Conferences in Spain

Zumba Fitness

Date: 07-Feb-15 to 28-Feb-15
Location: Madrid / Spain
Zumba es una disciplina fitness de origen colombiano, enfocado por una parte a mantener un cuerpo saludable y por otra, a desarollar, fortalecer y dar flexibilidad al cuerpo mediante movimientos de baile combinados con una serie de rutinas aeróbicas. Disfruta de 4 clases de zumba, todos los sábados del mes, de una hora de duración cada una y en el centro de Madrid, de la mano de un instructor oficial ZUMBA FITNESS. Una clase durante la que te divertirás y harás nuevos amigos mientras haces ejercicio con diferentes ritmos latinos. Te aseguramos que la experiencia valdrá la pena! Precio: Socios: 15€ p/persona No socios: 20€ p/persona Horario: 19:00 a 20:00 horas. El precio incluye la asistencia a las 4 clases Reservas: Puedes reservar una plaza en la actividad hasta 1 día ...

Innovation Excellence 2015 9th Edition

Date: 16-Apr-15 to 17-Apr-15
Location: Barcelona / Spain
Why You Should Attend: Open Innovation Customer Centric Approach Co-Creation Projects Increasing ROI Testimonials from previous editions: Philips: 'Excellent impression, good subjects'. Smiths Group: 'Professional'. BiR&D: 'High quality, good speaker mix, great hospitality'. JISC: 'Professionally run, staff very helpful, high quality speakers'.

IV International Congress on Dual Disorders and Dual Psycho-Pathology

Date: 17-Apr-15 to 20-Apr-15
Location: Barcelona / Spain
ICDD 2015 is your opportunity to: ADVANCE the understanding of current and future challenges in the study of dual disorders. MEET Dual Disorder’s world-renowned speakers and researchers and LEARN from their latest research and findings. ENHANCE your knowledge by taking part in our numerous symposia and workshops discussing new findings in dual disorders and dual psycho-pathology. PARTAKE in interesting forums for interdisciplinary dialogue between various mental health specialties as well as discussions on key disciplines. EXPERIENCE Barcelona, a cosmopolitan city where ancient Architecture blends seamlessly with modern icons to create a truly diverse and vibrant Mediterranean metropolis. Your participation in ICDD 2015 guarantees that you can be part of sharing knowledge ...

3rd ESTRO Forum

Date: 24-Apr-15 to 28-Apr-15
Location: Barcelona / Spain
The 3rd ESTRO Forum will host five meetings featuring all aspects of the radiation oncology field: - Clinical and translational meeting - Physics biennial meeting - GEC-ESTRO-ISIORT meeting - RTT meeting - PREVENT and TARGET meetings Placing interdisciplinarity under the spotlight, clinicians, physicists, brachytherapists, radiobiologists and radiation thertherapists (RTTs) will find a broad range of interdisciplinary sessions at the Forum where the different disciplines will join to explore topics of interest to all. The meeting will feature symposia, presidential and joint sessions, teaching lectures and debates. Educational activities will complete the programme with pre-meeting courses, contouring workshops and multidisciplinary tumour board sessions. As always at the ESTRO ...

VNF Management & Orchestration

Date: 28-Apr-15 to 29-Apr-15
Location: Barcelona / Spain
The industry shift towards virtual and software-based networking platforms has been gaining significant momentum lately. SDN and NFV have been billed as key technologies with the potential to make networks more flexible, scalable and easy to manage, whilst also producing CAPEX and OPEX optimisation. For telecommunications networks these technologies could help reduce costs and add new revenue-generating services. However despite widespread excitement and interest for these technologies, SDN and NFV still have a number of hurdles to overcome before enterprises embrace the technology. This dedicated event will provide the perfect platform to: Discuss how network operators and CSPs will transition to a virtualised and automated world Hear end-user case studies on the successful ...

Technical Aspects of a Leased Asset & Maintenance Reserves Seminar

Date: 12-May-15 to 12-May-15
Location: Madrid / Spain
- Learn how to calculate and determine maintenance reserves - Find out what accrual rates should be set - What is the purpose of maintenance reserves - Find out what you need to know and how to put it into practice. - Learn what is reserved and why? - Find out what you need to know and how to put it into practice. - How to set reserves on new aircraft types with no history - Cost escalations and forecasting costs - Fleet support for aircraft spares - How to re-deliver an aircraft at the end of a lease - Key technical aspects for airframe and engines - Leasing company processes and developments

Managing Technical Aspects of a Leased Asset

Date: 12-May-15 to 12-May-15
Location: Madrid / Spain
A look at the growing role of aircraft and engine leasing to worldwide airline’s fleets with an in-depth look at the maintenance issues and trends in technical aspects of aircraft leases. The seminar will allow for a practical look at the difficulties and challenges of maintenance issues covering: how to estimate the right reserve rates for airframes, engines, property defining “Overhaul”, “Shop Visit” and “Airframe Heavy Checks”, amongst others; agreeing the dreaded Airworthiness Directive cost sharing language. This seminar will provide an understanding of lessor “best” processes and procedures as well as the rationale behind the approaches taken by lessor.

Maintenance Reserves Seminar

Date: 13-May-15 to 13-May-15
Location: Madrid / Spain
This one day training seminar will cover typical issues relating to the Lessor covering what is needed to ensure they are protected, how to calculate reserve and what accrual rates should be set. You will also learn how to put it into practice. This seminar will also cover lease language, reserve draw-down rates and re-delivery as well as discuss the various aircraft/engine types and reserves.

Beta Beach Creative Intelligence

Date: 29-May-15 to 29-May-15
Location: Spain
A unique gathering of the best the industry has to offer in creative technology, entertainment, lifestyle and the environment. Beta Beach is a platform that engages today’s entrepreneurs with valuable insight from recognised mentors sharing their essential experience. An event that both unites and transforms these industries, assembling their major leaders and players from across Europe, catalysing new ventures and sparking new friendships. Surrounded by the calm, clear blue waters of the Mediterranean, Beta Beach transforms our 5* hotel into an international social mecca for the creative, intelligent and connected. Bursting with inspiring thought leaders, entertainment from global artists who embrace digital and insight from cultural influencers and tech lovers from all walks, you ...

Order to Cash 2015 - Barcelona

Date: 28-May-15 to 29-May-15
Location: Barcelona / Spain
Ensuring process standardization and harmonization Improving customer service and implementing automated dispute management Automating order to invoice part of the chain Generating significant increase in cash flow by applying best in class process improvement techniques and methodologies. You will learn: ◾Ensure process standardisation and harmonisation ◾Squeezing further savings from the invoice ◾Analyse and benchmark decision making around outsourcing/off-shoring O2C ◾Benefit from Credit Risk Management and Credit Scoring ◾Utilise E-billing to its full achievable potential ◾Clean up Master Data Management as basis for an undisputable invoice ◾Improve customer service and implementing automated dispute management ◾Build a process to get a clear order upfront