensuring the baton of leadership can be passed on to the next generation. Technical sessions include: • Understanding the ...

Optic Expo 2015

Date: 13-Jun-15 to 14-Jun-15
Location: Ahmedabad / India
Expo taking place the 10th time, with participants and visitors from all across India and Asia. booming the optics and eyewear industry ever since. A trade show where the latest tech, designs and features are introduced. for companies wanting to enter the market, the best platform for a firm willing to enter into the market. or whether the company wishes to launch new line of products and designs. hope to see you there.

Elegance India: The Unique Wedding Fashion &Lifestyle Experience

Date: 20-Jun-15 to 21-Jun-15
Location: New Delhi / India
A Unique Wedding Fashion & Lifestyle Experience with maximum and unique media and marketing plan that promotes your business not only during the event however also post event. With an approximate estimated footfall of 10,000 in 2 days. The exhibitors Profile ranges from Wedding planners, wedding designers, boutiques, wedding wear, jewellery, imitation jewellery, gifting and trousseau, fashion wear, apparels, accessories, cosmetics, footwear, home decor, home furnishings, garments, designer wear, and more.

Cloudera Developer Training for Apache Hadoop | Bangalore |

Date: 18-Jun-15 to 21-Jun-15
Location: India
Programme and Course Overview Learn how to harness the power of Apache Hadoop by building robust data processing applications that unlock the full potential of your (big)data. Xebia (based in Hilversum, Amsterdam area) is an official training partner of Cloudera, the leader in Apache Hadoop-based software and services. Xebia Univeristy delivers a developer-focused Cloudera Certified training course that closely analyzes Hadoop’s structure and provides hands-on exercises that teach you how to import data from existing sources; process data with a variety of techniques such as Java MapReduce programs and Hadoop Streaming jobs; and work with Apache Hive and Pig. The course alternates between instructional sessions and hands-on labs. Certification Upon completion of the ...

DevOps Training | Bangalore

Date: 20-Jun-15 to 21-Jun-15
Location: India
Programme and Course Overview After following this training, you will be able to participate in the core team that leads your organization in the transition towards DevOps. The Core Concepts of DevOps Principles of DevOps Organizing for DevOps DevOps Culture Develop software that is always in a releasable state: Excellent Use of Version Control Single Command Build Continuous Integration Automated Deployment Automated Testing / (A)TDD/BDD Fully automate your infrastructure management: Automated Provisioning Automated Configuration Management Infrastructure as Code Centralized Logging Monitoring Eliminate even the smallest risk of configuration drift Immutable Infrastructure Containers (Docker) Service Discovery Golden Images Keep production monkey-proof ...

Summer Training Program on 7 Robots in 6 Days at Skyfi Labs, Bangalore

Date: 05-Jul-15 to 10-Jul-15
Location: India
Projects Design and develop the following Robotics projects Basic Line Follower Robot Obstacle Avoider Robot Obstace Follower Robot Phototropic Robot Photophobic Robot Medium Mobile Robotics Maze Solver Robot Advanced Swarm Robotics Gesture Based Robot Course Highlights Learn to Design and Build 7 different kinds of robots involving concepts from Sensor Based Autonomous Robotics, Mobile Operated Robots, Swarm Robotics and Gesture Based Robotics Courses designed under the guidance of IITians Well-structured program that spans from basics to advanced robotics Develop live working Robotics Projects Course Structure Introductory lecture Interactive design session Fabrication session Live testing and competition of Robots Awards & Certificate distribution ...

World Technology Expo

Date: 24-Jul-15 to 26-Jul-15
Location: New Delhi / India
World Technology Expo is a personalize show which is about introducing the excitement of latest technology such as Robotics, 3D & 4D Print, Unmanned Systems, IoT, Air Touch Technology and many more to one of the fastest growing economy in the world. In association with Ministry of IT & Telecom – India, this summit will bring together experts from technical ecosystem to raise the awareness of these cutting edge technologies. WTE will cover the area of 4000+ square meter with 50+ exhibitors and over 5000+ professional visitors. The launch edition of this exciting expo will follow the tried and trusted format of the highly successful WTE Show + Personalize event. The event will build on this successful formula and harness inspirational speakers, cutting edge technology and incredible ...

Asia-Pacific Housing Forum

Date: 03-Sep-15 to 04-Sep-15
Location: New Delhi / India
Building Impact through Ecosystems for Bottom of the Pyramid Affordable Housing

National Symposium on ‘Healthy Yoga Lifestyle – for Prevention of Lifestyle Diseases’

Date: 10-Sep-15 to 11-Sep-15
Location: Maharashtra / India
The Symposium will highlight Yoga & Naturopathy as drugless system of medicine and as a Science of Holistic Living for promotion of positive health and prevention of disease in young & old. Effort will be made to disseminate the scientific and technical advances in Yoga, Naturopathy and Meditation by practicing experts and researchers. Globalization of unhealthy lifestyles far away from nature has lead to increased non-communicable / lifestyle diseases. The deliberations in the Symposium and CME are designed to benefit health care practitioners, researchers and in particular youth to understand the yogic way of life for Prevention of Lifestyle Diseases.