Conferences in Malaysia

Contract Administration: From Start to Finish

Date: 21-Apr-14 to 22-Apr-14
Location: Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia
PROGRAM SUMMARY It is a well know fact that the best tendering and contract writing is of limited value if the contract is not carefully administered from award to completion.World-class organizations view the application of best practices in contract administration as being essential skill sets needed by all employees involved in the contract management process. The participant will be guided through the many steps of contract administration from the time the award is made through to the final acceptance, payment, and the contract close out so that the total objectives of entering into the contract are achieved. This program is designed to present contract administration as more than just a job or activity but as an important profession essential to the organization’s ability to ...

Strategies To Negotiate Lower Prices with Suppliers

Date: 23-Apr-14 to 24-Apr-14
Location: Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia
PROGRAM SUMMARY The price is the most common issue negotiated between buyer and seller. But according to salespeople, buyers generally do little more than just say the seller’s price is too high and must be reduced - a strategy sellers are very prepared to deal with. Buyers must level up their negotiation skills by being able to sell the supplier on why the seller’s price is too high. This is the strategy used by procurement personnel with advanced skills to bring significant savings to their organization. This seminar is designed to provide advanced techniques and tools to create expert negotiators who bring high confidence and abilities to price negotiations with suppliers and contractors for goods, equipment, and services. PROGRAM PAYBACK Upon completion of this ...

International Youth Leadership Conference Malaysia

Date: 20-Apr-14 to 25-Apr-14
Location: Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia
The International Youth Leadership Conference is a week long youth forum on world politics, international relations, and justice. Here at IYLC, we present an interesting inter-cultural opportunity for students - the 2nd International Youth Leadership Conference, 20th July - 25th July 2014. This 2nd conference will be welcoming over 100 top university students from around the globe, all aspiring towards enriching their academic and cultural experiences, and will give your university the chance to represent your campus on a global scale. The conference itself is based around topics of world politics, international relations, and justice, but these do not limit the value to any nominated students. Leadership is valuable across all fields. This also provides an excellent ...

Produced Water Management Asia 2014

Date: 28-Apr-14 to 30-Apr-14
Location: Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia
This is the platform where senior oil and gas process experts from around the world come to plan their water management strategies and learn about the cutting-edge technology in the sector, featuring topics including: 1)Assessing the performance of the latest technology in produced water management 2)Using the optimal chemicals for produced water management 3)Chemical EOR techniques and technology to enhance production 4)Meeting international regulatory changes for better produced water management 5)Measurement strategies to detect the amounts of oil and contaminants in water 6)Improving sand management for increased uptime 7)And much more… 5 Reasons Why YOU Must Attend The 6th Annual Produced Water Management Asia Conference 2014: 1.Tackle your produced water management ...

FLNG World 2014

Date: 29-Apr-14 to 30-Apr-14
Location: Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia
"Who leads the race for the World’s First FLNG ?" "Overcoming Technical and Commercial Challenges in Realising Production of Offshore LNG" Key Highlights: •US Shale gas price and its implication on FLNG investments in Asia •Mid to Small scale FLNG production technology •Global project updates and operators' perspective •Cost estimate of the best FLNG unit with technical and economic advantage •Shipbuilder's perspective on designing most effective FLNG vessel

2nd Annual APAC SME Banking Conference 2014

Date: 06-May-14 to 07-May-14
Location: Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia
After the outstanding success of our SME events in Europe and Middle East for past several years, we would like to present the 2nd Annual APAC SME Banking Conference. This high profile event will host major leaders from the most important SME associations and major banking institution mainly from APAC region. We are reaching out to experts across the field responsible for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) in their respective organisation to be part of our conference and share their views.

Plant Rehab 2014

Date: 06-May-14 to 08-May-14
Location: Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia
WHY YOU CANNOT MISS THIS EVENT You can't define a plants condition purely on its how old it is. Mechanical assets can adversely deteriorate faster by corrosion, wear and tear, poor maintenance, weather and equipment failure which could potentially lead to major accident and frequent shutdown. As the responsibility of managing a plant falls on the shoulder of plant personnel, a proper maintenance process is necessary. It is necessary to stay ahead of competitors and at the same time, look into some of the best practices and technology in maintaining your asset lifecycle. Trueventus understand it is best to plan in advance to extend the lifespan of your plant. Plant Rehab and Maintenance is an industry leading, technical conference design to assess your plant integrity while optimising ...

Shared Services & Outsourcing Malaysia Summit 2014

Date: 19-May-14 to 21-May-14
Location: Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia
Maintaining a Competitive Edge through Innovative Talent Management, Value Added Services and Robust Cost Cutting Strategies. Fresh off the back of our most successful launch event in history! Join us at Shared Services & Outsourcing Malaysia Summit 2014 and learn how to attract and retain top Malaysian talent, reduce costs and growing your business. Summit will also cover operational improvements such as maintaining cost efficiency and hitting your KPI’s, creating a centre of excellence by adding value to your stakeholder and various shared services model - captive, hybrid or outsourced. Find out more at or email for more info! Monday May 19, 2014 at 9:00 am, ends Wednesday May 21, 2014 at 5:00 pm URL: Booking:

Building and Implementing a Robust Procurement Strategy

Date: 21-May-14 to 22-May-14
Location: Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia
PROGRAM SUMMARY This program will enable participants to apply appropriate analysis tools at each stage of the procurement process and develop differentiated purchasing strategies and understand the relationship continuum between buyers and sellers. Plus when you attend you will learn how to demonstrate the contribution procurement can make through added value and effectively marketing your procurement services. PROGRAM PAYBACK • Analyse how strategic management should operates • Evaluate the nature of strategic supply chain management and appraise the role of the procurement and supply chain function within it • Evaluate the nature and purpose of strategic procurement analysis • Categorise and Apply the various tools of strategic analysis • Assess how the strategic ...

Ports and Marine Structures Asia 2014

Date: 27-May-14 to 30-May-14
Location: Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia
Growth in pan-Asian and international trade opportunities. The growing fleet of post-panamaxx vessels. Opportunities for trade specialisation and containerisation. For fear of losing out to competition and to cash in on the opportunities, stakeholders are developing and expanding hundreds of ports projects across Asia. But what are the typical challenges that impede a port’s growth? •Delays in clearances for port projects and costly construction slippages? •Dated infrastructure coupled with a shortage of funding for capacity addition and maintenance? •Loss of business to newer, more efficient or better designed ports? Ports and Marine Structures Asia brings together key senior stakeholders from the regional port and terminal industry across South and South East Asia to ...