Conferences in Singapore

ASEAN-IPRAS 2014 (Customising Plastic Surgery)

Date: 01-Aug-14 to 03-Aug-14
Location: Singapore / Singapore
17th ASEAN Congress of Plastic Surgery in conjunction with 11th International Confederation for Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery - Asia Pacific Section Congress 2014 (ASEAN-IPRAS) ASEAN-IPRAS 2014 congress will be hosted by the Singapore Association of Plastic Surgeons (SAPS). Themed "Customising Plastic Surgery", this congress is aimed at bringing the community of Plastic Surgeons in the Asia Pacific region together to discuss the latest best practices and trends in customising our treatment protocols and techniques to best suit our patients’ needs. A sharp focus will be placed on the evolving art and craft of the specialty designed to attain optimal results best suited to the individual patient. Emphasis will be placed on research, technology and new ...

9th Annual LNG World

Date: 11-Aug-14 to 13-Aug-14
Location: Singapore / Singapore
The 9th Annual LNG World will address the major changes in new emerging markets, new projects and revolutionary developments in LNG technology as project developments widen the horizons of the LNG market. The event will explore substantial business and investment opportunities in several key regional markets as the industry aims keep pace with the changing strategic, technological and regulatory dynamics to develop partnerships and maximise the potential of LNG. Join us at this conference where we aim to provide a valuable platform to address key issues in the LNG industry through well designed and well researched streams providing insights into world LNG markets, projects, technology, trading and pricing. Be a part of this highly successful series and seize this opportunity to network ...

Solar Power

Date: 18-Aug-14 to 21-Aug-14
Location: Singapore
This inaugural conference will focus on the increasing investment opportunities is Asia’s solar power sector. It will bring together regulatory bodies, financial institutions, solar developers and IPPs from ASEAN, China, Japan, India and Australia to discuss business opportunities and challenges. Regulation framework, government incentives and financing will be emphasized in the conference as the key drivers of solar investment.

Enterprise Mobility Asia Summit 2014

Date: 20-Aug-14 to 22-Aug-14
Location: Singapore / Singapore
Developing a clear, robust, forward-thinking enterprise mobility strategy to catapult your business forward IDC Research states that 40% of employees in Asia Pacific will be mobile workers by 2015, and Forrester Research predicts the number of tablets used for office work in the region will reach 19 million by the end of 2012, growing to more than 83 million by 2016. demonstrating that enterprise mobility is more than a passing trend. Despite the rapid adoption of mobile, creating an effective enterprise mobility strategy is challenging for a number of organisations in the region. CIOs recognize the need to develop an enterprise mobility strategy that can accommodate the requirements of employees as well as other members of the corporate ecosystem, such as partners, contractors and ...

Shared Services and Outsourcing Week Asia 2014

Date: 02-Sep-14 to 05-Sep-14
Location: Singapore / Singapore
2013 marked the 16th year that Shared Services and Outsourcing Week had been held in Asia. How much has the industry progressed since 1997? How many jobs have been created and how many lives have been transformed? Asia has certainly seen unprecedented growth, and it’s not about to slow down, with organisations reporting global captive roll-outs and new vertically specific outsourcing alliances. Now more than ever, businesses need to take advantage of the opportunities available, stay one step ahead of the competition and position themselves for growth. As we look at the landscape for 2014 we are seeing more than ever requests for advice on best-practice in customer experience management, leadership training, process excellence and value-added services all whilst maintaining strong ...

International Pigment Cell Conference (IPCC 2014)

Date: 04-Sep-14 to 07-Sep-14
Location: Singapore / Singapore
The International Pigment Cell Conference (IPCC) is the official meeting of the International Federation of Pigment Cell Societies (IFPCS) and is organised triennially by one of its four regional societies. It has been a key international event for the members of the IFPCS since 1946. The IPCC attracts researchers, clinicians, and healthcare professionals from all over the world and is an ideal platform for delegates to develop and foster close collaborations and for the exchange of knowledge. The Asian Society for Pigment Cell Research (ASPCR) will be organising the XXII IPCC from 4 to 7 September 2014 in Singapore. The conference will showcase the leading advances in basic and translational research in pigment cell biology and melanoma, and also address the burden of pigmentary ...

7th Annual GDI APAC

Date: 10-Sep-14 to 11-Sep-14
Location: Singapore / Singapore
Over the last 12 months the Asia Pacific region has seen national security incidents of unprecedented scale including violent protests, devastating natural disasters and major search and rescue missions. Organisations including the armed forces, law enforcement and associated national security agencies are being tasked with handling life threatening scenarios, whilst simultaneously being expected to perform to higher standards of operational excellence. What can be done to increase the effectiveness of these organisations? With the rapid development of C4ISR and IT, the area of greatest opportunity is harnessing the benefits of Geospatial Spatial Intelligence (GEOINT). With new technologies in the areas of data integration, interoperability, multi-INT analysis, mobile devices and UAVs, ...

5th Annual International Conference on Infocomm Technologies in Competitive Strategies (ICT 2014)

Date: 22-Sep-14 to 23-Sep-14
Location: Singapore / Singapore
ICT has revolutionized people’s lives. They serve as a radical force paving the way towards better living. They ride the wave of innovation while leveraging on traditional competitive advantages to build new scalable capabilities. Embedded in the current technological developments are important issues and concepts that require further discussion. These issues have a profound impact on the socio-economic, political, and cultural spheres of nations. The goal of the International Academic Conference on Infocomm Technologies in Competitive Strategies is to provide opportunities for academics, researchers, experienced professionals and business people to share their knowledge of infocomm technologies that can best derive competitive advantage.

5th Annual International Conference on Computer Science Education: Innovation and Technology (CSEIT 2014) Special Track : Software Engineering and Applications

Date: 22-Sep-14 to 23-Sep-14
Location: Singapore / Singapore
To fulfill the country's objectives, a country needs to organize and improve its education systems. One area of education that has undergone profound change and significant progress is computer education. Comprehensive Education Programs have been created and implemented. As computing evolves, so does Computer Science as a discipline. This puts continual pressure on Computer Science educators to review, revise and rewrite the courses and the curriculum. Educators have been rising up to the challenge, creating new courses, introducing innovative ideas and practices into existing courses, re-organizing the major and carve out minors. Computer education forms a part of the school and college curricula, as it is important for every individual today, to have basic knowledge of computers. ...

3rd Annual International Conference on Materials Science, Metals and Manufacturing (M3 2014)

Date: 22-Sep-14 to 23-Sep-14
Location: Singapore / Singapore
Materials science has been pushed to the forefront of research and development not only in universities but in industries as well. With the planet's resources being mined each day in order to supply the growing demands of industrialization, one major task of materials science is to revolutionize the manufacturing industry with the best materials for manufacture that are sustainable for the long term. Materials science is also paving the way for new theoretical and empirical research in areas of physics, engineering and chemistry. This conference will provide the venue to discuss these recent developments.