Conferences in Korea, Republic of

The 2nd International Electric Vehicle Expo (IEVE 2015)

Date: 06-Mar-15 to 15-Mar-15
Location: Jeju / Korea, Republic of
IEVE 2015 features a combination of Exhibition, Conference, and Events: • world-renowned EV manufacturers will unveil energy-efficient, environment-friendly electric cars; • leading authorities in the EV field will share up-to-date insights under the theme of “Beyond EV: Bridge between E-Mobility and Green Community”; • and visitors will get to participate in an interesting array of events such as Test-Drive Event.

The 8th Annual World Congress of Regenerative Medicine & Stem Cells 2015- Korea

Date: 19-Mar-15 to 21-Mar-15
The 8th Annual World Congress of Regenerative Medicine & Stem Cell-Korea Part 3: Global Stem Cell Economy, Market, Policy, Strategy, Legal and Ethic Issues Session P 3-1: The Development Trend of Global Stem Cell Economy and Market Session P 3-2: Ethic, Safety Issues and Social Acceptance of Stem Cell Research Session P 3-3: Global Stem Cell Policy, Strategy and Legal Issues Stream 2: Thematic Scientific Program Module 1: Frontier Science of Stem Cell Session 101: Genomics and Epigenomics of Stem Cells Session 102: Systems Biology of Stem Cells Session 103: Mitochondrial DNA, Mitochondrial Diseases and Stem Cell Session 104: Cell Cycle Control, Checkpoint and Stem Cell Biology Session 105: Stem Cell Lineage, Derivation and Differentiation Session 106: ...